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Project Description

Project Name: Trio Mall.

About Trio Project: Trio Mall in Fifth Settlement provides everything customers need, from an exceptional location and luxurious designs, to diverse spaces and special prices, as well as payment facilities and integrated amenities and services. It is an investment opportunity not to be missed in New Cairo.

Trio Location: In Fifth Settlement, minutes from South 90th Street.

Trio Mall Area in Fifth Settlement: Large area with many types of units.

Types of Units: Medical - Commercial.

Unit Areas: Starting from 35 square meters.

Trio Mall Unit Prices: Starting from 2,170,000 Egyptian Pounds.

Payment Methods: A booking deposit starting from 25% is paid, and the remaining amount is paid over up to 5 years.

Real Estate Developer: Everest Real Estate Development.

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Join our world and enjoy the most wonderful designs and the best experiences in our unique project, where creativity and excellence exist in every corner of Trio Mall Fifth Settlement

Everest Real Estate Development seeks to meet customer needs and make their aspirations come true, which is why it has launched its latest investment project in the heart of New Cairo, Trio Everest Mall, which provides all the means for success, starting with the location, which was carefully chosen in one of the most vibrant areas, and the modern designs that dazzle the eye, providing commercial, administrative and medical units in different areas to suit all tastes at competitive and attractive prices for purchase and investment in Everest New Cairo project, in addition to comfortable payment systems. What are you waiting for? Hurry, book your dream unit in the largest investment edifice in Fifth Settlement and build your own business.

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Take an enchanting tour inside Trio Mall Fifth Settlement, where beauty and comfort come together to provide the perfect balance between work commitments and daily relaxation

Trio Mall Fifth Settlement is unique in its strategic location, which was carefully selected by Everest Real Estate Development, making it an attractive element for customers and investors to purchase in Trio New Cairo project, ensuring high traffic flow.

The most important landmarks near Trio Mall New Cairo:

  • Everest New Cairo project is located two minutes from South 90th Street.
  • Trio Everest Mall Fifth Settlement is close to Concord Plaza.
  • Trio New Cairo project is a short distance from Nile Hospital.
  • Trio mall is easily accessible via the circular road.
  • Trio Mall Fifth Settlement can be reached from Cairo Airport in minutes.
  • Trio New Cairo project is steps away from the American University.
  • Trio mall New Cairo neighbors Boutique Village project, and Zed Mall.

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Discover the pleasure of unique architectural design with our project, where we provide an exceptional experience that meets all your expectations at Trio Mall Fifth Settlement

Everest Real Estate Development sought to build Trio Mall Fifth Settlement in a modern European style, so it hired the best engineers and most experienced architects to develop the designs and engineering plans according to international standards. Everest New Cairo project features the latest designs with imported high quality, shock-resistant, soundproof, light-transmitting glass façades, in addition to meticulous division as follows:

  • Trio Mall New Cairo was built on a large area, much of which is dedicated to the plaza and green spaces, the rest for buildings and units.
  • Trio New Cairo project includes commercial and medical units in different areas to suit all tastes.

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Enjoy the excellence and innovation, with our project we ensure your needs and expectations are met in the most wonderful way at Trio Mall Fifth Settlement

Trio New Cairo Mall is unique in all the elements of success and excellence, providing its customers with the privileges that ensure luxury, comfort and enjoyment of being in the mall, whether for work or shopping. The features offered by Everest Real Estate Development through Trio Mall New Cairo  are:

  • The privileged location of Trio Mall Fifth Settlement makes it attractive to customers and investors to purchase in Trio New Cairo project, ensuring the highest traffic flow.
  • Trio Mall Fifth Settlement offers commercial and medical units in different areas with modern designs that suit all tastes at prices affordable to the client's financial capabilities.
  • Jogging and cycling trails have been created in Trio Mall Fifth Settlement to enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air freely at any time.
  • There is a special walkway for customers with special abilities in Trio Mall Fifth Settlement with facilities that make it easy for them to move without facing any difficulties.
  • Benches are provided throughout Trio Mall Fifth Settlement for the elderly to enjoy and relax while shopping in Trio New Cairo project amidst soothing music and beautiful décor.
  • More than one electronic gate has been established for Trio Mall Fifth Settlement to organize the flow of traffic in and out of Trio New Cairo project without causing congestion in front of the units and spoiling the general appearance.
  • The facilities and units in Trio Mall Fifth Settlement are designed on a smart system that is easy to control via smartphones.
  • The best security companies have been contracted to provide highly trained security personnel to maintain security and order in Trio New Cairo project around the clock.
  • Trio Mall Fifth Settlement has high quality surveillance cameras to monitor all movements and ensure safety and privacy for unit owners.
  • ATMs are provided in Trio Mall Fifth Settlement to facilitate cash withdrawals, deposits, and transfers for customers without leaving the premises.
  • Trio Mall Fifth Settlement project is environmentally friendly as it relies on solar energy to generate the electricity used for lighting.
  • Private power generators are provided for the units in Trio Mall Fifth Settlement to operate normally in case of power outages.
  • Elevators are available to easily move between Trio New Cairo project's floors without feeling tired and enjoy being in Trio Mall New Cairo .
  • Emergency stairs are provided in Trio Mall Fifth Settlement for use in cases of necessity and to protect residents in times of danger.
  • There are restrooms on each floor of Trio Mall Fifth Settlement, fully equipped with all customer needs, as well as restrooms for people of determination.
  • A large mosque has been built in Trio Mall Fifth Settlement for prayers and religious rites, attached to a ladies prayer room and ablution area.
  • Central air conditioning and showers are available in all units of Trio Mall Fifth Settlement to ensure enjoyment of work and shopping in Trio New Cairo project.
  • All units at Trio Mall Fifth Settlement are equipped with state-of-the-art alarm and firefighting systems to ensure quick response to emergencies.
  • There is an intercom in each unit connecting the units together and to security personnel at the main gates to provide what owners and employees may need.
  • A well-ventilated smoking area is provided in Trio Mall Fifth Settlement to ensure customer safety and prevent nuisance to others.
  • Units at Trio Mall Fifth Settlement are periodically disinfected to prevent the spread of diseases and ensure the safety of customers and occupants.
  • Lounges are available to receive visitors at Trio Mall Fifth Settlement and provide them with the finest hotel services to enjoy their stay.
  • Each floor of Trio Mall Fifth Settlement is equipped with display screens and information boards to guide customers and visitors.

Make luxury and excellence a daily part of your life with the upscale services we provide at the prestigious Trio Mall Fifth Settlement project

By purchasing a unit in Trio Mall Fifth Settlement, you can enjoy the basic and recreational services that the developing company was keen to provide to customers that you will not find in any other project, making Trio New Cairo project unique. The most important services provided by the project are:

  • Daily cleaning and maintenance services for faults in units at Trio Mall Fifth Settlement are provided around the clock and all week long using the latest technologies.
  • To enjoy shopping inside Trio Mall Fifth Settlement, a large commercial area has been created with stores for the most famous brands and trademarks that customers are looking for.
  • There is a health and beauty center at Trio Mall Fifth Settlement where the customer can get spa, jacuzzi, and skincare sessions by specialists.
  • There is a range of restaurants and cafés serving Western and Eastern foods preferred by customers and designed in the latest styles for a fun time.
  • A large hypermarket is available at Trio Mall Fifth Settlement with all household goods and grocery products of the highest quality.
  • There are gyms to practice sports on the latest gym equipment under the supervision of professional trainers at Trio Mall Fifth Settlement.
  • The premises has movie theaters that provide the pleasure of watching exclusive films on state-of-the-art display screens.
  • A recreational area for children has been created at Trio Mall Fifth Settlement with games and entertaining activities suitable for their age and camera monitoring for complete safety.
  • There is a gaming room at Trio Mall Fifth Settlement with electronic games suitable for all ages to enjoy being in the premises without boredom.
  • Suites are provided for business meetings equipped with the latest audio devices and presentation screens.
  • There are state-of-the-art medical clinics equipped with the latest devices and a medical team in all disciplines to provide health care to customers.
  • Trio New Cairo project includes radiology centers and labs with the highest quality under the supervision of top physicians.
  • More than one pharmacy has been established providing medicines, medical and cosmetic preparations customers may need with the possibility of delivery to surrounding units.
  • Trio New Cairo project includes smart parking garages for easy and safe parking of vehicles belonging to unit owners without congestion.

We offer you the best competitive prices and payment plans tailored specifically to suit your budget, to ensure a comfortable and ideal experience with us at Trio Mall Fifth Settlement

Everest Real Estate Development gives its customers the opportunity to get the unit that suits them at the best prices, as it has offered competitive prices for Trio Fifth Settlement Mall units that suit the customer's financial capabilities without incurring additional burdens and costs. Prices offered are as follows:

  • Prices for commercial units at Trio Mall New Cairo start from 5,080,000 Egyptian Pounds.
  • Prices for medical units in Trio New Cairo project start from 2,170,000 Egyptian Pounds.

In addition to these prices, the developing company has provided flexible payment systems with the lowest down payment and longest installment period, as follows:

  • A unit in Trio Everest Fifth Settlement project can be obtained by paying 25% down payment and installments of the remainder over 5 years.
  • Units in Trio New Cairo project will be delivered within one and a half years from the contract date.

Disadvantages of Trio Mall New Cairo

Despite the well-known multiple features of "Trio Mall" in New Cairo, some customers may be concerned about the concentration of many units in one place, which could lead to feelings of congestion or overcrowding. However, to reassure its clients, Everest Real Estate paid special attention to this issue, allocating appropriate floors for each activity. To ensure safety, continuous security and guard services have been provided throughout the day.

See for yourself how Everest Real Estate Development turns challenges into opportunities, making real estate an easy and enjoyable experience for you

The real estate developer of Trio Fifth Settlement Mall project is Everest Real Estate Development, one of the most important companies in the real estate market with over 16 years of experience. It has delivered many distinguished urban projects using the best materials and designs according to international standards. The most prominent projects it has delivered include:

  • Montainia Park Project in Zayed City.
  • Many chalets in New Alamein City.
  • A number of projects in Tanta.

At The 5th Settlement Malls: You're at the Heart of Leadership, Luxury, and Excellence

New Cairo, especially the 5th Settlement area, emerges as a major attraction and a hub for the development of markets and shopping centers, making it the talk of investors and the focus of visitors. This area boasts a prestigious location that gives it a competitive edge in attracting investments and ensuring exceptional and successful shopping experiences.

With the increasing pace of construction and the opening of more commercial centers with various designs and sizes, the 5th Settlement has become a magnet for investors seeking to invest in the upscale commercial sector. The development of this sector has witnessed rapid growth since its inception in the area, indicating an increasing interest in investing in it.

The malls here offer a rich and diverse shopping experience, with a large number of local and international retail stores, in an environment that combines luxury and entertainment. These centers also provide ideal locations for family gatherings and dining, further enhancing their appeal as a premier entertainment destination.

From an economic perspective, the mall sector stands out as an outstanding investment opportunity, especially with the increasing population and consumer growth in the area, which fuels the continuous demand for services and goods. In response to this demand, companies and investors compete to offer innovative commercial projects featuring a large number of stores and unique entertainment experiences, providing low-risk and lucrative investment opportunities.

Expert forecasts indicate a continued growth in demand for these malls and commercial centers, making investing in them a promising opportunity for long-term profitability and success. Indeed, investment here demonstrates the potential for satisfactory financial returns, in addition to enhancing the commercial infrastructure of the area.

Choosing to invest in the 5th Settlement is not only a successful decision that ensures a good financial return for you, but it also contributes to the growth and prosperity of this vital sector. If you're looking for a golden investment opportunity, the 5th Settlement offers you the ideal choice.

Become Part of the Future: New Cairo and Its Vision for a Bright Tomorrow!

New Cairo forms the backdrop for one of the world's largest development projects, carrying Egypt's hopes for a sustainable and promising future. This ambitious city lies east of the capital, stretching over an area exceeding 170,000 feddans.

The goals of New Cairo are embodied in creating a high-quality living environment for the Egyptian people through the development of a modern infrastructure and comprehensive facilities. This achievement includes the provision of upscale housing, promising commercial and entertainment centers, as well as innovative cultural and tourism projects, while ensuring access to quality education and healthcare through advanced schools, universities, and hospitals.

New Cairo is following the global trends in urban planning and architecture, aiming to strike the perfect balance between construction progress and environmental protection. This approach includes adopting clean energy and providing an efficient and comfortable public transportation system for its residents.

This pioneering city holds the response to the aspirations of its residents for a safer, more prosperous life, facilitated by modern services and abundant economic opportunities.

In addition to achieving urban leadership, New Cairo offers promising investment opportunities, attracting investors from around the globe to take advantage of its favorable economic climate and the significant facilities provided.

This young city aspires to top the list of the world's finest cities by offering a luxurious life and modern facilities for its residents, while supporting economic growth and sustainable development. With the continuous implementation of major projects, it is expected that New Cairo will fulfill its hopes for a sustainable and prosperous future.

One Step Away from Trio Mall New Cairo: Discover the Outstanding Surrounding Investment Opportunities!

For shopping enthusiasts eager to explore a diverse and attractive market around Trio Mall in the 5th Settlement, we present you with a guide to the most prominent nearby shopping centers that promise you unforgettable shopping experiences:

  1. Centric Mall New Cairo – Adjacent to Trio Mall, it is a gathering place for prestigious and local brands, offering a rich selection of fashion, footwear, accessories, electronics, and home appliances.

  2. Every Mall New Cairo – It stands out with its modern design and offers an ideal shopping environment for you and your family, including diverse stores, restaurants, and cafes, as well as modern movie theaters.

  3. V90 Mall New Cairo – Considered a mecca for shoppers thanks to its wide range of stores, restaurants, and entertainment facilities. It offers a great opportunity to experience shopping, enjoy delicious dining, or catch a movie at the cinema.

  4. The Rift Mall New Cairo – It is a vibrant commercial hub with a variety of shops and brands, featuring dedicated areas for children's entertainment and diverse dining options.

  5. Cairo Capital Center Mall New Cairo – Located near Trio Mall, it offers a curated selection of upscale stores and restaurants within a modern and elegant environment.

  6. North Plus Mall New Cairo – It offers a fantastic selection of local and international stores, with entertainment venues for the whole family and a wide range of restaurant and café options.

Limitless Real Estate Investment: How to Finance and Purchase at Trio Mall 5th Settlement with Confidence through!

  1. Choose the Ideal Property: To find a property at Trio Mall 5th Settlement, please visit the website, where you can browse through a wide range of available options.

  2. Determine an Appropriate Budget: Before diving into the world of property search, it is essential to establish your budget and consider all expected expenses, including financing costs and any additional fees.

  3. Review Property Details: You can review all information related to the properties listed at Trio Mall, such as property size, design, number of rooms, bathrooms, and other available amenities.

  4. Reach Out for More Details: If you find a property that suits your needs, we would be delighted to connect with you through, where you can inquire further by calling or sending a message.

  5. Schedule a Site Visit: For those interested in seeing the property up close, you can visit Trio Mall and take a tour of the property with one of our representatives to explore all it has to offer.

  6. Discuss Financing Options: If the property is your choice, we can then discuss financing requirements and present available options in cooperation with our financial partners.

  7. Complete the Purchase Process: After determining the suitable financing plan, you will be guided to fill out the necessary documents and complete the purchase procedures, ensuring you understand all terms and conditions.

  8. Receive Your Property: Once all steps are completed and contracts are signed, the property will be ready for you. Enjoy the environment of the Trio Mall New Cairo property and take advantage of all its benefits.

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Water Fountains
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Large area with many types of units.

A booking deposit starting from 25% is paid, and the remaining amount is paid over up to 5 years.

10 units

Everest Real Estate Development.


2,170,000 Egyptian Pounds.

In Fifth Settlement, minutes from South 90th Street.


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