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Services & Advantages Of El Patio 6


El Patio Compound 6th Of October City

El Patio 6 is one of the most modern luxurious residential projects that's featured with the strategic location in the heart of 6th Of October and the compound will be also close to all services responding to all main needs besides providing the maximum amenity. The project is executed by La Vista, one of the most current important real estate companies as El Patio 6 Compound is one of its latest executed prominent projects.

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The Most Important Services Offered By El Patio 6 In 6th Of October

El Patio 6 Compound offers unlimited services as the project developers provided all necessary needs for residents for unprecedented luxury as of the most prominent services offered by the compound for residents are:

  1. Amazing constructional designs making the compound a masterpiece as each residential unit is a separate portrait besides providing a big number of residential units that fir all potentials & classes.
  2. A vast green space is set between units for more privacy.
  3. Charming lighting system boosting to the beauty & glamour of designs in the compound.
  4. As for safety, the compound offers the maximum 24/7 security system for residents.
  5. Many hospitals & medical centers of a variety of specifications curing all diseases for a better residents care.
  6. Entertainment received much attention in the compound through a large entertainment park offering all family members real fun so you will not have to leave El Patio 6 Compound to have some fun outside the compound.
  7. Many schools for all ages starting from kindergarten and ending with university so you will not have to leave the compound daily to get your kids to schools to get back to the compound.
  8. A vast sports club divided to contain different games besides gym & tracks for running & cycling.
  9. As for restaurants, the compound offers a wonderful variety of restaurants with astonishing views where you can bring your family or friends for a fantastic meal at one of restaurants that are well-known for hygiene & high quality chefs.
  10. Beauty centers for ladies so that they don't have to leave the compound.

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Additional Advantages Offered By El Patio 6 Compound

  1. Many commercial centers & malls dealing with all products granting you the opportunity to shop easily.
  2. Highly equiped cinemas with the best sound system & unique lighting.
  3. Interior atriums to install electric cables & gas pipes for their protection.
  4. Vast garages allowing all to park their own cars.
  5. Payment options that fit all potentials as there is a unique downpayment system by the downpayment of 10%, then the installment of the rest of the amount over 7 years.
  6. Large & small units besides villas that fit all selections in El Patio Compound.

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