Pearl Des Rois New Cairo

From 3,043,800 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2021

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Project Name: Pearl Des Rois.

About the Project: it is a commercial, administrative, and residential building that provides all the high-end livelihoods of pleasant services, facilities, and activities.

Pearl Des Rois Mall Location: it is located in 5th Settlement next to Sodic Project near the AUC.

Pearl Des Rois Project Space: it was executed on 30000 square meters.

Units Type: it varies among commercial buildings, administrative buildings, and residential units.

Units Space: it starts from 89 m² up to 232 m².

Units Prices: it starts from 260000 EGP.

Payment Methods: you can pay 10% and 15% and the rest within 60 months.

The Owner Company: Housing & Real Estate Investment Company. 

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Pearl Des Rois 5th Settlement

Pearl des Roi Mall Fifth Settlement, is one of the giant projects in that area, due to its large land area, which Tameer Misr Company divided innovatively and distinctively to be an integrated place with all the various needs of the individual and family.

It also has a variety of units, including administrative, residential and commercial divided into multiple spaces for you to choose what suits you, in addition to the distinctive engineering designs that the entire place enjoys, which gives it a wonderful and attractive appearance.

The developing company has also provided many services and various advantages in order for the customer to be at the highest level of comfort within the place, and all this is offered at competitive prices and facilities that make owning a unit in this wonderful project easy.

And in the coming paragraphs, we will show the rest of the various details related to the mall... so follow us

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Pearl Des Roi... an exceptional location in the heart of New Cairo

If you are looking for a different place in the heart of Fifth Settlement to carry out your new project or expand your existing project... Perle de Roi is the adequate answer to everything you dream about, as it stands in an excellent place within the New Cairo area, which is one of the prosperous future areas in Egypt.

It is located near many areas and large residential complexes that provide a huge population density around the mall, and this directly serves the projects inside it. In the following lines, we will learn more about the location of the mall:

The project is located in the famous Fifth Settlement area, near teseen Street, which is full of diverse vital areas.

  • Pearl Des Rois is only 500 meters away from the American University (AUC).
  • This large mall is located near several well-known compounds, including Sodic Compound, Katameya Dunes Project, Damac Compound, and Palm Hills Compound.
  • It is also not far from the ring road, which makes it easy to access.

Distinguished design in Pearl Des Rois New Cairo

The developer company of the mall paid great attention to all the engineering and architectural details of that big project, so it used the most skilled engineers and technicians to do the necessary designs for the place. The project overlooks several sides of the street in which it was built.

It is also characterized by the presence of many units of different sizes that suit various projects, and this enables entrepreneurs, investors, and owners of multiple activities to choose freely from among the offered spaces.

This is in addition to the wonderful glass facades that give the place a dazzling aesthetic and increase the spaciousness of the units as well as make it enjoy a wonderful view of the green space surrounding the mall.

The space of Perle des Roi and the types of units offered inside it

The space of the place is huge, which is one of its unique features, as it is on a land space of more than 7 acres, equivalent to 30,000 square meters, in addition to the executing company's interest in green space, so it allocates a large percentage of the space for landscaping and a distinct water area.

There is also a wide variety of units offered in the Perle de Roi project, including "commercial units, administrative units, and residential units with hotel services", and they differ in terms of space in order to enable customers to obtain their unit appropriate to the nature of their projects or that suits the size of their families.

In the following paragraph, we will learn about the spaces and divisions in the project:

  • Pearl Des Rois New Cairo includes 2 basements divided into garages and warehouses for the owners' use.
  • Pearl Des Rois Mall consists of 6 separate buildings (a ground floor for commercial units + the rest of the floors for administrative and residential units).
  • There are about 48 units in each building.
  • The space of the units inside Pearl Des Rois starts from 89 square meters and reaches 232 square meters.

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The various features found inside Pearl Des Roi Fifth Settlement

The project provides all the needs of all customers of different tastes, as it is one of the most important projects that were established within the region, as it is characterized by an attractive and different architectural design, as well as a strategic location in the heart of Fifth Settlement, in addition to the many advantages and services in it.

Follow us to learn more about the distinctive features of this huge engineering edifice:

  • Pearl des Roi Project has a different structural design that attracts attention and makes the place have a wonderful aesthetic appearance. It also has glass facades that reflect sunlight and separate you from any disturbance or noise in order to do your work comfortably and calmly.
  • A wonderful green space surrounding the place is like a garden that holds wonderful plants and has comfortable seats overlooking all the units of the project, which gives a feeling of comfort and mental clarity.
  • A strong infrastructure that can accommodate a lot of services and facilities within this large place.
  • The location is also one of the investment attractions of the mall, as it is in the heart of the Fifth Settlement area, near the major residential complexes, as it is a very lively and lively place.
  • A private entrance to the residential units is far from the entrance to the commercial units, which provides the necessary privacy for the residents inside.

Learn about our services in Perle des Roi

  • Restaurants that provide distinguished service and cafés with distinctive designs that make you feel calm.
  • Pearl Des Rois New Cairo offers you an unforgettable buying experience, as it has a large number of shops that offer you all your different needs.
  • A children's area that has all the fun and is fully secured to keep them safe.
  • Medical clinics that provide all specialties and provide the residents with various medical services.
  • Designed mosque with a large group of worshipers.
  • A suspended building in the middle of the units and there are many fine restaurants.
  • Electric elevators and electronic escalators enable visitors and unit owners to move freely between the different floors.
  • Entrances with a distinctive architectural design and fully secured.
  • Places designated to throw garbage in order to maintain the cleanliness of the place on an ongoing basis.
  • Maintenance services to carry out periodic repairs to the entire place and cleaning services necessary to maintain the general health of the place and its residents.
  • A large garage consisting of two floors underground for parking and is secured to protect the property of visitors and residents of the project.
  • Sophisticated security systems were provided inside the entire mall through surveillance cameras and security men deployed in the place.

It is truly your ideal place to start your new project or expand your various businesses, as it offers customers residential units with everything they need to live a comfortable life.

Offered prices and payment systems inside Pearl Des Roi Fifth Settlement

Tameer Misr is always keen on the customer’s comfort and satisfaction in all possible ways. It has also provided a lot of various services within Perle de Roi to ensure a high level of work environment and level of service inside the place, which provides customers with the required luxury.

This is in addition to offering competitive prices that are considered the best in the Fifth Settlement area and offer different payment systems and many facilities for business owners and residents to get their units with ease.

In the following, we will explain the prices and payment plans offered within the Perle de Roi Mall:

  • The unit price starts on average from 3,043,800 pounds to reach an average of 9,280,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Payment plan: the buyer can pay 10% of the total unit value, then pay 15% after three months, and pay the rest of the amount in installments for 5 years.
  • All units are available for sale at the moment.

Owning a unit in Fifth Settlement is something special. As for owning a unit in Pearl Des Rois New Cairo, it is truly unique, as the project offers many services and multiple features that create a creative work environment for you and add fun and luxury to the residential units in which you reside.

Do not let this golden opportunity go to waste, as it will not be repeated, contact us immediately to get your ideal place in the largest projects in New Cairo.

The real estate developer of Pearl des Roi Project

Tameer Misr was established in April 2008 and it is an Egyptian joint-stock company, The Housing and Development Bank owns about 60% of its shares, and the rest of the shares are owned by the Holding Company for Investment and Development and the bank’s insurance fund.

This company has done many distinguished works within the Egyptian real estate market, all of which carry various services and facilities that make customers extremely satisfied and make them feel the required luxury and pleasure.

As for the business record owned by the company, it is large and carries many major achievements that are credited to the company and constituted a milestone in the history of Egyptian real estate, and we mention some of them:

  • Etlala Project Abbasiya.
  • Eshraqa Project October.
  • Construction Towers.
  • Vivienda La Mirada Compound in Mostakbal City.
  • El Taamier buildings.
  • Sheraton Project.
  • Tala Compound 6 October.
  • Les Rois Compound Fifth Settlement



  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa

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