Townhouse for sale in Layan Sabbour

From 3,994,250 EGP
Status Completed
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: Land Mark Sabbour

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Townhouse for sale in Layan Sabbour



Townhouse for sale in Layan Sabbour

Buying a townhouse for sale in Layan Compound not only guarantees to live in one of the most luxurious residential units but also means that you will enjoy a large number of the finest services and the best advantages, it is one of the most important real estate projects launched by Landmark Sabbour, which is known for its excellence, where it chooses the most distinguished locations for its projects and provides it with a large number of luxurious facilities and facilities.

Compound Location

The location of the compound is not rivaled by any other project, because it is located in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, the most prestigious area of New Cairo, within the area of ​​the Golden Square which is known for its extreme vitality, and thus easy for its residents to access important places with ease, such as:

  • The American University: It only takes 5 minutes for them to go there.
  • New Cairo Club: located directly behind the compound.
  • North Teseen Street
  • Village Garden
  • Platinum Club
  • Point Mall 90

Compound residents will not face any hardship when they want to go to almost any of the new cities, such as Badr City, El Shorouk, the New Administrative Capital, and El Obour City, due to the presence of the main roads that serve as the lifeline in the area close to them, are:

  • Ring road
  • middle road

The Space of Layan Compound New Cairo

The space occupied by the compound is vast so that it can accommodate many service and recreational facilities in addition to residential buildings, as it extends over 233 acres, with buildings and residential units accounting for 40% of them, with green spaces and service facilities occupying the largest proportion of them.

The most luxurious residential units are available within the compound because it includes more than 1200 various units between townhouses for sale in Layan Sabbour, standalone villas, and twin houses, with varying areas that ensure meeting the needs of all customers:

  • Townhouses spaces are spacious because they start from 270 square meters.
  • The spaces of the twin houses are larger than the townhouses, as they start from 283 meters.
  • The Standalone Villas are the largest with a minimum space of 375 square meters and are attached to a private garden characterized by a modern design that mimics the French design.

It is worth mentioning that the design of the residential units in Layan Residence, especially the villas, is inspired by the high-end French style, which makes it look very luxurious and beautiful and impresses everyone who lays eyes on it.

Project Services and Features

Whether you choose to live in a townhouse for sale in Layan Sabbour or any other type of residential unit in the compound, you will enjoy many services that work for your comfort and ensure a luxurious life for you to the maximum degree, as the services and features within it are as follow:

  • Guards and security men are available 24 hours a day to provide maximum protection and security for the residents of the compound, which is also surrounded by a high wall with 4 gates that wraps around it completely.
  • An integrated medical center that provides the best health services in various specialties to all residents who desire it.
  • A large commercial mall that provides its residents with all their requirements of high-quality goods and products for the most famous brands.
  • A garage among other facilities in the place so that residents can park their cars nearby and completely secure.
  • Several major cafes and high-end restaurants provide distinguished services to the residents so that they do not have to go to other restaurants or cafes outside the compound.
  • It includes a spa, as well as a gym, which is equipped with all the necessary equipment to practice various exercises.
  • Several beauty centers provide integrated services so that residents do not need to search for other centers far from their place of residence.
  • A group of swimming pools near the various units of Layan Fifth Settlement so that everyone can relax and have a good time, especially with an Olympic swimming pool with some of them allocated for women, which guarantees more freedom and enjoyment.
  • More than three social clubs, so that its residents can enjoy spending unconventional times with their friends or families.
  • The modern, upscale design is French-inspired so you'll feel like you're living in a piece of Europe.
  • A spacious sports club in which many sports can be played, especially since it is well-equipped to ensure that its patrons enjoy integrated services.
  • It includes a spa available to all its residents who wish to take care of their bodies in a place that is one hundred percent guaranteed.
  • Enjoy running or cycling in a large area designated just for that, so that residents can enjoy their time.
  • A green patch extending over large spaces in addition to other scenic views that increase the place, whether natural or artificial.
  • Tennis enthusiasts can spend quality time in the compound, as there is a dedicated court for this fun sport alone.
  • The presence of an area that provides retail services to the residents so that they do not lack anything within their place of residence because it is equipped with all the goods and merchandise they need.
  • It includes several administrative buildings in addition to residential units to serve all clients, whether they wish to live or invest.
  • The parks and gardens, which have a beautiful design inspired by the French style, and extend over 113 thousand meters so that all residents can enjoy strolling in them.
  • A nursery so that the children residing there can enroll in it instead of attending nurseries far from their homes.
  • 3 Club House so that all residents can relax in open and equipped spaces without experiencing any crowding.

Layan Compound Prices

The Compound offers the best prices to its customers despite the many services in it and the luxury of its units, which made it outperform many other residential projects, not only in equipment but also in prices.

The variety of units, including townhouses for sale in Layan Sabbour, in terms of their areas, is reflected in prices as well. The greater the unit area, the higher the price, and vice versa, meaning the smaller the area, the lower the material value in return.

Payment Systems

Some people hold back from reserving residential units in luxury compounds for fear of not being able to pay their value. However, the situation is different when booking a townhouse for sale in Layan Sabbour because it offers its customers great payment facilities that enable them to pay the value of the unit very easily.

The easy payment system available at Layan New Cairo is to pay 20% of the unit price as a downpayment, and then pay the rest in installments over 4 years.

The Owner Company and Previous Works

Landmark Sabbour, the owner of the project, planned for every corner of Layan Compound Fifth Settlement, so it was implemented to the fullest and in a manner that is consistent with being a global company in the real estate development sector.

It is one of the oldest real estate companies operating in Egypt and has managed overtime to gain the trust of its customers by launching distinct projects in many high-end areas such as New Cairo and the North Coast.

Although Layan Residence Project caused a stir, the company had previously implemented several major projects that made it superior to many other competing companies, especially as it always seeks to develop its business to be distinguished and provide its residents with a comfortable and luxurious life to the maximum degree. Its distinguishing features are:


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa

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