Mangroovy Resort El Gouna

From 4,042,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2023

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Project name: Mangroovy.

About the project: A coastal residential complex characterized by sophistication and tranquility, as well as wonderful landscapes and providing all services.

Project location: in El Gouna, Hurghada, in the heart of the Red Sea.

Resort space: 10 acres.

Units types: villas - twin houses - townhouses - chalets.

Units Space: starts from 70 square meters.

Price per meter: starts from 39,000 EGP.

Unit prices: start from 4,042,000 EGP.

The real estate developer: Mangroovy Residence Company.

Payment methods: Paying 10% down payment of the unit value, and installments up to 5 years.

Mangroovy El Gouna... A magical world on the shore of the Red Sea!!

The mangrove tree is one of the most important trees in the coastal areas, and it is one of the features of these places. This tree has a wide range of advantages that make it different and unique from the rest of the plants, so the name of the wonderful Mangroovy Resort was derived from it due to its unique and unprecedented features.

El Gouna was chosen to be the location of the construction of this large resort, which has several advantages, including the mild weather throughout the year and its proximity to multiple regions and cities, which makes it easy to access from several directions.

The resort area is also large, the developer has worked on it to accommodate a huge range of important services and facilities, and this space also includes different types of units of varying sizes.

The resort holds a large number of customers' dreams that it has achieved within one place, to spend the happiest times inside and get the greatest amount of pleasure, luxury and comfort in it, and in the coming lines, we will learn in some detail about the rest of the information about the resort, which is as follows.

Resort Location

The location of this large tourist resort carries a set of features that distinguish it from its eyes, including its proximity to several areas and different roads that make the surroundings distinct and easy to reach from several directions.

In the following lines, we will explain more details about the location of the resort and the nearby areas:

  • It is located just 800 meters from the yacht marina.
  • It is about 30 km from the city of Hurghada, 172 km from the city of Qusayr, and about 312 km from Marsa Alam.
  • It is also about 3.2 km away from the Downtown area.
  • In addition to its proximity to TU Berlin Campus, which is about 2.5 km away.
  • It is also approximately 3.6 km from El Gouna International School.
  • This resort is 2.6 km from El Gouna Library, AUC Campus.
  • It is also only 11 minutes from the entrance to El Gouna.
  • It is also near one of the important main roads, which is the new Zaafarana Road.
  • It is close to Hurghada Airport, Sharm El Sheikh Airport, and Marsa Alam Airport as well.

Exquisite designs you will find at Mangroovy El Gouna

Life in its highest meaning is lived in the shadows of this wonderful resort, the developer of the project provided its valued customers with distinct engineering designs in compliance with international safety and security standards.

The entire resort simulates the best international tourist places in terms of beauty and sophistication, as well as creativity in the interior designs and decorations in the place, in addition to the distinguished aesthetic image that the project possesses through the various elements of happiness available inside it, such as the distinguished sandy beach, landscape, and others.

This is next to the wonderful view that the engineers sought to provide in Mangroovy through the attractive artificial lakes directly overlooking the units so that you can enjoy this beauty from your balcony every morning.

Mangroovy El Gouna Resort Features

There are several features owned by the project that make it very unique from other tourist resorts within El Gouna, in addition to a wide range of different services, basic and recreational facilities that enable you to lead a life that has all the meanings of beauty and pleasure.

In the following, we will learn about those competitive features of the resort:

  • A wonderful design that mixes the different colors of nature from crystal blue waters and white beach sands to green spaces, which created a wonderful and unique aesthetic image inside the village.
  • To enjoy a special vacation at any time of the year, the developer chose the El Gouna area to build this wonderful icon and is known for its mild weather throughout the year, as it is close to several roads that facilitate access to the village.
  • "Privacy and comfort" are the main features on which the resort was built, so green spaces and spaciousness were provided around the units to enjoy your full privacy in your home.
  • Experience a cruise in the waters of the Red Sea is a pleasure that you will not forget, so a yacht marina was built that provides you with all the equipment you need to practice fishing, diving or even making cruises.
  • Pleasant artificial lakes shine in many parts of Mangroovy.
  • Swimming pools are multi-purpose and vary in size to suit everyone.
  • Allocating an area (Wedding on the Beach) to receive various events within the resort.

Various services and facilities in Mangroovy El Gouna

  • A large beach area with fun games and very entertaining activities for you to enjoy unforgettable times with family and friends.
  • Outdoor Cinema to watch your favorite movies in the open air and enjoy that unique experience.
  • Equipped cycling paths provide safety and security for the practice of this sport.
  • An integrated health center with a spa, jacquard, and gymnasium equipped at the highest level.
  • Courts of various sizes fit a wide range of different sports.
  • A shopping mall with various shops that offer you everything you and your family need.
  • Major cafes and restaurants offer the highest level of services.
  • A children's area to have fun inside.
  • Fully secured garage.
  • A security system equipped with surveillance cameras to maintain the peace and security of the residents inside the resort.

Know about the units of Mangroovy Resort El Gouna and their spaces

The developer has allocated a large space of land within El Gouna, specifically on its distinctive beach, to be the place for building this international resort, in addition to the various services that were provided within the resort.

The project extends over a space of 10 acres, which is approximately 43,200 square meters, divided between green spaces and different units, the village includes different types of units, which are "chalets, townhouses, twin houses, standalone villas" that vary in terms of space to suit customers of different tastes.

Details of the spaces of the units offered within the resort, we will learn about them in the following lines:

  • The number of units within Mangroovy Project is about 774 units, and those units are divided into 726 distinct chalets, 34 townhouses and twin houses, and 14 villas.
  • Luxury chalets space ranges from 70 m² up to 258 m².
  • As for the townhouses, the space starts from 216 m².
  • Twin house with space starts from 364 m².

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Very special prices and convenient payment plans are offered in Mangroovy Residence

Mangroovy El Gouna has multiple advantages and unique views, in addition to the wide variety of spaces and types, so that you can find what you want from the units, all of this and more, offered to you at attractive prices and many facilities, which are the best in the El Gouna.

Contact us now and get your preferred resort location at competitive prices and convenient payment systems, which we will learn about in the following:

  • The price per square meter in Mangroovy El Gouna starts from 39,000 EGP and goes up to about 93,000 EGP.
  • Starting with chalets, prices start from 4,042,000 and reach 11,232,000 EGP.
  • As for the prices of chalets that have a private garden, they start from 4,446,000 EGP.
  • The townhouse prices start from 16,690,000 EGP.
  • As for the twin houses, they start from 33,905,000 EGP.

Payment plan offered at Mangroovy Resort:

The company seeks for the customer to obtain his unit with ease and payment systems that suit him, as follows:

  • The first system: the customer can pay a 10% downpayment of the total unit price, and the rest is to be paid in installments over 5 full years.
  • The second system: the customer pays a 10% downpayment of the unit price, another 10% upon delivery, and the remaining amount is paid in installments for 5 years.

Dreaming of spending an unforgettable vacation in an atmosphere of entertainment and absolute pleasure, here is Mangroovy Resort that provides you with all your wishes inside it. It is indeed an exceptional place on El Gouna Beach, known for its beauty, the splendor of its waters, and clarity.

We are waiting for you to contact us to own your unique unit within this distinguished project within the picturesque area of El Gouna.

The real estate developer of Mangroovy Resort

(First Residence) For Real Estate Development, which is known as Mangroovy Residence, was established in 2014 and is one of the companies seeking to develop in the field of real estate.

The company has a different and effective vision in developing the concept of tourist villages, and this was evident in the company's first projects in the El Gouna region, which is Mangroovy Resort, which emulates in its development and sophistication the best international tourist places.

First Residence designed this resort entirely in a luxurious European style, providing all the various features and services that increase the customer's comfort and his sense of calm and luxury inside.

The company is also striving lately to start other major projects to have a greater share of business within many other distinct areas.


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Aqua park
  • Cinema

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