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Project Description

Project Name: EL Baron City.

About the project: Al Shorouk Company has excelled in designing this elegant residential complex, combining modern designs and providing services and facilities in one place.

EL Baron City location: Maadi.

EL Baron City compound area in Maadi: 2500 square meters.

Unit types: Apartments for sale in EL Baron.

Apartment areas: Starting from 120 square meters. 

Developer: Al Shorouk Company for Urban Development.

Payment methods: 10% down payment of the total unit price and installments of the remaining amount over payment periods starting from 5 years up to 7 years without interest.

Apartments for sale in EL Baron with complete services at the best prices

Al Nassajoun Group has impressed its clients by executing an integrated project in the heart of Maadi, which is EL Baron compound, which includes the most luxurious services and recreational facilities that provide complete comfort and entertainment for its residents, which prompted many to rush to book apartments for sale in EL Baron to take advantage of the huge amount of services provided.

EL Baron City compound location

Its location gave it great importance among many other compounds, as it is located on the Ring Road in Maadi at EL Baron Square, which is characterized by liveliness and sophistication. Therefore, its residents will find themselves residing a short distance from many lively cities.

Major landmarks close to EL Baron City compound in Maadi:

  • Downtown Cairo: Located just ten minutes away.
  • Nasr City: Also located ten minutes away.
  • New Cairo: It takes only about fifteen minutes to get to the compound.
  • Fifth Settlement: Located just five minutes away from the compound.
  • Other cities: Moneeb, Giza and the Pyramids.

There are still many other important landmarks that border EL Baron Maadi due to its distinguished location, which also play an important role in facilitating the movement of its residents and entertaining them as well, including:

  • Ring Road: The distance between it and the compound can be crossed in no more than three minutes.
  • Cairo International Airport: The distance between it and the compound is no more than four minutes.
  • Entertainment clubs: Shooting Club, Maadi Club and Katameya Gardens Club.
  • Shopping malls, such as: Carrefour City.

EL Baron City compound area

EL Baron City Al Nassajoun is an integrated residential project that lacks nothing, so it had to be built on a large area of ​​2500 square meters, on which luxurious residential towers with hotel-style entrances are erected, consisting of 10 floors for residential units, in addition to the floor specialized for companies and shops. Commercial and car garage.

The executing company was keen to design the residential tower in an elegant manner that suits the elite, so it provided it with high quality marble entrances, and worked to secure it to the utmost degree by building a fence around it, so that its residents feel the highest degrees of security.

Apartments for sale in EL Baron vary in their areas and internal divisions so that each client finds what he is looking for. For example, there are small apartments whose area does not exceed 120 square meters, comprising a reception, two bedrooms in addition to the kitchen and bathroom, as well as other larger apartments for sale in EL Baron with areas up to 200 square meters and comprising a spacious reception and 4 bedrooms in addition to the kitchen and bathroom.

Project services and advantages

The secret behind the rush of many clients to book apartments for sale in EL Baron is due to its many advantages that made it outperform many other projects, to the point that the number of residents reached about 3,500 families. The services provided include:

  • The spread of many beautiful scenery throughout the different areas of the compound, whether green spaces, artificial waterfalls and a beautiful crystal lagoon extending over a small area, to provide extremely beautiful atmospheres for its residents.
  • All units are equipped with a distinctive view of the natural scenery surrounding the different EL Baron city buildings, which reflects more grandeur on them.
  • There is a commercial mall extending over a huge area that provides EL Baron City residents with all the products and supplies they may need.
  • Establishing a play and entertainment area for children so that they can enjoy their time in complete safety without having to leave the compound.
  • There are a group of pharmacies available 24 hours a day for all EL Baron city residents, with all medicines and medical supplies available.
  • Providing an educational service for children next to the entertainment service, as EL Baron city maadi includes a well-equipped kindergarten to provide the best educational service for those enrolled in it.
  • Comprehensive security for the compound as there are security teams throughout the day in addition to high-precision surveillance cameras distributed at all entrances, exits and passages.
  • Diversity of facilities and centers concerned with body health, as there are gyms, clubs and health centers in addition to saunas and jacuzzis.
  • Installation of modern electronic gates to ensure a higher degree of security while keeping pace with modern trends for building residential compounds at the same time.
  • It includes a mini branch of Carrefour (Mini Carrefour) to make it easy for its residents to obtain basic necessities at any time.
  • There are cinemas, so residents don't have to leave it when they want to watch the latest movies.
  • All buildings have modern, stylish facades made of high quality materials (curtain wall) and their entrances are marble, reflecting an extremely gorgeous look on the compound as a whole.
  • Providing the compound with high-speed Internet (Wi-Fi) available in its various buildings, so that all residents can benefit from it.
  • There is a large carpet showroom belonging to the Al Nassajoun Al Sharqiyoun company within the compound's facilities, which enables its residents to purchase the finest and highest quality types.
  • There are a number of the most luxurious commercial stores that offer high quality products and well-known brands, such as Asfour Crystal.
  • Providing periodic maintenance work for all its facilities, which ensures quick repair of any faults found therein if any.
  • Establishing mosques so that residents do not have to leave it in order to perform prayers inside the mosque.

EL Baron City compound prices

You will not have to pay exorbitant amounts when buying apartments for sale in EL Baron because its unit prices are very attractive and affordable to all customers, despite its integration and multiplicity of services, as they also vary according to the area of ​​each unit and its other specifications, whether finishing or otherwise.

Payment methods in apartments for sale in EL Baron

The best payment facilities are available within the compound, as it allows the client to pay only 10% as a down payment, then install the rest over a long payment period of 5 to 7 years without interest.

Customers will not have to wait long to receive apartments for sale in EL Baron because units are scheduled to be delivered with luxury finishes after 3 years from contracting.

The owning company and previous works

Success is the inevitable result of EL Baron City compound because the owning company is Al Shorouk Company for Urban Development (OUD) which belongs to the ancient Al Nassajoun Group entity, which started its activity in the real estate development sector in the early nineties.

The company was established in 1994 and was able to occupy a large position in the real estate sector in a short period during the major shift that occurred in the real estate field within Egypt during the last decade, and the company achieved unprecedented success because it always took care to choose the best strategic locations for its projects and build the most luxurious residential units in it.

The company's profits reached about $600 million during the past recent years, especially after launching the EL Baron City Plaza project in Maadi, and it continues its successful march steadily, and the best evidence of this is its many other previous works, such as:

  • The Azadir project.
  • Baron City compound in Maadi.
  • Heliopolis Hills project.
  • Oriental Coast Resort in Marsa Alam.
  • Matangi Resort in Marsa Alam.
  • Jnoub compound in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Korba Royal Residence compound in Cairo.
  • EL Baron Royal Towers project in Katameya.
  • EL Baron Mall in Maadi.
  • Plaza compound in Maadi.
  • Royal Residence compound in New Cairo.
  • Yasmin compound, which is the first residential complex in the 10th of Ramadan City.
  • Al Nakheel compound inside Al Shorouk City.
  • Fountain Park compound inside Fifth Settlement, with the knowledge that the first dancing fountain was built inside Jnoub compound in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Developing about 80 acres on the North Coast.
  • A number of real estate projects in Obour City.

Maadi area compounds: the experience of beauty and modern life in one place!

The Maadi area in Cairo is known for its unique gathering of residential compounds that reflect beauty and modern life in one place. It is an ideal destination for people looking for luxurious and comfortable housing in the heart of the Egyptian capital.

Maadi compounds offer a diverse range of amenities and services that cater to all residents' needs. Among these services, residents can enjoy beautiful swimming pools and well-equipped fitness areas, allowing them opportunities to relax and exercise.

In addition, the group of residential compounds in Maadi includes a wide range of stylish and elegant apartments and villas. These units provide spacious, comfortable rooms and high-quality finishes, which contribute to adding a luxurious touch to the residence.

Additionally, Maadi compounds are characterized by their prime location close to major hubs in Cairo, allowing residents easy access to schools, hospitals and shopping centers. The residential compounds in Maadi also provide high security and protection, relying on a 24-hour guarding and surveillance system.

Given the many advantages offered by Maadi compounds, they are considered an ideal choice for families and individuals looking for a refined quality of life and luxurious modern living in one place. It is a perfect destination for living and investing in Cairo.

Investing in Maadi area: your opportunity for profit and growth in the heart of modern Egypt!

Egypt is developing continuously and impressively, and the Maadi area plays a major role in promoting investment in the heart of the country. Maadi is one of the most prominent commercial and industrial areas in Cairo, offering a large number of promising business and investment opportunities.

Maadi enjoys a distinctive strategic location, as it is located just a few kilometers from downtown Cairo, and close to other vibrant areas such as Giza and Mohandessin. It also has vast areas of industrial and commercial land available to investors.

Maadi is known for providing advanced infrastructure, including easily accessible roads and efficient transportation networks. The area is characterized by the availability of skilled labor and specialized IT, which facilitates production and export operations and improves business efficiency.

Additionally, Maadi benefits from the presence of many governmental facilities and financial and commercial services. The area offers a wide range of amenities such as international schools, hospitals and shopping centers, providing a suitable environment for business and living.

Furthermore, Maadi offers many emerging business opportunities and real estate investments. Land and properties are available for purchase or lease in the area at reasonable prices, making it an attractive opportunity for investors looking for profitable investment returns and future growth potential.

Investing in the Maadi area is an exciting and promising investment opportunity in the heart of modern Egypt. The area provides advanced infrastructure, strategic location, skilled labor, and promising business opportunities, helping you achieve profitability and sustainable growth.

A world of choices next to EL Baron City Maadi compound: Discover the real estate opportunities available!

EL Baron City Maadi compound is one of the most prominent luxury residential compounds in the Maadi area in Cairo, and includes many elegant facilities and services. However, there are also many other distinctive compounds located near it that provide their residents with a unique living experience and exceptional comfort. Here is a list of some of those compounds located next to EL Baron City Maadi compound:

  1. Second Nile Towers Maadi:
    This compound is located a short distance from EL Baron City Maadi compound, and is characterized by its modern and contemporary design. Zayed Down Town compound contains a variety of villas and apartments designed with the latest technologies and services available. Additionally, the compound provides high quality sports and recreational facilities, such as swimming pools, fitness clubs and playgrounds for children.

  2. Promenade Maadi compound:
    If you are looking for a modern and luxurious living experience next to EL Baron City Maadi compound, you may want to consider Promenade compound. This compound provides luxurious townhouses and apartments with contemporary interior designs and the latest technologies. It also features beautiful natural scenery and charming gardens where you can enjoy tranquility and relaxation.

  3. Mivida compound in Fifth Settlement:
    If you prefer to live in a slightly different area next to EL Baron City Maadi compound, Mivida compound in Fifth Settlement may be the ideal choice for you. This compound is characterized by its vast green spaces and scenic views, and provides luxurious housing units in various sizes and designs. The compound also provides a range of sports and recreational facilities, including restaurants, cafes and sports fields.

Ease of dealing: Follow these steps to purchase apartments in EL Baron City Maadi on!

With increasing demand for residential unit apartments in EL Baron City Maadi, it can be difficult to find a suitable apartment at reasonable prices. But using the real estate Egypt website and relying solely on the data available online, you can easily get an apartment in EL Baron City at the best prices.

Step 1: Search for apartments for sale

Step 1: Search for apartments for sale

Visit the real estate Egypt website and specify Baron City Maadi as the search area. You can search for apartments for sale in this area using the options available on the site, such as price, area, number of rooms and bathrooms.

Step 2: Browse available listings

When you have search results, browse the available listings and photos and details provided for each apartment. You may find information about the apartment's location, available amenities, and other details that may be important in making a purchase decision.

Step 3: Contact us

If you are interested in a specific apartment, contact the real estate Egypt website team by sending a message or calling them. You can ask questions about the apartment and any additional details you need to make a purchase decision.

Step 4: Personal viewing of the apartment

If you like the apartment and decide to complete the purchase, arrange for a personal viewing of the apartment with the lister. During the viewing, inspect the apartment yourself and make sure it meets your needs and requirements.

Step 5: Sales agreement and payment

When you are satisfied with the apartment, negotiate the apartment price and terms of sale and payment with the lister. You may need to sign a purchase agreement and pay a financial deposit. The sales and payment agreement should ensure your rights and the obligations of the buyer and seller.

Step 6: Receiving keys and transferring ownership

After completing the purchase process and paying the agreed amount, arrange to receive the keys from the previous owner and officially transfer ownership to your name.

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Swimming pools
Shopping center
Commercial area
Social Club
Health club and Spa
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El Maadi

1,200,000 EGP.


Orientals for Urban Development (OUD).

30 apartments

10% down payment of the total unit price, and the rest is paid in installments over payment periods starting from 5 years and up to 7 years without interest.

2500 square meters.


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