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Medical clinics for sale

Medical clinics are an excellent opportunity for those interested in investing in the medical field, because they guarantee the achievement of large profits, especially if they are located in a distinguished vital location, we show you some details about the best malls that offer medical units for sale, in addition to information on available spaces, prices, and payment systems for a group of these units that are already on the market.

Types of offered medical clinics for sale

Being careful in choosing the location of your clinic greatly increases your chances of success, so you must make your decision about whether you want to buy medical clinics for sale inside residential buildings or major medical malls, knowing that buying them inside malls includes many advantages, such as:

  • The large malls are located in very distinct areas that help you achieve your investment goals and attract a lot of customers, as they enjoy strategic locations close to residential areas and multiple service centers, that is, they are not isolated, and thus ensure the success of investment activities and various service and commercial projects that have headquarters within them, whether clinics, pharmacies, or even stores.
  • The availability of many important services in it, for example, security services where there is a security staff to guard and modern monitoring devices in addition to devices for alarm or firefighting, as well as internet service and many other services.
  • There are many options in front of you, as it includes more than one medical clinic with different areas, from which you can choose what you want according to your needs.
  • It includes many other types of units such as pharmacies, commercial and administrative units, all of which activate the work within the various units in these malls, including clinics because it ensures that more customers are attracted.

The best malls to buy a Medical Clinic

If you want to buy medical clinics in integrated service areas that provide an excellent environment for work and at the same time increase the chances of attracting customers to you and thus making great profits, here are a number of the most important malls that offer medical units for sale as follows:

  • Ozone Medical Mall: It is characterized by a wonderful vital location in the Fifth Settlement, as it specializes in the medical sector only, as there are three buildings for medical units and a fourth building is a major hospital equipped with the latest equipment and devices. Inside you will find clinics and medical units of varying sizes, in addition to offering an easy payment system that allows installments over 72 months.
  • Medical Center 3: The most important feature of its strategic location in Nasr City, where it overlooks Mostafa El-Nahhas, its largest street, and its large space of 5,000 square meters to provide all services to its customers, as it has three areas for clinics, pharmacies, radiology centers and laboratories, and provides many spaces that meet all Needs range from 53 square meters up to 127 square meters, with the possibility of installments for the unit price over a period of 36 months.
  • Elegantry Mall: One of the most famous malls in the Fifth Settlement, it attracts many customers and investors thanks to its distinguished location in teseen St, known for its extreme vitality and its proximity to many important areas in Cairo. It offers medical units of various sizes, starting from 65 square meters up to 171 square meters. In addition, it offers its customers convenient payment systems that enable them to pay the unit price in installments over 42 months.
  • Medical Park: It provides integrated services that ensure complete comfort for all its unit owners. It is located in the city of Al-Rehab, which is known for its sophistication. Most importantly, it includes various medical units such as labs, radiology centers, pharmacies, and health clubs, which increases the chances of success of clinics that have their headquarters.
  • United Medical Center: close to teseen St, the most important street in New Cairo, specifically south of the Academy. It is characterized by providing medical units with multiple spaces for its clients, starting from 39.5 square meters and other larger spaces of up to 177 square meters, in addition to special facilities upon payment that allow installments over five years.
  • Katameya Medical Gate: It connects its clients to three of the most vital areas, namely Nasr City, the Fifth Settlement, and Maadi thanks to its distinguished location on the ring road, and provides them with many services such as electric generators, meeting rooms, and car garages. It includes small units of only 50 square meters and large units of up to 132 square meters to be in line with all medical specialties. It also offers one of the best payment systems that allow the units to be paid in installments over 8 years without interest.
  • Al Burouj Medical: a distinguished medical mall famous for its vital location on Ismailia Road and close to the Smart Village, it offers its customers medical units of varying sizes to meet different needs, for example, small spaces starting from only 40 square meters and large ones up to 974 square meters, in addition to the easy payment system that allows installments over 5 years.

Spaces of medical clinics for sale

In general, the spaces vary to a very large extent, which satisfies all customers and investors wishing to buy medical clinics for sale, as their spaces average about 50 square meters, meaning there are smaller spaces of 26 square meters and 30 square meters, as well as clinics with larger spaces of up to 98 square meters square and more, Examples of the spaces of some clinics that are already for sale in more than one region can be presented as follows:

  • There is a clinic for sale inside Opal Business Mall New Administrative Capital, with a space of 50 meters, knowing that it overlooks the main street.
  • Hull Town 6 October City offers a clinic for sale with a relatively large space of 98 square meters.
  • You can buy a clinic for sale inside The Edge El Shorouk City with a space of 43 meters, knowing that it is located on the main street on the third floor and is fully finished (Extra Super Lux).
  • West Park Mall 6 October City offers a clinic for sale with a large space of 119 meters, overlooking the main street and located on the second floor.

Prices and Payment Systems

You will find a variety of prices when searching for medical clinics for sale, as their prices vary from one region to another and even within the same region, so you will have the opportunity to choose the offered unit at a price that is in line with your financial capabilities.

Diversity is available in payment systems as well, where there are medical units that require immediate payment (cash) and other units that can be purchased in installments, whether with a down payment or without a down payment, but in most cases, you can get distinct facilities that make it easier for you to pay the unit price significantly.

Examples of prices and payment methods offered in some medical clinics for sale in various regions can be clarified as follows:

  • You can buy a 169 m² clinic inside The Ledge New Cairo for 6,488,552 EGP, with the possibility of paying a 15% down payment of the clinic's price, then paying the rest in installments for 5 years, knowing that it is fully finished Extra Super Lux.
  • A clinic for sale with super lux finishing inside Dar Al Fouad Tower Nasr City for 3,500,000 EGP and immediate payment (cash), knowing that it has a space of ​​90 square meters and is located on the fourth floor and overlooks a garden.
  • Ivory Business Park Sheikh Zayed offers a clinic with a space of 50 meters, semi-finished, on the main street, for 1,900,000 EGP, with the possibility of paying 20% downpayment, then installments over 4 years.
  • Moon Yard Mall offers a clinic in installments over 7 years, after paying a 10% down payment of its total price of 972 thousand pounds, knowing that it is located in front of Dar Misr Compound and Green Hills Club.
  • You can buy a clinic with a space of 100 meters inside Hilton in Sheikh Zayed for 4,391,000 EGP, and in installments over 6 years (equal installments) without a downpayment, knowing that it is super lux finished and equipped with air conditioning.



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Diversity is available in payment systems

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