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Alextend King Mariout Compound Salam Interbuild Real Estate

Project Description

Project Name: Alextend.

About the Project: It is one of the projects that aims to provide a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle for residents, with all means of comfort and entertainment in a safe and beautiful environment. This compound reflects the vision of Salam Interbuild Development Company in developing the beauty of the city of Alexandria and enriching the lives of its residents.

Alextend King Mariout Location: It is located in the city of Alexandria near Borg El Arab Airport.

Project Area: 10 acres.

Unit Types: Diverse units that suit all investor tastes.

Unit Areas in Alextend King Mariout: Unit areas start from 114 square meters.

Unit Prices: Unit prices start from 3,100,000 Egyptian Pounds.

Payment Systems: The company has approved varied payment systems that extend over long and comfortable periods.

Real Estate Developer: Salam Interbuild Real Estate Development.

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Join us and enjoy a world full of creativity and uniqueness in our unique project Alextend Compound King Mariout

Are you still looking for an exceptional place for a luxurious life, a community that pulsates with all the details of beauty and luxury, a new life designed just to make you happy and meet your needs? You should choose the luxurious Alextend Compound King Mariout in the best locations in Alexandria; where there are exceptional units, diverse services, and great advantages. The owning company also enables you to receive your residential unit and enjoy all the features and services of the project at affordable prices, flexible and easy payment methods that you can choose from according to your capabilities and taste. Alextend King Mariout Salam Interbuild project provides you with the pleasure of living and luxury among the finest residential communities in Alexandria, so take the initiative and book your unit and seize the opportunity.

Enjoy a tour of the ideal Alextend Compound King Mariout location that provides you with the perfect balance between work and daily life

One of the most important elements for the success of any residential project is the location it enjoys to attract customers and investors. Therefore, Salam Interbuild Real Estate Development Company chose the best strategic location to offer Alextend Compound King Mariout next to the main entrance of King Mariout and on the main central road, making it easily accessible from anywhere, in addition to its proximity to the most important landmarks represented.

The most important landmarks near Alextend King Mariout Compound:

  • Alextend Compound King Mariout is close to the new Borg El Arab Airport.

  • The distance between the project and the Borg El Arab International Stadium is short.

  • Salam Interbuild project can be reached from the International Coastal Road and the Axis of Reconstruction within 30 minutes.

Look for a unique and amazing experience in architectural design with our unique project Alextend Compound King Mariout

The owning company of Alextend Compound King Mariout sought to make Alextend King Mariout Alexandria project an architectural masterpiece among other residential communities. Therefore, it hired the best designers and architects to develop engineering plans for the project according to international standards. Superb exterior designs were implemented for the units with calm harmonious colors with nature mimicking European cities using the best materials and building materials. Attention was also paid to green spaces and artificial lakes that give the compound an aesthetic touch. Modern wallpapers were applied inside the units to suit customers of refined taste. Alextend King Mariout Alexandria project was divided as follows:

  • Alextend Compound King Mariout was offered on an area of up to 10 acres.

  • More than 30,000 square meters of the total project area has been allocated for green spaces and water bodies, while buildings and units do not exceed 25% of the area.

  • Alextend King Mariout Alexandria project includes residential duplex units in various areas.

Unmatched innovation and diversity in our range of units that suit all needs at Alextend Compound King Mariout

The meticulous design and optimal use of space at Alextend Compound King Mariout has enabled the developing company to provide residential units in various areas, so that the client can easily obtain the unit that suits their needs. The areas of units in Alextend King Mariout Alexandria project can be identified as follows:

  • The areas of residential units at Alextend Compound King Mariout range from 114 to 228 square meters.

Discover how the unique advantages of Alextend Compound King Mariout meet all your needs and expectations

Once you own a residential unit at Alextend Compound King Mariout, you have a golden opportunity to take advantage of all the services and advantages available within Alextend King Mariout Alexandria project, which are difficult to compare with any other compound. So there is no need to think twice, take the initiative to book your place now, and get the best features, including:

  • The location of Alextend Compound King Mariout made it close to the most important roads and main axes, making it easily accessible and an attractive element for customers and investors.

  • The owning company of Alextend Compound King Mariout was keen to provide residential units in the latest design with varied areas and incredible prices to meet customer needs.

  • The meticulous design of Alextend Compound King Mariout, which relies on green spaces, allowed all residential units to overlook the water features, gardens and landscapes directly.

  • There is a long jogging track at Alextend Compound King Mariout for jogging and cycling enthusiasts to enjoy the outdoors and practice these sports at any time.

  • Paved paths have been provided for people of determination at Alextend Compound King Mariout to facilitate movement without facing any difficulties and enjoy living in Salam Interbuild Alexandria project.

  • There are rest areas and benches spread across Alextend Compound King Mariout to enjoy spending fun time amid relaxing moods.

  • There is an area for walking pets at Alextend Compound King Mariout with all the necessary materials for their care and attention.

  • Residents of Alextend Compound King Mariout can spend fun time gathering with family and friends in areas designated for barbecues.

  • Good infrastructure of natural gas, electricity and sewage networks has been provided at Alextend Compound King Mariout to ensure residents of Salam Interbuild Alexandria project get basic utilities.

  • There are high-quality surveillance cameras to monitor all movements at Alextend Compound King Mariout to provide safety and protection for unit owners and those present in Alextend King Mariout Alexandria project.

  • Highly trained security personnel are spread across Alextend Compound King Mariout to control security and order around the clock.

  • More than one electronic gate has been provided at Alextend Compound King Mariout to facilitate entry and exit from Salam Interbuild Alexandria project and ensure privacy, safety and security for residents.

  • Alextend Compound King Mariout is an environmentally friendly project as it relies on converting clean solar energy into electricity used for lighting.

  • Water tanks have been provided on each residential building at Alextend Compound King Mariout that operate on solar energy to rationalize electricity consumption and avoid harming the environment.

  • ATMs have been provided at Alextend Compound King Mariout to facilitate financial transactions such as withdrawals and deposits for residents without leaving Alextend King Mariout Alexandria project.

  • There is high-speed internet in all residential units at Alextend Compound King Mariout to facilitate communication with project facilities and enjoy spending fun time on social media.

  • Alarm systems and advanced fire fighting systems have been provided at Alextend Compound King Mariout using the latest system for quick response to any emergency.

  • There is a huge mosque designed in an elegant Islamic style at Alextend Compound King Mariout for performing prayers and religious rituals, equipped with ablution facilities.

  • There is a private area for collecting waste and debris from the units at Alextend Compound King Mariout for safe and easy disposal, maintaining the cleanliness of the project.

  • Residential units are periodically disinfected and cleaned at Alextend Compound King Mariout to ensure the safety of residents and prevent the spread of diseases and epidemics.

  • A team is available to serve residents and answer their questions and inquiries 24/7 at Alextend Compound King Mariout.

  • There are emergency stairs at Alextend Compound King Mariout that can be used in cases of necessity for more protection and safety of those present in Alextend King Mariout Alexandria project.

  • All facilities and residential units at Alextend Compound King Mariout operate on a Smart system for easy control via smartphones.

  • Central air conditioning and showers are provided in all units at Alextend Compound King Mariout to enjoy residence in a comfortable environment.

  • There are intercoms in all units to facilitate communication with security personnel at the main gates of Alextend Compound King Mariout.

Making luxury an integral part of your life is our goal with our excellent services at Alextend Compound King Mariout

Because you deserve it; Salam Interbuild Real Estate Development Company implemented Alextend Compound King Mariout, the address of elegance and excellence among residential projects in Alexandria. It has been designed in a great contemporary style and includes unique services, most notably:

  • The most competent cleaning and maintenance companies operating with the latest technologies have been contracted at Alextend Compound King Mariout to keep Alextend King Mariout Alexandria project in its best form in front of customers.

  • Football, tennis and basketball courts have been provided at Alextend Compound King Mariout, as well as social clubs suitable for family gatherings to have a good time in Alextend King Mariout Alexandria project.

  • There is a luxurious commercial mall at Alextend Compound King Mariout with all basic and entertainment services that residents need without having to leave Alextend King Mariout Alexandria project.

  • Health centers have been provided to offer spa, Jacuzzi and skin care services at Alextend Compound King Mariout, as well as beauty centers for more luxury and enjoyment of living.

  • There is a huge commercial area at Alextend Compound King Mariout with stores that provide the most famous international brands and agencies that residents look for to enjoy shopping.

  • Residents of Alextend Compound King Mariout can obtain all commodities and daily necessities through a number of supermarkets.

  • Equipped gyms with the latest sports equipment supervised by professional trainers have been provided at Alextend Compound King Mariout.

  • There is a large recreational area for children at Alextend Compound King Mariout with fun and safe games for them under the supervision of specialists and camera monitoring.

  • Residents of Alextend Compound King Mariout spend a fun and enjoyable time through an amusement park and halls containing electronic games suitable for all ages.

  • There are large swimming pools with an area of up to 1800 square meters at different depths to suit all family members and enjoy residing in Alextend King Mariout Alexandria project.

  • Private swimming pools have been provided for women at Alextend Compound King Mariout to ensure spending a fun time in complete privacy and comfort.

  • There are distinctive nurseries to receive young children and provide them with age-appropriate educational and entertainment services by kindergarten specialists at Alextend Compound King Mariout.

  • Garages have been provided over a large area of Alextend Compound King Mariout to accommodate parking unit owners’ cars in complete safety without exposure to congestion.

  • There is an area for charging electric cars at Alextend Compound King Mariout so that the client can obtain all their needs in terms of technology and modern inventions.

  • Children of Alextend Compound King Mariout receive high-quality education services due to the proximity of Alextend King Mariout Alexandria project to the most important international schools and universities with elite lecturers and teachers.

  • To facilitate movement and mobility freely at Alextend Compound King Mariout without facing any difficulties, a high-quality transportation network of electric cars has been provided.

  • To facilitate financial transactions for residents at Alextend Compound King Mariout, more than one bank has been provided in Alextend King Mariout Alexandria project to serve customers.

  • There are halls designated for private parties and events such as weddings at Alextend Compound King Mariout at the highest level of sophistication.

  • Businessmen residents of Alextend Compound King Mariout can hold their conferences and private meetings in halls equipped with the latest audio equipment and display screens.

  • The most delicious Eastern and Western cuisines can be enjoyed at Alextend Compound King Mariout due to the presence of a chain of international restaurants and cafes in Alextend King Mariout Alexandria project.

  • There are movie theaters that screen local and international films using the latest technologies at Alextend Compound King Mariout to spend a fun time without boredom.

Don't wait long, tempting price offers and easy payment plans are waiting for you at Alextend Compound King Mariout

Salam Interbuild Real Estate Development succeeded in achieving the difficult equation by providing residential units in different areas at incredible prices compared to the services and features it offers. Thus, the client can find the unit that suits their financial capabilities as follows:

  • The price of units at Alextend Compound King Mariout starts from 3,100,000 Egyptian Pounds.

Disadvantages of Alextend King Mariout Compound Alexandria

When looking at the "Alextend King Mariout Compound Alexandria" project, it is already difficult to find any drawbacks mentioned by the implementing company. However, some may see the lack of residential apartments as a drawback in this compound. However, it should be considered that El Salam Interbuild has offered an exceptional deal that allows obtaining a villa at a price that matches the prices of residential apartments in many other projects. This offer is a distinctive investment opportunity that should be carefully considered.

Discover the penetrating vision and extensive experience of our real estate developer

Salam Interbuild Real Estate Development Company, the developer and owner of Alextend Compound King Mariout, is one of the leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market. It was established more than 25 years ago by Engineer Sherif Bektar and has carried out many distinguished projects in the heart of Alexandria, gaining customer confidence with the best construction materials. The most prominent of these projects are:

  • Berlant Roshdy project.
  • Opal project.

Investing in Alexandria: Your Optimal Path to a Promising Horizon of Profit and Prosperity!

Alexandria is renowned as one of Egypt's captivating eyes overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and is the country's second-largest city, granting it widespread fame among visitors from all corners of the world.

However, what distinguishes Alexandria is not only its tourist attractions but also its fertile environment for investment and economic growth.

Alexandria emerges as a vast arena for investment opportunities across various sectors, thanks to its rich history and strategic location.

The real estate and tourism sectors benefit greatly from these characteristics, in addition to valuable investment opportunities in industrial, commercial, and technological fields.

Among the primary incentives for investing in this city is the development of an extensive transportation system covering all its corners, including an efficient railway and metro network.

Furthermore, its proximity to one of the most important ports on the Mediterranean Sea facilitates import and export operations.

Additionally, Alexandria is considered a center of academic excellence and scientific research due to the presence of numerous universities and institutes, opening up opportunities for investors to benefit from this educational infrastructure and collaborate with scientific competencies.

The real estate sector is brimming with promising investment opportunities for developing residential and commercial projects, while the rental market is characterized by its vibrancy and high demand for office and commercial spaces.

Moreover, the city promotes industrial and technological projects by providing equipped industrial zones that welcome new companies and initiatives, benefiting from advantages such as a skilled workforce and reasonable labor costs.

In conclusion, investing in Alexandria is a fruitful endeavor that carries the potential for lucrative returns.

It is advisable to interact with official entities and local investment experts to obtain support and guidance, thereby enhancing the chances of success in this promising market.

Envision Your Tomorrow: How Life Has Changed in Alexandria!

Alexandria stands out as a leading coastal city in Egypt, carrying the fragrance of history and cultural richness. The city has witnessed significant changes that have contributed to weaving a different lifestyle for its people and shaping its future.

Alexandria has experienced a qualitative leap in infrastructure through the expansion of road networks, bridges, and improvements in public transportation systems, including the modernization of the metro network and the addition of new stations, contributing to alleviating traffic congestion and facilitating movement within the city.

In terms of tourism development efforts, work has been undertaken to establish pioneering tourism projects and hotels with international specifications, enhancing Alexandria's status as a preferred tourist destination and positively impacting the city's economy.

Additionally, cultural and sporting events organized have attracted global attention, contributing to highlighting the city's positive image.

On the other hand, Alexandria has witnessed a notable improvement in public services with the addition of modern healthcare and educational facilities.

This has been reflected in the improvement of healthcare and education standards, providing better opportunities for youth in higher education and diverse employment fields.

In the cultural and entertainment aspects, Alexandria has enjoyed a noticeable development, with the establishment of new cultural spaces and theaters, as well as the organization of numerous art exhibitions and events.

This trend has contributed to enhancing the city's cultural life and creating a creative environment for unleashing the community's artistic talents.

Over the years, Alexandria has been distinguished by comprehensive improvements that have positively impacted various aspects of life, including urban development, tourism sector growth, improved services, and the promotion of culture and arts.

Thus, Alexandria continues to shape the horizon of a vibrant and fruitful city that fulfills the dreams of its residents and warmly welcomes visitors from near and far.

Neighboring Grandeur: A Glimpse into the Compounds Near Alextend King Mariout Compound!

In the heart of Alexandria, near prominent landmarks such as Alextend King Mariout Compound, a collection of elegant residential communities shines, offering a luxurious and integrated lifestyle.

These projects are not merely centers for upscale living but also living environments that combine comfort, beauty, and diverse services, providing residents with everything they might need.

The Palm Hills Alexandria project is a model of elegance and development, featuring residential units with contemporary designs and boasting a prime location and comprehensive amenities that facilitate daily life while providing residents with vast green spaces and areas for relaxation and recreation.

Moving to Sawary Compound, we find an embodiment of excellence and quality, offering spacious and luxuriously designed residential units, alongside recreational facilities such as swimming pools, gardens, and fitness centers, in addition to commercial outlets that cater to residents' daily needs.

The Antoniadis Compound stands out as a destination for upscale living, with a well-crafted blend of spacious residential units with captivating views, and a wide range of amenities including health clubs, upscale restaurants, and swimming pools, creating an ideal environment for those seeking a life filled with tranquility and luxury.

Valore Maamora Resort welcomes its guests with a unique architectural design and diverse amenities that embody comfort and enjoyment, from vast green spaces to recreational and sports areas, emphasizing the possibility of living in an environment that celebrates beauty and serenity.

It is worth noting that these luxurious residential projects offer a model of modern, upscale living near Alextend King Mariout Compound, providing those seeking accommodation with diverse and distinguished options.

To learn more about these communities and explore the available opportunities within them, it is recommended to visit the website for comprehensive and accurate details.

Expert Guide: All You Need to Know to Buy a Property in Alexandria Alextend King Mariout Compound via!

If you are in the process of searching for a home within the Alexandria Alextend King Mariout Compound, the website serves as your gateway to discover a diverse range of properties that meet your residential requirements.

The website provides effective search tools and detailed information to assist you in selecting the best option for you and your family.

Here is a simple guide to the steps involved in acquiring a property within this compound through the website:

  1. The first step is to browse the website to view the available properties within Alextend King Mariout Compound, with the ability to refine the results based on specific criteria that suit your needs.
  2. The second step, when you find a property that catches your attention, you can access more detailed information about it, such as its size, number of rooms, and other features, in addition to photos and contact methods to obtain further information.
  3. The third step involves direct communication with the advertising party to ask your questions or schedule an appointment to visit the property for a closer inspection.
  4. The fourth step includes visiting the property to evaluate it in person, and it is recommended to ask any questions you may have during this visit.
  5. The fifth step, if the property meets your expectations, you can begin the negotiation process regarding the price and terms with the owner, and then conduct a legal review of the documents and sign the contract with the assistance of a lawyer.
  6. The final step relates to carrying out the registration and property transfer procedures with the help of a lawyer to ensure a smooth process without any issues.

By following these steps, you can enjoy the experience of purchasing a home in Alextend King Mariout Compound in a manner that combines ease and effectiveness.

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