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Prive Gates New Zayed Compound

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Project Description

Project Name: Prive Gates.

About Prive Gates project: It is one of the most prestigious projects of the Pyramids Company in Sheikh Zayed City, which was keen to construct it with the most accurate and luxurious architectural and modern designs.

Prive Gates Location: It is located in Sheikh Zayed City, near Sphinx International Airport.

Prive Gates Zayed Compound  Space: A huge space to provide all types of units.

Units Type: twin houses - townhouses - villas.

Prive Gates Units Space: starts from 177 square meters.

Unit price: the villas price starts from 2,700,000 EGP.

The name of the executing company for Prive Gates: is Gates Real Estate Development Company.

Payment system: you can pay a downpayment starting from 10% of the total unit price, and the rest in installments over a period of 8 years.

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Prive Gates New Zayed project

A distinctive investment opportunity within Prive, which is owned by the largest real estate company, Gates, which decided to establish it in a distinguished strategic location in Sheikh Zayed, which connects the most important roads and main axes and is close to the most important facilities and services in that region. It is also built on a huge area that is divided Between the different residential units of varying sizes that enable you to choose what is most suitable for you, and the integrated services that fulfill all the requirements that you aspire to.

In addition to paying attention to the civilized appearance of green spaces and landscapes, which gives the place psychological comfort and happiness, the company has decided to provide all services in a distinctive way and has announced special prices for Prive Gates units that help you to buy the unit easily and in accordance with your purchasing desires, in addition to the easy payment methods that Helping you to pay the amount easily without suffering for the longest possible period, you can take advantage of this golden opportunity and take the initiative to book your unique unit in Prive, Sheikh Zayed.

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Prive Gate Sheikh Zayed location

The major real estate company, Gates, chose the strategic location that connects the most important roads and main axes that help you move easily without suffering from traffic problems and crowds. The choice fell on the new Sheikh Zayed City, which is close to the most vital areas and major government institutions.

The most important landmarks near Prive Gates New Zayed Compound:

  • Prive is located near the most important airport, Sphinx International.

  • It is also close to City Park in October.

  • Prive Gates is close to the most important square, Juhayna Square.

  • Prive Gates is close to Misr University for Science and Technology.

  • It is about a few minutes away from the Shooting Club and Al Ahly Club.

  • Prive Compound is close to Cairo International University and British schools.

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The area of ​​​​the project in the countryside of Sheikh Zayed, Prive Gates New Zayed

Gate Real Estate Investment Company is always keen to provide the greatest level of luxury and comfort to its customers. When it was established, it decided to have a huge area to include the largest amount of integrated services that fulfill all the requirements and what you are looking for. Therefore, it sought the help of the largest engineering and consulting companies specialized in this field to put the best touches on The magnificent, which is comparable to the high-end international models that are characterized by luxury, as it was divided between the vast green spaces that surround the residential units, which gives the place psychological comfort, in addition to the external designs of Prive Gates units bearing the same style, in order to befit the owners of high taste among its customers.

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The area of ​​the residential units within Prive Gates New Zayed project in the countryside of Sheikh Zayed

Prive Gate Compound is considered a giant residential edifice that has many components, which caught the attention of all customers and investors. Here, the major real estate company, Gate, was keen to provide different units with varying sizes, which helps you to buy the unit you want, in addition to the unique designs that match the style. The world in terms of sophistication and luxury, and the spaces are as follows:

  • Townhouse units in Prive: the space starts from 177 square meters up to 184 square meters.

  • Twin House in Prive Gates: space starts from 211 square meters.

  • Stand-alone Twin House units: their space starts from 243 square meters up to 290 square meters.

  • Twin Houses: space starts from 300 square meters.

  • Maison De Ville units: their space starts from 125 square meters up to 135 square meters.

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Integrated services within Prive Gate Sheikh Zayed

You have an opportunity presented on a plate of gold to live in a unique and unique residential project, with a lot of integrated services that achieve all the requirements and goals you aspire to, as follows:

  • Within Prive, there are large and spacious sports fields in which you can use your free time to practice your favorite hobby.

  • Providing all aspects of safety, as the largest number of guards and security personnel have been appointed, who work throughout the day to preserve the property at Prive Gates Shiekh Zayed.

  • Distribution of a number of surveillance cameras that monitor the events that take place throughout the day, in order to prevent thefts, and are reviewed permanently in Prive Gates Project.

  • There are a large number of different swimming pools in the spaces within Prive Compound, including for adults and children, and the depth has been taken into account to ensure protection and enjoy the most luxurious times.

  • Designing long tracks that are far from the road for cars to prevent any accidents and ensure protection for all at Prive Gates Compound.

  • Establishing a large health club in Prive Gates Zayed that includes all recreational services and has a private jacuzzi and sauna rooms that help you relax and enjoy the best special times.

  • You can also form friendships and meet with friends and family in the most prominent social club built in a large area with all the distinguished services that suit people of good taste inside Prive Gates New Zayed.

  • Creating a special place for birthday parties and parties, in addition to a barbecue area with all the equipment and tools, which helps you to enjoy yourself with friends in the most beautiful atmosphere in Prive Gates.

  • There are restaurants and cafes designed on the same international styles as Prive Gates with wonderful decorations that enable you to enjoy your favorite meal or a delicious drink.

  • And for a wonderful shopping experience, a huge shopping mall has been established that includes a huge number of stores that display the strongest international brands at Prive Gates New Zayed.

  • You can buy all household items in the largest hypermarket that operates throughout the day, and fast home delivery services.

  • Paying attention to the medical aspect by establishing a number of clinics that operate throughout the day to receive patients and provide them with distinguished services in Prive Gates.

  • There is a pharmacy operating throughout the day, which includes the largest number of imported medicines and operates 24 hours a day without interruption to serve the population in

  • For fans of maintaining a fit body, a large sports gym has been provided, which includes the largest number of sports equipment and trainers of the highest level

  • The prices within Prive Gates are distinctive and incomparable, helping you to purchase the unit in accordance with your purchasing desires, in addition to flexible payment methods that help you pay the total amount in installments for the longest possible period.

What are you waiting for? You can seize the golden opportunity now within the Sheikh Zayed countryside project, so take the initiative now to book and own the unit that suits you….!

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The unique features of Prive New Zayed

Enjoy every minute inside your special project in the countryside of Sheikh Zayed, which is unique in many features, which attracted the attention of customers and investors, as follows:

  • The green spaces inside Prive occupy the largest amount of the huge space on which it is built, which gives it psychological comfort and helps you relax and calm down.

  • The water bodies of Prive Compound are among the most important features that give it a wonderful civilized appearance, including artificial waterfalls, swimming pools, and fountains that operate throughout the day.

  • Prive is unique in its distinguished strategic location that connects the most important roads and main axes, making it easy for you to reach any place easily and without suffering from traffic problems.

  • The mosque is designed in a large area and can accommodate the largest number of worshipers to perform acts of worship and prayers inside Prive Gates New Zayed Compound.

  • There are large garages sufficient for a huge number of cars, to prevent crowding in Prive Gates New Zayed compound yard and prevent any accidents.

  • Dedicating a sophisticated system for the disposal of garbage away from the place in order to maintain the civilized appearance of the place.

  • For young children, an entertainment area has been provided for them that includes all the distinctive games that help them enjoy the most beautiful entertainment times.

  • Also, the residential units within Prive Gates are distinguished by their diversity in terms of spaces and types, which helps you to choose the most suitable one for you.

  • A wonderful infrastructure designed on the same international models, which includes all the basic services that are indispensable in Prive Gates.

  • Providing maintenance centers that operate throughout the day in order to monitor malfunctions within Prive Gates units and provide a distinctive residential environment.

What are you looking at? You can seize the golden opportunity within the Sheikh Zayed countryside project and enjoy an incomparable residential environment…..!

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Prices and payment systems announced within the Sheikh Zayed countryside project

The major real estate company, Gate, was keen to provide all aspects of comfort to its distinguished customers with refined taste and one of the most important of these services is its announcement of distinctive, incomparable and out-of-competition prices that help you to own the unit you want easily without suffering, as it is compatible with the purchasing desires of everyone, in addition to that it has I decided to announce flexible payment methods to pay the total amount in installments for the longest possible period, as follows:

  • Townhouse units in Prive: their price starts from 3,900,000 EGP up to 4,800,000 EGP.

  • The twin house's price starts from 5,800,000 EGP up to 6,900,000 EGP.

  • Stand Alone units at Prive Gates: their price starts from 7,200,000 EGP.

  • Maison De Ville units inside Prive Gates: their price starts from 2,700,000 EGP up to 2,800,000 EGP.

As for the payment systems offered within the Sheik Zayed countryside project, they are as follows:

  • You can pay a 10% downpayment of the unit price, and the rest is paid over 8 years.

  • Maintenance services 10%.

  • Prive Gates units will be delivered after 3 and a half years from the date of the contract.

For more information, you can contact us...!

Disadvantages of Prive Gates New Zayed Compound

The "Prive Gates New Zayed" project has a wide range of advantages, however, some clients may fear the impact of the large number of residential units on the level of tranquility and privacy. In this context, "Gates" real estate company emphasizes that it has taken deliberate measures to enhance comfort and privacy, by ensuring large distances between residential units, which contributes to achieving a quiet and secluded residential environment for residents.

Real estate developer - Gates Development

It is considered one of the largest distinguished real estate companies that have a great precedent of distinguished experiences that have proven itself on the ground, here we are talking about the major real estate company Gates, which has a long history of up to 25 years in the field of construction and development of traditional societies, and it has proven itself in the establishment of many projects The various services that befit its good reputation among customers, and it is always keen to make them happy and provide all requirements that are appropriate to their high level.

In addition to being a real estate developer, it owns many specializations, including in the iron and steel industry and others for utilities, and it is currently seeking to establish many projects in all parts of Egypt, in which unique and integrated services are provided, which helps you to enjoy every minute inside your distinctive residential unit, It also always uses a number of the largest architects with extensive experience to put the best unique touches that match the distinctive global cultures that are characterized by sophistication.

Her previous works:

Explore the Renewed Modern Living Experience: Luxury and Exceptional Services in Sheikh Zayed City!

Sheikh Zayed City stands out as one of the prominent landmarks on Egypt's map of luxury and excellence in service delivery, making it an attraction point for anyone seeking a high quality of life with lavish details. This city is a symbol of progress and prosperity in the country, opening its doors wide to its residents and guests alike, offering them everything they can aspire to in their pursuit of comfort and luxury. Sheikh Zayed City is distinguished by providing an ideal living environment, characterized by safety and tranquility, complemented by a network of glittering health resorts and luxurious hotels that boast exceptional levels of hospitality and service.

In Sheikh Zayed City, countless opportunities for leisure and cultural enrichment are available. In addition to luxurious accommodation, this city is a vibrant center where visitors and residents alike can discover famous tourist attractions and indulge in unique shopping experiences, whether in upscale malls or the city's bustling traditional markets. Those seeking relaxation and enjoying nature also have their place here, with lush gardens and green spaces that invite relaxation under Sheikh Zayed's blue sky.

Sheikh Zayed City connects the commercial, cultural, and educational aspects, bustling with commercial centers that cater to all needs and tastes, as well as hosting prominent educational institutions and advanced healthcare facilities that provide world-class medical care services. This integrated fabric of services and luxury makes Sheikh Zayed City an ideal destination for living, not only in the present but also promising a future filled with opportunities and advantages for anyone who chooses it as their home or a destination to visit, attracting more visitors and investors to achieve a unique living experience characterized by elegance and authenticity simultaneously.

Excellence in Luxury and Distinction: Sheikh Zayed City is Your Ideal Choice!

In the heart of the governorate, Sheikh Zayed City emerges as an urban dream realized, built on the foundations of meticulous planning that combines innovation and functionality to provide an ideal environment that meets the aspirations of its residents and keeps pace with their growing population. With its advanced infrastructure and service facilities spanning health, education, and transportation, it has positioned itself at the forefront of distinguished urban areas, offering top-notch hospitals, schools, and universities that rival global standards with their quality.

Sheikh Zayed City abounds with entertainment and shopping destinations that cater to the desires and needs of all residents, from parks and gardens that serve as a haven for families, to shopping centers that host a wide range of international brands, making it a meeting point for fashion and shopping enthusiasts.

Moreover, Sheikh Zayed City has also transformed into an attraction hub for investors and businessmen, opening its arms to promising investment opportunities across various sectors, supported by a remarkable economic growth that has made it a focal point for major companies seeking to expand their businesses.

Sheikh Zayed City pulsates with inspiration and ambition, embodying a model of cities that are not content with their achievements but constantly strive for the best through their strategic vision towards sustainable development and enhancing the well-being of their residents. Sheikh Zayed City reflects the strong commitment of local authorities to redouble their efforts to ensure unparalleled quality of life for its residents.

Sheikh Zayed City continues to write its success story, affirming its role as an ambitious and leading destination for anyone seeking a place to live and invest in Egypt.

More Than Just Neighbors: Unique Residential Experiences Near BPrive Gates New Zayed Compound!

  1. Genova Compound in Sheikh Zayed: Genova Compound boasts a prime location adjacent to Prive Gates New Zayed Compound, ensuring its residents a tranquil life away from the city's hustle and bustle while maintaining easy access to essential services. This compound offers a unique blend of luxurious apartments and stand-alone villas designed to meet the highest levels of luxury and privacy. Vast green spaces permeate the compound, contributing to a captivating natural environment that refreshes the soul and body, in addition to a diverse range of recreational facilities that cater to the needs of all family members and add more fun and happiness to their lives.

  2. Canal Walk Island Compound in Sheikh Zayed: Canal Walk Compound occupies a prime location next to Prive Gates New Zayed Compound, making it a prominent attraction for those seeking excellence and sophistication in their place of residence. This compound shines with its contemporary design that combines luxury and simplicity, providing an unparalleled residential experience. Its advantages are not limited to the beauty of its exterior and interior designs but also encompass a variety of residential units that cater to different needs and tastes, in addition to offering a wide range of recreational facilities designed to enhance an integrated lifestyle.

  3. Al Karma Keya Compound in Sheikh Zayed: Al Karma Keya Compound is considered one of the luxurious residential destinations, situated in a strategic location adjacent to Prive Gates New Zayed Compound. This compound embodies a model of sophisticated living, including a collection of residential apartments designed with refined taste and stand-alone villas that boast luxurious and modern designs. The compound is equipped with everything necessary to ensure a comfortable and secure life for its residents, providing an ideal residential environment that combines elegance and privacy.

  4. Lac Ville Compound in Sheikh Zayed: Lac Ville Compound represents an oasis of sophistication and distinction in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, where its residents embrace the breeze of modern life and tranquility in its most beautiful forms. This compound is distinguished by its diverse residential options, including luxurious apartments and villas with unique architectural designs, all designed to provide the utmost levels of comfort and privacy for its residents.

  5. Silva Compound in Sheikh Zayed: Silva Compound occupies a strategic location close to Prive Gates New Zayed Compound, a haven of peace and tranquility amidst modern life. This residential complex is distinguished by its contemporary and diverse designs that efficiently meet the needs of residents, offering them a unique lifestyle. In Silva Compound, residents can enjoy vast green spaces and designated areas for walking and relaxing in the open air, making it the ideal place for a serene and integrated family life.

Explore the gems of the compounds surrounding Prive Gates New Zayed Compound, where you have a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a world filled with comfort and luxury. This area is a hub for a lifestyle that combines tranquility and sophistication, making it the perfect place for those seeking a residential experience that transcends the ordinary. The diversity offered by the neighboring residential communities enriches your daily experience, adding a new dimension of quality and distinction.

Comfort and Confidence: How to Purchase Your Unit in Prive Gates New Zayed Compound, Without Any Obstacles Through

In your journey towards owning your dream unit within the confines of Prive Gates New Zayed Compound, stands as a bridge connecting you to your real estate aspirations without hassle or challenges. This website, serving as your trusted guide in Egypt's online real estate world, opens up vast horizons of real estate options, including the remarkable Prive Gates New Zayed Compound. Here's how this journey can begin and end with your ownership of your desired unit:

1. Your first step begins with visiting, where you can type "Prive Gates New Zayed Compound" in the search bar to display a list of available options within this project.

2. Browse through the listed units, exploring the details and photos of each one until you find what aligns with your desires and needs.

3. Once your eyes land on the ideal unit, you can easily book it by clicking on the reservation option, which will then take you to the reservation request page.

4. There, you will have multiple payment options ranging from cash payment to installment plans. If you prefer cash payment, you can contact Prive Gates New Zayed Compound team directly to arrange the payment. If you prefer an installment plan, you will need to submit a financing application along with the required documents.

5. After your application is approved and the contract with the developer is signed, you will make the down payment and begin settling the installments according to the agreement.

6. Once all payments are complete, you will be able to receive the keys to your unit in Prive Gates New Zayed Compound and begin a new life in your modern and sophisticated home.

This smooth path offered by makes the dream of owning a unit in Prive Gates New Zayed Compound an accessible and hassle-free reality, giving you the opportunity to experience a unique and satisfying real estate ownership.

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