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Antoniadis Alexandria Compound

Project Description

Project name: Antoniadis.

About the project: The compound has many advantages that make it an ideal choice for housing in Alexandria, and it contains integrated services such as schools, nurseries, social clubs, gymnasiums, and swimming pools. It also provides internal maintenance for units and high security through a strict security system. It is a very elegant and quiet place, where it provides relaxation and safety, and the residents respect each other.

Antoniadis location in Alexandria: It is located on the Alexandria Agricultural Road near the Tameer Axis.

Project area: 20 acres.

Unit types: Various residential apartments.

Unit areas in Antoniadis: Unit areas start from 177 square meters.

Unit prices: Prices start from 1,800,000 Egyptian Pounds.

Payment systems: Starting from a 25% down payment and payment periods starting from 4 years.

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Get ready to embark on a unique adventure, be part of innovation and brilliance in our innovative project Antoniadis Compound

Are you still looking for an exceptional place for a luxurious life, a community pulsating with every detail of beauty and luxury, a new life designed just to make you happy and meet your needs and taste? You can now get the unit you dream of and enjoy all the features and services, so take the initiative and book your unit in one of the most elegant residential communities in Alexandria and seize the opportunity.

Search for your quiet and comfortable haven, in the distinctive location of Antoniadis Compound

Real estate companies compete to win the best locations to launch residential projects to attract customers and investors. Therefore, Antoniadis Company for Tourism Development and Reconstruction chose a strategic location for Antoniadis Compound in the heart of Smouha, which makes it close to the most important roads, main axes and important landmarks, which are:

  • Antoniadis Compound is located on the Agricultural Road.
  • Antoniadis Alexandria project is close to the Tameer Axis.
  • The compound can be reached from the airport within minutes.
  • Antoniadis Alexandria project is close to the sea.
  • The compound overlooks Mahmoudia and Antoniadis Gardens.

Look for a unique and amazing experience in architectural design with our unique Antoniadis Compound project

The developing and owning company of Antoniadis Compound sought to make the project an architectural masterpiece among the residential projects in the same area. Therefore, it assigned the task of developing Antoniadis Alexandria project's engineering plans to the best consultants and architects according to international standards. Elegant Roman designs were implemented for the exterior of the units in vibrant colors harmonized with the surrounding nature of green spaces, artificial lakes and the sea. In addition to applying contemporary decors for the residential units from the inside with the best construction materials to suit those with sophisticated taste.

The most important landmarks near Antoniadis Alexandria Compound:

  • Antoniadis Compound was built on an area of up to 20 acres.
  • The largest part of the total area of Antoniadis Alexandria project was allocated to green spaces and artificial lakes, and the rest for buildings and residential units.
  • Antoniadis Alexandria project includes residential apartment units in different areas.

Innovation and diversity unmatched in our range of units to suit all needs in Antoniadis Compound

The large area on which Antoniadis Compound was established allowed the developing company to provide residential units in different sizes, so that the customer can easily obtain the residential unit they are looking for according to their needs. The areas of the residential units in Antoniadis Alexandria project can be identified as follows:

  • The area of the residential apartments in Antoniadis Compound ranges from 177 to 330 square meters.

Discover how the unique features of Antoniadis Compound meet all your needs and expectations

Once you own a residential unit in Antoniadis Compound, you have a golden opportunity to take advantage of all the services and benefits available within Antoniadis Alexandria project, which are difficult to compare with any other compound; so no need to think, take the initiative to book your place now, and get the best features which are:

  • Antoniadis Compound is characterized by a strategic geographical location close to the most important roads, axes and famous areas in Alexandria, which attracts customers and investors.
  • Residential units have been provided in Antoniadis Compound at the highest level of luxury and sophistication and various areas to suit all customers at unbeatable prices that cannot be found in any other project.
  • The great design and utilization of spaces in Antoniadis Compound allowed all residential units to have direct views of the green spaces and water surfaces of artificial lakes, which gives a sense of comfort and relaxation.
  • Designated jogging and cycling paths have been provided for Antoniadis Compound residents to enjoy practicing these sports at any time amidst plazas and landscaping.
  • There is a special walkway for people of determination in Antoniadis Compound for easy mobility around Antoniadis Alexandria project without facing any difficulties to enjoy living in the project.
  • A suitable area has been provided for holding barbecues and family gatherings in Antoniadis Compound to have a fun and enjoyable time with family and friends.
  • There is an area designated for walking pets in Antoniadis Compound with all the necessary materials and tools to care for them.
  • To enjoy the natural scenery of green spaces, lakes and practice yoga and meditation in Antoniadis Compound, seating areas and benches have been provided throughout Antoniadis Alexandria project.
  • More than one electronic gate has been provided for Antoniadis Compound to facilitate entry and exit from Antoniadis Alexandria project and obtain more privacy and security.
  • Good infrastructure of natural gas, electricity and sewage networks has been provided in Antoniadis Compound to ensure that residents have the necessary facilities to live.
  • Antoniadis Compound is an environmentally friendly project as it relies on generating electricity from solar panels spread throughout Antoniadis Alexandria project.
  • There are water tanks above each residential building in Antoniadis Compound that operate on solar energy to rationalize solar energy consumption and not harm the environment.
  • To provide safety and protection for unit owners in Antoniadis Compound, high quality surveillance cameras have been provided to monitor all movements.
  • Trained security personnel have been hired at the highest level, spread throughout Antoniadis Compound, round-the-clock to maintain security and order.
  • An area has been allocated to collect waste and debris from the units in Antoniadis Compound and dispose of them safely and easily to maintain Antoniadis Alexandria project's cleanliness.
  • A huge mosque has been built in Antoniadis Compound in the ancient Islamic style for performing prayers and religious rituals, and equipped with a place for ablution for men and another for women.
  • Intercoms are available in all residential buildings in Antoniadis Compound to connect the units to the main gates for communication with security personnel.
  • A high-speed internet network has been provided in all units in Antoniadis Compound to facilitate communication with the project's facilities and services and keep up with external events.
  • There are elevators in the buildings in Antoniadis Compound to easily move between floors freely without facing any difficulties.
  • Alarm devices and fire fighting systems have been provided in all units in Antoniadis Compound for quick response and control of any emergency.
  • All residential units and facilities in Antoniadis Compound operate under the smart building system for easy control via smartphones.
  • Central air conditioning and showers are available in all residential units in Antoniadis Compound to ensure living in a comfortable environment.
  • A staff team has been provided in Antoniadis Compound to serve the residents and assist them around the clock.

Making luxury an integral part of your life is our goal with our excellent services in Antoniadis Compound

Because you deserve it; Antoniadis Company for Tourism Development and Reconstruction has implemented Antoniadis Compound, the address of sophistication and excellence among the residential projects in Alexandria; where it was designed in an amazing contemporary style, and includes unique services, most notably:

  • Maintenance and cleaning services for units have been provided using the latest techniques in Antoniadis Compound to maintain the project's glamor and appearance in front of customers.
  • An elegant social club has been provided in Antoniadis Compound suitable for family gatherings and playing sports such as football, tennis and basketball on courts designed in the latest style.
  • Children in Antoniadis Compound can enjoy spending fun time in a recreational area designated for them with all age appropriate and safe games.
  • There are amusement parks with electronic games in Antoniadis Compound suitable for all ages to spend fun time in Antoniadis Alexandria project without feeling bored.
  • A luxurious commercial area has been provided in Antoniadis Compound with stores that offer the most famous brands that residents look for to enjoy shopping in Antoniadis Alexandria project.
  • Antoniadis Compound residents get all the food commodities and products needed for daily life as there are more than one supermarket that offers free delivery to the units around the clock.
  • Top-level gyms have been provided in Antoniadis Compound equipped with the latest fitness equipment and professional trainers for sports and fitness enthusiasts among the residents.
  • Health centers have been provided to offer spa, Jacuzzi and skin care services in Antoniadis Compound as well as beauty centers for more luxury and enjoyment.
  • Large swimming pools have been provided in Antoniadis Compound for all family members to enjoy living in the project.
  • Covered swimming pools for women have been provided in Antoniadis Compound to spend fun time in complete privacy and freedom.
  • Nurseries have been provided in Antoniadis Compound to receive young children and provide educational services appropriate for their ages by kindergarten specialists.
  • Antoniadis Compound is close to the most important international schools and universities that include top lecturers and teachers, which provides a high level educational service to students residing in Antoniadis Alexandria project.
  • To ensure the safety of Antoniadis Compound residents, medical clinics, labs and x-ray centers have been provided with all medical equipment and specialized doctors to provide health care around the clock.
  • Pharmacies are available with all medicines, medical and cosmetic preparations needed by Antoniadis Compound residents, and offer delivery service to the units at any time.
  • There is a first aid point in Antoniadis Compound with cars equipped with the necessary first aid for emergencies that may happen to the residents.
  • There are several different banks in Antoniadis Compound to facilitate banking transactions for residents in Antoniadis Alexandria project without leaving, which provides them comfort.
  • A good transportation network of electric cars has been provided in Antoniadis Compound to transport residents freely within Antoniadis Alexandria project in a short time.
  • There are floors designated for garages in Antoniadis Compound using the latest technology for parking the cars of unit owners safely and avoiding congestion.
  • An area for charging electric cars has been provided in Antoniadis Compound to keep up with modernity so that residents get all their needs.
  • There is a huge shopping mall in Antoniadis Compound that includes a number of movie theaters and entertainment services that ensure enjoying living in Antoniadis Alexandria project.
  • Halls equipped with state-of-the-art audio systems and screens have been provided in Antoniadis Compound to hold conferences and private meetings for businessmen.
  • To provide everything Antoniadis Compound residents need in terms of services, top-level wedding halls have been provided to hold private parties and events.

Don't wait long, attractive price offers and easy payment plans are waiting for you at Antoniadis Compound

The owning company of Antoniadis Compound has succeeded in achieving the difficult equation by providing units in different sizes at competitive prices. The client can obtain the residential unit that suits their financial capabilities without bearing any financial burdens, and the prices are as follows:

  • The price of residential units in Antoniadis Compound starts from 1,800,000 to 6,000,000 Egyptian Pounds.

In addition to these prices offered by the developing company, it has provided more facilities through easy payment systems with the lowest down payment and longest duration, which are:

  • The residential unit in Antoniadis Compound can be obtained by paying 25% of the total amount and installments over 4 years.
  • The units in the project will be delivered fully finished super luxury.

Disadvantages of Antoniadis Alexandria Compound

Despite the numerous stunning advantages of the "Antoniadis Alexandria Compound" project, some consider that its location may be slightly far from the vital areas in Alexandria. However, it should be considered that the compound is only minutes away from these vital areas, providing easy access to them.

Discover how our real estate developer makes complex things easy and enjoyable

Antoniadis Company for Tourism Development and Reconstruction, the developer of Antoniadis Compound, is one of the leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market. It has a long history in real estate development through a number of distinguished projects that meet customer needs and make their dreams come true on the ground inside and outside Egypt at the highest level of quality. It includes the best engineers and architects, so it has gained the trust of its customers.

Investing in Alexandria City: Your Optimal Path Toward Promising Horizons of Profit and Prosperity!

The city of Alexandria is capturing the attention of investors from all around the world, thanks to its strategic location and rich history that blends culture and civilization. What makes Alexandria an ideal and fertile environment for investment is the diversity of opportunities across various sectors such as real estate, tourism, industry, and technology.

Why Invest in Alexandria?

1. Strategic Location: As a coastal city overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, it offers countless opportunities in tourism, shipping, and trade.

2. Diverse Investment Opportunities: From real estate and tourism resorts to manufacturing industries and the technology sector, Alexandria offers investment opportunities across multiple fields.

3. Industrial and Technological Development: With its advanced industrial zones and a growing number of startups and research centers, Alexandria has become a hub for innovation and technology development.

4. Infrastructure and Government Support: State investments in improving infrastructure and providing incentives for investors make Alexandria more attractive for foreign and local investments.

5. Skilled Workforce and Low Operating Costs: The availability of a skilled workforce and low operating costs contribute to increased profitability and productivity for projects established there.

Steps Toward Investing in Alexandria

1. Explore the Market: Start by conducting thorough research on the market and the sector you wish to invest in.

2. Understand Laws and Regulations: Familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations and ensure you understand the legal and tax aspects related to investing in Egypt.

3. Establish Partnerships: Building partnerships with local investors or collaborating with existing companies can help facilitate market entry.

4. Focus on Innovation: Investing in innovation and adopting new technologies are key to success in the modern economic environment.

5. Engage with the Local Market: Understanding local culture and traditions can help develop effective marketing strategies and build good relationships with customers and suppliers.

Investing in Alexandria is not only an opportunity for profit but also an investment in Egypt's promising future. With the city's unique advantages and attractive investment environment, a promising path lies ahead for investors seeking long-term success.

Envisioning Tomorrow: How Life Has Changed in the City of Alexandria!

The dazzling city of Alexandria, situated on the shores of the Mediterranean, continues to embrace modernity and progress while preserving its rich values and heritage. The future prospects for Alexandria appear bright and promising, with a focus on comprehensive advancement across all aspects of life.

Urban Expansion and Innovative Urban Planning: Alexandria is expected to continue its progress in urban construction and development, with a greater emphasis on eco-friendly buildings and improving the quality of life. We may witness the implementation of infrastructure projects that integrate smart technologies, making life more convenient and sustainable.

Technology and Innovation at the Heart of the City: The role of technology will continue to expand, and the use of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies will become more prevalent in daily life. Alexandria is likely to benefit from these technologies in areas such as public transportation, making it more efficient and organized.

The Future of Transportation and Commuting: With increasing population and the need for sustainable transportation, we may see more investments in eco-friendly modes of transportation, including the expansion of the metro network and the introduction of new lines, as well as the encouragement of cycling and walking as healthy and green alternatives.

Culture and Entertainment: With growing awareness of the importance of culture and entertainment in improving the quality of life, Alexandria may expand its offerings of cultural and entertainment events to cater to the diverse interests and aspirations of its citizens, through the enhancement of public spaces such as parks, gardens, and cultural centers.

Environmental Development: It is crucial for Alexandria to witness progress in the field of environmental protection and sustainability. Efforts to reduce pollution, protect beaches, and promote greenery may gain increasing importance to ensure a healthy and sustainable future for the city and its residents.

Alexandria stands at the threshold of a future filled with promising possibilities and opportunities. By combining its rich traditions with modern innovation, Alexandria can continue to solidify its position as a vibrant and historic city, setting an example in sustainable and comprehensive development.

In the Neighborhood of Grandeur: A Glimpse into the Compounds Near Antoniadis Compound Alexandria!

  1. Palm Hills Alexandria Compound - Featuring contemporary and elegant architectural designs, residents can choose from luxurious apartments and villas, alongside enjoying various amenities such as swimming pools, health clubs, and gardens, with an advanced security system for their safety.

  2. Sawary Alexandria Compound - Offering residential spaces to meet all needs, directly on the beach, ensuring stunning views and easy beach access. It features diverse recreational facilities, including restaurants, cafes, and swimming pools, making it an ideal place for families.

  3. Alextend King Mariout Compound - Located near Antoniadis, it offers luxurious architectural designs with a range of facilities to ensure a comfortable stay. It features spacious residential spaces, swimming pools, and fully equipped health clubs, an excellent choice for those seeking serenity.

  4. Valore Maamora Resort - Providing a healthy environment with its vast green spaces and clean air. It offers luxurious residential units and a variety of recreational facilities such as health clubs and sports courts. Suitable for those seeking a peaceful lifestyle.

  5. Terrace Smouha Compound - Standing out with its location in Smouha and its rich commercial and entertainment facilities. It offers luxurious residential units, restaurants, cafes, shopping outlets, beautiful gardens, and sports courts. Ideal for those seeking a life filled with shopping and entertainment.

Expert Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Property in Antoniadis Compound Alexandria via!

The steps to buy a property in Antoniadis Compound Alexandria through the website are clear and organized, providing helpful guidance for anyone looking to invest or reside in this area. Here is a summary of this guide:

1. Register on First, you need to create an account on the website, providing basic information such as your name, phone number, and email address correctly.

2. Search for a Property: Use the search engine on the website to specify your preferences and requirements accurately to find available properties in Antoniadis Compound Alexandria.

3. Review Details and Contact the Seller: After selecting a property, be sure to carefully review its details and contact the seller to ask any questions you may have.

4. Agree on Price and Terms: This stage may include negotiating the price and setting an appointment to view the property in person, as well as inquiring about the legal status of the property.

5. Contract and Close the Deal: You should proceed to the sales office to sign the contract and pay the agreed deposit or amount, and provide the required documents.

6. Receive the Property and Review Documents: Upon completing the transaction, you will receive the keys to the property, and you should review all legal documents. It is also important to note the importance of seeking the assistance of a legal advisor specializing in real estate to help understand any legal aspects related to the purchase process.

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