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Project Description

Project Name: Edelma.

About the Edelma Project: It is considered one of the most prominent upscale coastal real estate projects, where elegance and innovation come together with its unique and contemporary designs. Edelma village was established with the aim of creating an exceptional residential environment that satisfies those with refined tastes and seeking luxury. This project is distinguished by its luxurious architectural designs that provide the best aspects of urban life while preserving the natural and charming character of the surrounding natural scenery.

Location of Edelma Village Sahl Hasheesh: The village is located in Sahl Hasheesh, near the tourist promenade.

Types of Units: Villas - Chalets for sale in Edelma.

Unit Areas in Edelma: Starting from 180 square meters.

Edelma Prices: Unit prices start from 700,000 Egyptian pounds.

Name of the Developing Company: Anchor Real Estate Development Company.

Payment Methods: 15% down payment and installments for the remaining amount up to 7 years without interest.

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Get ready to immerse yourself in an experience you won't find anywhere else, and be part of the innovative vision we offer in the unique and advanced Edelma Village in Sahl Hasheesh

For all those seeking complete pleasure and luxury, it has been presented on a golden platter and in a manner befitting those with refined taste. The Anchor Real Estate Company has launched its distinctive coastal project overlooking one of the Red Sea beaches, the Edelma Village - Edelma Sahl Hasheesh, which is unique with its multiple and luxurious advantages, including the selection of the important strategic location, namely Sahl Hasheesh, which connects the main roads and axes that make it easy for you to reach in just a few minutes. The coastal Edelma is also adjacent to the most famous major neighboring projects, and it's just a short distance away from reaching them.

The Anchor Real Estate Company also relied on the most efficient architectural engineers to properly plan the luxurious coastal project, Edelma, which was built on a vast land area and divided to include green spaces and the most beautiful and charming natural scenery, which occupy a large percentage of it, about 80% of the total area, reflecting on it and giving it a positive energy like no other. Moreover, the units designed in Edelma Village vary in terms of space and types, allowing you to choose the most suitable for you and in line with your refined level, each with a unique view of the charming beach. In addition to the architectural designs that match the modern era and combine elegance and complete luxury inside Edelma Hurghada, thus ensuring the enjoyable atmosphere you've been dreaming of.

All direct efforts have been made to provide exclusive and integrated services through which all customer requirements are met, and you can enjoy unique and unparalleled moments befitting the clients of Anchor Real Estate Company inside Edelma Hurghada. Moreover, the announced prices allow you to purchase your coastal unit, and you can also installment the total amount of the unit over years without interest inside Edelma Sidi Heneish. Seize the opportunity and don't hesitate, as here are the best atmospheres through which you can spend your summer vacation in an elegant way...!

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Embark on an enchanting journey inside the Edelma Hurghada Resort, where beauty and comfort come together to provide the perfect balance for you between work commitments and daily relaxation

Choosing the geographical location for any coastal project is one of the most important success factors for any real estate company. Anchor has gained great popularity for the coastal village it has built and named Edelma, as it is unique with its important strategic location in Sahl Hasheesh, Hurghada. It connects to the main roads and axes that make it easy for you to reach in just a few minutes, and the distance separating Edelma from the famous neighboring landmarks is very short. It also overlooks the 12 km long tourist promenade along the beach, which connects a number of villages and resorts.

The most important advantages of the location of Edelma Village Sahl Hasheesh:

  • Edelma Hurghada is close to the most important landmarks, the most famous of which is the Arrival Piazza tourist landmark.
  • Edelma Village is located in Sahl Hasheesh, which is a short distance of about 12 km from the tourist promenade that connects the most important villages and resorts in the area.
  • Edelma Anchor is located a short distance from the most famous coastal projects in that area.

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Join us and discover the beauty and creativity we've added to make the Edelma Sahl Hasheesh Resort an umbrella of elegance and distinction

Edelma Village has many unique advantages, through which it has attracted the largest number of clients. The Anchor Real Estate Company, the owner, has built it on a vast land area divided between green spaces and the most beautiful and charming natural scenery, which occupy a large percentage of it and allow you to enjoy a unique atmosphere incomparable and enable you to enjoy your time by the beach and relax inside Edelma Sidi Heneish. Moreover, the reliance was on the largest engineering companies with a distinguished role in developing the best architectural designs and stunning decor inside each coastal unit. The units vary among themselves inside Edelma Hurghada in terms of space, providing the first choice for all clients to choose the most suitable for them. In addition to the integrated services available inside, through which you can enjoy the exclusive and distinctive coastal environment that is incomparable. Take the distinctive step and hurry to book your coastal unit inside Edelma Sahl Hasheesh...!!

Experience the choice between a diverse and innovative range of units and spaces in Edelma Sahl Hasheesh, specifically designed to suit all your needs and aspirations

A unique coastal project has been presented overlooking the charming Red Sea coast with its blue waters and white sands that give the place magic and reflect positive vibes that many need. The Anchor Company has built the luxurious Edelma Village on the largest area, which includes residential units totaling 85 units that vary in terms of space, including "chalets, apartments, penthouses, studios" inside Edelma Sidi Heneish. Care was also taken to provide everything needed by clients seeking the enjoyable and unique coastal environment, thus providing you with complete freedom and the utmost privacy. We find that the spaces available inside Edelma start from 47 square meters, and these are as follows:

  • Unit area inside Edelma Sahl Hasheesh: starts from 180 square meters and reaches 240 square meters.

Enjoy a colorful and unique life experience with the exclusive privileges offered to you by the upscale Edelma Sahl Hasheesh Village

For all those seeking an enjoyable and most comfortable coastal environment that gives you the opportunity to spend your summer vacation amid soothing atmospheres, here is the coastal Edelma Village, launched by the Anchor Company, which was keen to provide a luxurious coastal village befitting all its distinguished clients. These advantages are as follows:

  • The strategic location was chosen for the luxurious coastal project Edelma, specifically in Sahl Hasheesh, where the city of Hurghada is located. It connects the main roads and axes that make it easy for you to reach in just a few minutes, and the distance between it and the vital and service areas is very short.
  • The luxurious Edelma Village was also built on a vast area that includes green spaces, multiple facilities, and services that meet all the requirements of all residents, as well as units of different sizes and types.
  • The units inside Edelma Sahl Hasheesh vary in terms of space and types, allowing clients to choose the most suitable for them, and each has luxurious architectural designs that suit everyone's level.
  • The Anchor Company was keen to develop the best designs that match the modern era by seeking the help of the largest consulting companies that played a full role in designing it to the highest level befitting everyone, making Edelma Village characterized by luxury and elegance.
  • Moreover, underneath the units, the largest space was designed for garages inside Edelma Sidi Heneish, which can accommodate the largest number of cars belonging to clients, in order to maintain its distinctive appearance and prevent congestion in front of it.
  • We find that Edelma Sahl Hasheesh Village relies on the solar energy system to rationalize electricity consumption and enjoy a unique and upscale residential environment.
  • For young children inside Edelma Sahl Hasheesh Village, a distinctive area was designed that includes the largest number of games suitable for their ages, thus providing them with an atmosphere of luxury and enjoyable times with their friends.
  • Inside Edelma Village and on the charming beach, a number of distinctive facilities have been provided that help you relax and enjoy the best time and recreation.
  • A distinctive recreational area inside Edelma Sahl Hasheesh Village, which includes all games on the beach with friends.
  • Maintenance teams inside the Edelma Hurghada project, which work around the clock to detect any faults inside any residential unit, providing more elegance and a comfortable residential environment for everyone.
  • Distinctive infrastructure design inside Edelma Anchor Village, as it includes the largest possible basic services that are indispensable, such as electricity and natural gas, thus ensuring a luxurious and most integrated coastal environment for you.

With our distinctive services at the Edelma Sahl Hasheesh Resort, rest assured that comfort and luxury will be an essential part of every day in your life

Edelma Coastal is one of the largest villages overlooking the most charming beaches, through which you will be able to enjoy unique moments and choose what suits your refined level. The Anchor Company has provided exclusive services within Edelma Sahl Hasheesh that meet all your unique requirements, which are as follows:

  • Anchor succeeded in providing the largest health center inside the coastal Edelma, including a spa house, sauna, and jacuzzi, offering the best recreational services for all visitors for more relaxation.
  • Work has been done to design the largest gym halls inside Edelma Sahl Hasheesh, including the largest number of sports equipment and modern gear, through which you can maintain body fitness with the help of trainers.
  • Integrated security services have been assigned inside Edelma Village, with a number of guards and security personnel working around the clock to ensure a secure residential environment.
  • A number of surveillance cameras have been distributed inside the Edelma Anchor Resort, which monitor events happening around the clock for more stability and provide complete protection for everyone.
  • A large hypermarket containing the largest number of household supplies inside Edelma Village, with a home delivery service available around the clock.
  • Medical clinics and a large pharmacy inside Edelma Anchor, including imported medicines and operating 24 hours a day to provide distinctive medical services.
  • A number of cleaning workers have been assigned inside the Edelma Resort, working every day to maintain the civilized appearance of the village.
  • The announced prices are competitive and suitable for all clients, with flexible payment methods offered to pay the total amount over many years inside Edelma Sahl Hasheesh Village.
  • An area designed to the highest level inside Edelma Hurghada, which includes restaurants and cafes designed in the same international styles and featuring stunning decor, helping you enjoy an unparalleled atmosphere that suits you.
  • A number of swimming pools have been designed in Edelma Sahl Hasheesh Village with different sizes and designs, suitable for all age groups, to enjoy the most wonderful times with friends.
  • For added safety for all clients, a beach rescue team has been assigned inside Edelma Sahl Hasheesh to further preserve everyone's lives.
  • Long trails inside Edelma Sahl Hasheesh that help you walk, run, and cycle away from the road designated for cars.
  • A fully equipped area inside Edelma Hurghada Village for celebrating birthdays and barbecues, for more enjoyment of the best times with friends.
  • Sports fields of different sizes, including football, tennis, and volleyball inside the Edelma Sahl Hasheesh Resort, with halls available for you to practice your favorite sport.
  • A huge mall inside the Edelma Sahl Hasheesh project, containing the largest number of stores showcasing international brands, in line with clients of refined taste.
  • A number of ATMs distributed to help you withdraw and deposit money inside Edelma Sahl Hasheesh, thus ensuring you don't have to leave its premises.

Don't hesitate and don't miss the opportunity, as amazing offers and comfortable payment plans await you to complete your perfect experience with Edelma Sahl Hasheesh Village

The Anchor Real Estate Company has turned imagination into a distinctive reality, proving its competence and its complete exclusivity in meeting all the different requirements of many clients and investors seeking a comfortable and enjoyable coastal environment befitting your refined level, only within the best coastal villages, namely Edelma Sahl Hasheesh Village. Work has been done to announce distinctive packages of competitive and reasonable prices, through which you can own the unit that suits your refined taste inside Edelma Sahl Hasheesh. Additionally, there are flexible payment systems where the total amount of the unit is installmented over many years without interest, which are as follows:

  • Square meter price inside Edelma Sahl Hasheesh Village: starts from 700,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • As for the total price of the unit inside Edelma Anchor: it starts from 3,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • You can pay a down payment of 15% of the unit price at Edelma Sahl Hasheesh Resort, and pay the remaining amount over 7 years.
  • There is a maintenance deposit of up to 8% inside Edelma Sahl Hasheesh.
  • The units inside Edelma Sahl Hasheesh are delivered after 3 years.

For more information, you can contact us...!!

See for yourself how the Anchor Development real estate developer turns challenges into opportunities and makes real estate an easy and enjoyable experience for you

Anchor Development is one of the largest and well-known real estate companies with a good reputation, gaining its fame from the various projects it offers on the ground, through which it has proven its competence and achieved the highest results, attracting many distinguished clients. It has also worked on providing projects including "residential, coastal, and investment", each with unique advantages over the others, through which many clients have been attracted. It also has a team of the most efficient architectural engineers who have played a prominent role in providing the most exclusive and contemporary touches to all its projects. We find that it recently launched its luxurious coastal project, which it named Edelma Sahl Hasheesh, as it offers you a comfortable and most luxurious coastal environment befitting everyone's level and allows you to enjoy enjoyable times.

Major previous projects by Anchor Development:

  • Up Villa Compound in 6th of October.
  • Red Crow Resort in Sahl Hasheesh.
  • Atrium Commercial Mall in Sheikh Zayed.

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Water Fountains
Aqua park
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On the Red Sea coast in the heart of the wonderful city of Sahl Hasheesh, it is a short distance from the beautiful tourist promenade that extends for about 12 km on the seashore,

700,000 EGP.


Anchor Development

20 units

The customer pays 15% of the unit value in advance, and the rest is paid over a full 7 years.

A large space to carry more than 85 housing units


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