Inizio Mall New Capital

From 1,054,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: KARMA Construction

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Project Name: Inizio New Administrative Capital Mall.

About Inizio New Capital Mall: one of the largest projects of Karma Construction in the New Administrative Capital, as it is considered the largest administrative medical mall.

Inizio Mall Location: in the Central Business District in the New Administrative Capital.

The Developer Name: Karma Construction.

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Inizio New Administrative Capital Mall

Inizio Mall New Capital is one of the largest projects in the New Administrative Capital, this medical administrative mall is the first project completed by Karma Real Estate in the New Administrative Capital, the mall is characterized by its vital location on a huge area of up to 4900 square meters, it represents a great opportunity for anyone who wishes to invest, where the mall contains 188 units vary among medical units, commercial and administrative units where the mall consists of a ground floor and 7 floors with 2 entrances for the medical activity and the other for the administrative activity. The mall also has a garage with a capacity of 120 cars, so buying this project is a real investment that compensates the owner for the great benefit.

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Inizio Mall Location

It is located in a strategic location, where it is located within a neighborhood known as Central Business District, where it is the choice of the executing company, and the reason for the choice is the strong belief of the company that this place is the best attractive place for customers because it is located close to the following public places:

  • It is located in front of the Banks complex and the Central Bank.
  • Close to Ministers Neighborhood and also the House of Representatives.
  • It is also close to Al Masa hotel, Monorail, Opera, and Borsa Towers.
  • It is adjacent to the presidential palace, as well as Presidential Street, as well as a 4,000-square-metre garden.

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The Real Estate Developer

Karma Construction is one of the real estate companies, it is the executing company of the Project in New Administrative Capital, in addition, it is of the investors in the mall, this mall represents the first projects completed in the Administrative Capital of Karma company, engineer Ahmed Mustafa is in charge of the company, and this mall is the most important and largest projects of Karma as confirmed by the engineer in charge as the cost of the project has reached 500 million EGP, and everyone looking forward to the project will find that it is a huge design project and also the amounts that have been put in this project to appear as it should be, Karma major projects include:

  • The North Lotus - 5th Settlement.
  • El Koronfel 5th Settlement - plot 73.
  • The AUC 5th Settlement - plot 42.
  • Al Andalus 5th Settlement.
  • Beit Al Watan 5th Settlement - plot 62l.
  • Beit Al Watan 5th Settlement - plot C6.
  • Al Andalus 5th Settlement - plot 585.
  • Al Andalus 5th Settlement - plot 443.

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The services provided by Inizio Mall New Administrative Capital

Are you looking for a suitable place for your business far from noise and pollution, with many endless services and countless advantages? You have to book your unit inside the Enzio Mall to enjoy everything you need.

  • For lovers of fitness and muscle building.. The mall contains a gym that includes many modern devices and equipment and the best trainers to maintain fitness.
  • Providing large garages with about 120 cars to reduce congestion inside the mall and maintain a civilized appearance.
  • The mall includes restaurants and cafeterias that serve the most delicious oriental and western foods to suit all tastes.
  • Electric elevators for ease of movement between floors and some of them, and there are also escalators to reduce congestion and overcrowding.
  • A meeting place equipped with the latest screens and sound systems for businessmen.
  • Concern for the environment and the use of solar energy for clean energy.
  • Inside Inizio Mall there are prayer areas for men and women to perform the five daily prayers without going outside the mall.
  • Many security and guards are set throughout the mall in addition to high-level surveillance cameras.
  • The mall is equipped with central air conditioning to distribute the air inside the mall, providing a moderate and appropriate atmosphere for more comfort.

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Features of Inizio Mall New Capital

Inizio Mall is one of the most important projects in the Administrative Capital, and it includes many features that the client needs... The most important of these features are:

  • Inside the mall, there are bathrooms equipped at the highest level for men and women, in addition to a bathroom for people with special needs.
  • Inside the project, there is a floor cleaning service and a periodic maintenance service that works throughout the day to detect any malfunctions and fix them in the least possible time.
  • The mall is distinguished by its architectural designs that are characterized by luxury and sophistication, conforming to international standards, in addition to the designs of the stunning units that catch the eye.
  • Free Internet services are available throughout the day to complete tasks with the required accuracy and speed.
  • Special rooms for waste and garbage collection to keep the mall clean.
  • Hotel services at the highest level are also available to increase enjoyment and entertainment.
  • The most important feature of Inizio Mall is its privileged location, which surrounds the main roads and axes for easy transportation to and from it.

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Units Space within Inizio KARMA Construction

The units space starts from 34 square meters up to 75 square meters, while the units on the ground floor are with an area of 220 square meters up to 268 square meters, and the heights of the ground floor reach up to 7 square meters, and the high floors are allocated only to medical and administrative units.

Units Prices & Booking

Prices within the mall are simple or more appropriate for the vast majority of customers wishing to invest, and even those who want to have a special unit to start a new and important business life where the price per meter starts from 31,000 Egyptian pounds, and Karma has made sure to facilitate payment for all customers wishing to invest by paying 10% downpayment and an installment period of up to 10 years.

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  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa

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