Les Rois New Cairo

From 5,100,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2023
Developed by: El Tameer

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Project name: Les Rois.

About the project: a full-service compound characterized by a great location in the heart of New Cairo.

Compound location: Fifth Settlement

Compound Space: A large space of 170 acres.

Units types: villas - twin houses - townhouses.

Units Space: starts from 425 square meters.

Units price: the price per square meter starts from 12,000 EGP.

Payment methods: 20% of the total unit price is paid, and the rest is paid in installments over 60 months.

Enjoy the new life inside Les Rois

It is one of the modern projects established by El Tameer for Real Estate Development.

The compound's location is strategically close to vital areas such as the American University, and the company has allocated a large space for the construction of the project, amounting to about 170 acres, and this large space includes residential buildings, green spaces and facilities, and the housing units are characterized by their diversity to suit all desires and purchasing possibilities.

The project is divided into two parts, namely residential units and utilities, and there are many services and various features that cannot be dispensed within the compound to provide a quiet life full of comfort and luxury.

The real estate developer was also keen to provide different methods of payment and payment systems that suit all customers... Do not miss the opportunity and book your favorite unit inside the most luxurious compound in Fifth Settlement

The distinguished strategic location of Les Rois Compound

The real estate developer was keen to choose a distinctive and vital location for the project, in addition to its proximity to high-end residential projects, where the geographical location is important for the clients, as the compound is surrounded by many services and entertainment so that the client can find everything he wants easily.

The compound is located in Fifth Settlement New Cairo near both of the following:

  • It is 10 minutes from Nasr City.
  • The project is located near high-end projects such as La Mirada and Regent's Park Compound.
  • It is 7 minutes from the city of Suez.
  • Les Rois Compound is 500 meters from the American University.

Features of Les Rois New Cairo

  • It is distinguished by its strategic location in Fifth Settlement, close to the main important places that facilitate access to it and it.
  • The spread of green spaces among the residential units gives a wonderful view and provides a pure and clean environment that helps to relax.
  • Providing periodic maintenance service to fix all malfunctions as soon as possible.
  • A large garden with many different plants and flowers of attractive colors and places to sit amidst the picturesque nature for an unparalleled rest.
  • The most important feature of Les Rois Compound is the diversity of units for each client to choose what suits him, in addition to their amazing designs that attract attention.
  • Les Rois Fifth settlement includes water lakes characterized by their shiny crystal water that softens the atmosphere and gives an aesthetic appearance to the project.

Find out with us the most important services available within Les Rois Compound New Cairo

The company provided many services that the client needs throughout the day, and they are as follows:

  • A large social club, Smash Les Rois which is located on a large space of ​​7 acres, and is characterized by the presence of many social and cultural activities that suit all age groups, as well as a place to sit with family and friends to spend an enjoyable time.
  • A large mosque designed in the Islamic style to perform the five daily prayers in an atmosphere of reverence and tranquility.
  • Large secure garages that can accommodate many cars to maintain the civilized appearance and property.
  • Various swimming pools spread throughout the compound of various sizes and depths to suit adults and children.
  • Inside the project, there is a 1.5-acre parking lot.
  • A huge commercial mall built on an area of ​​7.5 acres to include many different shops such as cosmetics, shoes, in addition to international brands that suit high taste to live an unparalleled buying experience.
  • A children's entertainment area has been allocated with all the different games and is fully secured to spend an enjoyable time.
  • Many clinics with the latest tools under the supervision of the best doctors, and there is also a pharmacy with all kinds of medicines working throughout the day to serve the residents of the compound.
  • Security and guard personnel throughout the compound, and the presence of surveillance cameras operating throughout the day to monitor all movements.
  • The compound includes a gym with many different games to maintain fitness.
  • If you love to walk amid green spaces and picturesque nature.. the real estate developer has provided a long track for walking, running, and cycling to enjoy the best times.
  • An integrated health club with all modern equipment and there are also spa rooms, jacuzzi, and sauna for recreation.

The Space of Les Rois EL Tammer Compound

The real estate developer has used many modern architectural means, where the urban design is characterized by splendor and beauty.

Les Rois was implemented on a huge space of 170 acres, and the largest part 80% was allocated to the picturesque landscape, and the remaining space is for different residential units that are distinguished by their wonderful design, in addition to the presence of many services and various features that make the compound always the best choice, and the project includes 3 Phase.

The project is 350 meters above sea level to be characterized by a mild climate throughout the year, and the project is surrounded by roads with a width of 90 meters on both sides.

Available units types in Les Rois Project

The residential units within the project vary between detached villas, townhouses, and twin houses.

The compound includes a large number of villas, up to 587, with a building space of 13%, while the rest of the residential units amount to 270 housing units, and it is surrounded by a wall of 3.6 km in length.

There are 4 types of detached villas:

  • 5V villa with a space of 425 square meters and built on a plot of 600-700 square meters.
  • 8V villa with a space of 515 square meters, built on a plot of 700-800 square meters.
  • 8V Villa with a space of 665 square meters and built on a plot of land ranging from 900-1000 square meters.
  • Walk-out villas include a ground floor to go out onto the garden, with space starting from 639.

Prices and payment systems within Les Rois Compound Fifth Settlement

Book your unit now inside Les Rois Compound to enjoy a luxurious life at the best prices compared to the services and features provided by the developer, in addition to flexible payment systems with convenient installments over many years.

The price per meter in detached villas starts from 15,500 EGP to 25,500 EGP, while twin houses' price per meter starts from 17,000 EGP to 28,500 EGP, and the price per square meter in townhouses starts from 12,000 EGP.

Payment Systems

The real estate developer has provided many payment systems, paying a15% downpayment and the rest in installments over 20 years, or 50% of the unit price and immediate receipt.

About the real estate developer and his most important works

Housing & Development Real Estate Investment is one of the largest real estate development companies in Egypt. The company was established in 2006 with a capital of 500 million pounds, and it has more than 15 years of experience in the market.

The company has presented many successful large projects in various fields, namely residential, commercial, administrative, tourism, and industrial, and implemented them in different areas, and it has all the services and advantages that the customers were interested in. It also relied on international quality standards and a selection of the best engineers, the company is characterized by credibility.

The most important works

  • Pearl des Roi Project.
  • Etlala Residence Project Abbasiya.
  • Eshraqa Project October 6th.
  • Tameer Towers.
  • Vivienda La Mirada Compound Mostakbal City.
  • Construction towers project.
  • Sheraton Project Sheraton area.
  • Tala compound 6th of October.



  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa

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