Apartments for sale in Palm Hills New Cairo

From 3,100,000 EGP
Status Completed
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: Palm Hills development

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Apartments for sale in Palm Hills New Cairo

Living in apartments for sale in Palm Hills New Cairo guarantees to live a comfortable life to the maximum extent imaginable, which made it a wonderful opportunity not only for those looking for distinctive units for housing but also for investment. Thanks to its high-end strategic location, luxurious units, and multiple services.

Compound Location

The project has a distinct strategic location in New Cairo because it is located in the Fifth Settlement area famous for its sophistication and vitality, so it connects its residents to many main roads and important axes, but at the same time maintains their privacy and ensures them live in a quiet area.

All units of Palm Hills New Cairo have great views thanks to its privileged location, which also made it close to major projects, landmarks, and important areas, such as:

  • Mountain View iCity project
  • The New Administrative Capital: It is a short distance from it, and it only takes five minutes.
  • Several governments and administrative centers and departments.
  • The American University: It is a short distance away from it that can be traveled in no more than 15 minutes.

Palm Hills New Cairo Design

Residents will not live in a traditional place at all, but the compound gives them a great opportunity to live in a modern and luxurious place because it is designed according to the E-Compound system, which is characterized by luxury and at the same time enables them to obtain exceptional services and enjoy many facilities, both that provide basic and recreational needs as well.

In addition to modern homes and luxurious units with creative designs, residents will enjoy living in a clean environment completely free of pollution due to the implementation of the eco-friendly system that relies primarily on solar energy known as clean energy, in addition to the application of sustainability standards.

Compound Space

The large space of ​​the project, estimated at 500 acres (equivalent to 2.1 million square meters), helped to provide everything its residents needed and more, as it includes 157 independent units with integrated services, with a value of about one billion and 40 million pounds.

The units occupy 80% of the total land because they include different types to suit all tastes, such as apartments for sale in Palm Hills New Cairo, duplexes, standalone villas, and vary in size greatly, for example, the apartments' spaces are 150 square meters as a minimum, while the minimum spaces for villas start from 300 square meters.

It had to be divided into two parts due to the enormity of the project and its extension over a vast space. The first part includes 400 acres and is dedicated to residential units of all kinds, but villas occupy 80% of it and the remaining 20% are apartments, the second part includes 100 acres and is for the various facilities and services available to residents.

Palm Hills Fifth Settlement Services and Features

You will not face any boredom throughout your stay in apartments for sale in Palm Hills New Cairo because you will find all the high-end services available in addition to the various facilities that allow you to engage in many recreational activities, the compound is equipped with:

  • Modern surveillance cameras in different places in addition to the deployment of guards in various parts to secure the place.
  • Vast green spaces and gardens extending over a large area, in addition to other decorations such as artificial lakes and swimming pools, as well as water fountains.
  • Equipped areas for organizing various parties as well as barbecues so that residents can spend wonderful times without having to move away from their residential units, and there are other quiet places for lovers of nature meditation and exercise in the open air.
  • Major international schools provide a distinguished educational service to the students, so the students who live there will not have to attend schools far from them.
  • A sports club with several playgrounds where the most popular sports can be played, such as football fields, tennis, and squash courts, and it is equipped with many other facilities.
  • Equipped areas for enjoying jogging or cycling outdoors and in the middle of the open air.
  • A large 5-star hotel that provides outstanding service to all guests, befitting the high level of the compound's residents, who belong to the elite.
  • A fully-equipped commercial area, where there is a spacious shopping center with many luxury stores and stores that offer the best products and brands to its customers.
  • Cafés and restaurants are famous for their excellence and wonderful services that impress all their customers without exception.
  • A garage to park residents' cars only so that they are close to them in a safe place.
  • Golf courses so that lovers of this sport can spend a special time without having to leave the compound.
  • Kids area or play area for children can go and have fun without any fear because it is secure to the maximum degree and is equipped with many fun games.
  • Health and fitness facilities such as the gym and health club, as well as the modernly equipped spa.
  • Social club to go out and break the traditional routine by doing different activities with friends or even family.
  • Club House is designed in an innovative way that ensures providing a very wonderful atmosphere for its visitors, so it is one of the most important and distinguished facilities within the project.

Palm Hills New Cairo Prices

Palm Hills offers its customers a wonderful opportunity to own the most luxurious residential units in a full-service location for very reasonable prices that are difficult to obtain in any other project of the same level of sophistication and integration.

Do not hesitate and book apartments for sale in Palm Hills New Cairo to enjoy the best prices, especially as they vary according to the space of each unit, its location, etc.

Payment Systems

The best facilities that can be offered for payment are available in Palm Hills New Cairo, which allows its customers to own the most luxurious units in return for a simple down payment of 10% of the unit price, then 5% when contracting, with the rest being paid in installments over 7 years.

It is assumed that the various units, including apartments for sale in Palm Hills, New Cairo, will be received within four years of contracting to purchase the unit, meaning that the full value is not required for the customer to be able to reside there.

The Owner Company and Previous Works

The owner company, Palm Hills Developments, dazzled its customers as usual because it succeeded in implementing  Palm Hills Compound Fifth Settlement in a different and integrated way that distinguished it from all other compounds. It is one of the most important real estate companies at the regional level.

The businessman and former member of the Al-Ahly club’s board of directors, Yassin Mansour, is its owner, so it was natural for it to become one of the largest entities operating in the real estate market in Egypt because he is one of the richest businessmen in Egypt, whose fortune is estimated at 1.39 billion $, according to the 2016 Forbes Middle East magazine ranking.

It participated in launching various residential and tourism projects in Egypt, where its projects reached about 26 projects on a vast area of approximately 27 million square meters.

The company expanded its business and increased its investments gradually until it was listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange as well, knowing that the compound is its latest project as it has previously launched many compounds and other projects, such as:

It is worth noting that many world-famous brands enjoy special distribution rights, such as General Motors, McDonald's, Michelin, Kraft Food, and others.



  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa

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