Avalon Mall New Cairo

From 1,300,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2023

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Project name: Avalon Mall.

About the Project: It is considered one of the most prominent and important commercial malls in the administrative capital, established by the ASETs company, and is characterized by an impressive design in the most vital areas.

Avalon Mall Location: It is located in the financial and business district in the new administrative capital.

The space of The Mall: a large space of ​​195 acres.

Units types: commercial and administrative units.

Units Space: starts from 69 square meters.

Price per square meter: starts from 27,000 EGP for administrative units.

The Developer: W Assets Development.

Payment methods: You can pay 10% as a downpayment from the total price to reserve the unit, then pay 5% after one year of booking, and complete the rest in equal payments within 7 years without interest to be paid in monthly installments.

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Avalon Mall, one of the most prominent giant projects in the Administrative Capital

It is one of the most important malls established by W Assets Development to be a unique commercial mall in the most prestigious residential and lively areas of the Administrative Capital. It dazzled the world with its distinguished architectural design and brilliant services that go along with the investment leap planned by the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The Mall Location

W Assets Development chose a distinguished location in the most beautiful parts of the New Administrative Capital, in the financial and business district, where major architectural companies rushed to make their mark in this modern, urban area, and this is the spark for the construction of the project, which was famous for its following location:

  • A unique view of Presidential Street, which is 100 meters wide.
  • A direct view of the presidential palace and its garden.
  • It is only a minute away from Egypt exchanging station.
  • Surrounded by a huge transportation network consisting of (the subway, the monorail station, the internal tram station that connects the financial and business district, and the ministries district).
  • It is located near the stock Stock building.
  • Minutes from the Egyptian Opera House.
  • Near To The Banks Complex Including The Central Bank.
  • 2 minutes away from the Administrative Control Authority.
  • Surrounded by Al-Massa Hotel and all ministries and parliament buildings.
  • It is located near the government district.
  • The Mall overlooks the regional road leading to Downtown Roads.

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The Mall Space

W Assets Development has allocated a building land with an area of 195 acres for the establishment of a very large commercial mall, and it has been divided as follows:

  • The mall building, which has a front facade of (170) meters, directly overlooking the Republican Palace.
  • The rear facade of the building overlooks (4000) acres of AVALON Park.
  • On both sides of the Mall, there is a Plaza attached to it with a space of (2229) square meters.
  • Avalon Mall consists of two administrative buildings, the first under the name (CS27) with a space of (3705) square meters, and the second under the name (CS28) with a space of  (12,700) square meters.
  • Each administrative building consists of a basement, a ground floor, and seven upper floors, including two executive floors, and a distinct roof.

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The units space of Avalon Assets Mall

When designing the buildings, the company planned to divide the units into different spaces, to allow the largest number of varying spaces to suit various fields of medical, commercial, administrative, shops, and offices, it provided the following spaces:

  • The first floor of Avalon Mall includes (Executive Offices) units with a space (69) square meters.
  • As for the 6th floor, the space of its units is (96) square meters.
  • There are units with a space of (500) square meters.

Avalon Mall New Capital Services

W Assets Development has been interested in providing its commercial mall with all the services and features that make it a distinctive mark amid the momentum of commercial projects in the New Administrative Capital, and has already succeeded in this by providing it with all of the following:

  • Avalon Mall facades are designed in European styles by the most skilled engineers to enjoy a sense of luxury.
  • Providing entrances with double heights and a lobby that is nine meters high.
  • Allocate halls to receive visitors.
  • Establishment of special yards inside the buildings to facilitate joint work between groups of businessmen and their companies.
  • Construction of VIP lounges for VIPs and diplomatic posts.
  • Providing halls and rooms with different spaces for holding meetings, lectures, and training courses.
  • Providing each administrative building with three electric elevators of the best international brands.
  • All units are served by central air conditioning from the mall.
  • Providing buildings with the latest nanotechnology to fight fires before they break out to provide the best means of safety.
  • The buildings are powered by solar energy and equipped with electric generators that supply the units with the necessary electricity in the event of a power outage.
  • The units are lit by a healthy lighting system.
  • The roof of each building within Avalon Mall is equipped with many recreational services such as cafes and restaurants, as well as a spa, a gym, and a kids' area, as well as courtyards with natural views for those who love reading and recreation.
  • Private lounges for employees and workers overlooking green spaces and turquoise lakes inside the park.
  • The buildings are surrounded by a stunning landscape that gives a positive feeling and is extended to give a view of all units with a space of ​​750 square meters.
  • Providing buildings with wide corridors and paths between units.
  • The entire mall is supported by the latest security and guarding systems to protect investors and their visitors.
  • It has escalators for easy movement between floors.
  • Each floor within each building has a storage room, which is used to store important documents and only employees are allowed to enter.
  • Each floor contains several men's and women's bathrooms to serve the workers on the floor, as well as two bathrooms for people with special needs.
  • Providing a strong Wi-Fi network to serve all units inside the mall.
  • Operating the entire mall with the latest smart electricity systems.
  • Securing all parts of the mall with the latest surveillance cameras.
  • Totally free periodic maintenance without paying any maintenance deposit for all units.
  • Vast spaces for garages that accommodate all the cars of customers and visitors.
  • Allocating luxurious showrooms.
  • Each floor includes a Pantry, which serves customers espresso coffee, hot and cold drinks, as well as a Microwave for heating foods.
  • Comprehensive and complete insurance for the mall from all sides with trained workers on the latest guarding methods.

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Prices Of Avalon Mall New Capital

The company presents distinct offers that allow each investor to start his first investment step within the scope of the Administrative Capital, and therefore it has offered the following prices:

  • The price per square meter for the first-floor units of Avalon Mall starts from (27.000) EGP up to (29.500) EGP.
  • As for the price per square meter for the sixth-floor units, it starts from (37,000) EGP and reaches (40,000) EGP for the most luxurious units.
  • The total unit price inside the mall starts from (1,300,000) EGP and goes up to (2,479,000) EGP.

Payment Systems

W Assets Developments offers multiple payment systems and facilities that allow all investors to acquire the most luxurious units in the heart of the New Administrative Capital in Avalon Mall. The most prominent of these systems are:

  • Paying 10% as a down payment to reserve the unit out of the total price, then paying 5% after one year of booking, and completing the rest in equal installments over 7 years without interest to be paid in monthly installments.
  • All customers are exempted from paying any additional fees under the provision of periodic maintenance or garage subscription.
  • Units will be delivered from 2023 AD.

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Owner Company and Previous Works

W Assets Development is the executor of Avalon New Capital City Mall project, founded by the famous businessman Moataz Abdel Shafi, the owner of a brilliant name in the real estate world, and a major member of (Catalyst Real Estate).

It dazzled the world with what is presented in cooperation with Mr. Ashraf Mansour - CEO of the company - and partnered with (Distant Studio) to produce the mega mall (Avalon), launching to the world more than three hundred projects in Egypt and the Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Dubai, and Qatar.

As for the previous works, we can mention the most prominent Egyptian projects as follows:

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  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Health club and Spa
  • Cinema

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