Chalets for sale in Diplomats Resort

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Status Completed
Delivery Date 2022

About Mountain View Diplomats  It is one of the newest and most important tourist resorts in the North Coast, which is characterized by the picturesque nature and the wonderful atmosphere suitable for all summer activities.

Resort Location  it is located on the 200th kilometer of Alexandria-Matrouh road.

Village size   450 acres.

Units Types  Chalets for sale in Diplomats Resort, villas, and twin houses.

Units Space  start from 90 square meters.

Units Prices  range from 1,500,000 EGP.

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Chalets For Sale In Diplomats Village


Chalets for sale in Diplomats Resort Brochure and Master Plan


Project Name: Mountain View Diplomats.

About Mountain View Diplomats: It is one of the newest and most important tourist resorts in the North Coast, which is characterized by the picturesque nature and the wonderful atmosphere suitable for all summer activities.

Resort Location: it is located on the 200th kilometer of Alexandria-Matrouh road.

Village size:  450 acres.

Units Types: Chalets for sale in Diplomats Resort, villas, and twin houses.

Units Space: start from 90 square meters.

Units Prices: range from 1,500,000 EGP.

Payment Systems: You can pay 10% downpayment and the rest via installments over 6 years.

Chalets for sale in Diplomats Resort

Reserving chalets for sale in the Diplomats Village is a great opportunity for housing or investment, especially as it enjoys top-notch designs because it simulates the most beautiful modern architectural designs. Diplomats North Coast also enjoys a lot of high-end services and many exceptional advantages, whether beautiful landscapes, stunning beaches, or multiple facilities.

Diplomats Village Location

The location of Diplomats Resort made it comes on top of the best tourist villages on the North Coast because it is located on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road, Mountain View Ras El Hikma, kilo 200, near Mountain View Ras El Hekma, Cesarbay, and La Vista Resort.

The Resort is surrounded by important main roads that serve as a link between it and many other governorates and regions such as the new capital, Alexandria, Marsa Matrouh, Cairo, and El Alamein, so it is easy for Cairo residents to reach it within only 3 hours.

It will not take long to reach it if you travel through the new Fouka Road in Juhayna Square, as it is only 15 km after the last exit, and there are many important landmarks near its beach, such as:

  • El Alamein Towers
  • El Alamein Airport is 50 km away.
  • Porto Marina is 90 km away.

Its privileged location made it possess a charming view of the seashore, which is ranked among the three best beaches in the world, characterized by its clear water and soft golden sand, in addition to the bright sun to enjoy the weather in the winter.

All this contributed to classifying it among the important areas overlooking North Coast Mediterranean shore, whose topography takes the form of a gulf because the sea is surrounded by it on three sides, which ultimately reflects a view of the pinnacle of beauty.

Diplomats North Coast Design

It can be said that the resort has the most beautiful modern designs that made it come at the forefront of the most beautiful tourist resorts in all of Egypt because it is inspired by the Greek architectural design, which makes you imagine at first glance that you are inside one of the most beautiful Athenian beaches, especially as it is decorated with beautiful flowers that wrap around the residential units Luxurious as well as sparkling seawater.

You can easily enjoy the view of the sea from any building because all the buildings were built on terraces of varying heights, so all units have a beautiful view of the seaside, knowing that they are located far apart from each other to preserve the privacy of their residents.

The exterior facades of the units catch the eye thanks to their beautiful calm colors of white and blue, all of which ultimately reflect a great wonderful view that will impress everyone who sets their eyes on it.

It is worth mentioning that the project is divided into three stages of construction, and each stage bears a different name from the other, but all the names are inspired by famous Greek regions, namely:

  • Crete Island
  • Greek Island
  • Paros and Rhodes

Diplomats Resort North Coast Space

It is difficult to describe the luxury that the residents of chalets for sale in Diplomats Resort will enjoy because it is built on a large space of 450 acres, where the executing company pumped billions to implement an integrated project in the true sense of the word, which has a strong infrastructure and includes 1371 housing units as well as recreational facilities for the recreation of the residents.

The project land includes green patches of cheerful colors on a large part of it, about 53%, and the artificial lakes alone occupy about 40,000 square meters, in addition to the beach, which is 800 meters long.

The most luxurious residential units of apartments, stand-alone villas, townhouses, and twin houses are available to customers with large areas of 270 square meters, as well as chalets that vary in size to satisfy everyone, starting from 90 square meters and there are other larger Chalets for sale in Diplomats Resort with spaces of up to 100 square meters.

Diplomats North Coast Services and Features

An infinite number of services and benefits that you will enjoy when booking chalets for sale in Diplomats Resort because it is equipped with an integrated package of the finest facilities and facilities that guarantee the comfort and well-being of its residents to the maximum degree, which are represented in:

  • Full insurance is available 24 hours a day, where the surveillance cameras are working permanently in addition to the modern alarm devices.
  • Therapeutic medical centers that provide integrated health care for guests even in case of emergency, in addition to pharmacies that provide services throughout the day.
  • Many shops provide various types of goods, products, and household necessities, including goods and foodstuffs for guests, in addition to clothing, accessories, and various hardware stores that are characterized by international quality and famous brands.
  • A well-equipped spa that ensures comfort and relaxation for its patrons and provides them with the best services, especially as it is surrounded by many facilities.
  • Many cafés and cafes, in addition to restaurants that prepare various cuisines and delicious dishes for their customers, and are characterized by working throughout the day and providing high-end services.
  • A secure and highly organized garage for parking so that guests do not suffer from any congestion or stumbling movement inside it, knowing that there are directional panels at the main gates to make it easier for guests to reach their different destinations.
  • Special maintenance and customer service services to immediately deal with any malfunctions or complaints related to guests, 24 hours a day.
  • A set of 19 swimming pools are available for all ages, with covered pools to ensure extra privacy.
  • Enjoy many fun recreational activities, as there are many water games suitable for adults and children.
  • Areas to practice fun water activities such as fishing or diving in the depths of the Mediterranean, where all the necessary equipment is provided to practice such activities, in addition to a specialized and trained team at the highest level to support beginners.
  • A gym is provided with all the facilities that allow practicing almost all sports, in addition to a social club that allows guests to enjoy their time with friends and family.
  • Diplomats Resort is characterized by the spread of green areas and beautiful plants and trees in its various areas, so it looks like a modern green city that provides its residents with a healthy atmosphere full of vitality and activity.
  • Beaches for women alone with the availability of all facilities and services, so that they can enjoy their time completely freely without violating their privacy in any way.
  • Artificial lakes with a wonderful modern design give the units a beautiful view and at the same time help in cooling the atmosphere during the summer.
  • Organizing various events to entertain guests all the time, in addition to preparing some areas and providing them with the latest lighting and sound systems to organize various parties in them
  • The prime location in Mountain View Ras El Hekma, kilo 200, makes it easy for residents to move to many other areas.
  • Equipping some areas in a way that suits children so that they can spend fun times in secure places with various games and wonderful equipment.
  • Many facilities and entertainment venues, ranging from an amusement park, football fields, yacht marina, billiard halls, PlayStation, table tennis, ping pong, gymnastics, sandy beach, horse riding, beach buggy, and many more.
  • Other recreational facilities are a golf course and squash court, as well as running and cycling tracks and rest areas inside.
  • Wide streets that facilitate traffic and Chalets for sale in Diplomats Resort that have a beautiful view of the sea, so that their guests can enjoy a wonderful atmosphere.
  • Facilities concerned with fitness and body health, including gymnasiums, saunas, and spas, in addition to the fully equipped Jacuzzi.
  • Diplomats Mountain view offers many distinct services such as free internet, a generator that turns on automatically when the power goes out, as well as a central shower that serves all units, and a conference room that all guests can benefit from.
  • Many important facilities such as the luxury hotel (5 stars), the supermarket, and the beautifully designed mosque are striking.
  • Exceptional and exclusive services are represented in the units for water treatment, paragliding, and the fire station.

Chalets for sale in Diplomats Resort Prices

You will not pay a lot of money when booking chalets for sale in the Diplomats Village, but on the contrary, you will get a package of the best prices in the market despite the luxury of the village and the multiplicity of its services.

The prices of Diplomats Resort units are characterized by diversity, as the owner company has taken into account the provision of different price packages in line with the varying purchasing capabilities of its customers.

Payment methods in Diplomats Ras El Hikma

It is not required to pay millions of pounds when buying chalets for sale in Diplomats Village, but you can enjoy a number of the best payment methods at all. The systems available to customers in the different stages of the project are:

  • The First Phase: Paying a 10% downpayment of the unit price, then the remaining in installments over 8 years.
  • The Second Phase: Paying a down payment of 30% of the unit price, then the remaining in installments over 3 years.
  • The Third Phase: Paying a down payment of 10% of the unit price and then the remaining over 6 years in equal installments.

It is worth noting that the first and second phases of the project have already been delivered, and the third phase is supposed to be delivered within three years, knowing that the client will receive his unit fully finished with the latest and highest quality equipment, whether it is related to paints, floors, or even plumbing, electrical and carpentry works.

The owner Company and Previous Works

Success was the ally of Diplomats North Coast because the company that owns it is Mountain View Developments, which is the most important real estate investment company in Egypt and the Arab world, so it took over the construction and construction business, which reflected positively on the project.

The company considers every step very carefully when implementing its projects, from choosing the place where it is supposed to be built, to the services available inside it that guarantee the complete comfort of its residents. It has helped it develop its business significantly, as it has creative management that can make smart decisions and seize distinct investment opportunities.

All of this enabled it to win a wide base of clients and investors, as it was able to prove to the whole world that it is a unique company with special ingredients that enable it to launch competitive projects on a global level, as evidenced by its previous major works such as:


it is located on the 200th kilometer of Alexandria-Matrouh road.

range from 1,500,000 EGP.


Mountain View Developments

25 chalets

the best payment methods at all. The systems available to customers in the different stages of the project

450 acres.


  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Aqua park
  • Cinema

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