Asgard New Capital Mall

From 1,200,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: EG Master Group

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Project Name: Asgard.

About Asgard: It is a commercial mall that provides all the facilities and services that meet the needs of visitors in the 7th district, New Administrative Capital.

Asgard Location: It is located in the New Administrative Capital, in R7 at COM5 services area. It is close to the capital's most important government institutions, and next to Midtown Sky compound and Vinci Compound

Asgard New Capital Mall Space: The project was implemented on 2200 square meters

Units Types: it varies among commercial units in addition to a pharmacy, facilities, and services.

Units Space: unit spaces start at 28 square meters and up to 78 square meters.

Units Prices: prices per meter start at 45,000 EGP and up to 60,000 EGP.

Payment Systems: downpayments between 10% and 15%, with the remaining amount paid in installments for 6 to 8 years.

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Asgard Mall New Administrative Capital

Is one of the most prominent commercial compounds in the new megacity, which has many advantages. Asgard is an integrated mall that offers services and facilities for residents and visitors, it is characterized by a strategic location that gives it superior investment value, so the project has become the focus of the attention of many investors.

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Asgard New Capital Location

Located in the most prestigious, vibrant, and distinctive districts of the New Administrative Capital, It is located in the 7th residential district (R7), specifically in COM5, one of the finest areas in the neighborhood.

Asgard's mall is located on three main streets, each street is 80 meters wide, giving the location a high investment value.

The mall is close to many schools, universities, clubs, and gardens, and is not far from Midtown Sky compound and Vinci Compound.

The project is only about 2 minutes from the embassy district, a few minutes from the fairgrounds, and only about five minutes from the Green River.

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Available Project Space

The vast space of the project, along with Asgard's unique location, gave the project investment value and made it one of the best businesses in the New Administrative Capital.

EG Master Group (the owner of the project), was able to implement it on a vast 3,000 square meters, allowing for a variety of unit sizes within the mall.

Units Types & Spaces

EG Master Group offers a variety of unit designs in their commercial mall, mostly following a modern style. The designs and locations of the units have made this mall one of the best in the capital.

Asgard Mall was constructed on 2,200 square meters, consisting of 2 basements, along with three floors (ground, first, second). The units themselves vary between shops, pharmacies, and other facilities and services

Unit spaces at Asgard Mall are diverse to suit all customers, ranging between 28 square meters and 300 square meters.

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Asgard Mall Services

The Mall offers many advantages, including a distinct location, spacious units, as well as a number of services and facilities, most notably:

  • A range of international restaurants and cafés are available on the mall's ground floor, serving the most delicious dishes and beverages to suit the tastes of all customers.
  • The mall has 2 secure and covered garages to facilitate parking for customers and visitors at the mall.
  • 24-hour security services are available to maintain the safety of the mall on an ongoing basis.
  • The latest surveillance cameras are installed on all entrances and exits of the mall, as well as various places within it to provide the highest level of security.
  • The owner company has provided a large space for the landscape and water bodies, in order to make the mall look more luxurious.
  • A dancing fountain is available at the mall to entertain the customers.
  • The mall is entirely solar-powered, which distinguishes it from other malls in the New Administrative Capital, as it provides a clean and healthy environment for unit owners, employees, and customers.
  • All the shops have glass facades to help customers see the products inside, as well as give the shops a more sophisticated appearance.
  • There are 2 elevators, 2 escalators, and 2 main staircases. It’s easy to move between different floors in the mall, even on crowded days.
  • There is central air conditioning throughout the mall and its commercial, medical and administrative units, which reduces the burden of unit preparation on the buyer.
  • The company established for the project provides a rapid delivery service for the units, where you can obtain your units within 18 months of the contract date. Buyers may start setting up their businesses immediately without delay.
  • There are many shops in the mall that offer the various products that customers may need in different international brands.
  • The mall overlooks magnificent vistas of blue water bodies and green landscape.
  • Each of the mall's floors is attached to two public restrooms, available to all those present, whether unit owners or visitors

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Unit Prices

If you want to get a commercial or administrative unit in the Administrative Capital, Asgard Mall would be a great choice thanks to its privileged location in the 7th residential district (R7), in addition to the services and facilities available to it. The prices are also very competitive.

It’s hard to name an average unit price because it varies widely according to the unit size and specifications. However, you can expect to pay a minimum of 45,000 EGP per meter, and a maximum of 60,000 EGP per meter.

Payment Systems

Asgard Mall has received great attention from investors and buyers, thanks to its strategic location and service.

Because of the demand, EG Master Group has provided convenient payment systems to suit the customers as follows:

  • System 1: 10% downpayment upon signing the contract, with the remaining amount paid in installments for six years.
  • System 2: 15% downpayment upon signing the contract, with the remaining amount paid in installments for seven years.
  • System 3: 10% downpayment upon signing the contract, another 10% upon receiving the unit, with the remaining amount paid in installments for seven years.
  • System 4: 15% downpayment upon signing the contract and 10% upon receiving the unit, with the remaining amount paid in installments for eight years.

Owner Company Portfolio

EG Master is the owner of Asgard. It is an Egyptian joint-stock company that is one of the leading companies in the world of investment and real estate development.

The company was established in 2005 in Egypt. Throughout all these years, it has proven itself with many achievements and collaborations with experienced real estate companies.

Throughout its history, the company has launched many real estate projects with unexpected success in the real estate market, reaching 18 projects in multiple regions. All of their projects are characterized by sophisticated architectural designs and many advantages that anyone is looking for in their place of residence such as tranquility and luxury.

The company’s massive success is the product of tireless work by qualified architects and designers, as well as inviting foreign experts to make use of their experience. Their projects often have amazing finishes, a variety of unit sizes, a distinguished location, and of course all the services that residents may ever need.

Asgard Mall is not the only successful project by the company, as they also realized many distinguished residential projects, such as:

The City Valley Project: Built on 54 acres and featuring diverse units such as villas, apartments, and studio apartments.

Aventura Mall, New Administrative Capital: Its units are scheduled to be delivered in 2023, characterized by competitive prices and easy payment systems with 10% downpayments and installments for up to 7 years.

Red Sea Valley Ras Sidr resort: Occupies 250 acres and has multiple units between chalets, twin houses and standalone villas

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  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area

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