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Hacienda Bay North Coast Palm Hills

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Project Description

Project Name: Hacienda Bay.

About Project: It is one of the most beautiful tourist villages implemented on the North Coast with a large investment from Palm Hills, in order to compete strongly with the other tourist villages in the Arab region in general.

Hacienda Bay Location: It is located in Sidi Abdel Rahman, North Coast on the 200th kilometer of Alexandria-Matrouh Road.

Hacienda Bay North Coast Space: the compound covers 2.4 million square meters, equal to 593 acres.

Units Type:  chalet for sale in Hacienda Bay - hacienda bay villa for sale - twin houses - townhouses - apartments.

Units Space in Hacienda Bay: Hacienda Bay chalet for sale space starts from 115 square meters.

Twin houses start from 399 square meters.

Hacienda Bay Villas start from 354 square meters.

Price per Meter: starts from 16,750 EGP for chalets.

And between 25,000 EGP and 55,000 EGP for villas.

Hacienda Bay Project Developer: Palm Hills Developments.

Payment Methods: the customer can pay 5% or 10% of the unit value as a downpayment upon signing the contract, and the rest is paid in installments for up to 6 years.

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Hacienda Bay North Coast Resort

Hacienda Bay Resort is one of the most beautiful tourist resorts implemented in the stunning North Coast with a huge size of investment by the developer company, Palm Hills. It aims to compete with the best tourist villages in the Arab region in general in Hacienda Bay North Coast.

Indeed, Hacienda has become the first choice for an irresistible summer vacation, and to enjoy the blue waters of the northern White Sea, the clear sky, the fresh air, and the golden sands adorned with modern architecture. Palm Hills North Coast village offers a variety of top-class entertainment services.

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Hacienda Bay location

Hacienda Bay village has a unique location, which was a priority to the developer in order to attract buyers and investors towards Hacienda Bay project. The site features astonishing sea views in Sidi Abdel Rahman on North Coast. Specifically, it is on the 200th kilometer of Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh Road.

The most important landmarks nearby are Hacienda Bay North Coast Village:

Al Alamein City Airport, which is only 15 minutes away from Palm Hills North Coast village. Hacienda Bay project is also less than an hour away from Marsa Matrouh city, and is only 265 kilometers away from Cairo.

Hacienda Bay project is located close to several other landmarks that residents may be interested in, such as the World War II Museum, which is only 10 minutes away.

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Hacinda Bay Available Space

Hacienda North Coast is one of the largest projects on the entire North Coast, covering an estimated 2,229,811 square meters, which is an astoundingly large space that includes chalets in different sizes and opulent designs (whether interior or exterior) that match the surrounding green landscape and stunning Mediterranean views.

Although the total area is not that large, the proportion of buildings of green spaces allocated for recreation and landscape is only 25%, i.e. the space for chalet units and service units implemented on only 550,000 km of total area.

Buildings don’t cover more than 25% of the total project space (about 550,000 square kilometers only). The remaining land is reserved for green spaces and landscape, giving Hacienda Bay project a laid-back and relaxing feel.

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Major Services in Hacienda bay

Hacienda Bay village offers all kinds of daily essential and recreational services that residents need during their stay to maximize their enjoyment. In addition, all facilities are provided within Hacienda Bay North Coast village, so there’s no need to leave during the holiday period.

  • Hacienda Bay North Coast has a large hospital with all medical specialties and pharmacies that operate 24 hours a day.
  • Restaurants and cafes for different tastes with impressive interiors in Hacienda Bay North Coast.
  • Five-star luxury hotels are scattered all over the area.
  • Security and guard services include all village units, open areas and service venues.
  • A mosque and a church for religious practice inside Hacienda Bay North Coast Resort.
  • Hacienda Bay North Coast features uniquely designed water bodies, swimming pools with different spaces for adults and kids, as well as private and closed swimming pools for women.
  • Lounges and entertainment clubs with billiard tables and PlayStation arcades at Hacienda Bay North Coast. 
  • Sports clubs where all kinds of sports can be practiced and trained for.
  • Gyms equipped with the latest devices, as well as a Jacuzzi and a spa.
  • Social clubs to hang out with friends and family and get to know neighbors at Hacienda Bay North Coast Village.
  • A golf course on a space of 672,000 square meters in Hacienda Bay North Coast.

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Unit Spaces for Sale in Hacienda Bay North Coast

Hacienda Bay North Coast includes various types of properties, most notably chalets, twin houses, and villas. The units are available in spaces as follows:

  • Hacienda Bay Chalets for sale start from 115 square meters and include a private garden as big as 200 square meters.
  • Twin houses start from 399 square meters attached to a private garden of 399 square meters.
  • Standalone villas start from 354 square meters with a private garden of 578 square meters.

As for villas available in Hacinda Bay, they vary by type and size as follows:

  • Water villas for sale are attached to a swimming pool and feature a view over the sea or close to the sea, the interior space of these villas starts from 353 square meters executed on a land of 700 square meters.
  • Hotel-style villas start from 297 square meters and have a private garden as big as 590 square meters.
  • Hacienda Bay North Coast Villas with a view of the hotel have interior spaces starting from 357 square meters, built on a land ranging between 800 and 1,000 square meters.

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Hacienda Bay North Coast Prices and Payment Systems

Prices vary slightly by the type of unit, interior space, and whether they feature direct sea views or not. The prices can be estimated as follows:

  • The average price per meter starts from 16,750 EGP for chalets.
  • Price per meter in Hacienda Bay North Coast starts from 25,000 EGP and up to 55,000 EGP for villas.
  • Townhouse prices range widely from 2,100,000 EGP and up to 7,500,000 EGP.
  • Twin house prices start at 6,000,000 EGP.

As for the payment system, you can pay 5% or 10% of the unit value as a downpayment, and the rest is paid in installments for up to 6 years.

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Disadvantages of Hacienda Bay North Coast

Despite the initial impression some may have due to the unavailability of villas in Hacienda Bay North Coast, Palm Hills was able to provide an excellent solution by offering chalets in various areas ranging from one to three bedrooms. This variety caters to those who love spacious areas. With its unique location and stunning views, Palm Hills North Coast project is an ideal destination for rest and relaxation, in addition to the competitive pricing offered by the company to customers.

About Hacienda Bay developer company

Hacienda Bay North Coast is developed by Palm Hills Development, one of the important real estate development companies in Egypt and the Arab region. It has a long history since 2005 and has implemented a number of major projects competing on the Egyptian and British stock exchanges, including Hacienda Bay Palm Hills.

The company implementing Palm hills Hacienda bay is owned by El Mansour-Maghraby Investment and Development Company (MMID), and its projects are spread throughout Egypt in the capital and coastal cities, with a total of 26 real estate projects covering an estimated 27,000,000 square meters. It also has real estate projects in Saudi Arabia covering a landmass of 5,000,000 square meters.

Palm Hills’ best projects include:

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2021, and therefore it is subject to change. Our team at Real Estate Egypt is keen to update the spaces, unit types, and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

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Embark on the Ultimate Lifestyle Experience: Your Guide to Egypt's North Coast!

Egypt's North Coast reigns supreme as a premier tourist destination, its stretch beginning from Alexandria and ending at El-Salloum, making it a slice of heaven on earth. This enchanting strip of land boasts pristine white sandy beaches and sparkling emerald waters. Attracting beauty enthusiasts from around the globe, it stands as a captivating canvas of natural allure and unique touristic experiences.

The preferred summer retreat for many, where visitors seek relaxation, bask in the warm sun's rays, and let the gentle breeze caress their souls, making them return year after year. The North Coast's cities and upscale resorts promise an unparalleled experience, a unique fusion of luxury and natural beauty. Alexandria shines as a historic and cultural hub, offering a rich memory that touches the spirit of every visitor.

Yet, it's not just about lounging on the beach; the North Coast is teeming with opportunities for diving, surfing, and boat excursions that open doors to a new world of adventures. The resorts and hotels, with their refined services, offer an oasis of relaxation and opulence, where the accommodation is as beautiful as the surrounding nature, adding an unforgettable touch of luxury to the touristic appeal.

The impact of the North Coast extends beyond natural beauty and tourism; it encompasses economic aspects as well. Thanks to its vibrant tourism industry, it's an economically active region that provides employment opportunities and encourages investment, benefiting local communities. The growing interest from investors and the authorities' efforts to develop the area and improve infrastructure paint a promising future for the North Coast, not just as a tourist destination but as a model of progress and prosperity.

With all these advantages, the North Coast is more than just a tourist destination; it's an experience that touches the soul and nourishes the heart. It embodies the captivating beauty that Egypt is renowned for, welcoming visitors from far and wide, offering them a respite of tranquility and inspiration. The North Coast emerges as the dreamland for anyone seeking serenity in nature's embrace and indulging in the luxuries of life.

Imagine Yourself at the Heart of Modern Egypt... The North Coast!

Immerse yourself in infinite luxury on the shores of Egypt's North Coast, where you find yourself embraced by alluring nature that rivals fine artworks. This place, a prominent tourist beacon, combines the charm of nature with the fragrance of history, opening its arms to visitors from every corner of the earth. The North Coast, with its cotton-white beaches and azure waters that touch the sky, offers itself as an earthly paradise, providing the ultimate pleasure and relaxation in its warm embrace.

This enchanting spot abounds with luxurious accommodation options to meet every desire, where upscale hotels and beachfront resorts harmonize with a stunning natural backdrop, offering an unforgettable experience. And why not, with renowned restaurants opening their doors to serve a feast of delectable local and international cuisine to tantalize your senses. Recreational activities are endless, as visitors can experience diving into the depths of the sea to explore captivating coral reefs, set sail on its waves, or even enjoy thrilling fishing trips, enriching their visit with unforgettable memories.

And if culture and history have a share, the Kilometer 125 City strikes a chord with those seeking authenticity and sophistication, blending modern embellishments with traditional charm in a captivating blend. For history buffs, the Dinosaur Park opens the doors to the pre-historic world, offering a journey through time into the realm of dinosaurs.

What sets the North Coast apart is its moderate climate throughout the year, making it an ideal destination in every season, whether you're seeking a lively summer haven or an escape from the mundane routine of daily life, the Egyptian North Coast promises unique experiences that hold the promise of unforgettable moments.

Here are some important details about the North Coast in modern Egypt:

Location Northwestern Egypt
Climate Moderate all year round
Beaches White sand and clear blue waters
Recreational Activities Diving, surfing, boating, fishing
Tourist Attractions Kilometer 125 City, Dinosaur Park
Tourist Facilities Luxurious hotels, restaurants and cafes, shopping outlets

In short, Egypt's modern North Coast is a remarkable tropical destination for a fun and relaxing vacation. It's a place known for its white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and offers a plethora of luxurious tourist facilities and exciting recreational activities. Enjoy its breathtaking scenery and visit more tourist attractions in the area.

The Perfect Choice: What Exceptional Resorts Surround Hacienda Bay North Coast Village?

The Sidi Abdel Rahman area on the North Coast is home to several upscale resorts, with Hacienda Bay being one of these luxurious complexes that attracts visitors due to its outstanding facilities and refined services. For those seeking to explore beyond the walls of Hacienda Bay, there is a curated selection of nearby resorts that serve as ideal destinations combining luxury and natural beauty.

  1. SeaZen Village:
    SeaZen Village presents itself as a unique destination with its enchanting beaches and vast green spaces, complemented by a variety of recreational spots.

  2. Marseilia Village:
    While Marseilia Village reflects the captivating Mediterranean charm with its attractive sandy beach and recreational options suitable for all ages.

  3. Marassi Village:
    As for Marassi Village, it stands out as an icon in the area, combining luxurious facilities with natural beauty, offering a rich experience of water activities, shopping, and entertainment.

  4. White Sand North Coast Village:
    White Sand Resort offers a unique experience with its Venice-inspired design, allowing guests to indulge in an atmosphere of luxury and comfort through its modern facilities.

  5. Bali North Coast Village:
    Meanwhile, Bali Village provides a serene destination that allows visitors to explore the beauty of the North Coast up close, with its diverse residential units and peaceful green spaces ensuring utmost relaxation.

  6. Amwaj North Coast Village:
    Finally, Amwaj Village is the perfect choice for those seeking an enjoyable family experience, with its private beaches, lush gardens, and diverse recreational facilities.

Choosing among these resorts allows visitors to the North Coast the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of luxury and relaxation, with the promise of an unforgettable experience that elevates the standards of accommodation and entertainment.

Make Your Dream a Reality: Learn How to Buy Your Ideal Unit at Hacienda Bay North Coast Village on!

Imagine living in a place that epitomizes luxury and sophistication in the 6th of October area, where you can make your dream come true at Hacienda Bay North Coast Village. But how can you acquire the perfect unit that meets all your requirements in this unique compound? Let's walk you through five main steps toward realizing your dream.

First, clearly define what you're looking for. Before diving into the sea of available offers, you need to understand and identify your specific requirements; whether you prefer living in a small apartment or a larger unit, or perhaps you dream of a captivating view of the garden or pool; defining these details is the first step to narrow your search.

Second, take advantage of the available resources to explore the offers. Once you have a clear picture of what you want, it's time to search on the website, where you can browse through listings and use filtering tools to find options that match your requirements.

Third, don't hesitate to seek an expert's help. After narrowing down to potential options, it's crucial to get in touch with a real estate agent who understands your desires and guides you toward the best fit. Real estate experts have the necessary experience to provide guidance and assistance during the search and purchase process.

Fourth, stand your ground during negotiations. Once you've found the unit of your dreams, it's time to enter into negotiations with the seller. Preparing a well-thought-out and reasonable price offer will create a solid foundation for negotiation and reflect your seriousness and ability to complete the deal.

Fifth, complete the purchase process. Once an agreement is reached, you'll need to complete the necessary legal and contractual steps for the purchase, including signing contracts and providing the required documentation.

The pursuit of acquiring your dream unit at Hacienda Bay Village is a journey infused with challenge and excitement. By following these simple and well-considered steps, you'll be able to stride confidently toward realizing your dream and begin a new life in this luxurious compound.

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Shopping center
Commercial area
Social Club
Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
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It is located in Sidi Abdel Rahman, North Coast on the 200th kilometer of Alexandria-Matrouh Road.

Price per Meter starts from 16,750 EGP


Palm Hills Developments.

100 units

the customer can pay 5% or 10% of the unit value as a downpayment upon signing the contract, and the rest is paid in installments for up to 6 years.

About 593 acres.


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