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Al Ein Bay resort

Al Ain Bay is one of the tourist resorts located on Ain Sokhna Suez road.

The resort has many chalets and is one of the most important sites on the Sokhna Road.

It includes many services for citizens and chalets are available in different areas, it is one of the high price areas as compared to other villages located on the road.

Location Of El Ein Bay Sokhna

It is located in Kilo 34 on the Ain Sokhna Suez road and it is currently located in the resort of 1100 chalets of different sizes.

The price is determined according to the location of the chalet inside the resort and it is also according to the area and its finishes.

Mostly the price of chalets inside that village is very expensive, it should be noted that the daily rental service is not available.

Al Ein Bay resort Specifications

The specifications of Ein Bay Sokhna Hotel are characterized by large areas and the atmosphere inside the village is quiet that prevents the daily rental process.

The company has been implementing the site to create modern golf courses and a lot of things Important to make it from the villages distinguished today, The Resort also has a large beach on the capacity to accommodate all owners of chalets.

Services provided in Al Ein Bay resort

The resort offers more services to citizens. Among them are the following public services in the resort which are as follows:

  • A medical unit is available in the resort to serve those present.
  • It also provides a complete network fire extinguisher to avoid accidents inside.
  • There are also many large and small swimming pools to serve all the chalets within the resort.
  • The village does not have daily rent.
  • The executing company has also built many other services inside it.
  • There are mosques in it.
  • All the roads inside it are well paved so that you can move inside.
  • Chalets are different in style and a chalet is available on their own.
  • Chalets are available on the sea and far from the sea, so prices vary in terms of the interior design of the chalet, as well as the area, finishing and approaching the sea.
  • It offers swimming pools for young children.
  • The resort also has an industrial lake.
  • In addition to the availability of a basketball court.
  • Public parks in the resort with large green spaces are available to all.
  • It also includes large areas for children, which include games.

Units prices in Al Ein Bay resort

The prices of chalets in the resort may vary according to many factors, including the chalet area and finishing.

Does the chalet have its own garden and the distance between chalets and the sea?

All these factors affect the price of chalets inside the resort.

  • Prices for housing units within this resort may start from 1 million and 200 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • For an area of ​​80 meters and may reach the price of 3 million pounds or higher in many cases.
  • In the large areas 180 square meters and higher, it is possible to buy units by the executing company new units or by buying them from the owner directly with the negotiation of the price and the method of payment in the case of taking the purchase of new units by installment or cash according to the agreement.

Price of units:

  • Rates per unit vary depending on the area The price per meter for the chalet is 14,375 thousand.
  • Chalet area of ​​80 meters consists of a room, 2 bathrooms, a reception, and a kitchen with a view to the swimming pool at a price of one million and 150 thousand pounds.
  • Chalet 110 m with a garden of 100 meters has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms at a price of 2 million pounds and 200 thousand.
  • Chalet 180 m with 100 m roof with 3 bedrooms and maid room and 4 bathrooms at 3 million and a half.
  • Chalet 160 m distinguished with garden 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for 3 million pounds.


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