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Tag Sultan Compound New Cairo MMHD

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Project Description

Project Name: Tag Sultan.

About Tag Sultan New Cairo Project: High residential compound located on the extension of El Thawra road, on the ring road, and a few minutes from Heliopolis.

Tag Sultan Compound New Cairo Location: located on the extension of El Thawra road in New Cairo.

Compound Space: 30,000 m².

Units Type: apartments - villas tag sultan for sale - duplexes.

Units Space: It starts from 95 m² to 200 m².

Meter Prices: starts from 12000 EGP.

The Developer Name: Madinet Nasr for Housing & Development (MNHD) which was in the real estate development field for more than 60 years.

Payment Systems: Tag Sultan New Cairo project provides many facilities for the customer through installments over 9 years.

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Tag Sultan, the luxury compound in the heart of Fifth Settlement

Tag Sultan Compound is the most luxurious residential project in Fifth Settlement because it is a place made according to the highest levels of comfort and sophistication, its location in a quiet place away from noise and pollution. Tag Sultan provides its residents with all the entertainment services and basic facilities they aspire to always make them comfortable and recreational in addition to luxury apartments with modern unmatched designs in Tag Sultan Compound MMHD.

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Tag Sultan MNHD Compound location

It enjoys a very special location in the heart of New Cairo, specifically in a central location linking Al-Thawra Street and Suez Road.

The most important landmarks near Tag Sultan Compound New Cairo:

  • Its location is only 5 minutes away from Cairo International Airport.
  • The location of Tag Sultan Compound near Suez Road is easy to reach because it is close to Ring Road.
  • A few minutes separate Tag Sultan Compound New Cairo from Teseen St, the most popular and active street in Fifth Settlement.
  • Tag Sultan New Cairo is located opposite the famous JW Marriott Hotel, and in front of it, you will find Kempinski Hotel, the most luxurious hotel in New Cairo.
  • Looking for apartments for sale Tag Sultan means living near the important neighborhoods in Cairo, especially Nasr City and Heliopolis, which can be reached in just 10 minutes.
  • The distance between Tag Sultan New Cairo project and New Administrative Capital, the most important Egyptian project right now, does not exceed a third of an hour.
  • Tag Sultan New Cairo compound can reach downtown Cairo within 20 hours at most.

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The Space of Tag Sultan Compound New Cairo

Tag Sultan Compound Fifth Settlemet was built on a large area of ​​about 30,000 square meters, a vast area that was divided from the inside in a way that includes luxury, privacy, and psychological comfort for the residents.

The buildings occupy only 18% of the total space of Tag Sultan Compound New Cairo, while the remaining 82% of the total area of ​​the water bodies, lakes, and green spaces have been used.

The units in Tag Sultan Compound New Cairo have a variety of spaces, where they are available with the most beautiful modern architectural designs.

As the areas of apartments for sale in Tag Sultan range from 100 square meters up to 181 square meters, which meets the desires and needs of all families, large or small.

A distinctive group of luxury villas with areas starting from 129 square meters, attached to the garden, on an area of 41 square meters.

Villa Tag Sultan with spaces starting from 156 square meters and attached to a garden of 78 square meters.

This means that the available residential units vary among luxury standalone villas, and there are apartments for sale in Tag Sultan that have a wide variety of designs and interior spaces, in addition to the presence of commercial and administrative units, shops, medical units, and clinics, which are also of various sizes to suit all activities.

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Enjoy the best of architectural engineering with our modern and unique designs that embody innovation in every corner of Taj Sultan Compound New Cairo

Taj Sultan Compound New Cairo is distinguished by global designs in the latest styles that mimic European cities. The developing company was keen to make MMHD New Cairo project an architectural masterpiece and a residential monument that catches the eye. It hired the most important engineering design companies, the Belgian company DDS & Partner, to develop the engineering plans and designs for MMHD New Cairo project. The compound was implemented with decorations and designs that combine authenticity and modernity with vibrant colors harmonious with the enchanting nature provided in the project. High-quality marble entrances to the units were provided to give an impression of luxury. MMHD New Cairo project is divided as follows:

Taj Sultan Compound Egypt was built on an area of up to 30,000 square meters.

Green spaces, artificial lakes and recreational facilities occupied about 82%, and the remaining 18% is for buildings and residential units.

The project includes residential apartments, luxury villas, commercial units, medical clinics and offices in different sizes.

Choose your ideal unit from our diverse collection of units designed to provide you luxury and comfort at the same time in Taj Sultan Compound New Cairo

The large area on which Taj Sultan Compound New Cairo was built helped the developing company provide residential units in different sizes, so that the client can get the unit that suits their needs from the following areas:

The area of residential apartments in the project ranges from 100 up to 181 square meters.

The area of villas in Taj Sultan Compound Fifth Settlement starts from 129 square meters, and a 41 square meter garden.

Discover the secret behind our excellence and innovation, and how we provide you with a unique residential experience unparalleled in Taj Sultan new cairo Compound

Once you own a residential unit in Taj Sultan Compound, you have a golden opportunity to take advantage of all the features available within MMHD New Cairo project, which are difficult to compare with any other compound; so there is no need to think, take the initiative to book your place now, and get the best features which are:

Taj Sultan Compound New Cairo enjoys a prime location, stunning modern designs and units in different sizes at competitive prices.

Taj Sultan Compound New Cairo is dominated by green spaces, which provides residents with enjoying spending fun time in MMHD New Cairo project, holding barbecues and gathering with family and friends.

Tracks have been provided for exercising and cycling in Taj Sultan Compound New Cairo, separate from the main road for cars to ensure safety and enjoyment at any time.

All residential units in Taj Sultan Compound New Cairo enjoy a magical view of the green spaces and water features, which gives a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Facilities and paved paths have been provided for people of determination from the residents of Taj Sultan Compound New Cairo to facilitate movement and mobility within the project without facing any difficulties.

There are a large number of high quality surveillance cameras in Taj Sultan Compound New Cairo to monitor all movements and ensure safety and protection for residents.

More than one electronic gate has been established to facilitate entry and exit from Taj Sultan Compound New Cairo and ensure privacy for unit owners.

The project includes distributed ATMs to facilitate financial transactions such as withdrawals, deposits and money transfers without having to leave the project.

The basic facilities necessary for living in Taj Sultan Compound New Cairo have been provided such as high quality gas, electricity and sewage networks.

There are solar panels that convert clean solar energy into electricity used for lighting, making the project environmentally friendly.

Places of worship have been established in Taj Sultan Compound New Cairo in the ancient Islamic style over a large area to accommodate worshipers to perform religious rites.

All facilities and units in Taj Sultan Compound New Cairo are designed according to the smart building system, which makes it easy to control and deal with via mobile phones.

A high-speed internet network has been provided in all residential units of Taj Sultan Compound New Cairo to facilitate dealing with facilities and following social media.

There are elevators in the residential buildings in the project to easily move between floors freely without facing any difficulties.

Waste and garbage are disposed of in Taj Sultan Compound New Cairo in a modern way by a waterfall system which ensures the comfort of residents and cleanliness of the project.

There are private generators for units in Taj Sultan Compound New Cairo that operate immediately in case of any power failure and ensure normal life.

Emergency stairs have been provided in residential buildings to protect residents and those in the project in cases of danger and necessity.

There are central air conditioning and showers in all residential units in Taj Sultan Compound New Cairo to ensure living in a comfortable and enjoyable environment.

All units in Taj Sultan Compound New Cairo have advanced fire alarm systems and firefighting systems for rapid response to any emergency and protection of residents.

Residential units in Taj Sultan Compound New Cairo are periodically disinfected to prevent the spread of diseases and epidemics and to ensure the safety of residents of the project.

There is a team that works to serve residents and provide their needs in Taj Sultan Compound New Cairo to enjoy living in the compound.

To facilitate communication with security personnel at the main gates and ensure the safety of residents in Taj Sultan Compound New Cairo, a visual and audible intercom has been provided in each residential unit.

Services and features of Tag Sultan New Cairo

It looks like a small city with integrated services and facilities, where there is everything the residents want to make their lives comfortable and stable without obstacles or problems. There is no reason for them to get out of it because everything is here in their hands and at their disposal, and its most important services are the following:

  • The green color is predominant inside Tag Sultan Compound, where green spaces dominate a large part of the space to give residents relaxation and fresh, clean weather without pollution.
  • Crystal artificial lakes are available everywhere among gardens and parks, they give the place an irresistible charm and beauty.
  • It includes a large number of gardens and parks that have been allocated places to sit, rest and relax.
  • Dedicated places for walking, walking, and cycling are provided.
  • Special places for children's entertainment to spend fun and happy times.
  • Tag Sultan Compound New Cairo includes a large sports club that offers its residents a lot of sports and recreational activities, and there are sports fields on the highest level of equipment.
  • Guarding and security services are available everywhere in Tag Sultan Compound New Cairo at the highest level of training, and they work throughout the week, 24 hours a day.
  • Modern surveillance cameras work everywhere in Tag Sultan Compound New Cairo around the clock.
  • High-end educational services where international schools and nurseries are located inside Tag Sultan Compound New Cairo.
  • A range of recreational services, especially the gym, jacuzzi, and spa in a health club equipped with the highest capabilities and the latest sports equipment.
  • Beauty centers for women at the highest level in Tag Sultan Compound New Cairo.
  • High-end cafes and restaurants serve delicious oriental and western food.
  • Medical services are available at the highest level, as there are pharmacies, clinics, and health centers equipped to receive cases throughout the day.
  • The commercial area includes malls and shops that provide all goods with international brands.
  • A large mosque with distinctive architectural designs that receive a large number of worshipers.
  • Swimming pools are available in a large number of different designs and spaces to suit all ages at Tag Sultan Compound New Cairo.

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Prices and payment systems for Tag Sultan Compound

All the aforementioned services and features do not mean that the prices of apartments for sale in Tag Sultan are exaggerated, but the fact is that it is distinguished and uncompetitive prices, which means that a luxurious life has become easy to obtain, and the prices are as follows:

  • The price per square meter starts from about 17.115 Egyptian pounds, and the prices of Tag Sultan apartments in full reach about one million, 830 thousand, and 755 Egyptian pounds.
  • As for luxury villas, the price per square meter starts from about 18,053 EGP, and the villa price reaches 2,458,542 EGP.

The owner also announced convenient payment systems that do not represent any financial burden on customers, as units are available for sale, the price of which can be paid in convenient installments over 10 years without a downpayment.

As for finishing, the company has given the customer the freedom to choose between semi-finishing or full Super Lux finishing according to his desire.

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Disadvantages of Taj Sultan Compound New Cairo

The Tag Sultan Compound project in the Fifth Settlement is considered one of the prestigious and distinguished projects in this region that is witnessing rapid growth and increasing demand from customers. The company developing the project has focused on providing residential units characterized by high quality and modern design, making it a preferred choice for many investors and those looking for distinctive residential units.

Although villas are not available as a residential option in the project, the penthouses offered by the company are considered a unique opportunity for those looking for privacy and large space. The penthouse in Taj Sultan Fifth Settlement gives customers the opportunity to obtain the benefits of a villa in terms of space and luxury but at a lower cost. With spaces of up to 181 square meters and a private swimming pool, customers can enjoy a luxurious residential experience at competitive prices.

The owner company and its previous works

Tag Sultan Compound New Cairo is among the successful works presented by Madinet Masr for Housing and Development, which is one of the large companies working in the field of real estate in Egypt.

The company was established in 1959 and has been listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange since 1995. It has great experience and a staff of the highest degree of experience.

It has supervised the development of a large area of ​​land amounting to 40 million square meters in New Cairo and Nasr City.

The company presented Tag Sultan New Cairo project in cooperation with a large design company, the Belgian company DDS & Partner, which silenced Tag Sultan New Cairo project and developed the Master Plan for it.

its previous major projects include:

Madinet Nasr has presented many successful projects based on its great experience, especially its projects: Tag City New Cairo, Primera Compound, and Sarai Compound  New Cairo.

It can be said that Tag Sultan New Cairo project is the best in Fifth Settlement, which takes its residents to a new life full of comfort and luxury, far from pollution and hustle, which makes there no room for hesitation, choose your unit and enjoy the luxurious life you deserve.

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Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2023, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

Compounds of Fifth Settlement: Experience Beauty and Modern Life in One Place!

The New Cairo area is famous for hosting a distinguished group of residential compounds known as the Compounds of Fifth Settlement, which are among the top choices for luxurious living in Egypt. These residential areas are designed with a modern and elegant style, providing all the services and amenities that meet the requirements of modern life. The range of residential units here varies greatly; from spacious villas equipped with all comforts to contemporary apartments furnished with the latest technologies.

Green spaces occupy a large part of these compounds, providing an ideal environment for relaxation and exercise, while the advanced security system ensures the privacy and safety of the residents. In addition, residents can enjoy many recreational options such as swimming pools, playgrounds, and social clubs.

These compounds also feature modern shopping centers that offer a diverse range of stores, restaurants, and cafes, providing an excellent shopping and entertainment experience without the need to travel far from home. The location of these compounds is also close to prestigious educational and medical institutions, adding more convenience and benefit for residents.

Living in the Compounds of Fifth Settlement means choosing a luxurious and safe lifestyle, where attention is paid to the smallest details to ensure the comfort of residents. These areas combine elegance and modernity in their design and the integrated services they offer, making them an ideal destination for those seeking stability and luxury in the heart of New Cairo.

New Cairo: Your Shining Gateway to a Luxurious Life!

New Cairo enjoys a prestigious status as one of the most prominent destinations for modern and luxurious living in Egypt, due to the high-quality living environment it provides. This area has been designed to comply with global standards of luxury and development, attracting a wide range of residents from diverse cultural backgrounds. This cultural diversity has given New Cairo a rich and dynamic social dimension.

New Cairo encompasses a distinguished group of upscale neighborhoods surrounded by vast green spaces and serene natural environments, providing residents with an atmosphere of tranquility and peace. Residing here promises a high-quality and comprehensive living experience in terms of services and facilities, whether related to shopping through luxurious malls, or entertainment and relaxation in world-class restaurants and cafes that are present in every corner.

Moreover, New Cairo stands out as a model of excellence in educational infrastructure, hosting world-class schools and universities, as well as advanced sports facilities ranging from playgrounds to sports clubs, catering to the needs of families and individuals for activity and vitality.

Safety and security of the neighborhoods are fundamental in New Cairo, where round-the-clock security services ensure the peace of mind of residents and provide them with a constant sense of reassurance. Many neighborhoods feature private security measures including permanent guards and secure entry gate systems.

Overall, New Cairo provides an exceptional setting for modern and luxurious living, embodying luxury in every detail, from the surrounding natural environment to the upscale services and facilities, forming a comprehensive community where safety, culture, and well-being coexist.

For Those Seeking Excellence and Proximity: The Best Compounds Near Taj Sultan Compound in Fifth Settlement!

Are you looking to find ideal residential compounds close to the Taj Sultan Compound in theFifth Settlement area? No need to worry; we have prepared a guide for you that includes some of the best surrounding compounds worth considering. Here's an overview of the most prominent residential compounds and the advantages they offer:

  1. Stone Park Compound

    This compound stands out with its vast green spaces and lush gardens, as well as offering a range of amenities and recreational facilities such as swimming pools and gyms, in addition to its round-the-clock security.
  2. Azadir Compound

    It is distinguished by its contemporary designs and elegant residential units. It also features a vast recreational area and green spaces for the whole family, as well as sports facilities like health clubs and swimming pools.
  3. Galleria Moon Valley Compound

    It is strategically located for easy access to commercial and entertainment services. It offers excellent security for its residents through an advanced security system and is equipped with comprehensive service facilities including swimming pools and sports halls.
  4. Midtown Compound

    Known for its luxurious and modern units, it provides a captivating environment with its natural scenery and vast green spaces. This compound is surrounded by all kinds of services and facilities, from schools, restaurants, and commercial centers.

Each of these compounds is considered a distinguished destination for families seeking stability and comfort in the heart of Fifth Settlement, taking into account personal preferences and different needs. We encourage you to visit these compounds in person to get a close look at the unique lifestyle and advantages they offer.

Smooth Real Estate Transactions: Tips and Secrets to Facilitate the Buying Process in Taj Sultan Compound, Fifth Settlement on!

The apartments in the Taj Sultan Compound, located within the Fifth Settlement area, represent one of the prominent opportunities in the New Cairo real estate market for those seeking a residence that meets their aspirations for elegance and privacy. Here's how to approach this choice in a well-informed manner:

First, take advantage of online research: You can access the website and browse the list of apartments for sale within the Taj Sultan Compound in Fifth Settlement, with the ability to view details of each apartment including specifications and features.

Second, take the task of comparison seriously: Given the availability of a range of residential compounds within New Cairo, it is advisable to visit these compounds in person and compare the specifications they offer, including area, number of rooms, quality of finishes, and available services.

Third, don't hesitate to request additional information: If you are convinced about a particular unit, you can contact the real estate agent responsible for the listing to request more comprehensive details that concern you, such as payment plans, investment costs, and other important details.

Fourth, benefit from the experiences of others: Browsing through comments and reviews left by previous owners within the Taj Sultan Compound can be a valuable resource to assess the level of services, construction quality, and finishes.

Fifth, visit the site: It is important to go and see the project yourself to evaluate the potential unit and get acquainted with the facilities provided by the compound.

Sixth, negotiate and agree: If you find something that suits your desires and needs, start negotiating with the real estate agent and make sure to understand and review all the terms and conditions of the contract before taking the step of signing.

Seventh and finally, complete the purchase process: After ensuring the legal compliance of the property and successfully passing through all the previous steps, complete the procedures for purchasing the residential unit by paying the agreed amount and signing the purchase contract, to become the new owner of the property.

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Shopping center
Commercial area
Social Club
Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
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located on the extension of El Thawra road in New Cairo.

2,100,000 EGP


Madinet Nasr for Housing & Development (MNHD)

100 apartments

The project provides many facilities for the customer through installments over 9 years.

30,000 m²


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