Apartments for sale in El Gouna

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Delivery Date 2023

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Apartments for sale in El Gouna

El Gouna is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Egypt that guarantees its residents a luxurious life to the maximum extent imaginable, and this explains the reason for the increasing demand for booking apartments for sale in El Gouna recently, especially as it guarantees enjoyment of a huge amount of services and an infinite number of advantages. Here are more details about this prestigious area and the apartments in it below.

El Gouna Map

The wonderful geographical location is one of the most important advantages of El Gouna, as it is located in North of Hurghada, 25 km, and it is only a short distance of 470 km from Cairo, and it also facilitates access to many historical and archaeological places and the most beautiful wonders in Egypt, for example, residents will only need a short drive to go to the ancient temples of Luxor and Aswan.

It is also possible to organize enjoyable river cruises from them to many beautiful cities such as Cairo, Sinai, Luxor, and Aswan and overnight in them to spend a more wonderful time, all thanks to the city's distinguished strategic location.

Moreover, El Gouna is only about 4 hours away from the main European capitals by plane, and it is very easily accessible from Europe through Hurghada International Airport.

Features of owning apartments in El Gouna

Buying apartments for sale in El Gouna means enjoying several unique features that may not be found in any other area, we review a number of them as follows:

  • The city's distinguished infrastructure, integrated services, beautiful beaches, and pleasant weather most of the year.
  • Living in a wonderfully strategic location in the north of Hurghada on the western coast of the Red Sea, and this wonderful location linked the city to many beautiful historical and tourist areas.
  • The wide spaces of the region as a whole and the modern engineering design that simulates the latest international trends in the field of engineering designs, in addition to the spread of green spaces and gardens in almost every corner of it.
  • Living in a quiet place completely away from the noisy and annoying life, especially with beautiful places for recreation and relaxation directly on the seashore.
  • The picturesque beaches, which are distinguished by their pure sand and shiny waters, with a beautiful view that relaxes the nerves, which contributes to soothing the atmosphere, especially during the summer months.
  • Luxurious housing units in the best locations ever provide a healthy atmosphere for the residents, so the demand for them is increasing greatly.
  • The units designs vary greatly and take into account all tastes, but in general, they are distinguished by luxury because they are mainly inspired by Western and American design, as well as European, Greek, and other finest international designs.
  • The presence of all facilities and services that work for the comfort and well-being of the residents, foremost of which are security services, in addition to swimming pools, health clubs, gyms, and many others, the apartments also feature a wonderful view of the artificial lakes and green spaces.

El Gouna Services

El-Gouna residents enjoy many services that ensure complete comfort and prevent them from moving to other cities far from them to obtain a specific service, whether basic or even recreational. The most prominent services of the city can be clarified as follows:

  • Health services: There are many hospitals, medical centers, and pharmacies in it, which ensures the best possible care for its residents.
  • Educational Services: It includes several major schools and universities that are distinguished by providing the best educational services to their students.
  • Commercial services: There are many shopping areas, centers, and shops in the area, in addition to the presence of the finest cafes and restaurants in them.
  • Recreational services: Multiple recreational activities can be practiced in El Gouna, as there are many playgrounds and beautiful beaches in it, for example, you can enjoy fishing, swimming, and diving. Residents can also have fun playing golf, horse riding, cycling, or playing tennis, volleyball, and squash, with the possibility of going out on a wonderful safari.
  • Other services: There are many luxury hotels in the area in addition to archaeological museums, as well as other recreational places such as clubs and a yacht marina.

Best areas to buy apartments in El Gouna

You will find many high-end areas in front of you when you search for apartments for sale in El Gouna, so we review a small overview of a number of the most distinguished areas to be able to determine the area in which you want to live, as follows:

  • Abu Tig Marina: It is characterized by luxury and the presence of restaurants and cafes with a distinctive view of the sea, and cruises are organized periodically to many beautiful tourist areas such as Luxor, Aswan, Karnak Temple, Abu Simbel, and others, knowing that the average price of apartments inside is estimated at 5 million EGP.
  • Swan Lake: The most important thing that distinguishes it is the high-end design of its various residential units inspired by the modern Greek design, in addition to its beautiful beaches with golden sands and glistening waters. The apartments in it have innovative interior designs and luxurious finishes. They are also surrounded by beautiful views of green spaces, crystal lagoons, and gardens, and their average price is About 4 million EGP.
  • Marina Town: It has a wonderful view directly of the sea. It has a yacht marina in front of almost all the chalets and contains more than 126 yachts.
  • Golf District: The perfect choice to live amidst the charming nature due to the spread of green spaces and gardens in it. It also includes areas equipped to practice golf and has buildings with a distinctive view of the artificial lake.
  • The Nubian Quarter: The calm, beautiful colors that are comfortable to the eye dominate its various buildings built in the form of domes inspired by the Nubian and Arab design, and it enjoys a privileged location between the heart of the city and the Italian Quarter.
  • Plateau neighborhood: its various buildings are distinguished by a sophisticated design inspired by the Italian Tuscan style, and its residents enjoy a pleasant atmosphere most of the year because it rises 15 meters above sea level.
  • Downtown area: known for its extreme vitality because it is located directly in the heart of El Gouna, and is characterized by its competitive prices compared to many other areas in the city. till then.
  • Tamr Henna Square: A wonderful area for lovers of recreation amid green spaces and beautiful plants to breathe the fresh outdoors, and all residents or visitors of the area can enjoy folk music concerts, Tanoura dancing, and watching entertaining folkloric shows.

Spaces of apartments in El Gouna

You do not have to buy an apartment with a space that does not fit your needs, because you will find a variety of spaces that take into account the different desires of customers, for example, there are small apartments with a space of 60 square meters suitable for couples and small families, and there are other spacious apartments with spaces of up to 200 square meters and more, knowing that Most of the apartments have a reception room and 3 other rooms in addition to 2 bathrooms and a kitchen.

Prices and Payment Systems for El Gouna apartments

Despite the high luxury enjoyed by apartments for sale in El Gouna, their prices are very reasonable, so the demand for booking them increases because the customer enjoys integrated services without having to pay huge amounts, and the prices are varied in a way that satisfies everyone.

The available payment systems differ from one region to another and according to the specifications of each apartment, as they vary between immediate payment (cash) or installments without a down payment or after a downpayment, but often great facilities are offered when paying so that the customer does not feel a great financial burden, and examples can be clarified the prices and payment systems for some apartments for sale in El Gouna are as follows:

  • You can book an apartment with a space of 119 square meters in Mangroovy on the upper floor with an attached roof of 56 square meters, for 5 million and 345 thousand pounds, with the possibility of paying a simple down payment of 1,336,000 EGP and then install the rest of its value over 4 years, knowing that it includes two bedrooms.
  • You can book an apartment on the first floor in Cyan El Gouna with a building space of 111 square meters and attached to it a roof, for 6,387,520 EGP, with the possibility of paying a down payment of 4,010,320 EGP and then pay the rest until 2023, knowing that it includes reception and 2 Master bedroom.



  • Security
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Aqua park
  • Cinema

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