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Project Description

Project name: Grand Park.

About Grand Park project: It is a luxurious residential complex located near the ring road on 90th Street that gives you the enjoyment of integrated services and wonderful ingredients that make Grand Park Compound the ideal choice for your residential unit, which also enjoys a privileged location that allows access to all services and main axes.

Grand Park Location:  It is located near Cairo International Airport.

Grand Park New Cairo Compound Space: 27 acres.

Grand Park Unit types: villas - twin houses - townhouses.

Grand Park Units Space: it starts from 215 square meters up to 374 square meters.

Hyde Park New Cairo Compound Unit price: starts from 14,000,000 EGP.

Payment methods: A 5% downpayment of the total unit value is paid, then 5% as a second payment after three months, and the rest of the amount is paid over 8 years.

Real estate developer: Hyde Park Real Estate Development Company.

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Grand Park New Cairo

Hyde Park Real Estate Development Company has launched a new phase of the giant architectural project, Hyde Park, under the name Grand Park New Cairo. As a vibrant artery because it contains the most vital neighborhoods, service areas, and investment activities of all kinds, in addition to its proximity to the most important main roads and hubs.

The developer was keen to offer all Grand Park units in various spaces at ideal competitive prices and highly flexible payment systems so that all customers can choose what suits them and in installments over the longest possible period.

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Grand Park Compound New Cairo's geographical location and its most important features

The geographical location of any residential project is of great importance to many clients, so the real estate developer has built his giant project in one of the most vital areas in New Cairo, in the Fifth Settlement, specifically on Teseen Street, Plot 1, which allows him to be close to all important cities, service areas, and important roads and axes.

The most important landmarks near Grand Park New Cairo Compound:

  • Grand Park New Cairo is 20 minutes away from the American University by car.

  • Both the New Administrative Capital and Cairo International Airport can be reached through Grand park new Cairo, within a distance of 45 minutes.

  • Grand Park is close to important roads such as the Middle Ring Road, with a distance of 15 minutes by car.

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The unique features of Grand Park Compound, New Cairo

Grand park new Cairo residential complex is one of the most important architectural masterpieces that have been implemented in the heart of New Cairo, as it is unique with innovative international designs that conform to the highest quality standards, in addition to the presence of many exceptional advantages that make it a golden opportunity for many customers, the most important of which are the following:

  • A vast area of ​ Grand Park has been allocated for the implementation of the landscape, including gardens and parks with stunning landscapes, for more luxury and comfort.

  • Crystal artificial lakes are distributed in separate places of green areas with crystal waters. Delightful scenery. Souvenir photos can be taken next to them for more luxury and comfort inside Grand Park New Cairo Compound.

  • Within Grand Park residential complex, there is a group of swimming pools of different depths and spaces to suit all age groups to reach the highest degree of privacy and comfort.

  • The developer took care of security and safety by providing Grand Park units with modern television cameras and advanced electronic gates connected to control rooms, in addition to appointing a group of guard crews working to protect the entrances and exits 24 hours a day without interruption.

  • Grand park new Cairo includes a smart infrastructure with all the services and utilities that Grand Park New Cairo needs in order to function perfectly, such as electricity cables, sewage water, and others.

  • The problem of overcrowding and pollution has been eliminated by making large-scale surgeries in Grand Park that can accommodate the largest number of guests' cars.

  • The designs of Grand Park internal units and the facades are very impressive, luxurious, and sophisticated, and all of them are in harmony with the picturesque nature that surrounds them for more psychological comfort and tranquility.

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Services available within Grand park new Cairo

The developer company has gathered its efforts and expertise over the years in the heart of the splendor icon, Grand Park, New Cairo, by providing a huge amount of recreational and basic services that everyone needs, the most important of which are the following:

  • A luxurious group of international restaurants and cafes in the heart of Grand Park New Cairo, where you can enjoy the best meals and drinks for more luxury and comfort.

  • Grand Park's new Cairo includes inside it a commercial area with malls and multi-purpose stores that display the most important consumer goods and various services, in addition to the most famous international brands that suit all people with good taste without the need to leave the place of residence.

  • Inside Grand Park New Cairo, there is a distinctive area with excellent decorations for children, with all games and recreational activities suitable for their ages, so that they can spend the most enjoyable times in luxury.

  • A state-of-the-art social club with planned areas for holding barbecues and enjoying outdoor dining, in addition to recreational areas with all kinds of entertaining activities suitable for all ages for more entertainment and fun.

  • Trails and paths are equipped at the highest level and away from the public road for cars to practice walking, running, cycling, and yoga in the midst of green areas for more relaxation.

  • The developer also provided 2 international schools within the Grand Park phase, New Cairo, to ensure receiving excellent educational service at the highest level.

  • Halls are dedicated to holding meetings and conferences with the latest display and sound equipment, in addition to the presence of places designated for organizing weddings and special events for guests in Hyde Park New Cairo Compound.

  • Grand Park has a large mosque that can accommodate the largest number of guests to perform religious rituals without the need to leave the property.

  • Medical centers and pharmacies are equipped at the highest level to ensure excellent health care for guests.

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The spaces and types of units within Grand Park Compound, New Cairo

The developer company has implemented Grand Park residential complex, in New Cairo, and it is one of the most beautiful phases that have been implemented within the prestigious edifice, Hyde Park, New Cairo, on a wide area of ​​27 acres. inside it.

By including Grand Park New Cairo, inside it is a distinguished group of residential units, represented in townhouses, twin houses, and detached villas, with various areas ranging from 215 square meters up to 374 square meters, so that the customer can choose what suits him, as follows:

  • There are townhouse units in Grand Park New Cairo starting from 215 square meters up to 217 square meters.

  • Twin house units at Grand Park are 230 square meters up to 343 square meters.

  • Separate villas rang inside Grand Park from 374 square meters to 687 square meters.

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Price plans and payment systems in Grand Park Compound New Cairo

All units within Grand Park New Cairo project have been announced at competitive, unbeatable prices that suit all segments of customers and investors in exchange for a huge amount of exceptional services and benefits that they can benefit from on a large scale, and the unit price is determined according to the type of property and its location. Here are the full details in the next few lines as follows:

  • Townhouse units are available at an average price of 14,000,000 EGP.

  • The average price of twin house units in Grand Park New Cairo is 19,000,000 EGP.

  • The average price of detached villas within Grand Park project is 26,000,000 EGP.

As for the payment systems provided by the real estate developer, they are highly flexible and suitable for a large segment of investors, where the customer can pay a contract advance of 5% of the unit price, then pay 5% after three months, and pay the remaining amount over 8 years in equal installments. And without interest.

Disadvantages of Grand Park New Cairo Compound

"Grand Park New Cairo Compound" has many positives, however some may see the extended four-year delivery period as relatively long. However, this aspect should be seen as an attractive investment opportunity; purchasing a unit now while under construction is less expensive than buying it after completion in four years. Additionally, the expected rise in the property's value over time makes owning a unit in "Grand Park" today at its current price a wise investment that will yield rewarding returns in the future.

Real estate developer

Hyde Park Real Estate Development Company, the owner of Grand Park in New Cairo, has been implementing it since 2007 AD, and since that time it has implemented a huge amount of high-end urban works designed in an elegant Western style through which it was able to create a new concept of luxury and comfort, as it gained through it extensive experience and credibility I have many clients.

The developer company is interested in the highest standards of accuracy in the implementation of its units, as well as receiving them on time with the same agreed specifications, which increases customer demand for them. It owns many different construction works, the most prominent of which are the following.

New Cairo Compounds: Where Modern Technology Meets Elegant Sophistication!

The New Cairo district stands out as a prominent cultural center and upscale residential area, blending modernity and luxury. This unique district is located in the northeast of Cairo, rooted in the heart of the region as an ideal model for advanced living and promising investment. New Cairo takes pride in hosting an impressive array of luxurious residential compounds, creating a unique harmony between contemporary architectural creativity and captivating elegance, providing its residents with an unparalleled living experience.

The compounds of New Cairo encompass a wide range of sophisticated services and facilities, such as vast green spaces, parks, uniquely designed swimming pools, golf courses, and running tracks, encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle. Luxury extends beyond that to include international restaurants, chic cafes, prestigious international schools, large shopping malls, well-equipped hospitals and pharmacies, as well as sports centers and social clubs, adding a distinct charm to the daily lives of residents.

What particularly distinguishes the residential units in these compounds is the innovative architectural design that ensures meeting the diverse needs and desires of clients, by offering apartments and villas of different sizes and designs, all equipped with the latest technological means that ensure comfort, safety, and privacy for residents. These compounds are further enhanced by their prime location and breathtaking views of enchanting natural scenery and artificial lakes, adding an unparalleled natural beauty.

The compounds also strive to achieve the highest standards of security and safety by employing the latest technologies in this regard, emphasizing the provision of a healthy and secure residential environment. With these facilities, New Cairo abounds with a diversity of recreational and cultural activities that strike the perfect balance between relaxation and culture, captivating both youth and families alike.

Living in the compounds of New Cairo is a unique experience that combines luxury and modernity, offering residents an opportunity for refined and comfortable living within a vibrant community and thriving city that allows space for growth and prosperity.

Luxury and Elegant Living Await You in Fifth Settlement!

The Fifth Settlement represents a unique point of attraction in the heart of Cairo, standing out as one of the most upscale residential districts, offering its residents an unparalleled luxurious living experience with high-quality services. This area, which began its journey in the 1990s, quickly evolved to become an oasis for those seeking harmony amidst the splendor of design and quality construction.

Renowned for its luxurious housing, including stunning villas and modern apartments, the Fifth Settlement is a haven that provides captivating natural scenery and combines shopping opportunities in commercial centers housing the most prestigious international brands, as well as entertainment venues that cater to all aspirations. It is also characterized by its strategic location, easily accessible from Cairo's main roads.

The Fifth Settlement is dedicated to being an ideal environment for families and individuals, with international educational institutions offering high levels of education, as well as advanced medical facilities and hospitals providing the highest levels of healthcare. The advantages do not stop there, as it also boasts exceptional recreational and sports opportunities, hosting numerous well-equipped health and sports clubs with the latest activities and facilities.

Security and privacy are not overlooked, with round-the-clock security services provided, enhancing the residents' sense of stability and peace of mind. With the continuous increase in demand for properties in this area, real estate developers find their niche in establishing new and innovative projects that cater to this growing demand, making the Fifth Settlement a focal point for far-reaching real estate investments.

As such, the Fifth Settlement transcends being just a place of residence, transforming into a community where beauty, elegance, and integrated services blend together, making it the future destination for those seeking excellence and high-quality living in a secure and stable environment.

More than Just Neighbors: Unique Residential Experiences Near Grand Park Compound in New Cairo!

Grand Park Compound, shining at the heart of the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo, stands as a prominent example of sophisticated urban development and luxurious living. This residential complex is designed to be a destination for those seeking elegance and privacy while enjoying a diverse range of high-quality services and facilities. While Grand Park serves as a hub for distinguished investment and residence, a cluster of other compounds surrounds it, enhancing the value of the area and expanding the options for upscale living for both investors and residents alike.

Here is a list of some of the prestigious compounds located near Grand Park Compound in New Cairo:

1. Hyde Park Compound in Fifth Settlement:

Hyde Park represents an exceptional place that embodies luxury and modern living, offering its residents a wonderful blend of comfort and security in a contemporary atmosphere. The compound welcomes its residents with a diverse and extensive range of residential units, featuring innovative designs and high-end finishes to cater to everyone's aspirations and tastes. Additionally, Hyde Park boasts a comprehensive suite of luxurious facilities and services, including diverse commercial areas, restaurants serving exquisite cuisine, captivating green spaces, and attractively designed swimming pools, making it the ideal abode for lovers of beauty and opulence.

2. Mivida Compound in Fifth Settlement:

"Mivida" stands as an icon of luxurious living, combining architectural splendor with exceptional comfort. This residential complex offers a wide range of housing options to suit all tastes and needs, with a variety of designs and spaces. "Mivida" is enveloped by vast green spaces and lush gardens, providing a serene and refreshing environment for residents. The compound also features integrated commercial and recreational areas, putting everything residents need for a convenient and complete life at their fingertips.

3. The Vues Compound in New Cairo:

The "Vues" Compound serves as an exceptional haven combining luxury and tranquility, providing a home that ensures its residents a peaceful and comfortable living experience in a secure atmosphere. The residential units within the compound feature modern designs that reflect refined taste, with a range of sophisticated facilities and services designed to meet all needs. These facilities include vast green spaces that promote relaxation, swimming pool complexes offering a respite for adults and children alike, as well as recreational areas that are ideal for enjoying pleasant moments in the open air.

4. Palm Hills Compound in Fifth Settlement:

The "Palm Hills" Compound is considered one of the most prominent examples of prestigious compounds in New Cairo, offering its residents a luxurious and comfortable living experience. The compound is distinguished by its vast green expanses and captivating artificial lakes, adding natural charm and beauty to the place. The advantages are not limited to the stunning nature; it also includes dedicated areas for commercial, entertainment, and shopping activities, making it an ideal haven for those seeking a complete and luxurious lifestyle.

5. Mountain View Compound in Fifth Settlement:

The Mountain View Compound is one of the landmarks of grandeur and luxury in New Cairo, encompassing a diverse and luxurious collection of residential complexes. This place is not merely a living space but a comprehensive environment teeming with facilities and services that cater to all the needs and desires of its residents. From sports fields that encourage an active lifestyle to recreational and cultural centers that nurture the soul and mind, and not forgetting the commercial centers that enrich daily life. At Mountain View, everything is meticulously designed to ensure an unprecedented living experience for its residents, where luxury, comfort, and harmony with an environment that celebrates the highest standards of quality and design.

In addition to these residential complexes, the area abounds with a wide variety of luxurious housing options, equipped with upscale facilities and exclusive services. It is crucial for investors and those seeking a residence in this location to conduct a comprehensive investigation of what is on offer. They should carefully evaluate what meets their needs and preferences before proceeding with their final choice. Diligence and care in this matter are essential to ensure the selection of the ideal residential unit that reflects their desired lifestyle.

Comfort and Confidence: How to Purchase Your Unit at Grand Park New Cairo with Ease Through

The process of acquiring a residential unit within Grand Park New Cairo project can be seamless and obstacle-free when following the right steps. The website provides you with a practical guide to make this journey smooth and effortless.

  • First, start by visiting the website, where you will find a comprehensive list of available units within the project, including details on area and various prices. This will be your gateway to discovering the opportunities offered by Grand Park.
  • Second, immerse yourself in exploring the project in depth. It is crucial to understand the advantages and services it offers and determine the type of unit that meets your needs – whether you are looking for a villa, twin house, or townhouse.
  • Third, do not hesitate to contact the sales team available through the website to obtain all the necessary details to assist you in the purchase process, and be sure to inquire about the latest prices and available offers.
  • Fourth, after obtaining all the information and exploring the project closely, it's time to identify the unit that suits your needs and fits your budget, taking into account the space and price.
  • Fifth, review the convenient installment plan offered by the project, where you can pay a 5% down payment of the total unit value, followed by a second payment of the same percentage after three months, and then settle the remaining amount over a period of up to 8 years.

You will experience a sense of distinction and luxury when completing these steps and preparing to receive your unit at Grand Park New Cairo. Here, you are ready to embark on an exceptional journey, living the most refined residential experiences within a comprehensive community that meets all your aspirations.

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