V90 Mall New Cairo

From 2,999,262 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: Urban Development

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Project Name: V90 Mall

About the project: One of Cairo's largest new malls which is very close to vital roads and sites, and features a variety of unit types including commercial, administrative and medical.

Project Location: Located at the heart of the Fifth Settlement.

Project Space: up to 3,700 square meters.

Types of Units: varies from commercial, administrative, and medical units.

Unit Space: Starting from 70 square meters and up to 242 square meters.

Unit Prices: Starting at 2,999,262 EGP.

Owner Company: Urban Development.

Payment Systems: 10% down payment and installment the rest over a period of up to 5 years.

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Everything you need to Know about V90 Mall New Cairo

V90 Mall is considered one of the largest malls of New Cairo, it is an impressively-designed commercial and administrative building in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, in a wonderful location close to vital roads and sites, This project provides your business with a unique unit and a place to work, it also makes an ideal work environment because it’s quiet and away from sources of noise and pollution. The mall offers a lot of unique and attractive services, so there’s something for everyone whether shopping enthusiasts or business owners.

V90 Mall New Cairo Location

The unique location it occupies in Teseen St. has made it an attractive place to work, which is why a lot of investors and business owners are interested in it. The mall's location has many features, the most important of which are the following:

  • V90 mall is located in the commercial district of the luxurious Katameya Hills compound, so it serves this upscale residential community and fulfills the wishes of its residents, ensuring the popularity of its activities and units.
  • V90 Mall is located in the heart of New Cairo and specifically on the Northern Teseen Street, the most important and active streets of the 5th Settlement, where a lot of entertainment services and high-end residential communities are located.
  • Unique location because it is close to important roads and axes that make access to the site very easy.
  • It is close to entertainment services, especially restaurants, cafés and cinemas located on Teseen Street.
  • V90’s location is only a few minutes from the famous Petrosport Stadium.

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Available Space

The development company decided to mobilize all elements of success for its new project, as it chose an excellent and unique location, and gave it a large plot of its land portfolio to be a huge project competing with other malls in this region.

The land allocated to the project measures 3,700 square meters, with the total internal space reaching about 5,200 square meters.

The company paid close attention to the greenery and landscape surrounding the mall, in order to provide the best views for all the units, as well as a welcoming and relaxing work environment for the employees.

V90 mall consists of a ground floor and three upper floors, for a total of 33 administrative and commercial units.

The first floor of the building is dedicated to restaurants and cafes because it gets additional outdoor spaces, suitable for dining tables and receiving more visitors.

Administrative units and offices are located on the second and third floors.

Unit types are varied so that buyers can find the space that suits their business needs, for example there are administrative, and commercial units, as well as spaces allocated specifically for cafés and restaurants.

As for the interior spaces of the units, they are flexible and range from small to large spaces, so that customers choose what suits their wishes and the nature of their business activity.

The interior space of administrative units ranges from 70 square meters to 200 square meters, restaurants start from 203 square meters and reach 242 square meters, and the spaces of commercial units start from 229 square meters.

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V90 Mall New Cairo Services

V90 Mall is the latest luxury project in the Fifth Settlement, as it contains all the basic facilities that business owners, employees, and mall visitors can enjoy, not to mention the entertainment services that attract people to the place and makes them feel welcome in a fun and safe environment. The most important services are as follows:

  • The mall is surrounded by wide green spaces, beautiful gardens, and stunning views visible from all the mall’s units.
  • There are water fountains that enhance the charming landscape.
  • It’s easy to move between the mall’s floors, thanks to the two modern electric elevators available.
  • Prayer rooms have been provided and equipped to receive worshippers at all times.
  • Within V90 mall, there are over 90 lockers for employees and workers, as well as storage areas for all kinds of goods.
  • The mall has washing rooms for men and women on all three floors.
  • For the convenience of visitors and customers, an elevator has been allocated for cargo separately from the visitors' elevator.
  • It features a unique food court area with restaurants and cafés serving delicious Egyptian, Arab, and international cuisine.
  • A secure garage with plenty of space for cars belonging to visitors and employees, which prevents cars from piling up in front of the mall.
  • 24/7 security services with the highest level of preparations and training.
  • Highly-equipped rooms, suitable for celebration events, seminars, and meetings.
  • State-of-the-art surveillance cameras and electronic gates are some of the available security measures in the mall, all of which operate throughout the day and receive regular maintenance.

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Unit Prices in V90 New Cairo Mall

Despite the premium location and comprehensive services available to each unit, the prices announced by the company are very competitive.

Office prices start at 2,999,262 EGP and reach 9,082,343 EGP, the prices of restaurants start at 21,771,373 EGP and reach 26,579,000 EGP, while the prices of administrative offices start from 25,272,692 EGP.

In addition to premium prices, the company has announced easy payment systems that reduce the financial burden on the customers. To book a unit, you only need to provide 10% of the total unit price as a down payment, and pay the rest in equal installments for a period lasting up to 5 years.

It is worth mentioning that customers receive their units semi-finished, in order to give the owner the opportunity to finish the unit according to their taste and business needs.

Note that the company will start delivering the mall units starting in 2022.

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Owner Company Portfolio

V90 Mall is the property of Urban Development, a large Egyptian company with a stellar reputation in the real estate market which specializes in the construction of compounds, malls, and large entertainment projects.

It has also been noted that the mall is located within the Katameya Hills project, which belongs to Al-Ahli Sabour's list of achievements. It marks the fruitful cooperation between the two companies to serve the mall residents of the compound and to integrate the two projects.

Urban Development has extensive experience and a highly-trained team of architects and engineers, and all the company’s previous work has luxurious designs up to the latest international trends. The company is committed to international standards in construction and enjoys the confidence of customers.

Urban Development’s most important work includes the following:

  • Hilltown Mall project in 6th of October City.
  • Cloud Nine Mall in New Cairo.
  • VGK Mall Project.
  • 2Go Mall in 6th of October City
  • Triplex mall. Fifth Settlement.
  • The Lane Mall Project.

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V90 Mall is the latest addition to this list, which was provided with all the elements of excellence and success from the beginning, including the selection of a distinguished location to guarantee the popularity of its activities, as well as the luxurious and integrated services that create an ideal work environment, all the way to its wonderful and unbeatable prices.

This mall offers customers a golden opportunity that leaves very little room for doubt. Make sure to choose the unit that suits your activity and start your business as soon as possible, in a location that will guarantee its success.


  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Cinema

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