Villas for sale in Egypt

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Villas for sale in Egypt

Owning villas for sale in Egypt is a dream of a large number of people because it is characterized by luxury location, in addition to many other services and advantages enjoyed by the residents of these high-end units, so we take you on a tour about the advantages of living in them in addition to some other important information and details that will enable you to make the right decision.

Advantages of Villas for sale in Egypt

Villas are superior to all other residential units thanks to the advantages they provide to residents, which are almost exclusively available in them, these advantages are:

  • Its presence in new cities and high-end areas to the utmost degree, with all kinds of service and recreational facilities alike, such as universities and schools, as well as shopping centers, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, and others, ensures living in integrated service areas.
  • The tranquility that its residents enjoy, because they are not often found in overcrowded areas, in addition to an appropriate distance between each villa and another to preserve the comfort and privacy of its residents.
  • The wide space of the unit, which is suitable for large families or even individuals who prefer to live in spacious units, gives them a greater opportunity to make the decorations or modifications they desire with complete freedom.
  • The material value of the property increase over time, meaning that living in Villa not only guarantees a comfortable life but also achieves an appropriate financial return in case you want to sell it after several years.

The Best areas to buy Villas

Egypt is full of many high-end areas that offer the most luxurious residential units for those wishing to buy, so we explain some of these areas for those looking for villas for sale in Egypt so that they can easily access them:

  • Greater Cairo: It must be the first destination because it is the most important educational center because there are many universities and schools in it, whether governmental, private, or international, in addition to the multiplicity of medical centers in it, including hospitals and others, as well as many other facilities such as major shopping centers such as City Stars, etc.
  • Fifth Settlement: It is one of the most prestigious areas in New Cairo and is characterized by the presence of Teseen Street, which is one of the largest and most lively streets in Egypt, especially with the presence of branches of major companies and banks in it.
  • Al-Rehab: It is known for its high sophistication and the calm that dominates it. It also has beautiful green spaces and includes many services and facilities that provide all the needs of its residents, such as medical centers, sports clubs, cafes, restaurants, mosques, and others.
  • Al-Shorouk: It is far from the bustling life full of noise, so it provides its residents with a quiet and comfortable life to the maximum degree. It is also characterized by its proximity to distinct coastal cities where you can spend an enjoyable vacation, such as Dahab, Taba, Ras Sidr, and others.
  • 6th of October City: high-end and integrated services, as it has various facilities and services such as schools, universities, shopping centers, and factories, surrounded by a network of roads that make it easy for its residents to move from it to any other area, such as El Mohandessin and Zamalek, which are easily accessible through the axis, the ring road that connects it with the pyramid and Fifth Settlement and Maadi, as well as Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road that connects it to Alexandria and the North Coast, knowing that the prices of villas in it start from 1,450,000 EGP.
  • Alexandria: It has all the ingredients that make it the ideal destination for those looking for luxury villas, in addition to being a wonderful coastal city for recreation and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of life, it is also characterized by its pleasant atmosphere most of the year and the presence of the most beautiful beaches in it, as well as its clean streets, luxury resorts, and its multiple facilities from hospitals, universities, schools, malls, cafes, and restaurants.
  • El Agamy: It is one of the most prestigious areas in Alexandria, where the most luxurious villas are spread, so the demand for them is increasing significantly, knowing that the average price of villas is about 2 million EGP.

There are many other high-end areas in which villas can be purchased, such as the North Coast, Maadi, Heliopolis, and Zamalek, all of these areas include luxury villas in addition to being known for their extreme sophistication and vitality that ensure a very comfortable life for their residents.

Villas Spaces in Egypt

The spaces of villas for sale in Egypt vary to a very large extent that satisfies all needs and generally range from 214 square meters up to 1000 square meters and more, some examples of the spaces of some villas for sale can be clarified as follows:

  • Villa in New Cairo, specifically in Swan Lake Fifth Settlement, with a building space of 533 m².
  • A Standalone villa overlooking the pool for sale in Mountain View Ras El Hekma North Coast of  385 m² and the building space is 225 m².
  • Villa is for sale in Katameya Dunes of 1700 m², while the building space is 1100 m², knowing that it consists of a ground floor and a first floor and enjoys a beautiful view directly on the golf course.

Prices and payment systems for villas in Egypt

The great diversity is the most important characteristic of the prices of villas for sale in Egypt, but in general, all prices are considered competitive and reasonable, especially when compared to the number of services and advantages that the client will get.

Keep in mind that the price varies from one space to another, but within the same space according to the specifications of each villa. For example, the average price of villas in the Fifth Settlement is about 4 million EGP, and less in Al-Rehab City, estimated at 2 million EGP.

As for the payment systems, they are also diverse, where the customer finds villas for sale in the cash system (immediate payment) and others in the installment system, whether with a downpayment or without, but in general, he will often have distinctive facilities upon payment that will make it easier for him to pay the value of the unit to a large extent, and examples can be clarified about the available payment systems in some of the villas for sale as follows:

  • You can buy a fully finished villa with a land space of ​​1250 meters and buildings of 720 meters inside Uptown Cairo (Celesta Hills) with payment facilities that allow installments over 8 years, knowing that it consists of a ground and first floor and includes 6 bedrooms, a reception, a living room, maid's rooms and 5 bathrooms in addition to the kitchen and the driver's room, with a beautiful panoramic view directly on the golf course, at an estimated cost of 39,952,000 EGP.
  • You can buy a Standalone Villa inside O West Compound in the heart of 6th of October City, with payment facilities represented in paying 5% downpayment of its price and the rest over 8 years, with a value of 8,600,000 EGP, knowing that it has a beautiful view and only three minutes from Mall of Egypt, the land space is 340 m², while the building space is 240 m².
  • It is possible to buy a villa in the 6th of October City in the northern expansions area within Chill Out Park Compound, with a space of 460 meters, for 1,300,000 EGP, with the possibility of paying a simple downpayment of only 10% of its total value, then installments the rest of the value over 7 years, and immediate receipt.



  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa

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