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Tag Sultan compound 5th Settlement

Tag Sultan compound  is one of the projects that have been established in Cairo.

The project is one of the largest projects with many distinguished services.

The project was built in a distinctive location, close to many distinguished areas.

Location of Tag Sultan compound

The Tag Sultan compound is located in a very special location, where the project is located in the new Cairo and is near the following places:

  • It is located near Nasr City, 10 minutes' walk away.
  • It is located near the 5th settlement area, a 10-minute walk away.
  • It is also close to Cairo International Airport.
  • It is located close to one of the famous Kempinski Hotel.
  • It is located near Mirage.
  • The Compound is located along the Thawra Street.
  • Located near the intersection of the ring in Heliopolis.

Area of ​​Tag Sultan Project

The Tag Sultan project was built on a large and vast area. This is what is most important for the project.

The complex is located on an area of ​​about 3 million and 7 thousand square meters, which has made it one of the huge multi-service projects.

Specifications of Tag Sultan 5th Settlement

The compound has many distinctive features, which made it one of the most distinguished projects in Egypt.

The project is characterized by the following:

The project includes a large and vast area, and includes a large number of housing units that have many different specifications and services.

The project includes all the comfort and tranquility, because it provides a large number of parks, green spaces, which give the customer a sense of comfort.

The compound is equipped with a wide range of shops, which provide all the needs of the customers.

Services available at Tag Sultan Compound

The Tag Sultan has a wide variety of services, which provide customers with all the entertainment and high-end lifestyle, where the person feels like a fantastic place to enjoy all the facilities.

  • Large green spaces are found in many of the areas in the compound.
  • Multiple gardens for lovers of nature and landscape charm, and also for those wishing to walk.
  • The compound includes a large commercial mall, which has all the local and international brands, in addition to the best and finest goods that customers need.
  • The compound has a large hotel, with many different services, and the highest level of service.
  • The international schools for the residents of the compound include many stages.
  • The compound has a medical area, which includes a large number of specialized medical clinics in many different fields.
  • The compound includes a large number of restaurants, which offer Eastern and Western cuisines and many dessert items.
  • It offers a range of cafés, which offer all the comforts, as well as the pleasure of having a drink in an atmosphere of luxury.
  • It provides all security, because the compound is continuously guarded in all areas of the compound, throughout the day and night.
  • The hotel has a large social club.
  • The compound includes sports courts for all types of sports enthusiasts.

Specifications of Residential Units in Taj Sultan Compound

The project includes a large number of residential units, which differ from each other in terms of area and services, and you can choose the most suitable for you from among these different units, and the most important specifications of these units:

  • Units have bedrooms ranging from 3 rooms and more depending on your needs.
  • Apartments have different sizes, ranging from ninety five square meters per unit, up to 200 meters per unit.
  • Residential units are landscaped.
  • You can choose between fully finished apartments and between the half finishing of the unit.
  • The units are priced at a reasonable price so that the price per meter in the unit starts at only twelve thousand pounds.



Security Playgrounds Swimming pools Shopping center Commercial area Mosque Social Club Health club and Spa Water Fountains


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