Chalets for sale in Murano Sokhna

From 1,900,000 EGP
Status Completed
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: Wadi Degla Developments

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Chalet for sale in Murano



Chalets for sale in Murano Sokhna

Murano Ain Sokhna outperformed other tourist villages because it is equipped unconventionally and includes all services and equipment that provide integrated comfort to its guests, which prompted many to book chalets for sale in Murano Sokhna, especially as it enjoys a stunning landscape due to the spread of beautiful views throughout the resort.

Resort Location

If you are a lover of the beauty of nature, Murano Resort should be your destination, because it has a great location in Ain Sokhna, specifically on Ataka Mountains directly overlooking the Red Sea, which means that you will live in a resort with a stunning view of the Red Sea beach, which is the most beautiful Egyptian beach.

The resort still enjoys other stunning views as it overlooks a beautiful green area, in addition to all that, it will be easy for its guests to move from it to many areas thanks to its vital location that linked it to Zaafarana Road, Ain Sokhna, in addition to Suez and Katameya at a distance 5 km from it, in addition to Cairo, which is only one hour away from it.

It is not necessary to have a lot of time to be able to spend a special holiday, because Murano Resort is one of the best areas for day trips thanks to its privileged location, which is easy to travel to.

Resort Space

It is characterized by its vast space extending over 111 acres in addition to the beach overlooking it, which is about 750 meters long, to ultimately reflect an image of the utmost luxury and sophistication.

All units, including chalets for sale in Murano Project, have a stunning view of the seaside, which reflects a wonderful atmosphere inside each unit, knowing that these units vary in types and sizes to satisfy all customers.

As for the spaces of the villas, they are considered relatively small or medium, as they start from 238 m² and reach 248 m² As for the apartments on the ground floor, which are 2 repeated floors, their spaces start from 90 m², and the larger ones have a space of 265 square meters.

There are duplex units of various designs and spaces as well, as it includes Middle Duplex units with a space of 174 m² and a garden, Duplex Corner with a space of 196 m² located on the first floor with a garden and a corner.

Chalets for sale in Murano Wadi Degla vary in size greatly to satisfy different customers, as there are small 2-bedroom chalets with spaces of either 56 m² up to 90 m², in addition to large chalets consisting of three bedrooms with spaces starting from 123 m² up to to 132 m².

Services and Features of The Resort

The atmosphere that the resort offers to its guests is at the top of splendor because it does not include basic services only, but also has many recreational facilities that guarantee a wonderful time for all, its most prominent services and advantages can be explained as follows:

  • The presence of security men responsible for guarding the place continuously to secure it throughout the day, in addition to distributing surveillance cameras in various parts to ensure the maximum degree of protection for all inmates.
  • The Resort includes several major cafes that serve all drinks to their customers and work to provide them with the finest service.
  • High-end restaurants provide distinguished services to their customers and are keen to prepare the most delicious dishes and food for them in a very wonderful atmosphere.
  • A group of the most luxurious hotels characterized by their high-class and integrated services that ensure complete comfort for their guests.
  • Distinguished services to entertain guests, where there is a service called Hot Spring that ensures greater relaxation for guests and encourages them to relax more.
  • Several swimming pools are available to different guests without exception so that everyone can spend a fun leisure time to the fullest.
  • The resort includes several retail outlets to provide all the different goods and necessities that the guests may need.
  • The spread of comfortable views in addition to landscapes in different parts, so the village appears in the end in a civilized and sophisticated image and at the same time, its units have a very distinct view.
  • A health club that offers a distinguished service to its patrons that ensures complete comfort for them, especially as it is equipped with various facilities and equipment.

Prices for Murano Wadi Degla Ain Sokhna

The Resort's prices are competitive despite the variety of its services and its high sophistication, and this is one of the secrets of its success because any client wants to obtain integrated services for the best possible price.

The prices of chalets for sale in Murano Sokhna vary greatly according to the space of each chalet and its location within the resort and how close or far from the beach, and the same applies to other types of units.

Payment Systems

The best payment systems that can be offered are already available in Murano, which offers great facilities to its customers that make it easier for them to pay the value of the unit as much as possible, the payment systems offered are:

  • Paying a down payment of 10% of the unit price, then 10% as a second payment after 3 months, and finally the rest in installments over 6 years, for the units on the ground floor in the first and second phases of the project.
  • Paying a down payment of 5% of the unit price, then 10% as a second payment after 3 months, and finally the rest in installments over 6 years, for the duplex units offered in the first and second phases of the project.

You will not have to wait long years to be able to receive your unit, because all units, including chalets for sale in Murano Ain Sokhna, which are offered in the third phase of the project, are supposed to be delivered to customers at the end of this year 2021, knowing that they will be ready because they are fully finished.

It is worth noting that the units launched during the first phase of the project were previously delivered in late 2019, while those launched during the second phase were delivered to customers in late 2020.

The Owner Company and Previous Works

One of the most important secrets of Murano Sokhna’s success is that the company that owns it is Wadi Degla Developments, which occupies a prominent position among the major real estate development companies, which constantly presents luxury and high-end projects that make a big stir in the real estate market.

The company crowned its many successes with Murano Wadi Degla Project, but it had already achieved many successive achievements before that, as it launched huge projects that are distinguished to the highest degree, which it started with Marina Wadi Degla Project.

Wadi Degla is always keen to implement its projects in high-end areas, such as New Cairo and Hurghada, in addition to Ain Sokhna and North Coast, and it has many major previous works in these areas and others, most notably:



  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Aqua park
  • Cinema

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