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Project Description

Project name: IT Business Hub.

About IT Business Hub: A breakthrough in the field of real estate development with the establishment of this great edifice, which provides all basic facilities and services to Arab and foreign investors.

IT Business Hub location: Fifth Settlement near the Ring Road.

The Space of IT Business Hub New Cairo: It was built on a large space to include all types of units.

Units types: administrative units - commercial units - medical units.

Units Space in IT Business Hub: starts from 40 square meters.

IT Business Hub Units price: starts from 2,320,000 EGP.

Payment methods: A downpayment starting from 0% up to 30% of the total unit price is paid, and the rest of the amount is paid in installments over a period of up to 7 years.

Real estate developer: Upwyde Development.

IT Business Hub Mall New Cairo

Upwyde Development has launched one of its latest mega projects, IT Business Hub Mall, which is a luxury mall designed with one of the international standards of precision. Its interior and exterior designs are characterized by modern luxury and elegance, as they are in harmony with the surrounding picturesque nature.

One of the most important advantages of IT Business Hub Project is its presence in New Cairo, which is considered a vibrant artery. It contains within it many luxurious residential neighborhoods and various investment activities needed by businessmen. It also includes many service areas that meet the needs of everyone, which increases investor demand for them.

IT Business Hub Mall includes multiple activities, including commercial, administrative and medical, in various spaces and integrated services. The real estate developer also announced unparalleled competitive prices and flexible payment systems that suit all purchasing powers, which leads to an increase in the investment rate, and we will display all the details related to IT Business Hub project in the article next one.

IT Business Hub Mall's geographical location and the most important features that are unique to it

The developer has chosen the location of its IT Business Hub Project very carefully, as it is located in the heart of New Cairo, specifically in the upscale Fifth Settlement neighborhood, which includes the main Teseen Street full of all service areas, and is close to all main roads and axes to facilitate access from every direction.

The most important landmarks near Mall It Business Hub New Cairo:

  • IT Business Hub is located close to the Ring Road
  • IT Business is a few minutes away from the commercial center and high-end universities such as the American University. It is also located close to the German Canadian University, in addition to its proximity to the University of the Future.
  • The distance between IT Business Hub and both Heliopolis and Nasr City is about a few minutes.

Features available within IT Business Hub Fifth Settlement

IT Business Hub is a commercial, administrative and medical edifice. It is one of the icons of magnificence and prominent signs that were built in New Cairo, asunique an endless number of unique and exceptional features that make investing inside it a golden opportunity for a large number of clients, the most important of which are the following:

  • The developer company paid attention to the aesthetic view surrounding IT Business Hub Mall, as it allocated a space of ​​land for the implementation of landscaping, lakes, and dancing fountains with a high-end crystal appearance that evokes a strong sense of tranquility and tranquility in the soul inside IT Business Hub.
  • The architectural designs of all units conform to all international quality standards, and all of them have an attractive panoramic view of the scenic surroundings at IT Business Hub Project.
  • The real estate developer has solved the problem of congestion and pollution by implementing large-sized garages that can accommodate the largest number of visitors' cars to prevent them from crowding in front of IT Business Hub Mall and affecting the overall aesthetic view.
  • Modern and advanced alarm devices and a set of fire extinguishers distributed everywhere to reduce material losses.
  • Ultra-fast Wi-Fi so that customers can get their business done with the utmost precision and speed in IT Business Hub New Cairo.
  • The constantly developing company seeks to provide all the elements of comfort to its customers by installing central air conditioning with an advanced cooling system so that customers can finish their tasks in a moderate and suitable atmosphere at Upwyde New Cairo Mall.
  • Inside IT Business Hub Mall Fifth Settlement, there are all security means for a safe investment, which are the installation of modern television surveillance cameras throughout, electronic gates, in addition to a group of security crews to guard entrances and exits 24 hours a day.
  • IT Business Hub Project rests on a strong infrastructure that includes power systems, power cables, sewage, gas, etc. to function perfectly.
  • IT Business Mall is equipped with more than one entrance to get rid of crowds and facilitate entry and exit processes.

Services available inside It Business Hub Mall, New Cairo

The developer combined its efforts to implement the architectural masterpiece IT Business Hub Mall New Cairo and provided inside it everything that meets the needs of customers in terms of endless entertainment and basic services that meet their needs, the most important of which are the following:

  • A group of fine restaurants and cafés with distinctive decorations that provide high-quality services to serve IT Business Hub units.
  • The interior buildings of IT Business Hub Mall are equipped with a number of advanced electric elevators and escalators for easy movement between floors for added convenience.
  • Within IT Business Hub, there are toilets, some for men and others for women and children to maintain privacy.
  • Well-equipped areas so that customers can perform the five assignments on time.
  • Inside IT Business Hub New Cairo mall, there are halls equipped at the highest level with the latest sound systems and advanced displays that can accommodate the largest number of businessmen.
  • A commercial area with a group of shops that provide all kinds of consumer goods and services, in addition to the availability of the strongest international brands that suit all tastes inside IT Business Hub Mall.
  • Spa units, sauna and jacuzzi are equipped at the highest level and integrated services to meet the needs of customers, in addition to the presence of gym units with all the advanced equipment and devices so that customers can take care of their fitness with the help of a group of the most qualified trainers and experts at IT Business Hub Project.

The space and types of units within IT Business Hub Mall Fifth Settlement

The Architectural Masterpiece IT Business Hub has been implemented on a wide space, with stunning views and interior buildings designed in the latest architectural styles with a variety of spaces, allowing each customer to choose what suits him best.

The architectural edifice includes within it all kinds of commercial, administrative, and medical activities with integrated services available with a space starting from 40 square meters. We will mention the details of the spaces in the next lines as follows.

  • Within It Business Project, there are commercial units on the ground floor, with spaces starting from 50 square meters.
  • Commercial units on the first floor start from 63 square meters.
  • Administrative units at the highest level in It Business, with space starting from 40 square meters.
  • It Business Mall also includes medical units with a space of 40 square meters.

Price plans and payment systems available inside IT Business Hub New Cairo

The developer company seeks to satisfy all its customers by announcing attractive and ideal prices that cannot be competed for all units of various sizes, suitable for all segments of businessmen and investors, and the price is set according to their size and types and are as follows:

  • Units on the ground floor, the price per square meter starts from 140,000 EGP up to 185,000 EGP.
  • Commercial units located on the first floor, the price per square meter ranges from 115,000 EGP up to 135,000 EGP.
  • A group of administrative offices in It Business, the price per square meter starts from 58,000 EGP.
  • A group of clinics, the price per square meter is 60,000 EGP.

As for the payment systems announced by the developer, they are flexible and diverse and suit all categories of customers and investors, where the customer can pay a simple advance of the unit value in installments over the longest possible period and are as follows:

  • The customer can pay a downpayment of 0% of the unit value, and the remaining amount is to be paid in installments over 4 years in equal installments without interest.
  • A downpayment of 15% of the unit value is paid, then 5% is paid after two and a half years in the form of a second payment, and the rest of its price is paid in installments over 5 years in equal installments without interest.
  • The customer pays a 20% downpayment, then pays two and a half years, and the remaining amount of the unit price is paid over 6 years in equal installments without interest.
  • The customer can also pay a downpayment of 30% of the unit value and then pay 5% after two and a half years and the rest of its price is paid in installments over 7 years in equal installments and without interest.

Disadvantages of IT Business Hub in New Cairo

Despite the many advantages of IT Business Hub in New Cairo, some clients may have concerns about having a large number of units in one place, which could lead to congestion or overcrowding. However, Upwyde Real Estate has carefully incorporated this consideration into Upwyde New Cairo project's design, providing dedicated floors for each activity, in addition to 24-hour security services, to ensure a safe and organized environment for the project's residents.

The real estate developer

Upwyde Developments, owner of IT Business Hub Project Fifth Settlement, which is the third commercial center that it launched, and it is one of the major leading institutions in the field of real estate development and has achieved many achievements in urbanization through which it gained extensive experience, and has become very popular among competitors.

The developer company seeks to gain the confidence of customers and investors by providing units with the latest architectural styles and conforming to all international standards and conditions in cooperation with a group of senior engineering consultants and the finest types of raw materials, in addition to providing them with all the service facilities that everyone needs.

Upwyde Developments owns many giant projects that have been offered at attractive competitive prices and very flexible payment systems to suit all segments of investors. It has also committed to delivering them on time with the same specifications agreed upon in the contract terms, the most important of which are the following:

Glimpse into the Future: Your Investment in New Cairo is the Gateway to Sustainable Success!

New Cairo, the mega-project that is one of the most prominent new cities in Egypt, enjoys immense popularity among both local and foreign investors. It is considered one of the most developed and futuristic urban areas in the country, offering a wide range of promising investment opportunities.

New Cairo is characterized by several factors that make it a gateway to sustainable success for investors. First and foremost, it enjoys a prime strategic location near Old Cairo, offering easy access to Cairo International Airport and numerous other vital areas of the city.

Secondly, New Cairo is witnessing rapid growth in infrastructure and available services. It boasts numerous mega-projects such as the Sports City, the Monorail, and numerous shopping malls, international schools, and modern hospitals. This excellent infrastructure attracts many residents to live in New Cairo, significantly increasing investment opportunities.

Thirdly, the real estate market in New Cairo is stable and flexible. Prices are witnessing steady long-term growth, and there are still many untapped investment opportunities awaiting discovery. Various options are available regarding properties, ranging from luxury apartments to standalone villas, allowing investors to choose according to their needs and budgets.

Finally, residents of New Cairo enjoy a comfortable life filled with amenities and entertainment. The area provides access to a diverse range of cafes, restaurants, and shops, in addition to parks, gardens, and sports clubs. This contributes to a high quality of life, making New Cairo an ideal place to live and invest.

Your investment in New Cairo is a gateway to sustainable success. It offers substantial and diverse investment opportunities, as well as excellent infrastructure and a stable real estate market, facilitating profitable long-term returns. Therefore, investing in New Cairo could be a wise investment decision leading to sustainable success.

Don't Just Live... Transcend Expectations at 5th Settlement Malls!

In the heart of vibrant Cairo, the 5th Settlement Malls stand tall as a prominent landmark – not just a commercial center, but a leisure destination that captivates the hearts of its visitors. The 5th Settlement area is a modern district witnessing significant demand, not only from local residents but also from visitors coming from various parts, thanks to its unique commercial and recreational diversity.

What sets the 5th Settlement Malls apart is not only their modern and attractive architectural designs but also their embrace of a world of international and local retail brands that cater to all needs and tastes. Whether you're on a quest for the latest fashion trends, looking to indulge in an unforgettable culinary experience, or seeking enjoyable leisure moments, the 5th Settlement Malls offer all of this and more.

Entertainment at these malls goes beyond just shopping, with modern cinema halls and recreational facilities providing thrilling experiences for you and your family. In this space, creativity meets pleasure to create a unique destination that welcomes visitors of all ages and interests.

The developers did not overlook the importance of providing all means of comfort for visitors, offering ample parking spaces, advanced facilities ensuring visitor safety and comfort, and a dedicated team striving to deliver the best possible service.

The 5th Settlement Malls are not just a shopping destination; they are an address of elegance and leisure in Egypt. With their growing fame and popularity, these malls rank among the most prominent and largest shopping and entertainment destinations, offering an unforgettable experience for anyone who sets foot in them, making them a must-visit stop for residents and visitors alike in Cairo.

For Those Seeking Excellence and Proximity: The Best Malls Adjacent to It Business Hub New Cairo Mall!

At the heart of New Cairo, IT Business Hub Mall stands as one of the most renowned shopping and entertainment landmarks, forming a hub of attraction for visitors and residents alike. However, this giant is not alone in its arena; the surrounding area boasts a diverse array of malls with a unique character that promise an equally exciting and varied shopping experience. Here, we shed light on some of the most prominent of these commercial centers, which form an integrated fabric with IT Business Hub Mall, offering multiple shopping and recreational options to cater to everyone's tastes and needs.

  1. Cairo Capital Center Mall in New Cairo: Located near IT Business Hub Mall, the Cairo Capital Center Mall occupies a prime location that makes it a prominent spot on Cairo's shopping map. This mall, with its vast area and diverse shops, is considered one of the largest commercial centers in the region. It houses a diverse range of international and local brands under one roof, reflecting a rich variety that caters to all tastes. Additionally, it hosts restaurants and cafes offering exceptional dining experiences, making it an ideal haven for those seeking authenticity and refined taste in food. The Cairo Mall offers a comprehensive experience that goes beyond mere shopping to include enjoying unforgettable moments with family and friends in an atmosphere of luxury and excellence.

  2. Centric Mall in New Cairo: The Centric Mall in New Cairo stands as a mecca for shopping enthusiasts, emerging as a shining beacon in the city that combines elegance and diversity. This mall is distinguished by its rich and comprehensive shopping experience, catering to the needs and desires of its visitors through a wide range of international and local brand stores that suit all tastes and budgets. In addition, the mall features a stunning recreational area, acting as a haven for families and friends to enjoy unforgettable moments through a diverse array of games and leisure activities suitable for all age groups. By providing integrated shopping and entertainment solutions, the Centric Mall is a true oasis that embraces unforgettable experiences for all who visit.

  3. Business Plus Mall in New Cairo: The Business Plus Mall marks a turning point in New Cairo's shopping scene, thanks to its design that blends elegance and modernity. This mall is brimming with a wide range of retail stores catering to all visitor needs, in addition to a diverse mix of restaurants and cafes offering delectable dishes and beverages. Moreover, the mall also includes a number of recreational facilities, making it an ideal destination for enjoying pleasant shopping, relaxation, and delicious meals.

  4. Every Mall in New Cairo: In the heart of New Cairo, the Every Mall emerges as a distinctive landmark in the world of shopping and entertainment, serving as a hub for a striking diversity of stores and leisure spots. This place, with its modern design and warm ambiance, offers visitors a wealth of rich experiences. From restaurants serving the most delectable dishes to cinema halls screening the latest movies, in addition to a wide range of retail stores catering to all tastes, the Every Mall shines as an ideal destination for families and friends to spend unforgettable moments.

- When visiting one of the renowned commercial centers at theIt Business Hub New Cairo Mall, you'll witness a unique experience that fills your day with joy and vibrancy. Stroll through the corridors of these modern malls and discover a wide array of stores catering to all your needs. Savor delicious dishes in upscale restaurants and enjoy unforgettable moments with loved ones. Every moment there promises an addition to the concept of shopping, a comprehensive experience that etches beautiful memories in mind.

Smooth Real Estate Transactions: Tips and Secrets to Facilitate the Buying Process at It Business Hub New Cairo Mall on!

Let's begin our real estate journey by visiting the website, where we can find a wide range of available investment opportunities. One of these opportunities is It Business Hub New Cairo Mall, a project that combines elegance and practicality. To explore what this mall has to offer, we can use the search bar on the website to easily find relevant information.

  1. Before delving into the depths of purchase details, it is essential to clearly define our requirements. This may include specifying the desired type of property – whether a residential apartment, commercial unit, or office, as well as the required size and layout.
  2. When browsing the listings, we find that each advertised unit comes with a set of detailed photos and specifications, including area, number of rooms, and price, making it easier to compare options and choose the most suitable one.
  3. The next step is to directly contact the seller to obtain more details and verify available payment options. Through this dialogue, we can also initiate the negotiation process regarding the price and payment terms before signing the official contract that confirms our ownership of the chosen unit.
  4. Upon completing the payment process according to the agreed terms, the exciting moment of receiving the unit arrives. Therefore, it is essential to schedule an appointment with the seller to collect the keys and complete all necessary procedures.
  5. Now, as the owner of a unit in It Business Hub New Cairo Mall, the opportunity is in your hands to furnish and utilize your new property as you wish, meeting your personal or professional needs in a modern and advanced environment located at the heart of New Cairo.

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Fifth Settlement near the Ring Road.

2,320,000 EGP


Upwyde Developments

10 Units

30% down payment and the rest in installments for up to 7 years

a large space to include all types of units.


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