All you Want to Know about Ocean Blue Sokhna Resort

Ocean Blue
Published at 2019-02-25

Information about Ocean Blue Resort

Ocean Blue El Sokhna is one of the best resort that lays on Ain El Sokhna Road, what makes it so special is the resort's unique design from inside in addition to it's close to many vital points on El Ain El Sokhna Route.

If you were one of the lovers of watching the sea at all times then you have a date with it all-day and the possibility of seeing it from inside your unit in any location in the resort with its unique design that allows everyone to see the sea with a panoramic charming way.

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What's the location of Ocean Blue Resort?

Ocean Blue Resort is located in a very special location on Ain El Sokhna road which made it from the nearest summer resorts to Cairo specifically.

  • The project located on kilo 165 on El Qatamya-El Za'afrana Road.
  • it takes only one hour and a half from Cairo by car.
  • it's distinguished by being very near to Porto El Sokhna resort as it's only 12 Km Away, where you can make good use of all the services that it provides.
  • Only 40 minutes away from the center of Suez city

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Know the Space of Ocean Blue Resort

On a huge space on land, Ocean Blue Project was designed where the executing company worked on executing it with a unique and fascinating design which allows everyone to see the sea from inside the Chalets clearly.

The residential units were designed in Terraces' shape inside the resort, and the residential units were constructed on 20% of the total space, while 80% of the space has been left to the green spaces and water bodies with different designs and spaces.

The company worked on distributing the swimming pools inside the village to serve all the residents, as well as providing a lot of other important services.

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Know About the Executing Company of Ocean Blue Resort

Sallidar company for real estate development is considered the marketing company to all the residential units in Ocean Blue Resort and has many previous projects in the real estate development field in addition to the real estate marketing world.

Know more about the services in Ocean Blue Resort

Ocean Blue Resort Resort offers many services for citizens like:

  • Huge Commercial Mall featuring many international brands that meet the needs of the residents in shopping.
  • Many Swimming pools in different sizes and shapes and there are swimming pools for kids in small spaces.
  • Huge Aqua Park that features many water games
  • The kids have been cared of inside the resort so a large space has been specified for them to includes many games.
  • 5-star Hotel that includes many things like a private hall for businessmen meetings
  • Water Garden
  • More of amazing hotel services
  • Health club for ladies
  • Gym and Spa 
  • Club House
  • Mosque
  • 24/7 Security and Guarding to provide the safety and security to all residents
  • All Unit can see the sea because of the unique design and high terraces

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Spaces of the residential units in Ocean Blue Resort

Inside Ocean Blue Resort there are many residential units with different spaces working on satisfying the needs of the customers like:

  • A 75 meters' Chalet consists of a bedroom, Reception, American Kitchen, and a Bathroom
  • A 125 meters' Chalet consists of two bedrooms, Reception, terrace, Bathroom, and an American Kitchen, and there's another design with the same space to satisfy all the customers' demands.
  • A 160 meters' Chalet consists of 3 bedrooms, Reception, 2 bathrooms, and an American kitchen.

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Know more about the prices of the units in Ocean Blue Resort

  • .The Prices of the units differ in Ocean Blue Resort depending on the spaces only as all the residential units in the project see the sea 
  • The Unit is surrounded by special services inside the resort and the prices of the units start from 790 thousand Pounds
  • The Executing Company worked on providing an easy way for paying the residential units value, as a 10% downpayment of the total price is paid then the remaining prices is paid as an installment over 6 years
  • it should be noted that the executing company works on delivering the residential units with a Super Lux Finishing.


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Hotel
  • Aqua park