Villas for sale in Mountain View October

From 4,454,200 EGP
Status Completed
Delivery Date 2022

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Villas for sale in Mountain View October

Mountain View October Villas is the first destination for those wishing to purchase luxury housing units in a distinguished strategic location and within an integrated residential project that provides all the necessary means for their comfort and well-being, because the company that owns the compound worked mainly on implementing it in an unconventional way that ensures its superiority over the other most luxurious residential projects, and has already succeeded in that thanks to its luxurious designs and multiple services, in addition to its competitive prices and its easy payment systems.

Mountain View Compound Location

The location of the compound in 6th of October City distinguishes it from many other residential projects built in less lively areas because this city is known for its extreme vitality and sophistication to a large extent, in addition to being a central area that facilitates its residents access to many service centers and important places, such as:

  • Dar Al Fouad Hospital is a short distance away and can be traveled in just ten minutes.
  • Nile University, which is also only 10 minutes away.
  • Mall of Arabia is easy to go to because it is located behind it.
  • Mall of Egypt is a short distance away, taking only 20 minutes.
  • The shooting club is just five minutes away.
  • Juhayna Square is a short distance away, which only takes about 4 minutes.
  • The ring road can be reached in a few minutes.
  • The Smart Village is a short distance away that takes no more than 7 minutes.

Mountain View Project Space

At first glance, you might think that the villas for sale in Mountain View October are located among the most beautiful charming islands in the world, thanks to the vast space of ​​the compound that extends over 54 acres and is divided into six creatively designed sections that make it look as if it were islands connected by main streets.

Each of the six departments maintains a special design and character that distinguishes it from the rest of the departments, but all of them have basic advantages represented in the spread of the green space that wraps around the housing units in it, in addition to the availability of all services.

The company that owns the project has worked to build the most luxurious units inside it, so you will find a variety of luxury apartments, villas, and townhouses. It has also been keen to offer them in different areas, taking into account the different needs of buyers, the available spaces are:

  • The interior space of the villa is 359 m², knowing that it includes 3 floors and several rooms in addition to the attached gardens.
  • Townhouses spaces start from 260 m² and there are slightly larger areas up to 265 m², knowing that these units include a large hall, three rooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom, and they are offered either with full or semi-finishing to suit the wishes of all customers.

Mountain View 6 October Services and Features

Living in villas for sale in Mountain View October not only guarantee you just living in luxurious housing units, but also it gives you an exceptional opportunity to enjoy the finest services that you can get in your place of residence because it is equipped with multiple facilities and many facilities represented in:

  • Security personnel is constantly present to guard the place and ensure full protection for its residents, in addition to providing it with the latest electronic gates for more security.
  • The medical center with highly qualified doctors who are specialists to provide the best medical care to the population who need it.
  • The social club guarantees to spend unconventional time practicing new activities that will ensure that you do not feel any boredom at all.
  • The integrated commercial area, in which the most luxurious shops are spread so that the residents can buy all their belongings and supplies of the highest possible quality.
  • Major cafes that offer different drinks (hot and cold) to their customers and distinguished restaurants that offer many dishes that take into account the different eating preferences of their customers.
  • Stroll among the picturesque gardens scattered throughout at any time you wish, in addition to entertainment areas available to all residents, whether children or even adults, so that everyone can spend a wonderful time of entertainment.
  • The luxurious clubhouse combines modernity and simplicity to provide an atmosphere of splendor for its patrons and achieve a great deal of psychological calm.
  • Special places for barbecues so that the residents can organize them in places that have the necessary equipment to spend a special time as possible.
  • A garage for parking, which has a high level of security to protect it from any potential problems such as theft, and it is also covered to prevent dust from reaching it as much as possible, especially during windy days.
  • Party areas where you can stay up and spend the most enjoyable times with your family, friends, or even alone, which is also distinguished by its proximity to all residential units.
  • Swimming pools that residents can enjoy, whether in the summer months or even winter, as they are provided with warm water on cold days and cold water on hot days.
  • The green patch of pleasant colors is soothing to the eye and the soul, decorates all areas, and gives the units a beautiful landscape view.
  • The health club is equipped with all the equipment and devices that guarantee the provision of integrated services and the provision of all amenities for all its clients.
  • Tennis courts, in which one of the most enjoyable sports can be played, are available to all residents who wish to participate in them.
  • Distinguished recreational places such as the sports clubs that are adjacent to the compound, in addition to the many service centers and important roads that surround it, in addition to the facilities available in it, all of which ensures the maximum possible comfort for its residents.
  • The dancing fountain with a modern design and the artificial lake, which catches the eye with its splendor of design, also provides greater sophistication, so that residents not only enjoy the presence of an integrated service area but also live in unique décor and atmosphere.
  • The villas for sale in Mountain View with their high-end designs are inspired by the American style are known for their extreme luxury and modernity.
  • The distinctive view of the project on the Pyramids of Giza, despite its presence at a great distance from it, but gives it a very special view that can be seen from afar.

Mountain View October Prices

Your enthusiasm for booking a unit will increase after knowing the prices offered for the units, including villas for sale in Mountain View October, because you will find them very competitive and reasonable, especially if you compare them with the high-end services and the various advantages that the compound enjoys, in addition to being diverse as well, and therefore you will have a greater opportunity to find the price that suits your ability purchasing.

Mountain View Payment Systems

You should not miss booking villas for sale in Mountain View October because you will not only get attractive prices, but you will find one of the easiest payment methods available to you to facilitate the payment process for you, as you can pay a simple down payment of no more than 5% of the set price for the unit and then pay the rest of its price In the form of installments for 7 years.

The Owner Company and Previous Works

It was natural for the compound to bear the name of the company that owns it, Mountain View Developments because it is the real secret behind its success and integration in this wonderful image, it is an ancient company accustomed to launching huge projects that can compete with major international projects due to its strong distinction.

It can be said that all the projects that the company has implemented are a witness to its incomparable creativity and distinction, so it is always keen to have its projects bear its name because it is always proud of all its works. Among its most important previous works are the following:

  • Mountain View Executive Project.
  • Mountain View iCity project, which is the first step for the projects that were launched in 6 of October City.


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa

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