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Sun Capital 6 October

  • Sun Capital Egypt Compound is one of the exceptional projects built-in 6th of October City which reflects the concept of the residential city that includes all types of services, in addition to its unique location and charming views of the three pyramids, one of the most important tourist areas in Egypt and even the world.
  • This is what motivated everyone to take advantage of this opportunity and even rushed to buy residential units because they will enjoy all health, education, recreation, commercial and residential services. 

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What are the features of Sun Capital Arabia Holding?

Make sure that the project covered all your needs starting from the strategic location as follows:

  • The project is located in the tourist entrance of the region of the pyramids, which is precisely what lies between the beginning of the Fayoum road to the oasis road.
  • In addition to the presence of a good number of landmarks near the site of the most important: (Sphinx Airport, Mall of Egypt, Zamalek Club, Zewail University, Dreamland).
  • While it may take only 7 minutes to get you away from the Media Production City and Shooting Square.
  • You also find that the compound includes about 1200 residential units with modern designs and distinctive views that you see clearly from the entrances of the project.

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Find out what services are available in Sun Capital Compound

Taking into consideration that the Arabia Holding developments is the owner and developer of this project, which makes you expect many of them because of the continuation of a series of the most important projects established today in Egypt, and with the return of the project built on an area of approximately 553 acres gave it this opportunity to offer you what it has From services and superior features, including:

  • The company has built a number of international hotels such as (Fairmont, InterContinental, Holiday Inn) with the best services of its kind ever.
  • A number of international schools with highly efficient teachers
  • An international university has been built on 30 acres and has 6 different faculties.
  • The owner company has distributed the latest and most innovative lighting systems throughout the compound.
  • Lots of charming landscapes between waterways and artificial lakes
  • An international medical center with a space of 7 acres to include various specialties with elite doctors.
  • An integrated health club and sports center that includes all sports services with the latest equipment and equipment suitable for men and women
  • A 6-kilometer walk for those who want to run, walk or even ride bicycles.
  • The newest and best commercial area has been devoted to the development of shopping malls offering the best brands of different products and goods.

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