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Aeon Compound by Marakez
Published at 2019-03-27

Aeon Compound is one of the largest and famous residential compounds that are available in El Sheikh Zayed in the center of the 6th of October city where it's special for a strategic location in front of the Mall of Arabia, in addition to the attractive architectural designs and the utilities and the entertainment activities and also the landscape which Marakez Company worked on designing it with a classy shape that resembles the residential compounds in UAE and Saudi Arabia and different European countries.

It's considered the first compound in the 6th of October city that depends on the high towers, and that made it a golden chance for many people who want to live in the middle of the charming nature and the high towers that make him see October city completely from above, and at the same time it's near all the services and activities available in Mall of Arabia.

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Know the location of Aeon Marakez

Aeon Compound is found in a very strategic location between El Sheikh Zayed city and the 6th of October city on Mehwar 26 of July directly which made it links between many vital districts inside the city and outside it like:

  • Lebanon Square and Shooting ( El Remaya ) Square.
  • It's also near many commercial malls, universities, and hospitals in October city like Dar El Fouad Hospital and the Nile University for Science and Technology.
  • Also Hyper One, The Desert Carrefour, and the Smart Village.
  • It's also very near to Mall of Arabia that's considered from the largest commercial malls in Egypt.
  • It's also near Engineers Syndicate Club and Mehwar Gamal Abd El-Nasser.
  • So many people cared for owning a residential unit inside the project to enjoy welfare life.

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The Space of Aeon 6 October 

  • The space of Aeon Compound is so special where the company cares for providing a large space to make it capable of constructing different entertainment activities and services.
  • So the compound was constructed on 25 acres that was divided into many various climates among the residential units that include the high towers and residential units and also the gardens, parks, and sports playgrounds.
  • Space was shortened for providing the largest number of residential units to enjoy the services of Mall of Arabia that resemble in the cinemas and Playing areas and large commercial stores and restaurants and cafes area.
  • It worked on specifying 79% of the total space for constructing the water bodies and the artificial waterfalls and also the wide passages and lanes for riding bikes and walking.
  • As for the remaining space, it's for constructing the various residential units among the hotel apartments, penthouse, and duplex in addition to the wide apartments in the high towers.

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Units of project AEON Towers Marakez 6 October

A brief about the executing company of Aeon Project

As we mentioned that Marakez Company is the executing company of the Aeon project in October city and it's also the executing company of Mall of Arabia.

It follows Al-Hokair Group company in Saudi Arabia that worked on constructing many investment projects in Egypt that achieved huge success since it was established in 2008, like:

  • District Five project in New Katameya.
  • Mall of Katameya and it's working on developing a huge mall in Tanta.
  • It wanted to invest its money in East and West Cairo and El Delta district in Egypt where the serving utilities and the overpopulation.

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The services available in Aeon Compound

The company wanted to provide a huge number of main utilities to complete the role of Mall of Arabia for constructing a complete compound, for example:

  • Green spaces and huge sports playgrounds.
  • Clubhouse and ambulance units.
  • Gym, Spa, and Jacuzzi.
  • Large Mosque.
  • Artificial Lakes, waterfalls, and fountains.
  • Many swimming pools.
  • Entertainment area for kids.
  • Free parking garage.
  • Security and guarding teams.
  • Large gates surround the compound.

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The units' spaces and the meter's price in Aeon

  • The units' spaces are various to satisfy the clients' demands where they start from 100 up to 270 square meters.
  • The meter's price starts from 14,000 pounds.
  • The units can be delivered half-finished or completely finished.
  • The units are delivered after two years from contracting with paying a 10% downpayment and the remaining on a 6 years' installment.

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Security Playgrounds Swimming pools Shopping center Commercial area Mosque Social Club Health club and Spa

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