The Best Features of Trillium Compound

Published at 2019-02-25

Know more about Trillium Compound

If you are seeking the rest, relaxation, and living in the amazing nature and the water bodies and green spaces with refreshing air away from the crowdedness of the city then Trillium is your best choice.

Now with Trillium compound, you can book your unit in the most elegant area in the 6th of October city where the special residential compounds and the high-level services.

As El Hakeem for Construction company launched its latest project " Trillium " which is taking the route of the German architecture concepts that depend on providing a completely healthy life for all the customers.

Also, the Trillium name came related to the Trillium flower with three edges which considered from the first plants that found on the planet Earth.

The Company worked on designing this compound with a similar shape to this flower in the center of Elshiekh Zayed city, So let's know more about this amazing compound.

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Know about the Trillium compound location

El Hakeem company worked on choosing the best vital regions that are found in Elshiekh Zayed city for constructing their project, indeed the choice was one of the regions that are close to:

  • 5 minutes from Mountain View iCity Compound and Mall of Arabia.
  • 15 minutes from El Hossary square.
  • 17 minutes from the Mall of Egypt.
  • Also 10 minutes from Misr University for Science and Technology.
  • Also, it's close to Hyper One for about 20 minutes, and The desert Carrefour for about 25 minutes, Which made it with an attractive strategetic location which made a lot of clients possess their units inside this amazing compound.

Units of project Trillium 6th October Compound

What's Trillium Compound's space?

As for space, the Company also worked on choosing it very carefully to provide wide areas to establish the different services, the entertainment activities and the variable residential units between the penthouse and duplex.

Due to these purposes, Trillium compound was constructed on an area that exceeds 35 acres where 82% were allocated for water bodies and artificial fountains and also the gardens, parks, Health clubs, Spas, And sports clubs between Golf, Football, and Tennis.

As for the remaining area, it's for constructing the residential units, administrative buildings, and the commercial malls and also the schools to provide the special climate to live in the middle of the charming nature.

What's the executing company for the Trillium project?

As we mentioned before that " El Hakeem Developments " is the executive company for the Trillium project that has been established in Egypt since 1995.

It cared all these past years to present all what is special and developed in the world of real estate construction, but also to choose the best vital regions that the clients come for it to construct its projects we find for example the project of Victoria Park Complex in Madinat Nasr.

Also the Capital Towers Project in Al Abbasia region in Cairo, in addition to some touristic projects in Marsa Matrouh like Varanda project.

The company is still continuing constructing and developing a lot of residential compounds and Tourist villages for the clients' pleasant and continuing its professional career to change the concept of constructing and building in Egypt.

Know more about Trillium compound services

As for the services and utilities found inside the compound, it is many and variable as the company cared to provide all the entertainment, educational, and social activities to fit all the ages, also it presented a huge number of services' facilities that made the compound a small complete village like:

  • 24 hours security services with security cameras that were divided all over the compound.
  • Clubhouse and Emergency units prepared with the latest technologies.
  • Mosques and churches and also many elegant restaurants as well as cafes with a high level of service.
  • Variable Sports playgrounds and Health clubs that include Gym, Spa and Sauna.
  • A number of gardens, Green areas, Wide passages, and lanes to practice walking and riding bikes sports were constructed.
  • Nurseries and a number of international schools and entertainment regions for children.
  • Swimming pools with many sizes and a lot of fountains and artificial waterfalls and lakes.
  • Providing many commercial malls that offer the best brands ever.

The Best Compounds in 6th Of October City

Know the unit spaces and their average prices in the Trillium compound.

  • As for the units' spaces, the company cared for constructing variable residential units to fit with the small families or the big ones as they provided apartments that start from 115 meters up to 235 meters.
  • As for Duplex and Penthouse, it starts from 215 meters up to 330 meters.
  • The Price per meter starts from 9000 Pounds.
  • As For the stand-alone villas, it starts from 285 meters up to 500 meters and the units will be delivered completely finished or half-finished as the client's desire, with paying a downpayment up to 10% of the total cost and the installments over 7 years.



Security Playgrounds Swimming pools Shopping center Commercial area Mosque Social Club Health club and Spa Water Fountains

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