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Project Description

Project name: Genesis Tower.

About Genesis Tower project: One of the most prestigious works of the New Jersey company in the administrative capital, which sought to bring it out in the best picture and at the highest level of modern designs.

Genesis Tower website: The mall is located in the New Administrative Capital at the back of the Tourist Towers area, specifically the plot "Mu5-17/18".

Genesis Tower, the new administrative capital: 6000 square meters.

Units Types: The units vary between shops, administrative offices, medical clinics, and hotel apartments.

Units prices: prices start from 16,000 pounds per square meter.

Real estate developer: New Jersey Real Estate Development Company.

Payment systems: with a down payment starting from 10% to 30% and a repayment period of up to 10 years.

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Genesis Tower, Administrative Capital

One of the recent launches of New Jersey Real Estate is Genesis Tower Project in the new administrative capital. Genesis Tower New Capital project has already been worked on, and there are many advantages that are definitely in the interest of the client and provide him with more than an important opportunity for development and progress in various fields.

In addition, there are many important things that the developer of Genesis Tower New Capital has taken into account, including the important location and proximity to the monorail station, as well as the large area that the design of the place came to complement and distinguish it because the design added to the space more development and beauty.

There are more than one type of unit with various areas and wonderful finishing systems that suit the customer's taste, as well as many different services that contribute to the place being of great beauty, and here are the rest of the details of Genesis Mall in the new capital in the following paragraphs ... Follow us

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Genesis Tower Mall location

The stunning location is close to several important places and accessed by many main axes that will increase the extent of excellence in the place, all this and more are now available to you in Genesis Tower project in the Administrative Capital.

Genesis Tower in the New Capital is one of the distinctive projects in the city, for which an important location was chosen in the place specified in the Downtown area, which is the most famous in the Administrative Capital, this area has been allocated to be the headquarters of major commercial and administrative projects and provides many features and services that are definitely in the interest of the investor.

One of the things that a successful investor is looking for is that his project is located close to main streets and surrounded by a high population density because it is one of the ingredients that help in the success of Genesis Tower Capital project, so the New Jersey company was a successful choice in the construction of this great architectural edifice in the Downtown area Located in the best places of the capital.

The most important landmarks near Genesis Tower New Capital:

  • Genesis Tower New Capital is located in the back of the Tourist Towers area, specifically in the Downtown plot "Mu5-17/18".
  • Genesis Tower project overlooks more than one direction in the capital, as it is located on a street with a width of 75 meters.
  • Genesis Tower The Capital mall is located near the promenade and shopping district of the capital.
  • The customer can reach Genesis Tower Project in the new administrative capital through the new monorail station that connects the place and more than one area in the city.
  • There are many important places close to Genesis Tower in the New Administrative Capital, including the famous Al-Massa Hotel, which has a unique view of Genesis Tower.
  • Genesis Tower Mall in the New Administrative Capital is a few steps away from the central train.
  • In addition, the tower is not far from the iconic tower, which is one of the tallest towers in Africa within Genesis Tower, the new administrative capital.
  • As for the projects near Genesis Tower mall, they are several, including Business Park, the Administrative Capital, and Biadija, the Capital.
  • Reaching Genesis Tower mall has become easier as a result of its proximity to several areas in the capital.

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The architectural design of Genesis Mall Administrative Capital

The architectural design of Genesis Tower New Capital mall came as one of the important advantages of Genesis Tower New Capital project, which gives it more beautiful and different from its eyes in the capital. One of the important elements of attracting investment is that Genesis Tower The Capital project has an engineering design and internal divisions that allow the customer to get what he wants depending on the type of activity that Genesis Tower mall performs Genesis Tower, the new administrative capital.

Genesis Tower Administrative Capital project has provided many types of units, including commercial and administrative units, as well as medical and hotel apartments. The tower is characterized by its great interest in finishes and interior decorations that will make the place different from the rest of the towers in the city.

Genesis Tower in the New Administrative Capital consists of three garage floors and a ground floor, followed by 14 lofts, which were divided between the different floors of the place according to the size, area, and division of the units. The developer of Genesis Tower New Capital mall also provided many important designs that would improve the quality of work in the place.

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Genesis Tower New Capital Services

In Genesis Tower New Capital Project, there is a range of important services and facilities that help you get the benefits you want and also you can reach the development you want in your field of work, here are some of the services in place.

The most important facilities and services in Genesis Tower Mall in the Administrative Capital are as follows:

  • There is a plaza with an area of ​​3000 square meters, which is one of the biggest features of the place.
  • Also, in Genesis Tower Project, there is a Food Court in the capital, in a large area with more than one restaurant and enough to allow you to enjoy the fun atmosphere of the place.
  • In addition, there are a number of panoramic elevators that facilitate movement in Genesis Tower Capital mall.
  • Genesis Tower New Capital includes the latest modern technologies in the field of construction, which made the building classified as a "Smart Building", and this certainly helps customers to conduct their business in a better way.
  • Also, the location in the Sky lounge is wonderful which makes you enjoy the view of the distinctive surroundings of the tower, and it is preferable to enjoy some rest in this wonderful place.
  • There is also a large entertainment area for children with many entertaining things for them within Genesis New Administrative Capital Project.
  • The presence of a large garage on an area of ​​3 full floors, makes the crowding in front of Genesis mall New Capital less.
  • Also, in Genesis Tower Mall, the Administrative Capital, there are rooms for large meetings and seminars, which are fully equipped.
  • There are a number of wonderful swimming pools in Genesis Tower Mall in the new capital.

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Features of Genesis Tower Administrative Capital

Genesis Tower has more than one important and certainly competitive advantage that allows the customer to reach the different advantages he dreams of in Genesis Tower New Capital project based on it, and this act is what the New Jersey company has taken care of when constructing Genesis Mall in the new capital.

The features that the developer of Genesis Tower The Capital project explained are as follows:

  • The first advantage is the important location located in the heart of the Downtown area in the back direction of the Tourist Towers area, meaning that it is an excellent location that allows the customer to enjoy close to important areas in the capital within Genesis Tower Mall.
  • One of the important things available at Genesis Tower New Capital is the return on investment on the units in place.
  • In Genesis Tower, there are competitive prices and special payment systems of up to 20 years' installments.
  • The developing company has hired Arkan Engineering Consultants to design the place and make it meet the needs of customers inside Genesis Mall.
  • There are also many swimming pools and Infinity Pool in Genesis Tower New capital project, which increases its beauty in Genesis Mall in the New Administrative Capital.
  • As for the green spaces in Genesis Tower project, they are widely available in New Jersey New Capital project in order to find an atmosphere of comfort within Genesis Tower Mall, the Administrative Capital.
  • The facades in Genesis Tower were made of glass in order to find spaciousness and comfort in the unit located in it.

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Area and types of mall units in Genesis Tower New Capital

In the New Administrative Capital, there are a group of important projects, and the city owns many distinctive places that helped the capital flourish and be one of the major investment cities in Egypt over the past few years.

Genesis Tower Administrative Capital Project was characterized by a large area of ​​about 6000 square meters, equivalent to 1.4 full acres. The distinctive feature of the space is that it is large, and the architectural design adopted by Akkan Engineering Designs allows Genesis mall to be integrated and contains many important details that serve customers.

The developer provided more than one type of unit within Genesis Mall in the New Capital, including administrative, commercial, and medical units, as well as hotel apartments, which are distinguished by the latest finishes and decorations in the world of engineering designs.

It can be said that this tower is one of the masterpieces developed by the New Jersey company in the Administrative Capital, which is also characterized by being one of the projects that give you more than an important investment opportunity through the various spaces offered by Genesis Tower New Capital, which are:

  • The space of the commercial units starts from 45 square meters.
  • The administrative unit space starts from 35 square meters.
  • As for the medical units, they start from 35 square meters.
  • As for the hotel apartments, it starts from 35 square meters.

Genesis Tower New Administrative Capital Prices and Payment Systems

The customer can look for more than one feature in the location of his choice to be the headquarters of their project, but one of the irresistible features of Genesis Tower Administrative Capital is that it includes very competitive prices and special offers and discounts that make it easy for you to own a unit in it.

The winch discount of 10% plays an important role in makingNew Jersey New Capital project integrated, in addition to that it includes many quotations and easy payment systems, which represent an important part of New Jersey New Capital project privileges. The prices offered by the owner company for the year 2022 are as follows:

  • The price of administrative units in the place starts from 16 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • As for the price per square meter in medical units, the price per square meter starts from 25 thousand Egyptian pounds in Genesis Tower Mall in the capital.
  • The units for the hotel apartments also start at a price of 25 thousand pounds per square meter.
  • For commercial units in Genesis Tower New Capital, the price per square meter starts from 45,000 EGP.
  • There is a 10% maintenance deposit inside Genesis New Capital.

There are a number of discounts in the tower, including the discount for paying cash and up to 40%, which is one of the high rates that are not widely available in the capital.

Installment systems in Genesis Downtown New Capital

Meeting the needs of customers is one of the priorities of the New Jersey Real Estate Company, and it has already worked on this in its latest projects within the New Capital, Genesis Tower, and the Administrative Capital. The company has provided many important advantages in Genesis mall that reach what the client wants to develop his project.

It also introduced several payment systems that would make it easier for business owners to own an integrated unit in an important place such as the new capital. The payment systems were as follows:

  • The customer can pay the entire amount in installments over 5 years, without a down payment, inside Genesis Mall, the capital.
  • The customer can also pay 10% of the unit value and pay the rest over 6 years.
  • The customer can pay a 15% down payment of the total unit price, and the rest is paid in installments over 7 years.
  • The customer can make a down payment of 20% of the unit amount in Genesis Tower, and pay the rest of the amount over 8 years.
  • In addition, the customer can pay 30% of the unit price in advance within Genesis Tower, the Administrative Capital, and pay the rest over 10 full years.

The New Jersey company also provided in Genesis Tower The Capital project a system of return on investment on the units, which increases the profits accruing to you from Genesis Tower New Capital project.

The company that developed Genesis Capital Project announced that there is a reservation down payment of 20,000 pounds for administrative and medical units, as well as hotel apartments. As for commercial units, the reservation down payment starts from 40,000 pounds, and all units, except for commercial units, will be delivered with a full finishing system within 4 years.

Disadvantages of Genesis Mall New Capital

Although it may be challenging for some to find flaws in a comprehensive project like Genesis Mall New Capital, some individuals may feel concerned because of the New Administrative Capital's distance from downtown Cairo. However, this reservation can be overcome thanks to the modern infrastructure provided by the state, including the advanced road network and sophisticated means of transportation such as the monorail and electric train. These developments make accessing the New Administrative Capital easy and convenient, enhancing the appeal of investing in this project.

Real estate developer and previous business

New Jersey Real Estate Company under the supervision of Eng. Gerges Youssef worked to be one of the important companies in the field of real estate development and development within the new capital and other important areas in Egypt.

One of the things that the company cares a lot about is that it has a different footprint in the Egyptian market and offers projects that support the idea of ​​development and development taking place in the country, and also that its engineering works serve the residents’ desires to preserve their privacy and enjoy a great deal of luxury within the projects.

New Jersey Real Estate holds many years of experience of about 20 years of excellence and always searching for difference and modern technologies that will make the projects that the company is working on remain for years and years to benefit many clients.

Previous Works of New Jersey Real Estate Development:

And other projects through which it was able to provide 1,000 housing units and more than 300 integrated commercial units.

Experience the City That Adds Life to Your Days: The New Administrative Capital with its Wonderful Services and Features!

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt represents a massive and ambitious project by the government, aimed at establishing a modern community that contributes to improving the quality of life. This project reflects its role in promoting economic growth and attracting investments by offering an advanced level of services. One of the main features of the new administrative capital is its focus on advanced and sophisticated infrastructure, which includes extensive networks of roads and public transportation, contributing to facilitating mobility and reducing traffic congestion.

In addition, the new capital takes pride in its advanced transportation systems, including dedicated railway lines that play a crucial role in connecting it easily with the rest of the country. On the other hand, the capital attaches great importance to the health sector, with institutions such as El Nozha International Hospital and the Administrative Capital Hospital, which offer the highest levels of healthcare according to high international standards, ensuring the utmost comfort and safety for its residents.

The New Administrative Capital project represents a major step towards a prosperous future in Egypt, a project that combines ambition and advanced technology to provide a place that meets the needs of residents and companies alike, and enhances Egypt's position as a country striving for progress and prosperity.

The New Administrative Capital gains its fame from the comprehensive security and sense of reassurance that pervades its surroundings. Thanks to its advanced security technologies that operate continuously, it ensures ongoing protection for individuals and properties. The ability of the police and security authorities to maintain a heavy presence throughout the capital contributes significantly to enhancing the sense of safety for both residents and visitors. The capital's advantages are not limited to security alone, but extend to encompass its rich recreational and cultural attractions. The capital is teeming with parks, theaters, and exhibition halls, offering spaces for entertainment and culture that cater to the needs of individuals and families on a wide scale.

Additionally, a great economic importance looms on the horizon for this capital, as it hosts commercial centers, government offices, and giant companies, reinforcing its status as a hub for business and investment attraction. The investment opportunities on offer are diverse, spanning sectors such as real estate, hospitality, trade, and technology, providing a fertile ground for economic growth and expansion.

The New Administrative Capital offers an ideal environment for modern lifestyles, fostering innovation and development through its advanced services and facilities. It seeks to be a vital center for progress in Egypt, taking confident strides towards a prosperous future that contributes to raising the standard of living for its residents and enhances the country's position on the global stage.

The Administrative Capital: A New Vision for Ideal Urban Living!

The New Administrative Capital of Egypt represents a qualitative shift in the concept of modern cities, as it seeks to establish new standards for sophisticated urban living. Its location, approximately 40 km northeast of Cairo, makes it a strategic center for government, business, and entertainment, with the aim of making it Egypt's beating heart. This ambitious city reflects its role as a model for urban development through the application of the latest planning and construction methods, emphasizing sustainability and the use of renewable energy.

The new capital falls within the framework of a large-scale urban development initiative aimed at enhancing infrastructure in Egypt and improving the level of services provided to residents. With its carefully planned spaces, the city aims to provide a modern living environment that combines workplaces, residential neighborhoods, and recreational areas, in addition to parks and green spaces.

The New Administrative Capital is also equipped with a comprehensive range of service facilities, including international schools, specialized hospitals, and shopping and entertainment centers that cater to the needs of its residents and visitors. This city embodies Egypt's commitment to supporting smart and sustainable lifestyles while presenting an integrated model that supports well-being and nurtures promising business opportunities.

By applying the best technologies in the field of smart and sustainable infrastructure, the New Administrative Capital is laying the foundation for a future that thrives with innovation and prosperity. This city is rapidly becoming a new tourist destination, attracting visitors from all over the world, contributing to highlighting Egypt's modern face and its leadership in sustainable urban development.

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt is a pioneering project that inspires growth and progress, thereby reinforcing Egypt's vision for a future that elevates the quality of life and reshapes the country's urban landscape.

Between Genesis Tower in the New Administrative Capital and Its Neighbors: Your Guide to the Best Investment Opportunities!

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt stands as a central point for growth and development, establishing itself as an important hub for commercial and recreational activities. At the heart of this renaissance, Genesis Tower Mall emerges as a preferred destination for many visitors, thanks to the diversity and quality of services it offers. Despite the excellence of this mall, the area is teeming with several other shopping centers that attract visitors with their amenities and proximity to Genesis Mall. Here is a list of some of those appealing malls located in its vicinity.

  1. Marota Mall in the New Administrative Capital: Marota Mall is strategically located next to Genesis Tower, making it a major point of attraction for those seeking a unique experience that combines shopping, relaxation, and excellent health services. This shopping center is renowned for being an ideal destination for those who wish to stroll among a large number of modern stores and enjoy delicious meals in the upscale restaurants it offers.

  2. Amaz Business Mall in the New Administrative Capital: Amaz Business Mall is distinguished by its prime location next to Genesis Tower Mall, making it an ideal attraction for food lovers, shopping enthusiasts, and café-goers. This place offers a unique experience for its visitors, where they can explore a wide range of commercial stores, savor delicious dishes at various restaurants, or relax with a special coffee at a chill-out café. It is the perfect place to enjoy unforgettable moments, whether you want to shop, dine, or simply relax with a cup of coffee.

  3. Zia Mall in the New Administrative Capital: Zia Mall stands out in the heart of the New Administrative Capital in Egypt as a central point for shopping and entertainment, representing a major commercial icon in the area. This shopping center is bursting with its modern design that exudes an aura of elegance and beauty, benefiting from the latest construction and technology methods. Zia Mall hosts a wide range of retail stores and international brands that cater to all tastes and needs, whether in the world of fashion, electronics, or beauty care products.

  4. Il Quattro Mall in the New Administrative Capital: Il Quattro Mall in the New Administrative Capital of Egypt represents a distinctive attraction for shopping enthusiasts and those seeking authentic entertainment. This mall welcomes its visitors in a contemporary and enchanting atmosphere, offering them exceptional shopping experiences within its spacious and tastefully designed spaces. The mall stands out with its attractive design and variety of stores and brands it encompasses, in addition to multiple options for restaurants and cafés that cater to all tastes. To complete the visitors' experience, the mall also offers a wide range of recreational activities such as advanced movie theaters and amusement game centers, making a visit to Il Quattro Mall an enjoyable and comprehensive experience that meets the expectations of all visitors and satisfies diverse desires.

The New Administrative Capital area emerges as a unique point of attraction for shopping and entertainment enthusiasts, gathering within its embrace Genesis Tower Mall as one of its most prominent landmarks. This mall enjoys great appreciation thanks to its unique location and the variety of services it offers, making it an ideal destination for anyone seeking a unique and enjoyable experience. Additionally, numerous other attractive shopping centers are available nearby, offering diverse opportunities to enjoy pleasant times and indulge in various recreational activities. Whether the purpose is to shop for the latest offers, savor delicious meals, or even spend romantic moments in a special atmosphere, this area presents options that cater to the aspirations of everyone in the New Administrative Capital.

From Searching to Buying at Genesis Tower in the New Administrative Capital: Your Journey with Step by Step!

For those interested in investing or residing in the Genesis Tower project in the New Administrative Capital, we present you with a practical guide to facilitate the purchasing process through organized steps:

  • Step One: Start by familiarizing yourself with the project. You can obtain comprehensive information about Genesis Tower by visiting the website. The site displays project details such as areas, unit types, and available payment options.
  • Step Two: Interact with us directly. Using the information provided on the website, you can contact us directly to reserve your unit or inquire about payment and delivery options.
  • Step Three: Choose carefully. Decide which type of unit you wish to purchase and determine the suitable area for you. We will be by your side to assist you in selecting the best option for your needs and budget.
  • Step Four: Review payment terms and contracts. Before signing, make sure to study the payment options and understand the terms of the contracts carefully. Do not hesitate to ask for more guidance to ensure complete clarity.
  • Step Five: Personal inspection. We recommend requesting an inspection of the chosen unit to ensure it meets the expected specifications and quality.
  • Step Six: Complete the payment process. Follow through with the payment procedures according to the agreement, and obtain documents that prove the payment and include details about the purchased unit.
  • Step Seven: The final stage and unit delivery. After completing the payments according to the contract, it's time to receive your unit. Be sure to check all the details and ensure the quality of the facilities and services before the final handover.

Following these detailed steps ensures a smooth and reliable purchasing experience for your unit in the Genesis Tower project, adding a layer of transparency and trust between you and the developers.

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The mall is located in the new administrative capital at the back of the tourist towers area, specifically the plot "Mu5-17/18".

16,000 pounds per meter.


New Jersey Real Estate Development Company.

10 apartments

With a down payment starting from 10% to 30% and a repayment period of up to 10 years.

6000 square meters.


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