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Sun Capital Compound by Arabia Holding
Published at 2019-03-28

For the lovers of relaxation and comfort, for those who want to live in the middle of the charming nature and enjoying the pure air away from the noise and overpopulation and pollution that infected many cities, and living inside the highest residential compounds in the 6th of October city where the welfare life and living among the high classes and enjoying the different services and utilities

He can now book a completely finished residential unit in the largest residential compound which is Sun Capital Compound that introduces new and special ideas and combines between the European architecture and the Arabic Orientality. In addition to keeping up with the latest developments in the real estate construction field, As Arabia Company made us used to all this in its projects and it got a great welcome during the launch of the Sun Capital project in the 6th of October city.

Where are Sun Capital Compound Located?

Sun Capital Arabia Holding Location

Sun Capital Compound is located in a very strategic location as:

  • It's 7 minutes away from Shooting ( El Remaya ) Square.
  • It's located on the touristic entrance road of the Pyramids ( The end of El Wahat " Oases " Road ).
  • Sphinx Airport and El Zamalek Club can be reached through EL Mehwar Road that links the 6th of October with El Mohandeseen.
  • It's 7 minutes away from Zewail University.
  • It's also near Misr Mall and Media Production City and Dream Land and El Regal City and the Italian neighborhood and Al-Ashgar neighborhood and also Beta Green Plaza.
  • And this made it a golden chance in front of many people who want to own isolated residential units from the noise and can be reached easily from different cities.

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What's Sun Capital Compound's space?

The company worked on choosing the best locations in the 6th of October city to be near different vital cities in it.

In addition to providing many services and main utilities that the client needs like markets, schools, and clinics.

So the compound was constructed on 533 acres that were divided by a special and civilized way.

81% of the total space was specified for constructing green spaces, sports playgrounds, crystal lagoons, and artificial waterfalls.

The remaining space is for constructing the various residential units, commercial malls, schools, and restaurants, but also a huge hotel was constructed and a foreign university to suit all the ages.


Units of project Sun Capital 6 October

Who's the executing Company of Sun Capital Project?

As we mentioned that Arabia Company is the main executor of the Sun Capital Egypt Project and it was established since 2004.

It constructed 500 projects during this period of time, and it continues in constructing many other residential projects, and it proved itself in the real estate development world in a little while through:

  • Launching its architectural icon Galleria Moon Valley.
  • Bungalows Resort North Coast.
  • In addition to constructing other residential neighborhoods like EL-Banafseg Neighborhood, El Yasmeen Neighborhood, and El Koronfel in the center of New Cairo.
  • Moon Valley Mall in the center of the Fifth Settlement.
  • It wanted to put its fingerprint through constructing Sun Capital Compound in the 6th of October city.

The available services in Sun Capital 6th Of October

  • International schools and a huge university.
  • Medical center includes clinics in all specialities.
  • Large commercial mall.
  • Open area for BBQ and parties.
  • Huge central parks.
  • Restaurants and Cafes.
  • Various swimming pools.
  • Integrated sports club.
  • Health Club.

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The units' spaces and the meter's price in Sun Capital

  • The units' spaces vary and suit all the clients as they start from 90 up to 220 square meters.
  • The Villas' spaces start from 380 up to 500 square meters.
  • The meter's price starts from 8,800 pounds.
  • The company offers many facilities for the clients as they can pay a 10% downpayment and the remaining over a 7 years' installment or they can pay 15% downpayment and the remaining on an 8 years' installment.



Security Playgrounds Swimming pools Shopping center Commercial area Mosque Social Club Health club and Spa

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