Al Karma Gates Compound

From 4,767,378 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2024
Developed by: Al Karma Developments

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Project Name: Al Karma Gates.

About the project: The compound was designed with the latest modern details, as it provides all the basic and recreational facilities and services that make it difficult to compare with any compound.

Al Karma Gates Compound Location: In the heart of Sheikh Zayed City.

Al Karma Gates Sheikh Zayed Space: It was designed on a space ​​of 36 acres.

Units types: vary between villas, townhouses, and twin houses.

Units Space: starts from 89 square meters.

Owner company: Al Karma Development.

Payment systems: Pay a 5% down payment of the total unit price is paid, and the rest is paid in installments over a period of up to 8 years, to be paid in equal installments.

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Al Karma Gates Sheikh Zayed Compound is waiting for you.

The features of luxury, sophistication, and grandeur you will find only in Al Karma Gates Compound Sheikh Zayed, a place pulses with all the details of urbanization and beauty that attract lovers of excellence only if you are one of them, this place is what suits you and suits what you think of a sophisticated future for all your family members.

Al Karma Gates Compound combines all the elements of success, as it is an exceptional place that has been professionally planned to include the largest number of basic and recreational facilities and features that make this project uncomparable with any other residential complex, the owner company has put in it a summary of its expertise and its technical, engineering and material capabilities to produce a distinctive project with international designs beyond imagination.

This compound is a huge and promising project owned by Al Karma Development, it is the right choice that provides you with everything you need to feel happy with your family in a life full of luxury and joy, do not hesitate and choose your unit now.

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Enjoy a unique location in a distinctive compound

Al Karma Gates Project is characterized by its exclusive location, which was carefully chosen between the new Sheikh Zayed City and the old Sheikh Zayed City, as it is close to the main and important roads and axes, and various health and educational services, which make access to the location very easy, and it is also a short distance from:

  • This project is located near Beverly Hills.
  • It is also 4 minutes away from Cairo/Alexandria Road.
  • It is a 10-minutes from the desert road gates.
  • In addition, it is about 15 minutes away from Arkan Mall and Americana Plaza.
  • Al Karma Gates is separated from the Axis, Hyper One, and Juhayna Square by approximately 10 minutes.

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All the features you need and more inside Al Karma Gates compound

Al Karma Gates Sheikh Zayed Compound is one of the most important residential projects that have been established in this vital area. The compound includes all the services needed by anyone looking for luxury, prosperity, comfort, and privacy in one place. Al Karma Gates Sheikh Zayed, you will find yourself in another world of pleasure and tranquility, all you need surrounds you everywhere, in addition to its proximity to all major cities and important facilities, and here we will mention some of the distinguishing features of this project:

  • The green spaces represent one of the most important features inside Al Karma Gates Compound, up to 80% of the total space of ​​the project, and they are distributed in a coordinated and attractive manner throughout the entire compound to give calmness and mental serenity required within it.
  • The various water bodies have a large share of presence within the project. They have been combined with the distinctive landscape to give a wonderful aesthetic painting that radiates joy and beauty within the compound.
  • The location is one of the most important reasons for the success of this great architectural edifice, as it holds an important strategic location surrounded by several facilities and many vital areas that make the process of moving to and from it easy.
  • The division of spaces and diversity in the housing units provided within the project is one thing that distinguishes it, as it meets all the needs and requirements that the customer is always looking for.
  • Fun swimming pools are created in different sizes to suit all ages.
  • Four large gardens and parks were provided within the compound and equipped with everything necessary to enjoy the picnic and exercise as you like, and comfortable seats were placed to enable you to enjoy this beautiful calm and psychological peace.

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Important services provided within Al Karma Gates Project

Now you can live in a place that provides you with all the elements of modern life and services that make you do not have to leave the compound, an easy life full of luxury in a place away from the noise close to all the services you look forward to such as:

  • A large space play area holds a range of entertaining and interesting games suitable for adults and children to enjoy with your family in a lively and active time.
  • With the interest of the developer of the project for health and beauty lovers, it built a clubhouse on a space of ​​4,200 square meters, carrying many methods of comfort and absolute luxury that make you live a life of luxury and enjoyment.
  • The presence of large football fields equipped with the latest necessary tools and equipment.
  • The company provided an integrated gym in a wide and open area to enable you to exercise outdoors and maintain your fitness, and the place was provided with several professional trainers to help you.
  • The presence of a commercial area with many large stores that carry many different brands.
  • In addition to the presence of secured car garages to protect property and prevent crowding within the project, international restaurant and cafe services offer the most delicious food and drinks in an atmosphere of calm and distinguished service.
  • A mosque is equipped to perform prayers and religious rites, and it is continuously sterilized and disinfected.

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Residential units and their space inside the compound

This compound was built on a large space of about 36 acres. It was carefully divided to occupy only 13.5 percent of this space for buildings and construction. The remaining space was allocated for recreational services, landscapes, green spaces, and water bodies.

Al Karma Gates Project contains a wide variety of residential units spaces and types. It has standalone villas, townhouses, and twin houses that suit all tastes and desires. These spaces can be explained as follows:

  1. Townhouse: This unit consists of a ground floor with a space of ​​89 m² and the first floor of ​​96 m² and has a roof space of ​​22 m², and the space of ​​the buildings in the unit is up to 206 m², and the total space ranges from 295 up to 340 m².
  2. Twin House: As for this unit, it has a ground floor with a space of ​​100 m² and the first floor with a space of ​​110 m² with a roof space of ​​26 m², and the construction space is 235 m² and the total space starts from 315 m² up to 370 m².
  3. Villa Type 1: This type of villa has a ground floor with a space of ​​126 m² and the first floor of 138 m² with a roof space of ​​31 m², and the building space of 295 m² and the total space of ​​the unit starts from 450 m² up to 550 m².
  4. Villas Type 2: This type consists of a ground floor with a space of ​​135 m² and (first floor + roof) with a total space of ​​179 m², and a building space of ​​314 m².
  5. Villa Type 3: These villas are designed to include a ground floor of 147 m² and (first floor + roof) up to 200 m², and the building space in these units is 347 m² and the total space ranges from 500 up to 700 m².
  6. Villa Type 4: Inside them (ground floor + first floor) with a space of 387 m², the units carry a building space of more than 386 m², and the total space of the villa ranges from 530 m² up to 690 m².
  7. Villas Type 5: The fifth type of villas consist of (ground floor + first floor with roof) a space of 402 m², and the building space in these villas is 414 m² and the total space starts from 650 m² up to 830 m².

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Prices and payment systems provided by the developer of Al Karma Gates Compound

Entertainment services, psychological comfort, high-end units, and a great strategic location, all can be obtained at the best prices in the new Sheikh Zayed City. You can also pay according to the longest payment period with easy systems and conditions provided by the owner company for the convenience of its customers, and these prices are:

  • Townhouses: prices range from 4,767,378 EGP to 5,815,882 EGP.
  • Twin House: starts from 6,454,626 EGP up to 6,834,063 EGP.
  • Standalone villas: they start from 8,440,670 EGP up to 9,308,777 EGP.
  • As for the payment system, it is to pay 5% of the unit value and pay the rest over 8 years without interest.
  • Units will be delivered in 2024.

The Real Estate Developer

Al Karma developments began to appear in 1996 AD, and this company has been working in the field of real estate development and development for nearly a quarter of a century, so it has extensive experience in this field and this is evident in the major projects that it has implemented.

Its construction works always carry a distinctive and unique character, as it is constantly keen to meet all the needs and desires of its customers to build their precious trust, and we will present below some of these projects:

  • Al Karma 1 Compound.
  • Al Karma 2 Compound.
  • Al Karma 3 Compound. 
  • Al Karma 4 Compound.
  • Al Karma Residence Compound.


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa

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