Pavo Tower New Capital

From 1,875,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2023
Developed by: Mercon Development

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Project Name: Pavo Tower.

About the project: One of the most important commercial areas in New Administrative Capital, which provides all services to investors and customers.

Pavo Mall Location: It is located in front of the Monorail station in New Administrative Capital.

Pavo Tower Space: A large space of 4,000 square meters.

Units types: commercial and administrative units.

Units Space: starts from 25 square meters.

Price per square meter: starts from 28,500 EGP for administrative units.

The real estate developer: Mercon Developments.

Payment methods: You can pay 10% as a down payment to reserve the unit from the total price, and complete the rest in equal installments within 7 years without interest.

Get to know about Pavo Tower Mall New Capital...

It is located in New Administrative Capital in a great location that can be accessed from all different places to become an opportunity for successful investment. Mercon Holding Development has established the mall on a large space of ​​4,000 square meters and has all the facilities and services that make it ideal for administrative and commercial investment...

The company has taken care of implementing the mall on a high-end urban design with units of different sizes so that each customer can find what suits him, the real estate developer has also set unparalleled prices and flexible payment systems that help all customers to own their commercial and administrative units.

Hurry up to book your unit inside Pavo Tower Mall New Administrative Capital...

The location of Pavo Tower Mall Project and the most important unique features.

The strategic location is of great importance to many investors and customers, so Mercon Developments was keen to choose a privileged location surrounded by many facilities and vital areas. The mall is located in the central business district, specifically in plot CN 26, located in front of the mall, the iconic tower, which is the tallest tower in Africa.

The main features of the location:

  • It is a small distance from the city of arts and culture and the fairgrounds.
  • The mall directly overlooks the Green River.
  • It is located near the government district and the ministries district.
  • The project is half an hour away from the Administrative Capital Airport.
  • It is located near the northern Sheikh Zayed axis, and the ring road.
  • It is a few minutes away from the Al Masa Hotel and Souq El Dahab.
  • Near To Misr Mosque.
  • Close to Amazon Mall, and Quan Tower.
  • It is located in front of the monorail station.

The Space of ​​Pavo Tower Mercon

The mall was built on a large space of ​​up to 4,000 square meters to include many services, features, and entertainment that customers and investors care about. A large area has been allocated for green spaces, landscapes, and artificial lakes with charming waters, Pavo Tower New Capital consists of a ground floor and 13 lofts in addition to the floors designated for garages.

The designs are characterized by splendor and beauty, as Mercon Developments has used the largest engineering companies and cooperated with Engineer Asaad Salama, who is one of the best consultants in international architecture and designs.

The executing company also paid attention to the diversity of spaces and shapes, as there are commercial and administrative units within it, with the difference in spaces for each client to choose what suits his field.

Commercial units start from the ground floor to the second floor, while administrative units start from the 3rd floor to the 13th floor, and the space of commercial units starts from 25 square meters, while the space of administrative units starts from 30 square meters.

The Most Important Services of Pavo Tower Project

Enjoy all the basic and entertainment services inside the most luxurious mall in New Administrative Capital:

  • The mall has an automatic fire extinguishing systems to reduce fire accidents.
  • Pavo Mall New Administrative capital is characterized by the presence of a gym with many different sports equipment to maintain fitness.
  • Spacious garages with many cars to reduce congestion inside the mall and maintain a civilized appearance.
  • Inside the mall, (ATMs) for easy exchange and deposit without the need to leave the mall.
  • Panoramic elevators with glass facades for ease of movement between floors and reduced congestion.
  • A dedicated area for restaurants and cafes, characterized by its modern designs and offering the best services under the supervision of the most skilled chefs, to get your favorite meal.
  • Electric generators operate automatically when the power is cut off to ensure continuity of work.
  • Central air conditioning works on distributing air inside the floors.
  • Meeting rooms equipped with the latest technologies and techniques to suit businessmen.
  • A special area to receive customers and visitors operates throughout the day.
  • A large mosque that can accommodate many worshipers, designed in the Islamic style for the obligatory prayers.
  • The mall is environmentally friendly as it relies on solar energy to reduce electricity consumption.
  • Mercon Developments provided periodic maintenance services to repair faults in the shortest possible time.
  • You will not have to worry about your children anymore, as the mall includes a children's area with all the entertaining games and is fully secured to spend an enjoyable time.

Features available inside Pavo Tower New Administrative Capital

Are you looking for comfort and sophistication?! You can now work in a unique environment with all the various advantages.

  • The spread of green spaces and landscapes to enjoy the healthy fresh air.
  • The most important thing that distinguishes Pavo Tower Mall is its distinguished strategic location in New Administrative Capital and the ease of transportation to and from it.
  • The tower has advanced electronic gates for easy entry and exit from the mall.
  • Attention to the security aspect Many security men were appointed and distributed throughout the mall, in addition to surveillance cameras that operate 24 hours to monitor all movements.
  • On each floor, there are toilets for men and women.
  • Free WiFi is available 24 hours a day.

Prices and special payment methods for owning units in Pavo Mall New Capital

The owner company provided unparalleled competitive prices compared to all these services and advantages that the customer will get, as the real estate developer disclosed the price per square meter for commercial units starting from 62,500 EGP, while administrative units start from 28,500 EGP.

Payment methods

Many easy payment methods have been provided to suit all customers with a convenient installment system over many years.

  • 30% booking downpayment, 10% is paid, and another 10% is paid after a year, and the rest is to be paid in installments over 15 years without interest.
  • 20% booking downpayment, another 5% to be paid after a year, and the rest of the amount to be paid in installments over 10 years without interest.
  • 10% booking downpayment and another 5% is paid after a year, and the rest is to be paid in installments over 8 years without interest.
  • 10% booking downpayment and the rest of the amount is to be paid in installments over 7 years without interest.
  • 30% booking down payment and the rest of the amount is to be paid in installments over 3 years without interest.
  • Booking for commercial units starts from 50,000 EGP while booking for administrative units starts from 25,000 EGP.

About the real estate developer and his most important previous works

Mercon Real Estate is one of the largest real estate development companies in Egypt, and its experience extends to more than 15 years. During that period, it established many huge projects in Cairo and the Arab world, which provide all the services and features that customers and investors care about. The company was established in January 2021, and it established its first project in the northern 90th area, and the board of directors consists of Eng. Ahmed Imbabi and Eng. Samer Al-Beik.

One of the most important works of the company

  • G7 Mall



  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Water Fountains
  • Cinema

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