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Project Description

Project Name: Porto Sokhna.

About Project: A unique residential resort by Amer Holding (Amer Group), which extends 270 meters above sea level.

Porto Sokhna Location: Ain Sokhna.

Porto Sokhna Ain El Sokhna Space: 618 acres.

Units Type: Porto Sokhna apartments - duplexes - villas.

Porto Sokhna Units Space: starts from 62 square meters and up to 103 square meters.

Units Price: starts from 700,000 EGP.

Porto Sokhna Developer Name: Amer Holding (Amer Group).

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Porto Sokhna is Where Luxury Meets Unbeatable Features

Porto El Sokhna managed to capture the attention of the elite and everyone else with a refined sense of style wanting to spend a wonderful summer vacation. Porto Ain Sokhna by Amer Group is one of the biggest resorts and most beautiful resorts, thanks to its charming location and integrated services. hotel Porto Sokhna Beach resort offers excellent services to its guests and thus helps them enjoy a high standard of luxury.

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The unique location of Porto El Sokhna Village that combines attractiveness of beauty and advantage of strategy

The developing company paid great attention to choosing the right geographical location in order to implement the Porto El Sokhna project, because it is fully aware of the importance of the vital location and its ability to attract everyone's attention, as the owning company chose its location near the most important areas that facilitate transportation for customers

Most landmarks close to Porto El Sokhna Village:

  • Porto El Sokhna resort is located 140 km from Cairo.
  • Ability to reach Porto El Sokhna village to the New Administrative Capital in just 25 minutes only.
  • Porto El Sokhna resort is about 55 km from Suez city.
  • The most prominent feature of Porto El Sokhna is its direct overlooking of the Gulf of Suez.

Porto El Sokhna's innovative design inspires your dreams and paints the ideal picture for you

Porto El Sokhna is the ideal choice for all lovers of enjoying the charming natural scenery and doing many different recreational activities, and the proximity to vital cities and roads that make it easy for customers to access from all sides, and escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city to an elegant place away from pollution. All units in Porto El Sokhna also enjoy a wonderful view of the turquoise beach waters and soft beach sands, so that guests can spend the most enjoyable times. The developing company relied on the best engineering companies to implement Porto El Sokhna in a way that suits people of refined taste, using the best raw building materials and following modern technological methods, which is evident in the existence of green meadows that separate units to take into account the privacy of guests and help them inhale refreshing air. Amer Group Ain Sokhna project design comes as follows:

  • The total area of Porto El Sokhna Village is about 618 acres, which is approximately 2.5 million square meters.
  • Porto El Sokhna resort extends 270 meters above sea level.
  • The vast green areas are about 70% of the total area, ensuring that residents have a life full of fun and luxury mixed with privacy.
  • Amer Group Ain Sokhna project contains many types of units, ranging from apartments, villas, duplexes, and chalets for sale in Porto El Sokhna.

Porto El Sokhna's great selection of carefully designed units to suit all tastes

The huge area on which Porto El Sokhna was implemented helped the developing company offer many units of different sizes to suit all different tastes of customers. You can learn about the unit sizes in Porto El Sokhna Village through the following points:

  • The residential apartment areas in Porto El Sokhna Village start from 62 square meters up to 103 square meters.
  • While the area of chalets in Porto El Sokhna resort starts from 120 square meters up to 500 square meters.

Porto Sokhna Project Space

Porto Sokhna is an integrated resort built on a vast space of 618 acres with approximately 2.5 million square meters, 270 meters above sea level. This vast land has been divided very well, with 70% of it allocated to green spaces and stunning landscape, ensuring the residents a comfortable life full of sophistication and luxury.

Porto Sokhna features different types of units such as Porto Sokhna apartments, Porto Sokhna duplexes, Porto Sokhna villas and chalets, all in varying sizes. Apartments start from 62 square meters and up to 103 square meters. Chalets range between 120 square meters and 500 square meters. Villas and duplexes are also available in varied sizes to suit the needs and desires of customers.

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Most important services in Porto Sokhna Amer Group

The many services and exclusive benefits available within this project have made it the primary choice for a large number of customers. The most prominent services provided within Porto Sokhna include:

  • Porto Sokhna resort has shopping malls that provide residents with all their needs and necessities, as well as international products and brands.
  • All units at Porto Sokhna resort have a great view of the charming beaches.
  • A team of security personnel is deployed throughout Porto  Sokhna resort, with plenty of modern cameras to secure the entire premises.
  • Porto Sokhna has a great marina to enjoy fishing and cruises.
  • Swimming pools of all shapes and sizes are suitable for all ages.
  • Porto Sokhna resort has an upscale restaurant serving a wide menu of regional dishes, as well as cafés serving a variety of beverages.

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  • Amer Group Sokhna village holds special concerts and carnivals throughout the year to increase to offer unique entertainment to the residents.
  • Porto Sokhna is equipped with a cable car that enables residents to view all sides of Porto Sokhna resort and enjoy the enchanting scenery.
  • Porto Sokhna features indoor and outdoor swimming pools with a lagoon-style. There are also special facilities for sun-tanning and jacuzzi.
  • Porto Sokhna resort has a fitness center that offers excellent customer service.
  • Amer Group  village has an open barbecue area and a children's playground with plenty of fun games.
  • For added luxury, Porto Sokhna resort is equipped with golf courses, football, handball, and volleyball courts with fine design.
  • 500 square meters have been allocated for luxury suites that directly overlook the swimming pool or garden.
  • Porto Sokhna is a high-end hotel that provides residents with excellent hotel services, guaranteeing a great summer vacation. The hotel services include dry ironing, limousine, cleaning, reception and luggage services.

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  • A large parking lot for both residents and visitors, to avoid any possible traffic jams.
  • A sauna and jacuzzi with an international standard of service.
  • Porto Sokhna has a diving center and regular boat trips.
  • Porto Sokhna resort is equipped with cinemas showing modern Arabic and foreign films.
  • Porto Sokhna resort offers charming sea-side seating areas to enjoy the beauty of clear waters and soft, white sand.

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Payment plans available at Porto El Sokhna and competitive prices

Porto Sokhna Prices are reasonable and suitable with the size of the advantages and high quality services that the client gets. The developing company was also keen to make its prices competitive, unmatched in any other project. The prices in Porto El Sokhna Village are as follows:

  • Prices of Porto El Sokhna chalets start from 1,900,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • While the prices of hotel apartments consisting of a bedroom and bathroom start from 700,000 Egyptian pounds.

Prices at Porto El Sokhna Village suit all customers, and vary according to the type, size and location of the unit, in addition to the many service and entertainment facilities that meet the needs of customers. Therefore, the owning company was keen to make its payment systems flexible so that the client can obtain the unit easily by paying a 10% reservation down payment of the total unit price and then paying the remaining amount in installments over 9 years from the date of contracting.

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Disadvantages of Amer Group's Porto El Sokhna

Despite the concerns that some may feel regarding the location of Porto El Sokhna project on the Zaafarana Road, Amer Group has wisely solved this problem by choosing the strategic location. Amer Group Ain Sokhna project is close to several main roads and vital areas such as El Galala Resort, Ain Sokhna Gates, Cairo and the New Administrative Capital. This choice ensures easy access for residents and visitors to various destinations, and keeps them constantly connected to the surrounding areas and the outside world.

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Porto Sokhna Owner Company Portfolio

Porto Sokhna project is owned by Amer Group, one of the most famous real estate companies in Egypt.

The Developer most important projects include:

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Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2023 and therefore it is changeable. Our team at Real Estate Egypt is keen to update the spaces, unit types, and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

What is the main role of Ain Sokhna city?

Ain Sokhna, with its unique location on the Red Sea coast east of Cairo, is a pivotal point in Egypt's plans to revitalize the tourism and real estate sectors. This city, with its golden sandy beaches and crystalline waters, attracts visitors and investors alike, making it a center of luxury and relaxation.

Ain Sokhna is distinguished by its unique collection of upscale resorts and modern real estate projects, making it ideal for those seeking relaxation or investment opportunities.

This city plays an important role in attracting investments, especially in the hospitality and luxury housing sectors, and provides an ideal environment for those who want to invest or reside.

For its part, the Egyptian government is supporting this trend by developing infrastructure and facilitating procedures for investors, contributing to achieving Egypt's Vision 2030 for sustainable development and attracting foreign investments. Ain Sokhna, with its government and private support, emerges as a model for growth and development in the tourism and real estate sectors.

In conclusion, Ain Sokhna stands as a symbol of Egypt's aspirations to enhance tourism and real estate investment, offering promising investment opportunities and contributing to the country's sustainable development.

Why choose Ain Sokhna resorts?

Recent research indicates that the Ain Sokhna area in Egypt is attracting a large number of visitors, making it one of the prominent tourist destinations. There are multiple factors that make this area the focus of tourists, and in this presentation, we will highlight some of these factors that contribute to its fame.

Perhaps the most remarkable feature of Ain Sokhna resorts is their unique location on the Red Sea coast, which allows visitors the opportunity to relax on its white sandy beaches and enjoy its clear blue waters. This natural beauty attracts many seeking tranquility and relaxation away from the noise of cities.

In addition, Ain Sokhna resorts offer a rich array of recreational activities and facilities to suit all tastes. From diving and snorkeling to surfing, and from relaxing in the spa to enjoying luxurious pools and beachside barbecues. Visitors can also savor local and international cuisine in the diverse restaurants and cafes available there.

On the other hand, Ain Sokhna is characterized by its warm and moderate climate throughout the year, making it an ideal destination to visit at any time. This beautiful weather enhances the visitors' experience and makes their stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

Finally, Ain Sokhna has witnessed significant developments in infrastructure and tourism services, from improving roads to establishing luxurious resorts and hotels that meet visitors' expectations and provide them with a comfortable stay and an unforgettable experience.

With these factors, Ain Sokhna emerges as a captivating destination that combines natural beauty, diverse entertainment, and excellent tourist services, making it the perfect place to spend a pleasant vacation and discover the charm of Egypt's eastern coast.

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The city of Ain Sokhna in Egypt is renowned as an ideal destination for tourists seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, where the Porto Ain Sokhna Village stands out as one of the most prominent resorts. In addition to Porto, there are several other resorts in the area that offer unique and distinctive experiences for their visitors. Here, we'll give you an overview of some of these resorts:

1. Carnelia Resort: This resort is adjacent to Porto Ain Sokhna Village and is renowned for its unique location and vast area spanning 100 acres. Carnelia is known for providing high-quality services to its visitors, including its captivating sandy beaches, stunning pools, as well as its attractive natural scenery and peaceful ambiance.

2. Jebal Ain Sokhna Village: This village is considered one of the most beautiful destinations in Ain Sokhna, distinguished by its luxurious design and exquisite architecture. The village offers its visitors a wide range of services and recreational activities, as well as the opportunity to enjoy the stunning mountain views and fresh air surrounding it.

3. Blue Blue Ain Sokhna Resort: This resort is located near Tilal Village and is considered an ideal place for those who want to spend a vacation filled with fun and relaxation. Blue Blue offers its guests a diverse range of services and recreational activities, including a dance club, an indoor swimming pool, and a lounge, in addition to its prime location on the beach and its captivating natural scenery.

If you are planning to visit Ain Sokhna and Porto Village in particular, these neighboring resorts are excellent choices for experiencing luxury and entertainment in a beautiful and serene natural setting. You will find everything you need to experience an unforgettable relaxation.

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Ain Sokhna

1,700,000 EGP


Amer Group

115 Apartments

10% down payment and the rest of the amount to be paid over 9 years.

618 acres


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