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Project Description

Project Name: TRIVIUM Square.

About TRIVIUM Square: It is a commercial project that combines commercial facilities with administrative facilities and medical facilities where the project provides all services that meet the needs of customers.

TRIVIUM Square Mall Location: it is located in New Cairo at 90th Street, next to the Mohammed Naguib Axis, near the largest New Cairo projects

TRIVIUM Square Mall 5th Settlement Area: Trivium Mall New Cairo was executed on an area of 14,000 square meters.

Units Types: it varies among commercial shops, administrative offices, and medical clinics.

Units Space in TRIVIUM Square: shops' and clinics' space starts from 50 square meters, while the administrative offices' space starts from 70 square meters.

Units Prices: TRIVIUM Square Units' prices start from 1,500,000 EGP, and 58 m² administrative offices' prices start at 1,630,000 EGP.

TRIVIUM Square Payment Systems: You can pay 10% up to 30% downpayment and the rest via installments over a period starts from 3 years up to 5 years.

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Get ready to immerse yourself in an experience like no other, and be part of the innovative vision we offer at the unique and advanced Trivium Mall in Fifth Settlement! 

Trivium Mall is one of the largest commercial projects in New Cairo. It is an integrated commercial center designed in a modern style using advanced technological methods and providing a fully equipped working environment for ambitious businessmen and investors, creating a life that combines luxury and modernity with a unique style suited to the nature of investment activities. The units offered in the project vary between commercial units, administrative units, and medical units, to ensure the customer's investment project success and achieve huge financial gains, in addition to the remarkable prices announced by the developer, which are beyond competition. 

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Live the luxury experience with Trivium Mall in the most tranquil and beautiful locations, where magic meets elegance! 

The developer has put its long-standing expertise at the heart of Trivium Mall in New Cairo, having succeeded in selecting the right geographical location in order to execute its project, knowing it is a key element in the success of any major investment project. Trivium Mall Fifth Settlement is located on Road 90 next to Mohamed Naguib, near important residential communities, lively areas and cities that make it easily accessible from all directions for all customers.

Here are the most important nearby areas and landmarks of Trivium Mall:

  • The distance between Trivium Mall and the American University is about 5 minutes. 
  • Trivium Square Mall is about 5 minutes from Rehab City. 
  • Easy access from Trivium Mall in New Cairo to Madinaty in just 15 minutes. 
  • Fifth Settlement Project is close to Cairo International Airport. 
  • The distance between Trivium Square Mall in Fifth Settlement and New Cairo is only about 20 minutes. 
  • Trivium Mall in New Cairo is located near major roads like Suez Road and Ring Road. 
  • Trivium Fifth Settlement is close to Maadi, Moqattam and Madinty, about half an hour away. 

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Discover the pleasure of unique architectural design with Trivium Mall New Cairo, where we provide you with an exceptional experience that meets all your aspirations! 

The developer of Trivium Mall put its artistic touches when choosing the designs of Trivium Mall Fifth Settlement, which reflect beauty and skill to suit people of refined taste. The developer also hired the best engineering consulting firms to execute the project in a manner that suits people of refined taste, in addition to the luxurious glass facades that add a touch of beauty and elegance. Trivium Mall Fifth Settlement consists of 3 buildings, each building has four connected floors, with most of the total area allocated to green spaces, gardens and parks, giving the units a wonderful panoramic view.

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Let every day of your life shine with luxury and distinction with the sophisticated, integrated services we provide you in Trivium Square project in Fifth Settlement! 

Invest in Trivium Mall New Cairo where modernity and luxury touch your life through our distinguished location, modern designs and advanced integrated services which are: 

  • A range of contemporary restaurants and cafes that offer the most delicious drinks and meals in Trivium Mall New Cairo. 
  • The shopping area for all shopping enthusiasts, containing a large number of shops and diverse goods from the most famous international brands and marks in Trivium Mall Fifth Settlement to suit all tastes. 
  • Trivium Mall visitors get skin and body care services in the most luxurious spa, sauna and Jacuzzi centers and get a high level of relaxation and fun. 
  • Pharmacies that provide the best medical services in Trivium Square and contain medicines and medical supplies needed by visitors. 
  • A large hypermarket containing fresh groceries, electrical appliances, personal care products so that visitors can buy their daily necessities in Trivium Mall Fifth Settlement. 
  • Equipping the conference hall with the latest audio and visual means in Fifth Settlement Project to hold important meetings and seminars. 
  • Gyms and fitness centers designed with the latest sports equipment so that visitors can practice various sports exercises under the supervision of a group of professional sports trainers. 
  • Medical clinics equipped according to global health standards and regular sanitization to prevent the spread of diseases and infection, and provide complete medical care for visitors of Trivium Mall Fifth Settlement. 
  • To provide all means of comfort for customers, a dedicated area has been provided for charging electric cars in Trivium Square Fifth Settlement. 
  • Administrative offices equipped with all requirements to create a comfortable working environment for unit owners in Trivium Mall New Cairo. 
  • A maintenance team that works around the clock to diagnose faults and fix them to ensure smooth operation in Trivium Mall. 
  • A cinema that shows the latest Arabic and English films in high quality in Trivium Mall Fifth Settlement. 

Explore the exclusive investment opportunities and unprecedented benefits we offer, where Trivium is the key to making your dreams come true and elevating your life!

By owning a residential unit in Trivium Mall, you have a golden opportunity to benefit from all the services and advantages available within the project, which are hard to compare with any other project; so no need to think twice, go ahead and book your place now, and get the best prices. The project's main advantages include: 

  • The location of Trivium Mall Fifth Settlement has been carefully selected close to the most vibrant areas that make it easy for the client to go anywhere. 
  • The internal unit designs are made with extreme precision reflecting skill and creativity in design and implementation in Trivium Square Fifth Settlement. 
  • The project management has contracted with the best security companies to appoint a highly trained security team to control security in Trivium Mall New Cairo and preserve the safety of facilities. 
  • Paying attention to modern safety measures and installing sophisticated surveillance cameras throughout Trivium Mall Fifth Settlement project to monitor the full picture around the clock. 
  • Elevators and stairs that allow customers to move without feeling any fatigue in Trivium Mall. 
  • Using glass facades that allow adequate sunlight and protect the project from rainwater. 
  • Building parking garages in a large area to accommodate a huge amount of cars, helping reduce congestion and reduce environmental pollution. 
  • A large mosque designed in authentic Islamic style for religious rituals and receiving worshipers around the clock in Trivium Mall Fifth Settlement. 
  • Large display screens that enable unit owners to advertise their products for free, with maps that allow visitors to easily reach their destination. 
  • Allocating a well-ventilated area for smokers in Trivium Mall Fifth Settlement so as not to disturb others. 
  • The presence of electronic gates connected to remote control devices in Trivium Mall New Cairo project to organize entry and exit and prevent congestion. 
  • Providing wheelchairs and paving roads for people with special needs so they can move freely without harm. 
  • Wide tracks allocated for cycling and exercising safely away from the public car road in Trivium Mall. 
  • Paying attention to the internet network which helps visitors accomplish all their work in the shortest time possible in Trivium Square Mall. 
  • The developer relies on alternative energy sources to generate electricity and protect the environment in Trivium Square Mall. 
  • Providing several backup power generators that automatically operate the project in case of power outage. 

A step towards luxury and distinction, take a look at our collection of unique units in Trivium Mall that embody the latest trends in design and innovation!

Trivium Square Mall was executed on an area of ​​14,000 square meters, which is a huge area that allowed the developer to announce many units with varying areas to give the opportunity for different segments of customers to choose what suits their needs, in addition to the unique architectural designs that rival the international standard. You can learn about the unit areas in Trivium Square Mall Fifth Settlement from the following points: 

  • The area of ​​commercial units in Trivium Mall New Cairo starts from 70 square meters. 
  • While the area of ​​administrative units and clinics in Trivium Mall Fifth Settlement starts from 50 square meters. 

Trivium Mall New Cairo offers you the best competitive prices and payment plans specially designed to suit your budget for a comfortable and ideal experience with us!

The prices announced in Trivium Project in New Cairo are reasonable and suitable for the size of services and advantages that the customer gets in high quality. The developer company cared about pleasing its customers by providing many price facilitations. The prices in Trivium Mall New Cairo are as follows: 

  • Prices of administrative units in Trivium Mall Fifth Settlement start from 1,630,000 EGP. 
  • While prices of commercial units in Trivium Square Mall start from 1,500,000 EGP.

In addition to the competitive prices announced by the developer, its payment systems are flexible, enabling the client to get a unit with the lowest down payment over long installment periods without any financial interest. You can learn about the payment systems in the project as follows: 

  • First system: The client can pay a 10% reservation down payment, then pay the rest of the amount over 3 years. 
  • Second system: Paying 20% contract down payment with paying the remaining amount over 4 years without any financial interest. 
  • Third system: Paying 30% reservation down of the total value and paying the rest over 5 years.

Disadvantages of Trivium Square Mall Fifth Settlement

Despite the unique features provided by Enmaa Real Estate in Trivium Mall New Cairo, some investors may think the multitude of units could lead to loss of privacy. However, the company made sure to allocate certain floors for each activity, in addition to providing specialized security teams working round-the-clock in the mall, to ensure safety and privacy for visitors and investors.

Get to know our real estate developer, characterized by excellence and experience, where we turn your dreams into a daily reality!

Enmaa Real Estate Development executed Trivium Mall New Cairo project. It is one of the most important Egyptian real estate companies that implements many administrative and commercial projects, and provides everything customers need in one place with high quality designs and using the latest technological methods. Among the most important projects carried out by the developer are: 

  • Kuwait Ministry of Interior.
  • Kuwait Cultural Center.
  • Kuwait University.
  • Regency Hotel.
  • Al Amiri Hospital in Kuwait.
  • Al Jahra Hospital in Kuwait.
  • Al Salam Hospital in Kuwait.

Advantages of Investing in The Fifth Settlement

The Fifth Settlement represents a prominent attraction for those wishing to invest or reside within the atmosphere of New Cairo, thanks to a set of features that make it an ideal destination. This area, with its strategic location and proximity to major access routes such as Road 90 and the Muhammad Naguib intersection, offers its residents a high-quality lifestyle. Here are the highlights of the appeal that the Fifth Settlement enjoys:

Strategic Location: The area enjoys a central location, facilitating access to it and enhancing its value as an investment and residential site alike.
Urban Development: The area is witnessing major developmental leaps, both in terms of housing and investment, supported by real estate projects with modern designs and advanced specifications.
Competitive Prices: The Fifth Settlement offers the opportunity to choose from a diverse range of real estate options at attractive prices, catering to everyone's aspirations.
Variety of Services: The area is rich with a wide range of services, from health and educational facilities to recreational venues, making it ideal for various lifestyles.
Security and Tranquility: The Fifth Settlement enjoys the highest levels of security and provides its residents with a peaceful and comfortable living environment.
Investment Returns: The investment opportunities in the area offer lucrative financial returns, in light of an active real estate market witnessing a continuous increase in values.
Attention to Design: Real estate companies strive to create projects that combine luxury and modernity, to meet the needs of modern living.
Practical and Luxurious Services: The Fifth Settlement offers services that meet daily needs and raise the level of comfort, in addition to the availability of shopping and entertainment venues.
Comprehensive Support: Real estate companies provide important technical and legal support to investors, which contributes to facilitating the investment process and enhances their confidence.

For those aspiring to invest or reside within an environment that combines vibrancy and sophistication, the Fifth Settlement offers an ideal model worth considering.

Discover Everything You've Dreamed of with the Advantages of New Cairo

New Cairo is witnessing a remarkable transformation, making it a unique model for modern cities around the world. As Egypt's new administrative capital, it has been designed in a pioneering and contemporary style that harmonizes with the requirements of the present era. This city stands out for its urban planning, which reflects intelligence and innovation, as it was meticulously planned to ensure that people's lives run smoothly and efficiently, thereby ensuring that their needs are met in an easy and effective manner.

The advanced and modern infrastructure is at the heart of New Cairo's advantages, ensuring that residents have continuous and sustainable access to all essential services, including wide roads and advanced public transportation networks that connect it to all parts of the country.

In addition to its prominent role as a hub for business and investment, New Cairo offers a positive climate that encourages investment and the establishment of international companies, contributing to stimulating the Egyptian economy and providing new job opportunities for youth.

Another key aspect is the establishment of international educational institutions and world-renowned universities within New Cairo, providing advanced educational opportunities that contribute to honing the skills and enriching the knowledge of residents.

In short, New Cairo represents a model for modern living within an advanced urban environment, where elements of intelligent design and urban progress come together to provide a sophisticated lifestyle that meets the various needs of its residents and enhances their quality of life.

Experience Luxury: Discover the Prominent Compounds Near Trivium Square Mall in The Fifth Settlement!

The area surrounding Trivium Square Mall is renowned for its sophisticated and modern cluster of luxurious residential compounds. There are numerous outstanding compounds that offer you the luxury and comfort you dream of. In this list, we will explore the most prominent compounds adjacent to Trivium Square Mall in the Fifth Settlement.

  1. Mountain View iCity:
    Mountain View iCity stands out as one of the preferred options near Trivium Square Mall, combining elegance and practicality through a carefully selected range of residential units distinguished by their design and available amenities. The expansive green spaces and dedicated relaxation areas add to the project's appeal.

  2. Palm Hills Compound:
    Palm Hills Compound is renowned as a haven of luxury, with vast green spaces and captivating natural scenery. The residential units feature high-quality finishes and enjoy luxurious facilities including sports courts and restaurants.

These compounds represent the pinnacle of what the Fifth Settlement area has to offer by combining luxury and peace of mind. For those seeking a lavish lifestyle within an integrated community, these compounds offer ideal choices that cater to all their needs.

Ease of Dealing: Follow These Steps to Purchase Your Unit on!

Purchasing real estate represents a necessary and crucial step in many people's lives, sometimes fraught with complexity. Fortunately for those embarking on this journey, the platform stands by their side to provide a smooth and convenient buying experience. Let us explain how you can acquire your unit at Trivium Square Mall in New Cairo with straightforward and easy steps:

1. The starting point is to browse the website, which serves as an important reference for many diverse real estate options. You can review the details and information regarding the available units at Trivium Mall.

2. The next step is to search for the unit that meets your aspirations in terms of size, number of rooms, and desired amenities. The website is equipped with precise search tools to facilitate this task.

3. Upon selecting the ideal unit, it is required to contact the responsible real estate company, Egypt Realties, through the phone number provided on the website to obtain more details about the unit and the purchasing process.

4. There is an option to visit the Trivium Square project site directly, where you can get acquainted with everything related to the desired unit and the facilities offered by the mall.

5. Another important aspect is taking advantage of the special offers and facilities provided by the Inmaa company, including various payment options and financial details, which make the purchasing process more flexible.

6. To secure your choice, the unit is booked by paying the specified amount. Subsequently, the contractual steps with Inmaa company begin to determine the remaining payment terms and conditions.

7. After completing all procedures and paying the remaining amounts, the final step is the delivery of the unit, which you can then proceed to furnish.

By following these simple steps, you can own your ideal unit at Trivium Mall in New Cairo with ease. Seize the opportunity to benefit from the offers and facilities provided and experience the sophisticated living in one of the most luxurious real estate projects!

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it is located in New Cairo at 90th Street


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36 Units

30% down payment and the rest in installments for up to 5 years

it was executed on an area of 14,000 square meters.

1,500,000 EGP


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