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Azzar North Coast Resort Al-Reedy Group

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Project Description

Project name: Azzar North Coast.

About the project: Enjoy the tranquility and charming nature inside Azzar North Coast Resort, designed by the leading real estate development company, El Reedy Group.

Azzar North Coast Location: It is located at Kilo 180 Alex-Matrouh Road.

Azzar North Coast Resort space: 125 acres.

Units types: villas - townhouses - twin houses.

Units Space: All the various spaces that suit the customers' needs are available.

Units prices: start from 2,900,000 EGP.

The name of the real estate developer: Al-Reedy Group for real estate development.

Payment methods: The developing company has provided various payment systems for the longest possible period to suit all customers and investors.

Delivery date: Three years after contracting.

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Azzar North Coast Resort

Within the North Coast, you have the best irreplaceable investment opportunity, and if you are looking for a place to spend your summer vacation and filled with integrated and exclusive services that meet all your desires and suit your capabilities, all within the specific project implemented by the major real estate company Ready Group for real estate development, which works to provide the best She didn't have it, so she called it the resort of Azzar, which is unique with its direct view of the Mediterranean coast with its picturesque crystal waters that delight the soul and give a sense of comfort.

In addition to the strategic location that is unique to it, it connects the most important roads and main axes, making it easy for you to reach anywhere without suffering from the crowds that urban residents suffer from, and the area in which Al-Reedy Group North Coast resort is built is distinctive, which combines the vast green spaces that cover the most significant percentage of it, which reflects The place has a civilized form and integrated services that achieve what you need, as well as different residential units in terms of spaces so that you have the freedom to choose the most suitable for you and your family.

The company did not neglect the service of its customers, so it announced unmatched prices, which are the most appropriate in that region, and offered easy and flexible payment methods through which you can book the unit and pay the amount in installments for the longest possible period, and here, inside the resort of Azzar, you will see everything you wish for and you will get it in the blink of an eye, the first goal that Rede e focused on is to provide all amenities to all its customers.

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The strategic location of Azzar North Coast project

The most important advantage of any project in Egypt is the strategic location in which it is located, and the real estate company directed its attention towards establishing Al-Reedy Group North Coast resort in a unique and distinguished location that provides all services and is close to vital facilities. Therefore, we find that Azzar is located in the heart of the North Coast, which connects the most important roads and axes It enables you to reach the most important cities and vital areas in a few minutes, and thus many customers and investors multiply there, as it is one of the best resorts in this location.

The most important landmarks near Azzar North Coast Resort:

  • Azzar North Coast resort is located at km 180 Alex-Matrouh Road.
  • It is also in the heart of the North Coast, and a short distance from well-known coastal projects.
  • Al-Reedy Group North Coast project is close to the most important coastal cities, including New Alamein City, and Al Alamein International Airport.

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The space and design of the resort of Azzar North Coast

Reedy Real Estate Development Company always shines creatively and overlooks us with the best tourist projects located in the most important areas, and when thinking about establishing a distinctive summer resort such as Azzar, I decided to build it on a vast area of ​​125 acres, for several requirements, including the picturesque landscapes that give the place Psychological comfort and reflects on the perceived positive energy.

In addition to the different residential units in terms of spaces and unique the exterior designs designed by the largest engineering companies, and the interior decorations that enjoy wonderful decorations and engravings, and from here we make sure that Azzar is an irreplaceable investment opportunity, as it was designed with architectural designs that mimic the modern era and on the same international models and distinctive views of the sea And the Lagoon Front, and for more privacy, the villa units have been separated in order to have complete freedom within your unit and to prevent disturbance.

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Services provided within Azzar North Coast project

One of the most important things that Ready Group for Real Estate Development and Investment enjoys, is to provide a range of different and integrated services and facilities that serve all customers and investors within the Egyptian real estate market, as it always makes all its efforts in order to satisfy them, gain confidence and maintain complete mutual credibility between them, and the services are as follows:

  • Azzar North Coast is unique in that it is one of the projects that has its own beach and many different services are provided to customers.
  • The spread a number of swimming pools, which are designed in the same international style, differ in terms of spaces and types, and are suitable for all ages.
  • The design of artificial lakes of different sizes spread around Azzar North Coast resort, and its waters are crystalline and sparkle with sunlight, which reflects on the place the civilized form.
  • All residential units within Azzar North Coast resort enjoy a distinctive view of the picturesque seashore, which is distinguished by its blue waters that shine with sunlight as if they are a diamond pearl.
  • The company has allocated a children's area within Azzar North Coast resort that includes all the games appropriate for their ages, and it is fully secured, in order to spend special times.
  • For your favorite meal, restaurants have been established in a large area, designed in international style, and supervised by the most qualified chefs.
  • The cafés inside Azzar North Coast resort are elegantly designed, with perfect interiors and a calm atmosphere that makes you enjoy your favorite drink.
  • For more security, a number of high-level guards and trainers were appointed in order to stabilize things inside Azzar North Coast Resort.
  • Distributing a number of surveillance cameras, which operate 24 hours a day, to monitor the events taking place in the day and to prevent theft.
  • Paving car parks inside Azzar North Coast resort to enjoy early morning exercise, cycling, and enjoying the outdoors.
  • A health club on a huge area and includes the spa house, sauna, and jacuzzi for more body care.
  • There is a sports club that includes various sports fields, including football, tennis, volleyball, and others, to spend special times with friends and play favorite sports.
  • Large salons for men and beauty centers for women in order to enjoy the most beautiful times and the service is provided at the highest level.
  • Designing a world-class infrastructure that includes all the various basic services, including electricity and sewage.
  • The prices inside Azzar North Coast resort are distinctive, which helps you to buy the unit without any financial obstacles, as it is incomparable and uncompetitive.
  • To facilitate the payment methods, Reedy Development Company has introduced payment systems that help you to pay the total amount in installments over many years.
  • In front of the sea, a special beach has been paved with a number of seating facilities in order to relax and enjoy the most beautiful times.
  • Inside the sea, an area was designated for practicing different hobbies, such as fishing, diving in the depths of the sea, and enjoying seeing different fish.

What are you waiting for, book your residential unit now within the most distinguished tourist resort on the North Coast, and enjoy a package of exclusive and integrated services.....!

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The unique features of Azzar North Coast project

The real estate company, Ready, has been keen to make Azzar North Coast project one of the most important and unique coastal resorts. It has many different advantages, which made it a tool to attract customers and investors. It is an irreplaceable opportunity, as follows:

  • Al-Reedy Group North Coast project is located in a distinguished strategic location, as it is located in the heart of the North Coast, linking the most important roads and main axes, and enabling you to reach vital areas in a few minutes.
  • The huge area in which Azzar North Coast resort is located is huge, which was divided to include green spaces, landscapes, and stunning natural scenery, which reflects the upscale appearance that combines luxury and sophistication.
  • The company has hired a number of the most efficient architects in order to put the best touches inside Azzar North Coast resort, which suits the owners of high taste.
  • Providing all aspects of privacy within Azzar North Coast resort, the spacing between the residential units has been taken into account, for your comfort.
  • To ensure your health safety, a medical center has been established that includes the largest number of different specialties, the most qualified doctors, and the treatment service is provided at the highest level.
  • Within the resort of Azzar, a pharmacy operates in a large area and includes imported treatments and medicines and is available 24 hours a day.
  • Azzar North Coast project is environmentally friendly, as all units contain solar panels that are converted into electricity.
  • And inside the sea, a marina has been allocated for ships and yachts, for those who love to enjoy spending special times among friends.
  • Appointing a number of cleaners and working throughout the day, in order to make the place clean and upscale and to maintain the civilized form.
  • Azzar North Coast resort is equipped with modern electronic gates that operate by cards, in order to provide more stability and prevent anyone outside it from entering.
  • Within the green spaces, a number of facilities have been established in order to enjoy an atmosphere of psychological comfort and tranquility and to draw positive energy.
  • The presence of administrative offices that work throughout the day in order to receive customers and respond to all inquiries.

Hence, we find that Azzar North Coast resort of Azzar North Coast is your ideal and most suitable place for you and your family, which provides you with all the requirements that suit your social level, so book now.

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A step towards luxury and excellence, take a look at the unique collection of units at Azzar North Coast Village that embody the latest trends in design and innovation

In addition to the many advantages available in Azzar North Coast Village, the developing company was keen to offer many units with varying areas so that the client can choose what suits their needs, as well as the architectural designs that catch the eye. The units in Azzar North Coast project vary between twin houses, townhouses and standalone villas. You can learn about the unit areas in Azzar North Coast project through the following points:

  • The area of standalone villas in Azzar North Coast Village starts from 286 square meters.
  • While the area of twin house units in Azzar North Coast Resort starts from 285 square meters.
  • The area of townhouse units in Azzar North Coast Village ranges from 110 square meters up to 200 square meters.

Advertised prices and payment systems inside Azzar Island Ras Al-Hekma

In the interest of Reedy Real Estate Development to serve customers and provide them with all aspects of comfort and an ideal living life, it has offered very distinguished prices that help you easily own the unit without suffering from any financial obstacles, as well as payment methods that enable you to pay the total amount in continuous installments for the longest period possible, as follows:

  • The different residential units start from 2,900,000 EGP.
  • The units in Azzar North Coast resort are to be delivered within 3 years from the date of contracting.
  • It is also on full finishing system and luxurious architectural designs.

Reedy Company has introduced easy and flexible payment systems that make it easier for all its customers to pay the total amount in installments for the longest possible period, and it corresponds to the largest category of investors in the Egyptian real estate market, as all units of the villas can be paid in installments.

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Disadvantages of Azzar  North Coast Resort

The North Coast has established itself as one of the most luxurious resorts in Egypt today. Despite some concerns about its proximity to Cairo, the increasing demand for its units has made the state prioritize developing an advanced road network for easy access to this destination. Now, you can set out from Cairo and arrive at "Azzar North Coast" in just 3 hours, making it one of the closest resorts to the capital.

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Real estate developer and previous business

Reedy Company for Investment and Real Estate Development is one of the largest leading companies in the implementation of mega projects, and was established in 1970, has extensive experience of up to 50 years, and has investments amounting to about 10 billion pounds, and it specializes in many fields, including chemicals, Cosmetics, Paints, Stock Market Consulting, Nutrient Powder Development.

It also cooperated with Dorra Real Estate Company to create a distinctive project, which resulted in Azzar North Coast project, and chose for it the distinctive strategic location, which links the most important roads and main axes, in addition to that it has many different advantages that are unique to many neighboring projects, and it is keen to win The trust of its customers and works to prove its full worth by offering us integrated projects.

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Their previous work:

  • Azzar Compound New Cairo.
  • Azzar 2 New Cairo Compound.
  • Hadayek El Mohandeseen Compound.
  • 35% of major projects in Sheikh Zayed.
  • Zayed Heights Compound.
  • Designing of 27 towers in Dubai.
  • Designing of 13 towers in Qatar State.
  • Zayed 2000 Compound.

North Coast Resorts: Where Quality, Innovation, and Elegance Thrive in Every Corner!

The resorts lining the northern coastal strip of Egypt serve as a major draw for luxury and sophistication enthusiasts. These resorts, with their natural beauty and refined architectural designs, offer an ideal blend of high-quality services and diverse recreational activities, providing their visitors with an unparalleled stay experience.

With their vast diversity, these resorts offer various accommodation options, including private villas, luxurious chalets, and fully-equipped apartments, catering to the desires and requirements of all visitors. They are distinguished by their contemporary architectural designs and innovative services that ensure guests have an exceptional stay experience.

What sets the North Coast resorts apart is the availability of a wide range of facilities and services designed to provide the utmost comfort and relaxation. From spacious pools and private beaches to state-of-the-art fitness centers and luxurious spas, as well as restaurants and cafes offering the most delicious dishes and drinks, all of these elements contribute to making your stay an unforgettable experience.

A complete stay experience is not complete without recreational options suitable for all ages and interests. From beach sports activities to designated children's play areas and outdoor theaters hosting top-notch artistic performances, all these elements contribute to making your visit filled with fun and joy.

These resorts are also a preferred destination for tourists from all over the world thanks to their moderate climate and captivating natural scenery, making them the ideal choice for those seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and immersing themselves in an atmosphere of relaxation and natural beauty.

Simply put, the North Coast resorts are an oasis of luxury and comfort, an ideal destination for anyone seeking relaxation and entertainment within a framework of quality and innovation in services and facilities.

Why the North Coast? Because it Represents the Brightest Side of Modern Life in Egypt!

The North Coast emerges as a prominent destination on Egypt's tourism and lifestyle map, offering a comprehensive vision of luxury and modern living. It boasts a set of characteristics that make it a unique point of attraction for individuals and families alike.

One of the most prominent features of the North Coast is its exceptional geographical location, occupying part of the Mediterranean Sea's coastline, ensuring visitors an exceptional experience amidst captivating nature that combines white sandy beaches and clear blue waters. This area is rich with countless opportunities for water sports such as diving, sailing, and other activities that create unforgettable memories.

Additionally, the North Coast has witnessed unprecedented real estate developments, with the emergence of luxurious resorts and hotels providing visitors with all the amenities of comfort and luxury. These establishments are equipped with state-of-the-art sports facilities, green spaces, and dedicated entertainment areas for children, making them ideal for recreational stays and exceptional trips.

Moreover, the North Coast is vibrant with life, offering a wide range of entertainment and commercial options such as restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, and night markets, adding joy and merriment to the visit. It also provides thrill-seekers and entertainment enthusiasts with water parks and nightlife venues, catering to everyone's aspirations.

The economic dimension of the North Coast cannot be overlooked, as it serves as a hub for investment opportunities and development. The development of infrastructure and tourism in the region has created job opportunities and attracted the interest of investors keen to capitalize on the area's growth and prosperity.

With its prime location, urban development, and diverse range of activities, the North Coast reflects a touristic and investment appeal that draws attention to the modern living experience in a unique and advanced style in Egypt.

Luxury is Not Exclusive to Azzar North Coast Resort: Enjoy the Surrounding Residential Options!

In the shadows of Egypt's North Coast, where golden sands and sparkling waves grace the shores, a collection of luxurious resorts offers visitors the opportunity to indulge in an unforgettable holiday experience. These resorts serve as havens for those seeking relaxation and opulence in proximity to Azzar North Coast Resort, forming destinations that must be explored for those dreaming of escaping the hustle and bustle of daily life to a paradise of tranquility and beauty. Here, we take a look at some of them:

  1. Hacienda West Village: Where visitors can enjoy a luxurious stay experience amidst contemporary designs and comprehensive facilities including swimming pools, restaurants, and cafes, making it the ideal choice for those seeking indulgence.

  2. Jefaira: Offers residents the opportunity to stay in fully-equipped chalets and villas with private gardens and captivating sea views, complemented by a sports club and recreational facilities that ensure an enjoyable experience for all visitors.

  3. Ora North Coast Resort: Welcomes its guests with stunning beaches and clear blue waters, providing luxurious accommodation in comfortable villas and chalets, making it the perfect place for those seeking excellence and beauty.

  4. Sea View North Coast: This village stands out with its contemporary designs and offers captivating sea views from its luxurious chalets and villas. It is the ideal destination for those seeking to enjoy breathtaking natural scenery and comprehensive services.

  5. Almaza Bay North Coast: Offers an exceptional stay experience that combines luxury and comfort, with comprehensive facilities and diverse services that ensure an enjoyable stay for all residents and visitors, in addition to townhouses, green spaces, swimming pools, and designated barbecue areas.

These resorts offer their visitors unique experiences with captivating views and excellent services, making the North Coast an ideal destination to enjoy natural beauty and luxury at its finest.

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Exploring the possibilities of owning a new property begins with a simple step towards discovering the "Real Estate" platform. This platform is the gateway that allows you to browse through a diverse range of properties that suit your requests and budget.

  1. Embark on your journey to discover the perfect property with ease by specifying your preferred search criteria and utilizing advanced filtering technologies to accurately pinpoint what suits you.
  2. Note that the Egypt Real Estate website offers a wide range of options that allow you to view featured offers and competitive prices, enabling you to take advantage of real estate markets in the best possible way.
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  4. Through your interaction with the Real Estate platform, you will be able to leverage the advanced real estate services it offers, including access to market analyses and detailed information for each property.
  5. This makes the process of searching for your new unit an enjoyable and hassle-free experience, putting everything you need to achieve your dream of owning a property at your fingertips with confidence and ease.

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Swimming pools
Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
Aqua park
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It is located at Kilo 180 Alex-Matrouh Road.

start from 2,900,000 EGP.


Al-Reedy Group for real estate development.

20 units

The developing company has provided various payment systems for the longest possible period to suit all customers and investors.

125 acres.


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