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Project Description

Project name: Banan City.

About Banan City project: Banan City is one of the emerging cities in Saudi Arabia, witnessing tremendous development over the past decade. This modern city is located in Riyadh region, and is today one of the most attractive and populated cities for residents and investors.

Banan location: Al-Fursan district in Riyadh city.

Banan City area in Saudi Arabia: 10,000,000 square meters.

Unit types: Residential apartments - Villas.

Unit sizes in Banan: Starting from 220 square meters.

Developer name of Banan City: National Housing Company in partnership with Talaat Moustafa Group.

Join us and enjoy a world full of creativity and uniqueness in our exceptional project Banan City Saudi Arabia

Are you still looking for an exceptional place for a luxurious life, a community pulsating with every detail of beauty and luxury, a new life planned just to make you happy and meet your needs? You have to choose the elegant Banan City in Saudi Arabia in the best location in East Riyadh; where there are exceptional units, varied services, wonderful advantages, and the owning company enables you to receive your residential unit, enjoy all the project's features and services at affordable prices, flexible and easy payment methods you can choose from according to your capabilities and taste. The project is considered the largest residential project launched in this area with an investment cost of 40 billion Saudi Riyals, which is equivalent to about 11 billion US dollars. So take the initiative to book your residential unit and be part of this great entity.

Experience the quality of life in the best locations characterized by tranquility and elegance in Banan City Saudi Arabia

Banan City Saudi Arabia enjoys a distinctive strategic location carefully chosen by the reputable National Housing Company and Talaat Moustafa Group, which made the project close to the most vital areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which are:

  • Banan City is located in Al-Fursan district in Riyadh.

Look for a unique and amazing experience in architectural design with our exceptional project Banan City Saudi Arabia

You can imagine the grandeur and sophistication of Banan City in Saudi Arabia when residents know who is behind this project. The Saudi National Housing Company in alliance with Talaat Moustafa Holding decided to design Banan City using the latest modern technologies with the best building materials to make the project unique. The project was divided by the best engineering consultants, architects and designers as follows:

  • Banan City will be established on a huge area of 10,000,000 square meters.
  • About 40% of the total project area has been allocated to green spaces and water features, while the remaining area is for buildings and residential units.
  • The project includes about 28,000 residential units of villas and large residential units, as well as apartments in different sizes.

Choose from our diverse units and practical sizes that embody comfort and luxury in Banan City Saudi Arabia

In order to achieve the main goal that the National Housing Company and Talaat Moustafa Group are seeking by developing Riyadh and establishing an integrated smart city that provides all customer requirements, residential units were provided in different sizes to suit all tastes, which are:

  • The area of residential units in Banan City Saudi Arabia ranges from 220 to 400 square meters.

Discover how our advantages make Banan City Saudi Arabia project unique and exceptional

You can now book your residential unit in Banan City and enjoy unlimited services with European standards on Saudi land. The project provides all the necessary services to live in luxury, which are:

  • The companies executing Banan City Saudi Arabia were keen to provide the distinguished location for their customers and design the units with the highest quality, different sizes and attractive prices.
  • The residential units in Banan City Saudi Arabia enjoy complete privacy and wonderful views of the green spaces and gardens surrounding the buildings.
  • Various activities such as jogging, biking and barbecues can be practiced freely in Banan City Saudi Arabia as there are areas designated for that amid trees and beautiful natural scenery.
  • Building houses of worship and mosques in Banan City Saudi Arabia in the ancient Islamic style was given attention for performing prayers and religious rituals.
  • The project is equipped with all the basic facilities for living such as gas, water treatment plants and electricity to ensure living in great comfort and welfare.
  • Banan City Saudi Arabia has an advanced security system through high-quality cameras and monitoring rooms to track all movements and provide security and protection for unit owners around the clock.
  • The best insurance companies have been hired to deploy security personnel around the project to control security and order.
  • Banan City Saudi Arabia has electronic gates to ensure complete privacy and security for residents and facilitate entering and exiting the project without congestion.
  • For pet owners living in Banan City Saudi Arabia, designated areas have been provided for walking with them, equipped with all means to care for them.
  • Solar energy available in Saudi Arabia has been utilized and converted into electricity used for lighting, making the project environmentally friendly.
  • All units in Banan City Saudi Arabia operate according to the Smart Facility system for controlling lighting, ventilation, alarm devices and systems using mobile phones.
  • There are elevators in the residential buildings in Banan City Saudi Arabia to easily move between floors freely.
  • To ensure normal life flow in Banan City Saudi Arabia in case of power outage, generators have been provided for each residential unit.
  • There are water tanks for the residential units in the project that work with solar energy to rationalize electricity consumption.
  • Units in Banan City Saudi Arabia are continuously sterilized to protect residents from the spread of infectious diseases and epidemics.
  • The project includes a strong internet network that facilitates communication with the outside world and facilities operating with the latest technologies.
  • There are a number of ATMs in Banan City Saudi Arabia to easily carry out money transfers, withdrawals and deposits without hassle.

Let your life be crowned with a touch of luxury thanks to the advanced and integrated services of Banan City Saudi Arabia

Because you deserve it; Talaat Moustafa allied with the National Housing Company in Saudi Arabia implemented Banan City, the address of sophistication and excellence among the residential projects in East Riyadh. It was designed in a wonderful modern style and includes unique services, the most prominent of which are:

  • Maintenance and cleaning services for the residential units in Banan City Saudi Arabia are provided using the latest technology by a specialized team 24 hours a day.
  • The city provides high-level educational services with the presence of nurseries, schools, universities that include lecturers and elite teachers at all educational stages according to international standards.
  • For the well-being of Banan City Saudi Arabia residents, an elegant social club has been established with a number of international sports fields for practicing football, basketball and many favorite sports.
  • The city provides large shopping malls with all the basic and entertainment services needed by the residents to live in luxury.
  • There are luxurious commercial markets that include all the brands and trademarks sought by Banan City Saudi Arabia residents.
  • Banan City Saudi Arabia residents get luxury through the presence of beauty centers and health clubs to provide spa, jacuzzi and massages by specialists.
  • Entertainment and fun for children in Banan City Saudi Arabia is provided through an area with age-appropriate activities and games under camera surveillance.
  • There are state-of-the-art cinemas in Banan City Saudi Arabia to enjoy watching exclusive movies and having fun.
  • To ensure residents' comfort, especially businessmen, equipped halls have been provided to make important deals and meetings, supplied with the latest audio devices and presentation screens.
  • The project includes more than one hypermarket stocked with all the goods and products needed by residents with the possibility of delivery to the units around the clock.
  • Swimming can be enjoyed in pools of various lengths and depths suitable for all residents.
  • Veiled female residents of Banan City Saudi Arabia have been considered by providing covered swimming pools to ensure privacy and security.
  • A number of different banks have been provided in Banan City Saudi Arabia to facilitate the banking transactions needed by the residents at any time.
  • The health of Banan City Saudi Arabia residents has been taken care of by providing hospitals and medical clinics equipped with the latest medical devices and specialized doctors to provide health care.
  • There are labs and X-ray centers in the project, comprising a medically trained team at the highest level for the safety of the residents.
  • Ambulances equipped with the latest devices and first aid necessary in cases of necessity that residents of the project may be exposed to are available.
  • For more comfort and security, private garages have been provided for the residential units to accommodate parking residents' cars without congestion.
  • The best Saudi and international cuisines can be enjoyed in Banan City Saudi Arabia due to the presence of a variety of restaurants and cafes designed to the highest standards.

We offer flexible payment plans in addition to prices that suit all budgets in Banan City Saudi Arabia

Excellence in Banan City is not limited to the strategic location, great designs and diverse unit sizes. The developing company has offered competitive and affordable prices for all financial capabilities of different social classes. The client will be able to obtain the residential unit of his dreams in the heart of Riyadh at the best price and flexible payment systems with the lowest down payment and longest repayment period. This makes the project a golden opportunity that you should seize.

Disadvantages of Banan City Saudi Arabia

Despite the various benefits and advantages offered by Banan City Saudi Arabia project, the specified timeframe for unit delivery - which extends to two and a half years - may raise some reservations among certain customers. However, this delay in delivery can be considered a valuable opportunity for investors, as it allows them to obtain units at preferential prices during the construction period, with flexible payment plans that provide more room for smart and thoughtful investment.

Discover the insightful vision and extensive experience of our real estate developer

The National Housing Company and Talaat Moustafa Holding, the developer and executor of Banan City Saudi Arabia, are leading companies in the real estate market. The first was established in 2016 and its ownership was transferred to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2020 to start its distinguished career in the Saudi real estate market. Meanwhile, Talaat Moustafa Company was established in 2007 and ranked eighth among the 50 strongest companies in Egypt for the year 2023. Both companies have presented many distinguished projects that brought about a boom in real estate development, the most important of which are:

Key projects by Talaat Moustafa Group:

  • Al Rehab City.
  • Madinaty.
  • Al Shorouk City.
  • Celia project.

Key projects by the National Housing Company:

  • Developing many suburbs and residential communities in Saudi Arabia.
  • A number of housing projects in Dammam and Qatif.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: A New Vision for Ideal Urban Living!

Envisioning the future of cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia means embracing a comprehensive plan aimed at reshaping urban communities with an advanced and sustainable perspective. Within the Saudi Vision 2030, solid foundations are being laid for an urban lifestyle that promises prosperity and progress.

Saudi Arabia's goals go beyond developing infrastructure; it seeks to achieve urban development that respects sustainability principles while attracting investments in the industrial and technology sectors. The NEOM project is expected to witness immense progress by 2025.

One of the pillars of Saudi plans is the pursuit of creating pollution-free environments, encouraging a lifestyle that embraces innovation and quality business opportunities. These areas are intended to become engines of economic growth and centers of innovation.

The northwestern region of the Kingdom emerges as an exemplary model in this context, with its captivating natural landscapes ranging from mountains, valleys, beaches, islands, and oases, making it the perfect location for a wide range of sports and recreational activities.

Additionally, the Kingdom shows a strong commitment to improving living conditions in underprivileged neighborhoods, targeting the elimination of slums, and has already initiated development projects in Mecca, Jeddah, and Riyadh to ensure better living standards for their residents.

The Kingdom continues its efforts to develop the municipal sector, including improving the urban landscape and enhancing the services provided to citizens, paving the way for genuine development that intertwines prosperity with sustainability.

Riyadh City: The Shining Key to Your Better Life!

Riyadh, the heart of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, stands as a jewel that combines civilizations spanning multiple eras and unforgettable archaeological wonders. Its ancient gates transport you through time.

In Riyadh, which has witnessed remarkable development and become home to 16 municipalities, satellite images reveal its geographical and urban diversity. This diversity tells the story of a city that has grown rapidly and harmoniously.

This city, which has learned how to transform itself into a vibrant center attracting attention from all corners, is no longer just a capital but has become a regional and international point of attraction. Today, it is a platform for growth and innovation, offering vast employment opportunities across various sectors.

Riyadh is easily accessible through major roads and entrances; the southern entrance takes you through the Ring Road, the western entrance extends from the Makkah Road leading to the commercial center, while the northern entrance connects Riyadh to Al-Qassim and further north. The eastern entrance leads you directly to King Khalid International Airport, located 35 km from the heart of the city, carrying the dreams of more than 25 million travelers each year.

Riyadh continues its journey towards renewal and development, affirming its status as a symbol of ambition and rich heritage. With its rich cultural legacy and ongoing progress in infrastructure and job opportunities, Riyadh strives to become a model for modern cities, not only in Saudi Arabia but also globally.

"How can I purchase a unit in Banan City Saudi Arabia from the website?"

For those aspiring to become owners of a residential unit in Banan City Saudi Arabia, the website can be your guide to achieving this goal with ease and convenience. Here, we will provide you with detailed steps to help you efficiently accomplish this objective:

  1. Access the Website:

    • Open your web browser and navigate to the website.
    • Search for available residential options in Banan City Saudi Arabia.
  2. Browse the Available Options:

    • Discover a range of residential units on offer in Banan City Saudi Arabia.
    • Review important details for each unit, from the area to the designs and other features.
  3. Explore Images and Details:

    • Benefit from a comprehensive description of each unit, including the number of rooms, areas, and other important information.
    • View images that provide a glimpse of the interior and exterior designs of the units.
  4. Reach Out for Further Clarification:

    • Initiate direct communication with the designated sales team.
    • Obtain all additional details related to the unit and the purchase process.
  5. Schedule a Visit:

    • If you wish to physically inspect the unit, you can schedule a visit with the developers or agents to see the city and the unit up close.
    • Take advantage of this opportunity to ask any questions or address any concerns you may have.
  6. Negotiate and Finalize the Deal:

    • Be attentive in selecting your preferred unit at the right price and purchase terms if you decide to proceed with the purchase.
    • Ensure you review and understand all necessary paperwork and documents before giving final approval and signing.

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Shopping center
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Social Club
Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
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10,000,000 square meters.

the lowest down payment and longest repayment period.

Al-Fursan district in Riyadh city.

affordable prices for all financial capabilities


National Housing Company in partnership with Talaat Moustafa Group.

10 units


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