Green 6th October Compound

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Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2023
Developed by: Mabany Edris Development

Green Location The compound is located in the northern expansions area on the Boulevard axis in 6th of October City.

Green 6th October space It was established on an area of 11 acres.

Units Type The compound contains several buildings with luxury apartments.

Units Space starts from 107 square meters.

Price per meter starts from 12,500 EGP.

Owning company Idris Buildings Real Estate Company.

payment system Down payment starts from 10% and repayment periods of up to 10 years.

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Green 6th October Compound Brochure and Master Plan


Project name: Green.

Green Location: The compound is located in the northern expansions area on the Boulevard axis in 6th of October City.

Green 6th October space: It was established on an area of 11 acres.

Units Type: The compound contains several buildings with luxury apartments.

Units Space: starts from 107 square meters.

Price per meter: starts from 12,500 EGP.

Owning company: Idris Buildings Real Estate Company.

payment system: Down payment starts from 10% and repayment periods of up to 10 years.

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Enjoy living in the finest units inside Green 6th October

it is a unique residential project that has surpassed many other projects in many respects, such as the strategic location, modern equipment, and integrated services, so in the end, it was able to provide an ideal residential life for its customers that ensures them feel the utmost comfort and luxury away from the boring traditional life.

Compound location

What is unique about Green Compound is that it does not only provide the opportunity for its customers to live in 6th of October City, which is known for its sophistication and tranquility, but enables them to live in one of the most distinguished areas, because it is located in the northern expansions area on the Boulevard axis and near important areas and many service facilities, such as:

  • Green 5 Compound
  • Mountain View
  • Rod Al-Farag axis
  • Juhayna Square, which residents can reach within five minutes.
  • Major universities: Misr University, 6th of October University, Nile University.
  • Tivoli Dome Mall
  • Hunting club that takes about three minutes to reach.
  • Mall & Arabia: The distance between it and the compound does not take more than five minutes.

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Project space

A charming green city is the perfect description of the compound, which extends over 11 acres (about 50400 square meters) and is decorated with green spaces of cheerful colors, so the project was named Green in line with the stunning nature of the green patch that occupies most of its space.

The residents of the compound will not suffer from overcrowding in any way, especially since the buildings built in it are not very high, but rather consist of a ground floor topped by 4 upstairs, which ensures more calm for its residents, and the apartments in it are characterized by modern design and diverse spaces, where the areas of the ground apartments range from 107 to 231 meters, with a garden attached to a space of 72 to 160 meters, while upstairs apartments have a space of 121 to 244 meters.

The spaces of the units vary according to the number of rooms in each unit, for example, the two-room unit has a minimum space of 107 square meters, and the three-room units start from 137 square meters, while the four-room units have a minimum space of 240 square meters.

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Green 6th October services and benefits

Luxury is the common denominator between this compound and the project that was previously launched, which is Green 5, but Green 6th October excelled in the end because it already includes all the services and facilities found in the previous projects and adds to it many exceptional advantages that are only available in it, its services and features are reflected in:

  • The modern and unconventional design of the Green Compound as a whole, which includes luxurious apartments built according to the latest international styles and designs.
  • The security available throughout it thanks to taking the necessary measures for the safety of all residents, with the availability of all the necessary means to maintain security, including modern equipment and guards who are available 24 hours.
  • Comprehensive periodic maintenance of all units and facilities, so that residents do not suffer from any malfunctions at all.
  • Providing the necessary privacy for all residents, which ensures greater comfort for them, whether they are inside or outside their residential units.
  • Green spaces reflect a wonderful atmosphere thanks to their stunning nature and cheerful colors that give psychological calm and reflect a beautiful civilized view at the same time.
  • Club House is designed in a modern way and offers a distinguished entertainment service to all its patrons residing within the Compound.
  • The parking garage where all residents can park their cars because it is for them alone.
  • A fully-equipped medical center with all the capabilities that guarantee the provision of distinguished services to its patrons.
  • A mall to make it easier for residents to shop for all their needs and supplies without having to leave the compound.
  • A nursery that all children living with their families can attend instead of other nurseries far from their housing units.
  • A vast mosque that accommodates a large number of worshipers, and is characterized by wonderful architectural and engineering designs.
  • An elevator is located inside each building to make it easier for its occupants to move between its different floors with the utmost ease.
  • A club to entertain the residents where they can picnic and sit amidst the green and beautiful landscapes and practice many fun activities.
  • An area equipped for children so that they can play and have fun in it and do many fun activities in complete safety and without any harm.
  • An equipped gym to practice all the exercises that help maintain the physical fitness of the body without having to leave the Compound.
  • Open areas in the middle of nature and the open air with a lot of recreational facilities (such as playgrounds and open spaces) provide a more enjoyable atmosphere for the residents.
  • Green spaces separate the buildings that contain the residential units in order to preserve the privacy of its residents on the one hand and give it a distinctive view on the other hand.
  • The compound is equipped with two gates in order to facilitate access to its residents, as there is a separate gate from the main road and they can enter through Green Gate 5 at the same time.

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Mabany Edris Green Prices

The prices offered by the Compound to its clients have caused a sensation in the real estate market because they are very attractive, especially when looking at the many services and the luxurious life it provides to its residents, and despite the price variations from one unit to another, in general, the minimum price per square meter is 12500 pounds.

Another surprise offered by the project is the delivery of the units semi-finished, which saves a lot of time and effort required to prepare the unit for the buyer, knowing that its total price includes the cost of the garage.

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Payment methods

The systems offered for payment confirm the fact that the Green project is a golden opportunity that must be seized as soon as possible, because it includes facilities that may be unprecedented, in addition to the buyer's enjoyment of complete freedom to choose the most appropriate system for him among three of the best payment methods, which are:

  • Pay 10% of the unit price as an advance, then installments of the rest of its value over 8 years.
  • Pay 15% of the unit price as an advance, then installments of the rest of its value over 9 years.
  • Pay 20% of the unit price as an advance, then installments of the rest of its value over 10 years.

It is worth noting that at 6% of the unit price, maintenance costs must be paid, and the customer can receive his unit within only three and a half years, i.e. before all installments are paid.

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Owning company and previous business

Looking at the history of Mabany Edris Company, the owner of the project, we find it full of honorable achievements and successes. It was established in 1998, so it has a long experience in the real estate investment and development sector. Over the course of all these years, it has been able to implement major projects in the most distinguished locations in order to achieve the utmost comfort for its customers. Among the most prominent of its previous works are the following:

  • Green Project Series (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).
  • Zayed Dome project.
  • Palm Gardens project in Palm Gardens on Cairo-Alexandria Road.
  • The Block Project.
  • Rofayda Maternity Hospital in Sheikh Zayed area.



  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa

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