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A luxurious residential experience that meets all your needs in Armonia Compound at attractive prices and distinguished services

For everyone looking to live in a calm and refreshing atmosphere, Armonia Compound is the ideal place for you! Here is more information about this future project located in a prime area near the city center. Armonia Compound offers a variety of options for apartments for sale in Armonia Compound designed with the latest technologies and containing all the modern services a resident needs. The compound's vast garden also provides a smooth environment free of noise, fumes and daily hassles to reduce your daily stress levels and make your life appear calmer, happier and more luxurious. An amazing experience awaits you, indeed, in the apartments for sale in Armonia Compound.

Apartments for sale in Armonia Compound

There are apartments for sale in Armonia Compound in the New Administrative Capital. The compound is characterized by its unique and elegant design, and provides residential spaces ranging between 87 square meters and 350 square meters, including apartments for sale in Armonia Compound from 1 to 3 bedrooms and bathrooms. Buyers also have the option to purchase in installments over periods of up to 10 years with suitable monthly installments.

The compound is distinguished by a range of exceptional services such as swimming pools, sports courts, gardens, restaurants and cafés, as well as commercial centers that meet all the residents' needs with high quality. The compound also provides different options for interior design and colors to suit all tastes and different needs.

The apartments for sale in Armonia Compound consist of spacious bedrooms and fully equipped bathrooms and integrated kitchens. The apartments are characterized by an elegant design and modern furniture that suits all tastes and styles. For those looking for a luxurious and unique apartment in the New Administrative Capital, Armonia Compound is the best choice for them.

Armonia Compound provides buyers with multiple options for the distinctive apartments for sale in Armonia Compound and the different duplexes, any of which can be chosen according to preference and available budget. The compound is known for its reasonable price compared to other compounds in the same area, which makes it an excellent choice for those looking to get an apartment at affordable prices in the New Administrative Capital.

Armonia Compound Prices in the New Administrative Capital

Armonia Compound is characterized by favorable and preferred prices for all property seekers in the New Administrative Capital. The prices of apartments in Armonia Compound include a diverse range of sizes, specifications and prices, so you will certainly find what suits your needs and budget.

Armonia Compound prices in the New Administrative Capital are one of the key advantages offered by this compound, as The Land Real Estate Development Company aims to facilitate the purchase process for its customers and ensure they enjoy the highest levels of well-being. The meter price in Armonia ranges between 10,000 and 13,000 Egyptian pounds, while housing unit prices start from 2,300,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment systems in Armonia Compound come with great flexibility to meet different customer needs. You can choose from several options, including paying a 5% reservation deposit upon contracting, with the remaining amount payable over 6 consecutive years. Or you can pay a 5% contracting deposit followed by another 5% payment after 3 months, with the remaining part of the unit's value payable over 7 years.

In addition, you can opt for paying a 10% reservation deposit upon contracting, then 5% as a second payment after 3 months, and paying the rest over a period of 8 years. Or you can reserve the unit with a 10% down payment and pay 10% as a second payment after 3 months, with the remaining amount payable over a repayment period of up to 9 years.

By choosing any of these options suitable for you, you can now book your unit in the Armonia New Capital project and start enjoying a happy life full of luxury in a comfortable and flexible investment environment. These prices and payment systems provide more comfort and diversity to customers and make Armonia an ideal real estate investment destination in the New Administrative Capital.

The Strategic Location of Armonia Compound in the New Administrative Capital

Armonia Compound in the New Administrative Capital enjoys an exceptional strategic location that makes it a great choice for those looking to live in the newest areas of the capital. The strategic location of the project provides easy access to the various surrounding areas, making residents' lives more comfortable and convenient. Residents also have quick access to the main roads that connect the capital to the rest of the governorates, whether by car or public transportation.

The Armonia New Capital location is characterized by its close proximity to many important axes within the New Administrative Capital, making it easy for the compound's residents to reach different places inside and outside the capital. The most important of these areas and axes are:

  • Banzayed Axis: It is the lifeline of the capital and is located close to Armonia New Capital.

  • Diplomatic District: Just 6 minutes away, it is a place that houses many embassies and diplomatic bodies.

  • Ministerial District and Government District: Only 21 minutes away from the compound.

  • Nativity of Christ Cathedral: 9 minutes away, while the El-Fattah El-Aleem Mosque can be reached in 30 minutes.

  • Degaya 3 Compound: Just 2 minutes away.

  • London University in the Capital: Can be reached in 10 minutes, in addition to the Canadian University in 20 minutes and the British Hertfordshire University in 25 minutes.

  • SIN7 Compound: 13 minutes away, while Atika Compound can be reached in 14 minutes.

  • Almasa Hotel: Less than 8 km away and takes 14 minutes to reach, while the iconic second tallest tower in Africa can be reached in 17 minutes.

  • New Opera House: 15 minutes from Armonia New Capital.

  • R6 Residential District: Can be reached in 17 minutes.

Additionally, the compound is conveniently located near the huge Medical City, which is the largest medical complex designed according to the latest international standards, only 5.3 kilometers away. It is also located 4.8 kilometers from the Conference Center and about 5.5 kilometers from the Investment Zone. It takes about 39 minutes to reach the Capital International Airport and 58 minutes to reach Cairo International Airport. It is also notable that Armonia New Capital is close to Ain Sokhna Road and the Regional Ring Road. This prime location provides residents with easy access to many important areas and projects in the New Administrative Capital.

Housing Units Available in Armonia Compound, New Administrative Capital

Armonia Compound in the New Administrative Capital features a diverse range of housing units available for sale, from apartments for sale in Armonia Compound to duplexes and villas. Housing unit sizes vary with different payment systems that allow buyers to choose what suits them.

The Armonia project in the New Capital was built on an area of up to 42 acres, with the building percentage in this project only 20% of the total area, while the rest of the area consists of green spaces, landscapes, facilities and services.

Many housing units can be obtained in different sizes, starting from 87 square meters up to 350 square meters.

The units are divided into residential apartments, duplexes and villas.

As for the division of residential apartments:

Small sizes consist of one main bedroom, starting from about 87 square meters.

Moderate sizes range between 130 to 158 square meters, and include two main bedrooms.

This unit has large areas ranging between 173 and 195 square meters, and contains three main bedrooms.

Units consisting of 4 bedrooms have larger areas ranging between 331 and 350 square meters.

The repeated units are distributed in a duplex pattern, on the sixth and seventh floors, with the upper floor having balconies.

The housing units in Armonia Compound are characterized by luxury and elegance, with modern designs and high quality finishes. The compound's amenities include exceptional social and recreational facilities, such as stunning swimming pools, vast green spaces and sports fields, which are suitable for all ages and tastes. This ensures the happiness of children, youth and the elderly by providing a suitable environment for entertainment and relaxation.

The apartments available for sale in Armonia Compound enjoy a privileged location in the New Administrative Capital, as it is located in area R7 at the intersection of E3, making it easily accessible from any area of the city. In addition, the compound is surrounded by many pioneering projects and vital facilities, which makes it an ideal choice for living and investing in the New Administrative Capital.

Facilities in Armonia Project

The Armonia residential project includes a number of exceptional integrated services aimed at providing comfort and luxury to residents. From 24/7 security and guarding, to high-speed internet and Wi-Fi in all public areas, Armonia offers many features that make life within the project comfortable and enjoyable.

Among other services provided in Armonia are stunning swimming pools, vast green spaces and sports fields suitable for all ages and tastes, ensuring the happiness of children, youth and the elderly by providing a suitable environment for entertainment and relaxation.

In addition, Armonia provides facilities for cinema, luxurious restaurants, cafes and shops within the project, a feature that contributes to increasing activities by providing a complete shopping environment suitable for all tastes.

In addition to that, the Armonia project is characterized by a high level of design and luxury, which includes the construction of luxurious residential towers, villas, spacious and comfortable apartments, using the latest technologies and luxury materials in all facilities. This feature ensures the magnificence of the project and makes it an ideal destination for luxury in the New Administrative Capital.

Advantages of Investing in the New Administrative Capital

The New Administrative Capital is one of the major mega projects undertaken by the Egyptian government to achieve comprehensive development in the country. The New Administrative Capital represents a bright future for local and foreign investments, as it provides many advantages that make it an ideal destination for investors.

The first advantage to note is the strategic location of the New Administrative Capital. It is located about 45 kilometers north of Cairo, making it close to many major cities and international airports. Thanks to the advanced transportation network, the New Administrative Capital can be easily and quickly accessed.

Secondly, the New Administrative Capital is characterized by advanced infrastructure. This city is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and modern facilities, including highways, electricity, water and sewage networks, providing an ideal investment environment.

Thirdly, the New Administrative Capital provides promising investment opportunities in a variety of sectors. These sectors include real estate, tourism, commerce, and technology. Thanks to the available services and facilities, investors can achieve lucrative financial returns and effectively grow their businesses.

Fourthly, the New Administrative Capital provides a flexible and promising business environment. The Egyptian government is keen to facilitate investment procedures, encourage entrepreneurship and innovation. The New Administrative Capital also provides a variety of financial, administrative and technological services to support companies and investors.

Finally, the New Administrative Capital provides a high quality of life and a safe environment. Multiple zones have been allocated for public facilities and social services, including schools, hospitals and recreational areas. The New Administrative Capital also provides an advanced security system to ensure the protection of investors and city residents.

In summary, the New Administrative Capital is an ideal destination for investing in Egypt, providing a strategic location, advanced infrastructure, promising investment opportunities, a flexible and promising business environment, and a high quality of life. Investors can capitalize on these advantages to achieve financial success and sustainable growth in the New Administrative Capital.

The Most Distinctive Features of District 7

District 7 is considered one of the most famous residential districts in New Cairo due to the presence of many luxurious residential projects in the area, including Armonia Compound, which is one of the most luxurious residential projects in the district. The district is characterized by sophistication, tranquility and provides all the necessary services for its residents.

There are many reasons that make District 7 an ideal place to live. These include the wide range of services that include international schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and main streets that facilitate movement within and outside the district. Additionally, the area is characterized by safety, family stability and provides many job and training opportunities for young people.

District 7 streets are beautifully laid out and include many beautiful trees and gardens that adorn the area with their colors and splendor. In addition, the district includes many health resorts, upscale restaurants and famous shops, which make the experience of living in the district more enjoyable.

The aesthetic design and beautiful architecture that distinguishes the residential projects in District 7 is undeniable. The huge building facades, modern shapes and rich colors make for wonderful sights. The district also includes some luxurious projects for university students and youth, which provide them with great living at reasonable prices.

In conclusion, it can be said that District 7 is an ideal place to live in New Cairo. It provides everything individuals need in terms of high quality services and a safe and comfortable environment. Not to mention its upscale location that provides easy access to the different vital areas of the city. Therefore, this makes District 7 a favorite destination for many people looking for family stability, a quiet and upscale life.

Overview of Luxury Compounds in the New Administrative Capital

Since the announcement of the construction of the New Administrative Capital in Egypt, there have been many distinctive luxury compounds that attract investors and residents alike. These compounds are among the most important real estate destinations in the country, providing their residents with a distinguished and comfortable lifestyle. Here is an overview of some of the most prominent luxury compounds in the New Administrative Capital:

  1. OIA Compound, New Administrative Capital
    The "OIA" compound is one of the most prominent luxury compounds in the New Administrative Capital. "OIA" provides a range of residential units designed in a modern and distinctive architectural style. It also contains green areas, recreational and sports facilities, in addition to shopping centers, restaurants and cafes. "OIA" is an ideal choice for those looking for quality of life and comfort.

  2. Zavani Compound, New Administrative Capital
    "Zavani" is a luxury compound that provides stunning views of natural scenery, and consists of a diverse range of luxurious residential units. The compound contains vast green spaces and beautiful gardens, in addition to sports facilities and recreational areas. "Zavani" is also distinguished by the presence of schools, a hospital and a commercial complex within the compound, making it an excellent choice to meet all housing and service needs.

  3. Roses Compound, New Administrative Capital
    The "Roses" compound is located in a strategic location within the New Administrative Capital and is characterized by its unique views. "Roses" offers many luxurious villas and spacious apartments, and contains upscale facilities such as swimming pools, fitness clubs and fine dining restaurants. Living in "Roses" provides residents with a royal lifestyle combined with stunning views and luxurious facilities.

  4. Baroque Compound, New Administrative Capital
    Among the other luxury compounds in the New Administrative Capital is the "Baroque" compound, which provides a luxurious lifestyle. "Baroque" is characterized by luxurious residential units designed to the highest quality standards. The compound contains international schools, sports clubs, and golf courses, in addition to shopping centers and restaurants. "Baroque" provides residents with a distinctive residence amidst tranquil atmospheres and stunning natural scenery.

The presence of these luxury compounds provides comfort, security, entertainment, and luxury services sought by many. Investors can choose the compound that suits their needs and budget from these diverse and distinctive compounds in the New Administrative Capital.

Steps to Buy Apartments in Armonia Compound, New Administrative Capital on

If you are looking to buy an apartment in Armonia Compound, New Administrative Capital, you can take advantage of website to explore available apartments and complete the purchase process easily. In this guide, we will provide you with steps to buy apartments in Armonia Compound through this website.

  1. Go to the website:
    Open your web browser and type the website address in the search bar. Click on the suggested link to access the website.

  2. Log in to your account:
    If you already have an account on the website, log in using your username and password. If you do not have an account, create a new one by filling out the available registration form.

  3. Search for Armonia Compound:
    After logging in, the website's main search page will appear. Find the search box and type "Armonia Compound New Administrative Capital" as the search term. Click the "Search" button to get results related to Armonia Compound.

  4. Browse available apartments:
    You will see a list of available apartments in Armonia Compound on the results page. Browse the apartments and check out the details provided for each apartment. Click on the apartment name to get additional information and contact the seller.

  5. Contact the seller:
    To contact the seller and arrange an apartment visit, you can use the contact information available on the apartment page. Call the listed number or send a message to the seller's email and inquire about further apartment details.

  6. Visit the apartment:
    When arranging a visit to the apartment, communicate with the seller to set a suitable appointment. Visit the apartment and ask about any details you would like to know before making a purchase decision.

  7. Purchase process:
    If you are satisfied with the apartment and wish to proceed with the purchase, contact the seller to negotiate the agreement, required payments, and any other terms related to the purchase process. There may be a need to sign a purchase contract and transfer an initial payment to secure the booking.

  8. Registration and title transfer:
    After completing all the required financial and legal procedures, you can start the process of registering the apartment under your name and transferring the title to you. You need to contact the relevant real estate registration authorities and complete all procedures required to finalize the transfer process.

By following these steps, you can easily purchase an apartment in Armonia Compound, New Administrative Capital on website. Please note that it is important to verify the accuracy and reliability of information before making any purchase decision and to check the legal and financial details related to the property.

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