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Enjoy exclusive benefits awaiting you when receiving your unit at the best prices for Mountain View villas in Fifth Settlement

Project Description

Prices of villas in Mountain View Compound in New Cairo

The prices of Mountain View Fifth Settlement villas vary depending on several factors such as area, design, location, and finishes. The price per meter in the project reaches up to 20,000 Egyptian Pounds.

Mountain View Company has offered a great variety of luxury villas characterized by their wonderful designs and unique services.

The prices of Mountain View Fifth Settlement villas indicate that Mountain View villas in Fifth Settlement are luxurious and equipped with diverse advantages and services.

They also represent a good investment opportunity given the high demand for properties in this area.

Your budget and needs should be considered when choosing a villa in Mountain View Fifth Settlement.

You may find many suitable options according to your budget and desired specifications. It is important to do research and verify all the details before making the final purchase decision.

The project includes a range of villas that have been designed with a unique American architectural style in Egypt.

The villas enjoy stunning views of the park and provide complete privacy and psychological comfort for their residents.

The project is also characterized by many services available within it, such as swimming pools, gyms, security, and guarding, as well as places for pets.

Mountain View is an ideal place to live, as it provides its residents with a unique lifestyle characterized by tranquility and peace in a healthy and elegant atmosphere.

The compound's residents have a high intellectual and cultural level, which contributes to building new friendships and a comfortable family atmosphere.

Additionally, the project includes a variety of different services such as educational and medical facilities and entertainment, making it a city with a special character at the best prices of Mountain View Fifth Settlement villas.

In addition, Mountain View is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery from all sides, with the compound enjoying beautiful greenery, lakes and water fountains that help provide comfort and relaxation.

The project also includes separate pedestrian passages from car passages to ensure road safety and order.

In general, the prices of Mountain View villas are reasonable and vary according to the size and design of the villa.

However, thanks to the unique American design and available services, Mountain View is a unique residential destination that attracts many individuals looking for excellence and luxury in New Cairo.

Enjoy the best offers and prices at Mountain View Compound in New Cairo!

Mountain View Compound in New Cairo offers a great selection of luxury villas with distinguished prices that attract many clients.

The compound provides an opportunity to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and high quality services in a safe and nature-surrounded environment.

Mountain View is one of the leading companies in real estate development, and has launched a new project that includes a range of luxurious and distinctive apartments characterized by their modern designs and integrated services.

The company has developed pricing plans to suit all tastes, starting from 3,850,000 Egyptian Pounds, enabling those looking to experience a unique lifestyle in New Cairo to easily acquire their residential unit.

In terms of financial facilities, the company has provided multiple payment systems for Mountain View Compound in Fifth Settlement to meet customer needs:

Down Payment Percentage Installment Duration
10% 5 years
15% 6 years
20% 8 years

These plans demonstrate the company's commitment to providing flexible financial solutions that meet investors' and buyers' needs, while maintaining quality and excellence standards.

The units are characterized by spacious areas, stunning views of the natural scenery, and integrated facilities.

The apartments and villas in Mountain View New Cairo have many advantages, as they are equipped with the latest technologies and facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, and water fountains.

The units also enjoy complete privacy and psychological comfort, as they are designed in a way that ensures you get a calm atmosphere and enjoy tranquility and peace.

Additionally, Mountain View Compound in New Cairo has a prime location in Fifth Settlement, making it close to main services and facilities.

Thanks to these offers and the distinguished prices of Mountain View Fifth Settlement villas, Mountain View Compound in New Cairo is an ideal choice for families, businessmen, and newlyweds looking for a smart investment and excellent quality of life.

Book now and enjoy the best offers and prices of Mountain View Fifth Settlement villas.

In the heart of Fifth Settlement: Mountain View location, the new vision for modern life

Mountain View project shines in the heart of Fifth Settlement in New Cairo, where it forms a unique architectural sanctuary that embodies a new vision for modern life. The project was designed in a modern style that combines elegance and luxury in every corner, distinguishing it from other projects in the area.

  • Location and nearby landmarks:
    • Located in the heart of Fifth Settlement in front of Gate 1 of Rehab and the Public Prosecutor's Office.
    • On Victory Road and close to Water Way and the American University.
    • Easy access to 90th Street, Miety and Hyde Park.
    • Near the New Administrative Capital.
    • Minutes away from prestigious universities such as Future University and the British University.

Mountain View units are offered at reasonable prices tailored to customers' needs, with easy installment systems available.

It combines a prime location, beautiful natural environment, and luxury residential unit designs. It is the ideal choice for those looking for a distinctive lifestyle and true luxury in Cairo, and you will find prices of Mountain View Fifth Settlement villas.

Discover our amazing residential units in Mountain View Fifth Settlement!

Within the heart of Fifth Settlement, Mountain View Real Estate Company has launched its luxury project "Mountain View Compound", which is characterized by providing a variety of housing units that meet different tastes and needs. The available areas in this project range between 134 square meters and 410 square meters, to provide a range of ideal options for both residents and investors.

The project came within the framework of unique architectural designs and elegant decor, as top designers were commissioned to provide the finest touches. And since nature and the green environment are among the most important features of Mountain View, vast green spaces covering a large part of the project have been allocated, as its total area is 500 acres, while maintaining the areas allocated to roads to only be 12% of the total area.

The following table shows details of the available units by type and area:

Type Area (sqm)
Apartments 134 - 175
Duplexes 200 - 216
Villas Starting from 350
Twin houses Starting from 325
Townhouses Starting from 260
Penthouses Starting from 210

Mountain View also enjoys its strategic location that connects Fifth Settlement and the New Administrative Capital, providing easy access to the Middle Ring Road and 90th Street. With all these advantages, the compound remains a quiet haven that combines luxury and tranquility, making it ideal for those looking to get away from the hustle of daily life and seek comfort and safety.

Book your residential unit in Mountain View now and enjoy the best residential lifestyle in Fifth Settlement and learn about prices of Mountain View Fifth Settlement villas!

World-class services await you at Mountain View Compound!

Mountain View Compound is characterized by providing world-class services to its residents. The compound is careful to provide all the comforts and entertainment residents need to enjoy a comfortable and fun life.

Among the services provided by the project are integrated sports facilities such as gyms, football fields, tennis courts and swimming pools.

In addition, the compound contains green areas and beautiful gardens that provide residents with a quiet and refreshing environment to relax and enjoy nature.

The project also contains enchanting artificial lakes that create an atmosphere of beauty and tranquility.

For children, the compound provides safe play areas and spaces dedicated to their games and entertainment, as well as school gardens equipped with recreational and educational areas.

The project also provides advanced security services and 24-hour surveillance, providing safety and reassurance to residents.

The compound also provides a variety of restaurants, cafes and shops to meet all the needs of residents.

In summary, Mountain View Compound's services are highly appreciated and excel in providing exceptional experiences for its citizens.

Whether you are looking for luxury and privacy, or means of entertainment and sports, this project guarantees meeting all your needs with the highest quality and most luxurious prices of Mountain View Fifth Settlement villas.

Your outlook on investment changes in New Cairo

Based on available information, real estate investment platforms have announced the launch of a new project in New Cairo worth over one billion pounds.

The project is located on Gamal Abdel Nasser Axis and is considered a good investment in the area.

New Cairo is characterized by many advantages that make it an attractive destination for investment.

The city has a vast area of ​​170,000 acres and is characterized by its wide streets that reach 120 meters.

This allows for a variety of real estate investment opportunities.

In addition, New Cairo is characterized by its proximity to Greater Cairo, making access easier through major roads such as the Ring Road and Road NA.

It is also one of the largest capital cities in the world, and its population is expected to reach 40 million by 2050.

Accordingly, it can be said that New Cairo provides excellent investment opportunities. Purchasing there may be suitable for those looking for short or long term investments.

It ensured further benefiting from current offers and discounts offered in Fifth Settlement.

There are also good investment opportunities in the New Administrative Capital given that prices of Mountain View Fifth Settlement villas there are lower and provide long-term facilitation.

In general, my outlook on investing in New Cairo is changing positively and I see potential for good investment returns in the short and long term.

Investing in properties near areas of future growth and development is a good strategy and provides an opportunity for high returns in the future.

Therefore, it is advisable to look into the investment opportunities in New Cairo and head towards them if you have the ability to invest.

However, it is important to carefully assess the different investment elements and take into account the risks and benefits of both locations.

It is also necessary to seek professional advice before making any investment decision.

Fifth Settlement: Where sophistication and modernity come together!

Fifth Settlement in Cairo is a luxurious and modern residential area where sophistication and modern functions come together to ideally meet residents' needs.

The Fifth Settlement area is characterized by many features that make it a great and desirable area for housing and investment.

The Fifth Settlement area is designed in a wonderful modern way, where residential units vary between independent villas, townhouses and twin houses.

The area also enjoys vast green spaces and beautiful landscaped areas that distinguish it from other areas in Egypt.

In addition, Fifth Settlement contains a large number of facilities and services such as schools, sports clubs, hospitals, malls, and universities, providing residents with everything they need in one place.

Fifth Settlement also enjoys an excellent location, close to vital places and modern cities such as Sherouk, the Capital and Miety, providing easy access to necessary facilities.

In summary, Fifth Settlement in Cairo provides a unique residential experience that combines luxury and modern needs, making it the ideal choice for those looking for quality of life and sophistication in an advanced urban environment.

Enjoy a life of luxury in the best compounds in New Cairo!

Discover the list of the best compounds in New Cairo and enjoy a life of luxury and indulgence in these model communities. We are here to provide you with a detailed list featuring the most important advantages and features that distinguish these luxury compounds. Book now and get ready for a unique experience characterized by the highest levels of comfort and elegance.

1. Bloomfields Compound:
Enjoy the stunning views in Bloomfields Compound which provides you with a sustainable yet luxurious lifestyle. The community contains many modern facilities such as vast green spaces, parks, artificial lakes, and luxury shopping complexes. The compound also provides a fully integrated sports club, swimming pools, children's areas, and a nursery.

2. Porto New Cairo Compound:
Regain serenity and tranquility in Porto New Cairo Compound, where it provides you with an atmosphere full of comfort and distinction. The community is characterized by many beautiful natural scenery and leafy gardens, helping to create an ideal living environment. The compound also provides a shopping area, restaurants, cafes, a fully equipped sports club, swimming pools, and even an international school.

3. SODIC Eastown Compound:
With SODIC Eastown Compound, you will live in one of the newest and most luxurious residential communities in New Cairo. The compound includes many luxurious villas and apartments designed with the highest quality standards. The community is characterized by green spaces, artificial lakes, and recreational areas. The compound also provides shopping areas, clubs, restaurants and international schools.

4. Green Square Compound:
Add a touch of luxury and elegance to your daily life in Green Square Compound. The community is ideal for those looking for tranquility and privacy, as the compound provides luxurious villas, twin houses and apartments. In addition, the compound is characterized by green gardens, recreational areas, barbecue areas and sports clubs.

5. Zed East Compound:
Zed East Compound is considered a luxury destination for living in New Cairo, combining luxury, elegance and modern design. The community contains luxurious villas, twin houses and apartments, in addition to open areas, green spaces, artificial lakes and commercial complexes.

By choosing one of these upscale compounds in New Cairo, you can enjoy a life of luxury and indulgence in an ideal environment. Book now and get ready for an exceptional experience characterized by the highest levels of comfort and elegance.

Your guide to owning your dream villa in Mountain View Compound Fifth Settlement with!

If you are looking for your dream villa in a quiet and luxurious place in Cairo, Mountain View Compound in Fifth Settlement is the ideal place for you. And with real, you can make your dream of owning a luxury villa in this upscale residential compound come true.

Steps to own your dream villa in Mountain View Compound Fifth Settlement:

1. Contact

Contact, a trusted real estate agency that will provide you with the necessary information and assistance to own a villa in Mountain View Compound Fifth Settlement. You can contact them by phone or visit their website online.

2. Study the available plans:

After contacting, they will provide you with a list of the plans and units available in Mountain View Compound Fifth Settlement. Study all the available options and choose the plan that suits your housing needs.

3. Arrange a site visit:

Arrange a visit to the site of Mountain View Compound Fifth Settlement project to get a clear idea about the residential environment and available services. Tour around the project and explore facilities like playgrounds, swimming pools, and social clubs.

4. Negotiate and sign the contract:

After selecting, negotiate prices and other details with Upon reaching an agreement, you will be invited to sign the contract. Make sure to carefully read and understand all terms and conditions before signing.

5. Secure financing:

If you need financing to own a villa in Mountain View Compound Fifth Settlement, you need to check on available financing options. There may be facilitated financing offers or low-interest loans to help you finance your project.

6. Handover and delivery:

After signing the contract and securing the necessary financing, your dream villa in Mountain View Compound Fifth Settlement will be ready for handover. You need to make sure that any additional required work (like interior finishes and furniture) has been successfully completed before final delivery.

7. Enjoy the luxury lifestyle in your dream villa:

Once you receive your villa in Mountain View Compound Fifth Settlement, you can start enjoying the luxury lifestyle in this upscale residential community. Enjoy the green spaces and amenities like social clubs, restaurants, and shops located within the compound. Therefore, if you aspire to own a dream villa in a quiet and upscale place in Cairo, you can find everything you need in Mountain View Compound Fifth Settlement with Follow the steps mentioned above and you will be one step away from realizing your dream of owning a luxury villa.

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