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Evira Mall New Capital Four Season Group

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Project Description

Project Name: Evira.

About Evira Project: It is the third and most recent project of Four Seasons Group in the New Administrative Capital.

Evira Location: It is located in the Downtown area in the heart of the New Administrative Capital.

Evira Mall Area: It was executed on 8.000 square meters.

Evira Units Type: Each floor of it has entertainment services and specialized commercial units.

Evira Units Prices: it starts from 60,000 EGP.

The Developer Name: Four Season Group.

Payment Methods: Payment systems vary to start from 0% up to 10% downpayment via equal installments over payment period starts from 6 years up to 8 years in addition to payment systems with annual investment return starting from the first day of contract and surprise by the company to its customers and great discounts.

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Evira Mall New Capital

Evira New Capital Mall is the third and latest project of Four Seasons Group in the New Administrative Capital, where it has developed the summary of its real estate expertise to produce a huge investment project that possesses all the elements of excellence and success in Evira New Capital , starting with Evira Mall New Capital distinctive location to its integrated services and attractive decorations and also the easy payment systems and exclusive prices that make it an irreplaceable opportunity for anyone who wishes to invest in the New Capital the real future of Egypt.

Evira Project Location

Evira Mall is located in the most distinctive place within the New Administrative Capital, where The Downton Area has been chosen as the most refreshing and active area of the New Capital.

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The most important landmarks near Evira Mall New Capital:

  • Evira New Capital mall is located next to the famous Al Masa Hotel.
  • A few minutes separate Evira New Capital mall from the central al-Honorelle train station.
  • You will find the new Opera House steps away, the Cathedral and Masr Mosque, the largest mosque in the Middle East, built on 86 acres.
  • Evira mall's location is strategic near important areas of the Administrative Capital such as banks and insurance companies, oil companies, and companies sector.
  • Evira Capital location is near the Egyptian Parliament, the Council of Ministers, and the Central Bank.
  • Four Season New Capital Mall location is very close to the Administrative Capital Airport.
  • Evira New Capital mall's location is close to important markets in the Administrative Capital, including gold markets, fashion and style markets, in addition to computer and technology markets.
  • Evira Administrative Capital Mall is also close to the most important projects of the New Capital, such as Apex Business Mall and Elite Mall.
  • The location is close to important sectors such as economic, medical, administrative, shopping, and public entertainment areas.

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Area of Evira Mall

Evira New Capital Mall is designed on a large area of about 8,000 square meters.

  • Evira New Capital mall consists of a ground floor and five upper floors.
  • Evira mall has a variety of spaces to suit customers' desires.

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Do not miss the opportunity and get the best services available inside Evira Mall New Administrative Capital

Within a large gathering in New Administrative Capital characterized by luxury and sophistication, there is Evira Mall surrounded by entertainment, services, and features that customers need.

  • Evira Mall includes a full floor of restaurants and cafes designed in a modern style that provides the best services at the highest level for your favorite meal.
  • Two floors of garages to accommodate a large number of cars are fully secured and equipped with cameras and sound alarms to maintain the property inside Evira New Capital Mall.
  • Fire alarm systems, self-extinguishing systems, and fire extinguishers are also available in all units to reduce any losses at Evira New Capital.
  • Four Season New Capital Mall contains backup generators that operate automatically in the event of a power outage.
  • High-speed internet service to enable customers to conduct their business.
  • Appointing highly trained security and guards to work 24 hours a day and installing high-quality surveillance cameras to ensure the protection of investors.
  • Inside Evira New Capital mall, there is a complex of cinemas equipped with the latest equipment to watch Arab and foreign films with friends.
  • Evira Capital mall is environmentally friendly as solar energy is used and clean energy is generated that does not pollute the environment so that customers can enjoy a refreshing atmosphere.
  • Central air conditioning.
  • Inside Evira project, there are large screens for advertising
  • A large pharmacy with all medicines available throughout the day inside Evira Capital all.
  • The presence of a large hypermarket that includes various goods and services necessary to meet their different needs.
  • There is a whole floor for the sale of gold and silver in Evira Capital Project.
  • The kids' area has many different games suitable for their age to check on your kids while they are shopping or working inside Evira New Capital Project.
  • Within Evira project, there are elevators to reach the floor of your unit with ease.
  • For shopping lovers, there is a huge commercial area with many different stores that include international brands and brands to enjoy the buying experience.
  • Evira New Capital mall has outdoor seating areas amidst the green spaces that capture the eye and the heart.
  • A mosque designed in the modern Islamic style to perform religious rites for a feeling of peace and reverence in Four Season New Capital Mall.

Evira Prices & Payment Systems

Four Season offers a unique investment opportunity for its customers in its new project Evira Mall New Capital, where prices start from 60,000 Egyptian pounds, and the payment systems provided by the company are diverse and flexible each customer can choose the payment system that suits his potential, as follows:

  • The contract is made without a downpayment and the customer will pay 5% after one year and the rest of the amount will be paid in equal installments over 6 years.

  • The customer pays 10% downpayment, then 5% after a year, and pays the rest of Evira unit price in equal installments over 7 years.

  • 15% is paid as a downpayment, then 5% after one year, and the rest of Evira Capital unit price is paid in equal installments for 8 years.

Units are delivered within two and a half years of contracting, and Evira units shall be delivered with a semi-finishing system.

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The company also announced payment systems with an annual return on investment starting from the first day of the contract, as follows:

  • When you pay a 30% down payment, the first installment after one year, and a payment period of 6 years, the annual return shall be 12%.

  • 35% down payment, the first installment after year, and 6 years installments are with an annual return of 14%.

  • When you pay 40% downpayment, the first installment after a year, with the rest of the amount paid in installments for 6 years, then the annual return will be16%.

  • The client pays 50% as a downpayment, the first installment after a year, the rest of the amount is paid in installments for 6 years, and the annual return is 18%.

The company offers a surprise for the first 50 reservation forms which is to get an immediate discount on Evira unit price up to 15%.

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Disadvantages of Evira Mall New Capital

"Evira Mall" offers unmatched investment value, as the opportunity to own a share in a national project with guaranteed returns is like writing a new chapter in the history of real estate. Despite some people's uneasiness about the Administrative Capital's distance from Cairo, the advanced infrastructure such as the road network, monorail, and electric train, facilitates access to it. This makes investing in it today a successful strategic move.

The Executing Company of Mall Evira

Four Season Group is the owner of Evira Mall New Capital and is considered one of the most famous real estate companies in the Egyptian market, and has a large number of luxury projects that confirm its excellence and great experience, including the following:

Evira Capital Mall is not just a commercial mall, but a huge investment project on the New Capital land in one of its most unique locations in the lively Downtown area and close to the most important areas, hubs, and main roads.

For the first time in the New Capital, Evira Capital mall has a full floor dedicated to the sale of gold and silver, which holds licenses, and in other floors offers entertainment services at the highest international levels where there are kids' games and an ice skating center, a unique mall with a luxurious and elegant facade and exquisite interiors.

It is a one-time investment opportunity offered by Four Seasons Group with repayment facilities with immediate investment return, exclusive discounts, and premium prices.. Take the opportunity and reserve your unit now.

Make your investment in the New Administrative Capital your gateway to achieving great profits and a life full of luxury!

With the economic growth and urban expansion happening in Egypt, the New Administrative Capital emerges as a gem of available investment opportunities. This emerging area is an exceptional attraction for investors, thanks to its massive projects that are working to renew the infrastructure and boost the economy.

Investing in the New Administrative Capital offers broad horizons thanks to its multiple advantages, such as modern infrastructure, diverse residential and commercial complexes, hotels, and resorts, which meet the needs of investors of all categories.

This capital aspires to become a prominent financial and commercial center in the region, attracting global and local partnerships. The new city combines government offices and administrative structures, giving it added value as a center for economic and commercial activity.

In addition to the investment aspects, the New Administrative Capital offers a rich and diverse life experience. With recreational, cultural, and sports centers, as well as green spaces, this city is an ideal home for relaxation and enjoyment of life. It also has advanced educational and health facilities, making it an ideal choice for living and developing investments.

Those interested in taking advantage of these outstanding investment opportunities are advised to contact accredited and experienced consulting companies in the field to ensure the selection of the most suitable opportunities. It is important to carefully assess the projects and ensure a partnership with trusted entities.

Ultimately, investing in the New Administrative Capital represents an opportunity to achieve excellent profits and experience a luxurious life. This city, with its advanced infrastructure and attractive investment opportunities, opens the doors of the future for its investors, offering a unique living and investment experience.

Malls in the New Administrative Capital: Experience modern life in its finest details!

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt is renowned as a great center for commercial activity and entertainment venues, with malls standing out as main attractions for visitors seeking exceptional shopping and recreational experiences. These modern shopping centers provide residents and visitors with multi-purpose spaces that cater to all tastes and requirements, from global stores and luxury brands to a diverse range of restaurants, cafes, and movie theaters, offering everyone the chance to enjoy their time in an environment that stimulates the senses and relaxation.

The unique design of these malls, reflecting the latest trends in modern architecture, ensures a special and unique experience for visitors. Strolling through these places is not limited to shopping and dining but extends to enjoying rich cultural experiences through the diverse events they host. Additionally, these malls are replete with comfort and entertainment facilities such as swimming pools, fountains, and gardens, making them an ideal destination for families and friends to spend enjoyable times.

The malls in the New Administrative Capital play an essential role in shaping the city's lifestyle, becoming a gathering place for different ages and social groups, whether for shopping or celebrating special occasions. By offering a variety of shows and events, they attract more visitors, enhancing their value as major entertainment destinations in the capital.

Given the increasing population growth in the New Administrative Capital and the high demand for commercial and entertainment services, the expansion and development of these malls is a vital element in meeting the needs of both residents and visitors. These malls offer their visitors not only the opportunity for shopping and enjoying comfort amenities but also the chance to experience a modern and advanced lifestyle that reflects the spirit and culture of the new city in a distinctive and unique way.

What are the most prominent malls located near Evira Mall in the New Administrative Capital? Find out now!

Shopping centers in the New Administrative Capital: The New Administrative Capital in Egypt offers a unique shopping experience through a range of upscale malls, each distinguished by its unique and diverse characteristics to cater to all tastes and needs.

  1. Opal Mall in the New Administrative Capital:
    Opal Mall is an attractive point near Evira Mall, offering visitors an exceptional experience with its luxury and multiple facilities, including restaurants and entertainment venues, ensuring you have an enjoyable time.

  2. G3 Mall in the New Administrative Capital:
    This facility is located in close proximity to Evira Mall and serves as a gateway to exploring the New Administrative Capital, thanks to its easy access to other areas, providing visitors with convenient mobility.

  3. Capital Hub Mall in the New Administrative Capital:
    Cultural life thrives near Capital Hub Mall, as it neighbors the new Opera House, which showcases the latest theatrical and musical creations, making it an attraction center for art lovers.

  4. Zaha Park Mall in the New Administrative Capital: Zaha Park Mall stands out as one of the vibrant commercial centers in the New Administrative Capital, located in a strategic position in the second sector. The mall is equipped with diverse stores to suit all tastes, in addition to movie theaters, children's play areas, and a great selection of restaurants and cafes.

  5. Elite Mall in the New Administrative Capital: Elite Mall is a unique destination for shopping and entertainment, with its modern and elegant design and integrated facilities that ensure a luxurious and enjoyable shopping experience for all family members, making it a distinguished point in the New Administrative Capital.

Real estate purchases made easier: Your guide to navigating and buying at Evira Mall in the New Administrative Capital on!

The Evira  Mall project, located in the New Administrative Capital, represents a shining point in the sky of commercial real estate investment in Egypt. For those interested in owning a commercial unit within this pioneering project, here is a simplified procedural path to achieve this goal:

First: Begin with research and selecting the unit

First, you need to delve into the available data and details about Evira Mall by visiting specialized online real estate platforms in Egypt. Explore different options by examining dimensions and designs, carefully weigh prices and features to choose what meets your needs and aligns with your financial capabilities.

Second: Reach out for more details

After that, contact the entity responsible for implementing the Evira Mall project and inquire about more details regarding the unit that caught your interest, such as pricing, area, and available payment options. It is likely that you will need to schedule an appointment to visit the site and see the unit up close.

Third: Sign the contract and make the initial payment

After making your decision, you will proceed to the stage of signing the purchase contract. It is essential to carefully read the contents of the contract and understand all its terms and conditions before signing. Usually, it requires making an initial financial payment as confirmation to reserve the unit and start the purchase process.

Fourth: Complete the payment

Continuing with payments according to the agreed-upon payment plan is the next step. It is crucial to ensure you are aware of the set deadlines for due payments and adhere to them.

Fifth: Property transfer

Finally, after completing all payments, the time comes to officially transfer the ownership of the unit to you. Make sure to obtain all necessary documents to legally register the ownership.

These are the basic steps to purchase a commercial unit at Evira Mall, guiding you toward an investment that promises profit and success in the heart of the New Administrative Capital.

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Shopping center
Commercial area
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It is located in the Downtown area in the heart of the New Administrative Capital.

2,440,000 EGP


Four Season Group.

127 Units

15% down payment and the rest in installments for up to 8 years

It was executed on 8.000 square meters.


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