Porto October Compound ( Amer's Group golden project)

Porto October
Published at 2019-02-25

Information about Porto October compound

If you are seeking luxury, welfare and living in one of the biggest and newest residential compounds in 6th of October city then you can book your unit now in the integrated Porto October compound.

Thus, it belongs to Amer group company which is a pioneer in architectural development and has a great history filled with a lot of real estate achievements in the most vital regions in Egypt, where it wanted to leave its fingerprint and make their name through constructing a compound that compete for the international compounds especially the Italian ones.

The compound has been divided into two parts one is held on the Italian style and the other on the distinctly modern style, not only it has a lot of service facilities, entertainment activities, and the advanced architectural designs but also it provides a large payment facilities to make the biggest number of people get a residential units in the 6th of October city.

Where is Porto October compound 

Porto October is located in a very special location in 6th of october city connects between a lot of vital regions inside October city and the neighboring areas like:

  • 26th of July corridor and Waslet Dahshur corridor making it easy to go to El Faiyum city.
  • The Different vital areas in Giza ( ie, El Mohandessin, Lebanon square, Sphenix.
  • Also, it's nearby Nile University for science and technology and Al Bashayer District and El Banafseg St.
  • it's close to Tiba Gardens, El Hosary square, 6th of October University.
  • which makes it a golden chance for many persons to have a residential unit with a special strategic location far from the bustle and the noise of the city, and the pollution through a healthy climate, water bodies, gardens, and trees which work on air filtration continuously.

All Information about the best compounds in 6 October City

Units of project Porto October 6th October Compound

Know more about Porto October's space

the company made sure to choose a distinguished location and a vast space so it can construct a huge number of units up to 5000 residential unit, many of them have been delivered in the first phase of the project.

The Company is still continuing in completing the remaining phases with an area exceeds the 330 acres that have been divided to many regions provided that space of up to 82% of the total compound's area allocated for constructing the gardens, Parks, Sport's playgrounds, and the wide lanes to provide landscapes.

For the remaining area which reaches 18%, is for building schools, the different residential units, the administrative and commercial buildings only.

 About the executive company of Porto October project 

Of course, Amer Group doesn't need to be introduced as it has a long history filled with achievements starts since 2005 when it set some obvious goals that it wants to achieve and works through it to change the concept of constructing and building in Egypt.

Eventually, it held a huge number of projects in a lot of different vital regions some of them are tourist and the others are residential, commercial and investment, so we find as, for example, Porto Elsokhna project is the first tourist resort that is held in the hills of the red sea mountains.

Also Porto Pyramids project and Porto New Cairo, and Golf Porto Marina Project and Porto Matruh.

Porto October Project is one of it's biggest projects which is valued by a budget up to 14 billion pounds which is divided into two parts as we mentioned before, the Italian part is called Stanly where the company provides a large number of commercial buildings and residential units.

Know the services of Porto October ( Amer Group)

About the available services in Porto October, it's many and variable to fit all the elegant segments that live inside this compound and also to fit all the ages so we find as for example: 

  • Green spaces and variable gardens.
  • A huge dancing fountain.
  • 24 hours Security and guarding units with Security cameras distributed in the whole compound.
  • Artificial lakes and waterfalls and many swimming pools with many spaces.
  • Huge social and sports club for football, tennis, golf, and a teaching riding club.
  • Cinemas complex and a huge commercial area that offers the highest and the most popular brands.
  • Restaurants and Cafes' area with the highest level of service.
  • Huge Hospital and Emergency units equipped with the latest technologies. 

The Newest Compounds in 6th of October

The space of the units and the average of its cost in Porto October Compound 

  • the space of the units is variable and is being divided as the customer wants, there are units starts from 115 meters up to 330 meter which is apartments, Penthouse and Duplex.
  • There are other units that start from 170 meters up to 700 meter which is stand-alone villas, Twin house, Townhouse to fit all the needs and tastes.
  • Price per meter starts from 12,000 pounds.
  • As for the payment methods, the company offers huge facilities for all the clients in paying to fit their possibilities where you can pay downpayment up to 10% of the total cost of the unit and installments the rest over 7 years.
  • The delivery date of the fully finished units is in 2020.



Security Playgrounds Swimming pools Shopping center Commercial area Mosque Social Club Health club and Spa Water Fountains Hotel Aqua park Cinema

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