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Project Description

Project Name: The Vues.

The Vues Location: located at Mostakbal City directly in front of Madinaty in New Cairo.

The Vues New Cairo Space: 420 acres.

The Vues Developer: Tatweer Misr with the leadership of Raef Fahmy.

Meter Price in The Vues: the price per meter without finishing starts from 12,000 EGP while with full finishing, it starts from 16,000 EGP.

Payment Systems: 0% downpayment and installments over a payment period up to 10%.

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Do not miss the golden opportunity, become part of The Vues Compound New Cairo - the most distinctive and attractive, where luxury and elegant design await you!

Are you still looking for an exceptional place for a luxurious life, a community pulsating with every detail of beauty and luxury, a new life designed just to make you happy and meet your needs? You have to choose the elegant The Vues Compound in the best locations in New Cairo; where there are exceptional units, diverse services, and great advantages. Misr Development also enables you to receive your residential unit, and enjoy all the features and services of Tatweer Misr New Cairo project at affordable prices, and flexible and easy payment methods you can choose from to suit your capabilities and taste in The Vues Compound Tatweer Misr.

The owning company always seeks excellence and to bring its clients to a comfortable standard of living, with a wonderful view of the natural scenery, gardens, parks and artificial lakes, alongside the presence of high-level service facilities in an elegant international-level style using technological systems, in addition to unique architectural designs. he Vues New Cairo was implemented by the most skilled architects to provide the best residential communities in the heart of New Cairo.

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Discover The Vues Compound, which combines the art of construction and design, where a unique strategic location embraces the beauty of nature and the charm of contemporary architecture!

The Vues Mostakba City Compound is a dream city that makes you feel magic and imagination on real ground and balance between social and scientific life. The owning company was also keen to choose the ideal geographical location in order to execute its project near the most important vital areas that make access to it easy from all directions.

The most important landmarks close to The Vues Bloomfields Compound New Cairo:

  • The Vues New Cairo Compound New Cairo is located in front of the Madinaty project near Future City in New Cairo.
  • The Vues is located between the Golden Square of New Cairo and the New Administrative Capital.
  • The Vues New Cairo Compound is located on one of the most important streets in New Cairo, 90th Street.
  • The distance between The Vues New Cairo Compound New Cairo and the American University is very short.
  • The Vues New Cairo Compound is close to the most important axes and main roads such as the Ring Road and the Regional Road.
  • It is easy to go from The Vues New Cairo Compound to Cairo International Airport in just a few minutes.
  • The Vues New Cairo Compound New Cairo is only about 45 minutes away from Ain Sokhna Road.

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Enjoy the best in the world of architectural engineering with The Vues New Cairo's modern and unique designs that embody innovation in every corner!

The developing company hired a group of experienced architects to make The Vues Mostakba City appear in its current stunning form. Among them was the world renowned Italian architect Gianluca Bellovo, with the well-known Egyptian architect Raafat Fahmy, to make The Vues New Cairo a masterpiece in the heart of New Cairo, achieving a great balance between natural life and residential units, making it a vibrant, integrated project. The developing company also sought to achieve psychological comfort through amazing architectural designs.

The luxury life has become easier than ever, enjoy comfort and luxury with The Vues' distinctive services that meet all your needs!

Because you deserve it; Misr Real Estate Development Company has implemented The Vues New Cairo Bloomfields Compound New Cairo, which is the address of sophistication and excellence among the residential projects in New Cairo. It has been designed in a wonderful contemporary style and includes unique services, most notably:

  • The presence of a customer service library to answer all customer questions, help them, and solve all their problems in The Vues Mostakba City.
  • Maintenance and cleaning work that operates around the clock in The Vues New Cairo Compound to preserve the aesthetic appearance of Tatweer Misr New Cairo project.
  • A social club suitable for residents in The Vues New Cairo to enable them to engage in various social activities and family gatherings, and it includes a number of sports fields for residents to practice favorite sports such as football, basketball and tennis.
  • The commercial area that includes a number of shops selling various goods from the most famous international and local brands in Misr Italia project inside The Vues New Cairo Project.
  • An integrated health resort with sauna, Jacuzzi and spa units that provide a high degree of relaxation in The Vues Compound New Cairo.
  • A hypermarket that includes consumer goods and fresh groceries needed by residents in their homes in The Vues New Cairo.
  • A range of restaurants and cafes that offer the most delicious eastern and western dishes that suit all tastes in The Vues New Cairo Compound New Cairo.
  • Gyms and fitness centers equipped with the latest sports equipment in The Vues Compound New Cairo under the supervision of professional trainers.
  • A conference hall equipped at a high level and equipped with the latest audio and visual equipment to hold important meetings in The Vues Compound New Cairo.
  • Cinemas and large display screens showing the latest cinematic works in The Vues Mostakba City so that residents do not feel bored.
  • Amusement parks and recreational areas with a variety of games suitable for adults or children in Misr Italia Compound, New Cairo.
  • Spread of pharmacies containing medicines, medical and cosmetic supplies needed by residents in The Vues Compound around the clock.
  • Equipped nurseries to receive children and carry out developmental activities that give them new skills in The Vues Compound New Cairo.
  • International schools and universities in The Vues New Cairo Bloomfields Compound to provide the best educational services to the students of The Vues Compound New Cairo.

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The Vues Project is not just about building homes, it's about providing a better life, enjoy the exceptional features and services we provide especially for you!

Once you own a residential unit in The Vues Compound New Cairo, you have come across a golden opportunity to take advantage of all the services and advantages available within Tatweer Misr New Cairo project, which are difficult to compare with any other project; and the most prominent of these advantages are:

  • Choosing the appropriate geographical location close to the most important vital areas that make it easily accessible to all residents in The Vues Compound New Cairo.
  • Designing residential units in an innovative way by the most skilled designers at fantastic prices that are out of the competition range in The Vues project.
  • The presence of artificial lakes and dancing fountains whose water rises dancing tens of meters in The Vues Compound New Cairo.
  • Green meadows that separate the residential units and maintain privacy, next to the presence of green areas and gardens that give the units a wonderful panoramic view in The Vues Mostakba City Compound.
  • A wide pedestrian path for cycling and jogging away from the public road for cars to ensure the safety of residents in The Vues Compound New Cairo.
  • The developing company did not overlook people of determination, as it paved the roads so that they can roam without being exposed to any injury in The Vues New Cairo Compound.
  • An area designated for holding barbecues equipped with the necessary equipment in The Vues New Cairo project.
  • Seating and rest areas in The Vues Compound New Cairo to get a high degree of comfort.
  • Attention to infrastructure in The Vues Compound such as natural gas, electricity, sewage networks and basic services that ensure a comfortable life for the residents.
  • The presence of electronic gates that regulate the process of entering and exiting The Vues Compound New Cairo to prevent congestion.
  • Installation of advanced surveillance cameras throughout The Vues Compound New Cairo to monitor all movements and tighten security.
  • Spread of security personnel in The Vues Compound New Cairo to protect residents from any danger threatening their safety.
  • The developing company was keen to use solar panels that generate energy and reduce electricity consumption in The Vues New Cairo Compound.
  • Attention to high internet speed so that residents in The Vues Compound can communicate with the outside world.
  • The presence of many electric power generators that operate Misr Italia Compound New Cairo in case of power outage at The Vues New Cairo.
  • A large mosque designed in the Islamic style in order to receive worshipers around the clock in The Vues Compound.
  • Building spacious garages enough to accommodate a huge amount of cars, which helps reduce congestion in The Vues Compound New Cairo.
  • An area designated for garbage collection and disposal as soon as possible in The Vues.

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Choose your ideal unit from The Vues New Cairo's diverse collection of units designed to provide you luxury and comfort at once!

The Vues Compound New Cairo was built on an area of 415 acres, which is a huge area that helped the developing company offer many units with different areas so that customers can choose what fills their needs with modern designs and luxurious glass facades that reflect the charming natural scenery to suit those with refined taste, in addition to the 10-acre central park that includes the most beautiful natural scenery, gardens, parks and vibrant flower colors.

You can learn about the residential unit areas in The Vues New Cairo project through the following points:

  • The area of residential apartments consisting of 2 bedrooms starts from 125 square meters.
  • While the area of residential apartments consisting of 3 bedrooms starts from 165 square meters.

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With The Vues Compound, quality meets affordable cost! We offer flexible payment plans and prices suitable for all budgets without compromising on quality!

The developing company seeks to satisfy its customers by announcing reasonable prices that suit the size of the features and services that the client gets with high quality. The owning company was also keen for the client to be able to buy the units offered for sale in The Vues Compound New Cairo without bearing any financial burdens. The prices in The Vues Compound New Cairo are as follows:

  • Prices of apartments consisting of 3 rooms in The Vues Compound start at 2,100,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • While the prices of apartments consisting of 2 bedrooms in The Vues New Cairo start from 1,900,000 Egyptian pounds.

Its payment systems are also flexible to provide many facilities that help the client purchase the unit easily. The client can purchase the unit by paying a 5% down payment of the total unit price and paying the rest over 10 years.

Disadvantages of The Vues Compound Misr Italia

Despite the distinctive features of The Vues Compound, some customers feel that the specified delivery period by the company may be long. However, the company confirms the need to adhere to that time to ensure delivery of units with luxurious finishes that meet residents' expectations and needs.

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Enter a world where innovation meets vision, take a tour of the philosophy of our real estate developer, which is characterized by creativity and exceeds expectations!

Tatweer Misr Development has implemented The Vues Compound New Cairo, which is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development in Egypt and the Middle East. The developing company has implemented many projects that reflect its extensive experience, making it the first choice for businessmen and high net worth individuals. It has the best consulting engineers and technicians. The most important projects carried out by the developing company are:

Your Investment in New Cairo: Your Opportunity for Profit and Growth in the Heart of Modern Egypt! 

New Cairo, one of the largest urban projects in Egypt, is known as the city of the future and the center of modern business. Investing in this vibrant city is a great opportunity to make a profit and grow in one of the most promising investment destinations in the Middle East.

New Cairo takes pride in many features that make it stand out from other cities. It is a city that is precisely planned with a modern design, involving top international planners and designers. It also enjoys integrated infrastructure that provides everything people need for a comfortable, advanced life.

New Cairo is home to many modern residential compounds, where you can benefit from the great variety in prices and available housing styles. Regardless of your budget or needs, you will certainly find a suitable housing unit that suits your investment ambitions and meets real estate market requirements.

Housing is not the only ideal field for investing in New Cairo. There are also many available commercial, industrial and service projects, providing great opportunities for profit and growth. From upscale cafes and restaurants to huge shopping malls and international business centers, all business opportunities are available in this modern city.

For those looking to invest in commercial real estate, New Cairo provides interesting opportunities. There are many high-quality office buildings, with advanced infrastructure to support all types of businesses and industries.

New Cairo is distinguished by safety and stability, which boosts confidence among many investors. This city is one of the safest areas in Egypt, with local authorities working hard to ensure the safety of both residents and investors.

Therefore, if you are looking for a profitable, growing investment opportunity in the heart of modern Egypt, investing in New Cairo may be the ideal choice for you. This futuristic smart city ensures diverse opportunities in various fields, and provides an encouraging environment that promotes personal and economic prosperity and development.

If you are looking for an investment opportunity that could change your life, consider New Cairo and get ready to harness the potential of this great city and achieve your economic dreams. You will find complete infrastructure, an encouraging investment environment, and countless opportunities in multiple sectors. Invest now in New Cairo and make your investment ambitions come true in the heart of modern Egypt!

Fifth Settlement is Not Just a Place to Live, It's a Distinct Lifestyle! 

Fifth Settlement, one of the best urban areas in Cairo, is now considered an ideal destination for living and investing. With many modern facilities and services, Fifth Settlement provides an exceptional lifestyle for its residents, combining comfort, luxury and safety.

Homes in Fifth Settlement are of the highest quality design and luxury levels. They are characterized by amazing architecture and top-notch finishes, comprising spacious apartments and villas that meet the needs of diverse families. The design of streets and green spaces in Fifth Settlement enhances the natural beauty of the area and provides ideal spaces for walking and exercising.

In addition to elegant housing, Fifth Settlement provides many commercial outlets and modern shopping centers, making shopping a unique experience. In this area, residents can find global brands and a wide selection of products and services.

The area also accommodates many upscale restaurants and cafes that offer the most delicious local and international dishes. Whether you are looking for a tasty meal, or relaxing with a cup of coffee, Fifth Settlement has the perfect options for every taste and desire.

Additionally, Fifth Settlement boasts world-class recreational areas such as sports stadiums, social clubs and fitness centers. Residents can enjoy diverse sports activities and entertainment while maintaining their fitness.

It can be said that Fifth Settlement is not just a place to live, but a distinct lifestyle that combines luxurious housing, high-quality services and modern facilities. If you are looking for a place to achieve luxury and enjoy the best experiences, Fifth Settlement is the perfect choice for you.

When Location and Luxury Meet: Top Compounds Near The Vues New Cairo Compound! 

  1. Sila Compound New Cairo:
    Sila Compound is located directly in front of The Vues New Cairo Compound, and is one of the largest and most famous compounds in New Cairo. It provides a large set of services and facilities, including international schools, shopping malls, restaurants and cafes, green spaces, as well as entertainment venues.

  2. The Marq Compound New Cairo:
    The Marq Compound is located near The Vues New Cairo Compound and is considered one of the most luxurious compounds in the area. It is characterized by a stunning architectural facade and luxurious design, and includes luxurious residences, commercial areas, and high-level recreational facilities. It also contains a selection of upscale restaurants and global retail stores.

  3. Taj City Compound New Cairo:
    Taj City Compound is located at a short distance from The Vues New Cairo Compound and enjoys a quiet, luxurious residential environment. The compound includes vast green spaces and beautiful gardens, as well as diverse sports and recreational facilities. It is also distinguished by its unique architectural design and luxurious residential units that meet the needs of different families.

  4. Al Riyadh Secound Compound New Cairo:
    Al Riyadh Compound is considered one of the most elegant residential compounds near The Vues New Cairo Compound. The compound includes a set of luxurious villas and apartments characterized by quality and modern design. The compound contains vast green areas, artificial lakes, stunning swimming pools and fountains, as well as diverse recreational and sports facilities.

  5. Hotel Branded Residence Compound New Cairo:
    Hotel Branded Residence Compound is located near The Vues New Cairo Compound and is considered one of the best residential compounds in the area. The compound is characterized by tranquility and privacy, providing residents with a safe, comfortable living environment. The compound contains vast green spaces, walking and cycling areas, as well as sports, health and commercial facilities.

These compounds located near The Vues New Cairo Compound are among the best housing options in the area. They provide residents with a luxurious, comfortable living environment, and include a diverse set of services and facilities. Regardless of your choice, you will be living in an exclusive environment that provides you with tranquility and luxury.

Make Your Dream Come True: Learn How to Buy Your Ideal Unit in The The Vues New Cairo Compound on!

New Cairo is one of the most prominent modern cities in Egypt, providing a diverse selection of distinctive residential compounds. Among these compounds, The Vues New Cairo Compound stands out as a luxurious, ideal residential destination. If you wish to buy a unit in this amazing compound, you can follow these steps to get your ideal unit:

  1. Research and Analysis:
    Start your journey of buying your ideal unit with research and analysis. Browse the website and look for units for sale in The Vues New Cairo Compound. Use the search feature to determine your requirements and budget, and compare between the different available units.

  2. Site Visit:
    Once you identify some potential units, arrange a visit to the compound and inspect the units yourself. Be sure to bring notes and a list of questions you want to ask the developer or sales agent.

  3. Learn About Location and Amenities:
    Inquire about the exact location of the unit you intend to purchase and make sure it meets your needs and requirements. Get acquainted with the services available in the compound, such as swimming pools, gyms, courts, and gardens. Ask for guidance on proximity of schools, hospitals and shopping centers.

  4. Negotiation and Discussion:
    After visiting the site and getting to know the available units, communicate with us and negotiate the terms of sale and prices. There may be room to negotiate on price or on services provided.

  5. Search for Financing:
    If you need financing to purchase the unit, search for available options on to get a mortgage loan. Contact banks and financial institutions to inquire about loan requirements and submit a mortgage loan application.

  6. Sign the Contract:
    After agreeing on the purchase terms and reviewing the contract, sign the contract with the sales team. Make sure to read all clauses of the contract and understand them well before signing.

  7. Make Down Payment and Settlement:
    Typically, a down payment is made upon signing the contract, which may require another payment later on. Make sure you know the full amount for the unit and payment due dates.

  8. Receive the Unit:
    After completing the agreed upon payments, you will be able to receive the unit. Before receiving, inspect the unit once more to ensure its condition, suitability, and ability to meet your needs.

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Mostakbal City in New Cairo.

1,900,000 EGP


Tatweer Misr with the leadership of Raef Fahmy.

11 Units

Cash or installments up to 10 years

420 acres.


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