Trillium Compound 6 October

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Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: El Hakeem

About the Project  One of the most luxurious 6th of October compounds, built on the most modern architectural styles, as well as all amenities, basic services and entertainment.

Trillium Compound Location  located on the 6th of October Near To the Shooting Club.

Trillium Compound 6 October Space 34 Acres.

Units Type  apartments - Duplex - Penthouses

Units Space It starts from 115 Square Meters to 330 Square Meters.

The Developer Name  El Hakem Development.

Trillium Compound 6 October Brochure and Master Plan


Project Name: Trillium.

About the Project: One of the most luxurious 6th of October compounds, built on the most modern architectural styles, as well as all amenities, basic services and entertainment.

Trillium Compound Location: located on the 6th of October Near To the Shooting Club.

Trillium Compound 6 October Space: 34 Acres.

Units Type: apartments - Duplex - Penthouses

Units Space: It starts from 115 Square Meters to 330 Square Meters.

The Developer Name: El Hakem Development.

Payment Systems: The customer pays 10% of the total unit price and pays the rest of the amount over payment periods of up to 7 years in equal installments without interest.

For lovers of luxury and sophistication... Here is Trillium 6 October Compound

The project is considered one of the most luxurious and prestigious compounds located in Cairo, and the company has been keen to make the project integrated with services, public utilities, and recreational activities that the residents need without leaving the project, so the developer was able to choose a special location for the project close to all roads and axes that make it very accessible. ease.

Trillium Compound was built on a large space estimated at 34 acres, and the ratio is divided between green spaces, landscapes, services and facilities, and all recreational activities, and between buildings in addition to the prices and payment systems for the longest payment period.

The privileged geographical location of Trillium Compound

Are you looking for a residential complex that gives you comfort, stability, and tranquility?.. Looking for a classy place through which you can feel the life of kings and greats?.. Looking for a lively place close to vital places and the most important services?.. Here is Trillium 6 October Compound, you will find everything you are looking for!!

The project is located along Sheikh Zayed in the 6th of October City, near several vital and distinguished places, and near a large number of factories, including Juhayna Factory, BMW Car Factory, many universities, and schools, as well as commercial centers such as Carrefour and Mall of Arabia.

The most important advantages of the geographical location of Trillium Compound:

  • Close to the Shooting Club.
  • The project is located near several important and distinguished residential projects, such as the Mountain View ICity October Compound.
  • A small distance between Juhayna Square and Mall of Arabia.

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Types of units and spaces in Trillium Compound 6 October

The compound extends over a large area of ​​about 34 acres, and it has been divided from the inside in a sophisticated manner so that the space includes 25% for buildings, and the rest 75% for services, utilities, recreational activities, green spaces, landscapes, artificial lakes and many other services that make the project integrated, The company relied in building and construction on German technology, which is Meta Yota technology.

The units within Trillium Project have been diversified to include apartments, separate units, duplexes, and penthouses of various sizes to suit customers according to their financial and family capabilities; The spaces start from 115 square meters up to 330 square meters.

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The most important services provided within Trillium Compound

  • Surveillance cameras work around the clock for 24 hours to record audio and video footage, and you can use them at any time when needed.
  • The Food Court area includes many restaurants that offer a variety of dishes, including local and international ones, by the most skilled specialized chefs, as well as developers in ways of serving dishes in a way that attracts the customer.
  • You can have your morning coffee to the quiet music in cafes and cafes.
  • For early morning exercise enthusiasts, a state-of-the-art gym and a team of fitness trainers.
  • For more luxury and relaxation, a spa area, jacuzzi, and sauna are provided.
  • High-speed internet to serve all residents.
  • It includes 2 shopping malls that contain many shops and stores that include the most famous brands and international brands.
  • To park the cars away from the crowds in front of the units and to prevent pollution, a large secure garage with cameras has been allocated to protect and guard
  • A mosque for prayer and religious rites in a modern Islamic style.
  • For lovers of pleasure and luxury in playing sports, a sports club has been allocated that includes playgrounds with various activities, including football, basketball, tennis, handball, volleyball, and other activities popular with adults and children.
  • Paying attention to the educational aspect of children in Trillium Compound by providing the compound with nurseries that include many entertainment facilities, as well as providing teachers with the most efficient educational level.
  • For lovers of walking in the charming green nature, running, and cycling, places far from cars have been allocated for safety and security.
  • Club House includes recreational activities and services.
  • Dedicated spaces for holding events, parties, birthdays, conferences, and meetings.
  • The periodic maintenance team works 24 hours a day to fix any malfunction caused in the units.
  • Inside the Trillium Compound, there is a transportation network for easy transportation to and from the compound.
  • A hypermarket that provides all the supplies and goods you need daily in your home.
  • A 24-hour pharmacy to provide all the medicines you need, whether local or imported, as well as a medical team for emergency cases.
  • For ease of movement between floors, some elevators are available for convenience.

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Enjoy the most important advantages of living in Trillium Compound 6th of October...

The real estate developer has been keen to provide many diverse advantages that make you prefer living inside Trillium.

  • Various and multiple swimming pools to suit many guests and for more privacy for ladies, a covered swimming pool has been provided.
  • For the sake of security and safety, a security team trained at the highest level of the guard has been allocated to carry out random and organized tours inside and outside the building for protection.
  • The green spaces are distributed within the compound to include tall trees and blooming flowers with fragrant and attractive scents, and there are
  • gardens and parks where you can sit and enjoy a calm, psychological comfort, and relaxation.
  • Fountains and artificial lakes give the project a distinctive and wonderful view.
  • All units overlook enchanting landscapes and unparalleled tranquility; The project was designed in a modern German style.
  • The project's proximity to the most important main roads and main axes make it very easy to reach.
  • Dedicated places for barbecue parties away from the crowds in the open air.
  • An entertainment area for children to play games and recreational activities and play with friends and relatives.
  • For fans of watching the latest modern and old films, a cinema complex with screens has been allocated for entertainment and luxury.

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Unit prices and payment systems provided by the real estate developer

The real estate developer has provided a set of prices and payment systems suitable for many customers looking to own housing units with the longest payment period, as the prices were suitable for those who like to enter the field of real estate investment as follows:

  • The price per square meter starts from 8,800 EGP up to 9,800 EGP.
  • The unit price starts from 980,000 EGP.

As for the payment systems within Trillium Compound 6 October, they are easy and flexible and come with the longest repayment period so that you can own your unit, and the remaining amount is paid in installments over the longest repayment period.

  • You can pay a reservation downpayment of 10% of the unit price, and the rest is to be paid in installments over 7 years from the date of contracting in equal installments without interest.
  • The units will be delivered fully finished within 3 years from the date of contracting.

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About the Real Estate Developer and Previous Works

El Hakeem For Construction established Trillium Compound 6 October, and it is considered one of the leading companies and has a brilliant name in the field of real estate in the Egyptian market, it is an Egyptian company that was established in 1995, and the company has undertaken many important projects that have achieved great success and gained great popularity from customers.

The company enjoys the great experience as it relies on the best-distinguished construction standards in cooperation with the most skilled engineers, the company seeks to gain the trust of customers by implementing its projects on accuracy and superior quality and aims to adhere to architectural units with excellent designs.

Most important previous works:

  • Dream Land Compound, 6 October.

Book in the most luxurious and prestigious compound in 6th of October City and enjoy what you have been dreaming of in reality...

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located on the 6th of October Near To the Shooting Club.

1,130,000 EGP


El Hakem Development

10 apartments

10% down payment and the rest of the amount is paid in installments over 7 years in equal installments without interest.

34 Acres


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Hotel

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