Chalets for sale in Porto Sokhna

From 750,000 EGP
Status Completed
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: Porto Group

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Chalets for sale in Porto El Sokhna

A wonderful icon in the world of major tourism projects, because Amer Group was keen to implement it in a luxurious manner that suits the target customers and has already succeeded in that, which prompted many to book chalets for sale in Porto Sokhna to enjoy staying in a privileged location to the utmost and to enjoy a large number of services and features at the same time.

Resort Location

It has a privileged location in the heart of Ain Sokhna, where you have a beautiful view of the seashore because it is located on the highest mountain peaks, so it is characterized by pleasant weather all year round to enjoy a wonderful holiday that you will never forget.

The resort is connected to the largest and most important Egyptian cities thanks to its privileged location, which made it close to:

  • Cairo: The distance between them can be covered in only an hour and a half.
  • The New Administrative Capital: The distance between them can be cut in a short period of 25 minutes.

The space of the Resort

An integrated project such as Porto Amer Group had to be built on a huge space extending over 2.5 million meters, and the most distinctive feature is that it is located on the highest mountain peaks, so it has a beautiful view on the seashore, with a length of about 270 meters above sea level.

Guests will enjoy staying in units surrounded by stunning decorations because green spaces, water bodies, as well as recreational facilities extend over 70% of the total space, and in return, buildings occupy the least proportion of it.

The large space of ​​the project allowed it to accommodate various recreational services and facilities, in addition to the establishment of Porto Pyramids Hotel on a huge space, especially as it has a wonderful design that mimics the shape of the Giza pyramids and includes a large number of rooms.

The customer can choose from the most luxurious units ever, because they vary in types and sizes, as there are small, medium, and large units for families, as there are apartments, chalets, villas, and duplexes.

For example, the spaces of chalets for sale in Porto Sokhna vary between 120 square meters and up to 500 square meters. As for the apartments that enjoy a great deal of luxury and diversity, their spaces are:

  • There are spacious apartments with spaces ranging from 63 m² up to 103 m², with 2 bathrooms.
  • There are small apartments with spaces ranging from 55 m² up to 57 m², including a bedroom and a bathroom.

Services and Features of Porto Ain Sokhna

The demand for chalets for sale in Porto Sokhna is considered history because it is equipped with all the facilities that satisfy all desires, whether views and decorations or activities and service and recreational facilities, as it provides its customers with all the following:

  • The permanent presence of the security staff responsible for guarding provides the maximum degree of protection and security for the guests throughout the day.
  • Health clubs and fully equipped sauna as well as other body care centers such as Jacuzzi so that club guests do not have to look for such places outside.
  • A group of cafes and restaurants that are distinguished by providing integrated services to all customers to gain their confidence.
  • A huge 5-star hotel that extends over a large area and features a beautiful view of the seaside. It includes hotel units at the top of luxury because they are designed in a way that simulates modern international design.
  • The first aerial cable car in all of Egypt, where guests can watch every corner of the resort from a high altitude so that they can see the most beautiful landscapes of the rocky mountains of various shapes and colors to reflect in the end a view at the top of splendor.
  • A variety of recreational activities between yachting marinas, playing on the beach, or boating.
  • The presence of wonderful sessions in open spaces overlooking the sea directly, which provides a wonderful atmosphere for recreation and enjoying watching the golden sands and beautiful clear waters.
  • The largest malls and commercial centers have the most famous brands and all the high-quality supplies that guests may need.
  • Several various sports fields such as football fields and tennis courts, in addition to squash courts.
  • Continuous organization of fun entertainment parties and other events such as Papa Porto carnivals, which are entertained by young and old.
  • The presence of a cinema complex that offers a special entertainment service for fans of watching movies and new cinematic works.
  • Many swimming pools are available to all guests without exception, even children, helped by the diversity of their spaces.
  • The resort has a distinctive view of the shores of the Red Sea, which reflects a wonderful atmosphere on the place as a whole and within the units as well.
  • Fun activities for children to break any boredom they may be feeling.
  • Fishing lovers can enjoy their hobby close to their units.
  • Practicing the most enjoyable water recreational activities, where you can enjoy the water jet ski to stroll amid the most beautiful landscapes.
  • The golf course is the first of its kind because it is designed differently at the top of the mountains, which distinguishes it from other courses.

Resort Prices

Porto Sokhna's prices are very attractive, especially when compared to the huge amount of services and advantages that the resort enjoys, which prompted many to rush to book units inside.

All units, including chalets for sale in Porto Sokhna, feature a variety of prices in a way that satisfies all customers, as the unit price changes, whether it increases or decreases according to its type, size, and location within the resort.

Payment Systems

The advantages offered by Porto Sokhna Project to its clients are unprecedented, especially as it provides them with one of the easiest payment systems ever that allow them to enjoy the longest possible repayment period.

The customer can buy any unit, by paying a 10% down payment of its price and then paying the rest of it over 9 years in equal installments.

The Owner Company and Previous Works

Fortunately for Porto Sokhna Beach Resort clients, Amer Group is the owner company, a well-established company with more than 25 years of experience and famous for implementing a huge group of the finest projects in various residential, tourist, and administrative sectors.

Everything in Porto Sokhna Amer Group came after a well-thought-out plan and clear goals that the company sought to implement, on top of which was choosing a special location for it in Ain Sokhna to be the most attractive project for tourists and those wishing to spend a wonderful vacation amidst the open air and the charming views of the water.

The company built five major commercial centers over the different years, and launched a large number of residential projects, which it was keen to establish in the most prominent locations inside Egypt, among the most important of its previous works:



  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Cinema

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