Hotel Branded Residence New Cairo

From 2,170,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2023

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Project Name: Hotel Branded Residence.

About the project: It is one of the most important hotel compounds that are characterized by luxury and sophistication. It also provides all the basic and recreational services that the residents of the compound need.

Hotel Branded Residence Compound Location: It is located in the heart of New Cairo.

The space of Hotel Branded Residence New Cairo: a huge space, most of which was allocated for tall trees.

The real estate developer: Equity Developments.

Units types: high-end hotel units.

Price per meter: starts from 35,000 Egyptian pounds.

Units Space: starts from 62 square meters.

Payment systems: You can pay a 5% downpayment of the total unit price, and the unit price will be paid in installments over 5 years.

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Hotel Branded Residence... Huge hotel services are waiting for you

Hotel Branded Residences New Cairo is one of the largest and most luxurious residential hotel projects for lovers of luxury, comfort, and complete freedom, It is affiliated with the largest of the major real estate companies, Equity Development, which was keen to establish it in a special location in New Cairo to make it easier for you to move with ease and away from the crowding and overcrowding that suffer residents from in other areas, and it has worked hard to provide green spaces and various services for all its residents so that no one has to leave its scope.

It is also surrounded by many gardens and parks for lovers of tranquility, comfort, and recreation. All units in it overlook the most beautiful landscapes and are equipped with external glass that reflects the picturesque and charming appearance, in addition to the water bodies represented by water fountains and artificial lakes that give it a great cultural aspect.

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Hotel Branded Residence Project Location

Equity, the developer and pioneer in the real estate market is always keen to choose the unique and unique location for its mega projects, and it was not limited to that project, as it was built in the heart of New Cairo within Choueifat area behind the giant project 5A, as the compound is close to one of the most important institutions Major educational institutions and international universities, In addition, it directly overlooks the most important main roads.

The advantages of Hotel Branded location and the most important areas close to it:

  • In a few minutes, you can reach the most important street in New Cairo, which is teseen Street.
  • It directly overlooks the ring road.
  • It is about 22 km from Cairo International Airport.
  • The project is located at an estimated distance of 16 km from Maadi.
  • The Compound is about 30 km away from downtown Cairo.
  • A few distances from international universities, including, American, Canadian, German, and the University of the Future.

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Hotel Branded Residences New Cairo Space

Equity, the real estate developer, built the project on a huge space in order to provide all the basic and recreational services to all customers, and the space of the compound was divided to include vast green spaces and lush gardens with its beautiful tall trees, and on the other hand, spaces for buildings, constructions, and facilities that serve all residents in the vital area.

Exclusive services at Hotel Branded Residence Compound

  • A large sports club with many multiple playgrounds, in which you can play favorite games such as football, tennis, golf, and squash halls.
  • A health club that includes a distinctive spa house for lovers of body care, and private rooms with a Jacuzzi for more relaxation and recreation.
  • A social club that includes all activities and luxurious services that meet all your needs, and it is a distinguished meeting place for families and friends to spend happy times there.
  • Expanded security services in the project yard and outside, by appointing security personnel and guards trained with the highest efficiency, 24 hours a day.
  • The compound includes medical cults in all specialties that work throughout the day, and provide the best services to patients.
  • In addition to several pharmacies that are available within the project yard, and operate 24 hours a day, and provide the best types of different treatments for the residents.
  • For a wonderful and distinctive shopping experience, Hotel Branded Residence Project has been provided with a huge commercial mall that includes many stores that display the most important international brands and brands, worthy of all residents with fine tastes.
  • The most luxurious restaurants offer the best varieties and are supervised by the most efficient chefs.
  • You can have your favorite drink inside the best cafés in the project yard with unparalleled hotel services.
  • Garages under the units in order to preserve the civilized appearance of the project, and to prevent overcrowding.
  • Tracks for running, walking, and cycling enthusiasts in the wide spaces and away from the public roads for cars.
  • Fast Internet services that work 24 hours and at a high speed within the scope of the project and for all residents.
  • A distinctive infrastructure that includes all the basic services.
  • A number of supermarkets include daily commodities and necessities that meet the residents' needs.

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The most important features within Hotel Branded Residence

  • The geographical location of the project, which was chosen very carefully to be close to the most important roads and main axes, thus making it easy for you to move in just a few minutes.
  • The hotel units within the project are distinctive offering the best various services, for more complete comfort for all customers.
  • Inside the project, you will get a wonderful and distinctive hotel life and provide you with the best luxury services that suit you and your family. Inside, you will feel like you are inside a 5-star hotel.
  • The project enjoys the vast green spaces that wrap around it to give it a special sense of calm and serenity and give you elegance and attractiveness.
  • Bodies of water are represented in artificial lakes with their turquoise waters and dancing fountains work throughout the day and add wonderful artistic touches within the project yard.
  • Within the project yard, there are swimming pools of different sizes and shapes, suitable for all ages, amidst the charming green nature.
  • Distributing huge numbers of modern surveillance cameras that monitor events all day, for more comprehensive insurance.
  • Providing several swimming pools for women, for more complete privacy.
  • Hotel Branded Residence New Cairo offers daily cleaning services, Housekeeping.
  • A children's entertainment area has been allocated with all the games appropriate for their ages, to spend the best happy times.
  • A house of worship designed in a distinctive Islamic style and available to accommodate a large number of worshipers.

what are you waiting for? The best services are available to you and you will not find them anywhere else, book and enjoy with your family inside Hotel Branded Residence!

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The best residential units with international finishes only in Hotel Branded Residence, and the available spaces in it

The company that developed the project was keen to provide a distinguished service to all customers, and this came in the establishment of many high-end hotel units that combine luxury and tradition and provide all exclusive services to all customers. If you are a resident of the project, this is your best choice. If you are not among the lucky residents, book now and enjoy the best services that you will not find anywhere else.

The units have been designed with various spaces, which are designed on the latest styles and that take into account the smart spaces G+2 to make the most of the unit space, and have been established on the latest international systems and designs.

The first phase of the project contains approximately 150 housing units, which range in size from 62 square meters up to 500 square meters, and each of them has all the various services that serve and fulfill all customer desires, the company has also been keen to impart a spirit of beauty and picturesque natural features to the project by providing vast green spaces.

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Take the opportunity and get the best prices ever in Hotel Branded Residence

The real estate developer, Equity, was keen to offer a package of suitable prices to all customers to facilitate owning the units for them, it has provided a distinct package to serve the residents compared to all the different services that you will get when living inside this luxury project, as it was announced that the price per square meter starts from 35,000 EGP.

Payment systems announced by the real estate developer

The developer was keen to offer easy payment systems and pay the unit value by paying a down payment and the rest in installments over several years without interest, and we mention this as follows:

  • The customer can pay a down payment of 5% of the total price of the unit, and the rest is to be paid in installments over 5 years.
  • Note that the unit will be delivered after 2.5 from the date of contracting.

The Developer of Hotel Branded Residence New Cairo

Equity development is the owner of the compound and it is owned by the most famous businessman Ahmed Al-Sewidi, it has become one of the largest major companies in the field of real estate investment, as it has a huge investment volume and is constructing multiple and huge residential projects in various parts of Egypt. It has always been keen to provide its best for the past 50 years, as it has spread and expanded in the Arab world and also in many foreign countries.

The company has many huge projects that have achieved tremendous success, and they are as follows:


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa

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