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Brix Compound 6 October Inertia

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Project Description

Project Name: Brix.

About Project: Brix Compound is one of the best residential compounds in 6th of October, providing the residents with all the means of comfortable accommodation while providing all the services, facilities, and leisure activities to feel the luxury of the residence.

Brix Location: it is located in 6th October on Alexandria desert road near Mehwar 26th July.

Brix Compound 6 October Space: 44,000 m².

Units Type: vary among brix apartments, twin houses, and duplexes.

Units Space in Brix: Apartments with space starting from 149 m² up to 224 m².

Brix Developer: Inertia Company, one of the leading companies in the real estate market.

Payment Methods: 10% downpayment, and installments up to 7 years.

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Brix 6th of October Compound

Brix Compound is one of the largest and most luxurious residential projects in the city of 6th of October, and its developer has implemented its units in accordance with the international designs that are full of excellence and elegance in Brix Compound 6 October.

Brix Inertia project has units with a variety of shapes and spaces, which means that there are many prices with easy payment systems, and residents can enjoy integrated high-end services in a life full of beauty and luxury standards in a location close to all roads and vital locations in Giza and Cairo provinces in .

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One of the best advanced residential units in 6th of October City, and it is one of Inertia projects, which is one of the best real estate companies in Egypt where Brix 6 October Compound has all the services and facilities needed by all customers.

Brix Compound has been established on 44,000 m² equal to 11 acres, with the majority of the space allocated to green spaces, and the rest of the space for buildings, facilities, and services, as units within Brix compound ranging from apartments to twin houses and duplexes.

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Where is Brix Inertia?

The company implementing Inertia 6 October project has chosen one of the most exclusive sites of 6 October making access to the site easy.

The most important landmarks near IL Bosco City Mostakbal Compound:

  • Brix Compound is close to all the main axes, roads, and transportation networks.
  • It is located in the heart of the city of 6 October on the Alexandria desert road.
  • Brix compound is near Mehwar July 26.
  • Brix is very close to Lebanon Square and the ring road.

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Major Services and Amenities Within Brix 6 October  Compound

The company implementing Inertia 6 October project tried to provide its customers with all the services that make life in Brix 6 October  compound an easy and luxurious life everyone, who dreams of a new and different life, wanted to try it, and the most important available services include:

  • A large part has been allocated to the green spaces, gardens, and parks to relaxation and psychological comfort.
  • There are a variety of swimming pools distributed in balance everywhere in Brix 6 October compound.
  • There are secured private garages for cars in Brix 6 October Compound.
  • There are malls and shops in Brix 6 October offering the most famous brands.
  • Generators operate immediately when the power is out in Inertia 6 October Compound.
  • Brix 6 October compound has a clubhouse.
  • Educational services for all levels and international schools.
  • A large number of restaurants and cafes offer varied and delicious menus.
  • Gardens and entertainment venues in Brix 6 October Compound.
  • Safe entertainment and games areas for kids.
  • Medical and health services are available throughout the day at Brix 6 October  Project.
  • For the safety of the entire population, there are modern surveillance cameras everywhere.
  • Security and guarding services operate 24 hours a day in Brix 6 October.

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Units Spaces In Brix Project

There are 190 residential units ranging from apartments - duplexes - Brix twin houses.

  • Brix Apartments with space of 177 m² consisting of 2 rooms + 2 bathrooms.
  • Apartments with space of 192 m² consisting of 3 rooms + 3 bathrooms.
  • Brix Apartments with space of 224 m² consisting of 3 rooms + 3 bathrooms.
  • Apartments with space of 149 m² consisting of 3 rooms + 2 bathrooms.

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Don't hesitate and don't miss the opportunity, the amazing offers and comfortable payment plans are waiting for you to complete your ideal experience with us inside Brix 6th of October

If you are looking for an elegant residential project that is unique in many ways and provides the highest level of exclusive services, Enrshia Real Estate has launched its Brix project within the most famous areas in Cairo, 6th of October City, which contains the largest number of different projects. All efforts have been made to provide competitive prices for all its clients so they can have the ability to purchase the unit according to their purchasing desires, and to make it easier for them to purchase, flexible payment methods have been introduced to distribute the total amount over years without interest, which are:

  • Apartment units inside Brix 6th of October Compound: their price starts from 4,872,000 Egyptian pounds up to 6,276,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Apartment units attached to the garden inside Brix Compound 6th of October: their price starts from 5,670,000 Egyptian pounds up to 7,298,000 Egyptian pounds.

As for the payment methods offered, they help you distribute the total amount over years without interest, which are:

  • You can pay a 10% down payment of the total unit price inside Brix Compound, or 5% down payment and installments for the rest over 8 years.
  • The units are delivered within 1 or 2 years, and thus with a full finishing system.

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Disadvantages of Brix Compound 6th of October

Despite the obvious distinction enjoyed by Brix Compound 6th of October, some may think that the wide variety of housing units may lead to a noisy lifestyle. However, Enrshia Real Estate shows great care by emphasizing providing adequate distances between these units, which ensures a quiet and comfortable experience for residents.

About The Owner Company Of Brix Compound

Inertia Egypt is the owner Company, one of the leading companies in the real estate market with a long history of success.

Inertia most important projects include:

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Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2023, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

A Unique Modern Living Experience Awaits You in 6th of October City!

Situated in the heart of Egypt, just a stone's throw away from the bustling capital of Cairo, 6th of October City sprawls across a vast expanse, offering an unparalleled modern lifestyle. This vibrant city pulses with life and activity, embodying a seamless transition from rich traditions to comprehensive modernity. The city presents a captivating blend of tranquility and vibrancy, making it the perfect place for those seeking to indulge in the highest levels of comfort and progress.

From modern shopping malls teeming with world-renowned brands to international educational institutions upholding the highest standards of education, and state-of-the-art hospitals equipped with cutting-edge medical technologies to recreational spaces catering to the desires of young and old alike – 6th of October City maps out the blueprint for an ideal life.

This city is not merely a place to live but a melting pot where cultures converge and people exchange experiences and ideas. The industrial zone within the city attests to this, housing a diverse array of global and local companies that contribute to economic development and job creation.

In 6th of October City, urban planning has taken into account the importance of smooth traffic flow, with an improved network of roads, bridges, and reliable public transport services. Coupled with the city's safety measures, living here becomes a comfortable and reassuring experience.

The allure of 6th of October City extends beyond its modern infrastructure and excellent services. The city thrives with cultural and recreational activities, from lush parks and scenic promenades to museums, art exhibitions, and music concerts that attract artists from around the world.

In short, 6th of October City offers a distinctive and inspiring lifestyle, where the splendor of modern living is coupled with an atmosphere of safety and comfort. The city reflects its residents' aspirations for refinement and progress, promising a promising future filled with opportunities.

Live Every Moment: 6th of October City Offers More Than You Imagine!

6th of October City stands out as an exemplary model of progress and development among Egyptian cities, embracing its relentless efforts to enhance its image as an attractive investment hub. Within its embrace, new horizons are unfolding with the "Live Every Moment" campaign, which has exceeded the expectations of residents and visitors alike by enriching daily life with a wave of exceptional services and activities.

These activities range from vibrant music concerts to thought-provoking theatrical performances and culturally enriching events that nourish the spirit of knowledge, spreading across lush parks and spacious shopping malls.

The city also shines a spotlight on sports with the "Love Sports" initiative, aiming to instill a love for activity and movement in the hearts of its residents by providing free training sessions and opportunities to engage in various sports. Additionally, the city's services and infrastructure have undergone tangible improvements, including the establishment of new health centers, renovated schools, and enhanced road networks to ensure utmost comfort and seamless mobility.

The city has also launched the "Love Cleanliness" project to enhance the level of cleanliness and public health, striving to provide a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment for all. Undoubtedly, 6th of October City has rightfully earned its status as an oasis for living and investment, nurturing a wide array of recreational, commercial, and educational facilities that ensure its residents enjoy the highest standards of quality living.

Opportunities and projects continue to grow day by day, with more to come in the future, making 6th of October City an unparalleled point of attraction for those seeking a haven that combines the advancement of life with well-being. Discover the beauty of living in this unique world, and "Live Every Moment" within its embrace.

Between Neighborhood and Excellence: Discover the Compounds Adjacent to Brix 6 October Compound!

  1. Palm Parks October Compound:
    In the heart of the 6th of October area, where tranquility intertwines with the city's hustle and bustle, lies the Palm Parks Compound on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, enjoying its strategic location near the 26th of July Corridor. The compound spans a vast area of 44,000 square meters, presenting a concept of excellence and smart real estate investment, with an average price per meter reaching EGP 8,200, making it an excellent choice for those seeking quality at a reasonable price.

  2. Tawny Hyde Park 6 October:
    With its massive area of 148 acres, Tawny Hyde Park is situated in a realm of luxury and easy accessibility, located on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road. The compound is just a short 18-minute drive from the 26th of July Corridor and is in close proximity to Brix 6 October Compound, enhancing its status as a prime residential destination.

  3. Grand Heights October Compound:
    With its unique character and diverse units, Grand Heights emerges as a major attraction in 6th of October for those seeking to live within an upscale residential community. The compound boasts a prime location and close proximity to numerous essential services and amenities, providing its residents with a truly unique living experience.

  4. October Plaza Compound:
    The October Plaza Compound serves as a haven for those seeking serenity and natural beauty in the 6th of October area. The compound's grounds are adorned with lush green spaces and captivating water features, offering residents a sense of rejuvenation and relaxation. Additionally, the compound provides a wide range of services and amenities to ensure the comfort and well-being of its residents.

Each of these compounds offers a unique touch to the 6th of October area, blending quality, comfort, and security to provide residents with an unparalleled living experience in the heart of the city.

Easy Steps to Own Your New Unit in Brix 6 October Compound Through!

For those aspiring to live in the heart of Egypt, the Brix Compound in 6th of October City presents an irresistible offer. This residential project, centrally located in a vibrant area, allows its residents to experience luxury and comfort through a wide range of housing units that meet the highest standards of quality and excellence. To become one of the proud owners of these prestigious units, here is a step-by-step guide through

The first step requires you to visit the website and create a personal account if you don't already have one, then log in using your credentials.

The second step involves using the search feature available on the website to locate the Brix Compound in 6th of October City, with the option to customize your search based on your preferred specifications.

In the third step, you will be presented with a list of all available units, complete with detailed information including area, design, and price, providing you with a comprehensive overview to help you make an informed decision.

The fourth step invites you to contact us directly through the website to discuss more in-depth details about your preferred unit or the purchasing process itself.

The fifth step involves negotiating the price and payment terms, striving to achieve the best deal that aligns with your budget and preferences, with the opportunity to take advantage of any offers or discounts that may encourage the completion of the purchase.

The penultimate sixth step addresses the signing of the sales and purchase agreement after reaching a satisfactory agreement for both the seller and the buyer.

Finally, the seventh step marks the handover of the residential unit after completing all necessary procedures and paying the due amount, which may also require signing additional documents and paying associated fees.

By following these steps, you can own your unit in the Brix Compound in 6th of October City and embark on a life filled with comfort and elegance in one of Egypt's premier residential areas.

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it is located in 6th October on Alexandria desert road near Mehwar 26th July.

2,207,000 Egyptian pounds.


Inertia Company

15 units

10% downpayment, and installments up to 7 years.

44,000 m².


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