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Project Description

Project Name: Roses.

About Roses Project: A residential compound with all the services and views that are unique due to the artificial lakes, vast green spaces, and it also uses clean energy.

Roses Location: Located in R8 in L6 area, close to the service area, the opera house, and the presidential palace, and adjacent to Anakaji Compound.

Roses New Capital Compound Space: 17 acres.

The Developer Name: A partnership between the Police Officers' Association and Golden House.

Roses Units' Type: Villas - apartments - Duplexes - Penthouses.

Price per meter: starts from 6800 EGP up to 8300 EGP.

Roses Capital Units' space: starts from 86 m² up to 240 m².

Payment Methods: 10% downpayment and installments up to 7 years. 25% downpayment and installments up to 9 years.

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Roses New Capital

Roses Compound New Capital was designed with the latest model to bring customers the greatest luxury in the best location in the New Administrative Capital, you'll discover it for yourself, where you'll find an integrated residential compound with green spaces and stunning artificial lakes that will give you the most beautiful view from your residential unit.

Life within Roses project is an endless pleasure and all that will surround you will be harnessed to serve you, raise your standard of living and increase your psychological comfort with its classic high-end designs and all the entertainment services around you.

Roses Administrative Capital is established on 21.5 acres overlooking two main 80-meter-wide streets and offers a variety of units divided between buildings and villas.

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Roses Compound New Administrative Capital

Rose Compound is located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital and provides the residents a great deal of luxury and comfort, it is a full-service residential compound, in addition to artificial lakes and vast green spaces that give your unit a distinct and beautiful view. It also offered various services and provides tranquility and security for you and your entire family as its space is 17 acres equal to 68796.53 m² due to its distinctive and refined design. We'll learn about its features, area, and prices in this article.

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Roses New Capital Location

Located in a special location in the Administrative Capital in the 8th district L6, adjacent to Anakaji Compound, as well as close to the Presidential Palace and the Opera House, and close to the services area, which has two schools, a commercial area, an administrative area, and a petrol station.

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The unique features of Roses New Capital Compound

Golden House has been keen to use the latest equipment and advanced technology, which always focuses on innovation and creativity, and its projects are distinguished by luxury and sophistication, as it brings you a luxurious life for all customers residing in Roses project, and among the most important features of Roses Project are:

  • Roses project is in a privileged location where the new administrative capital is close to the most important areas and main roads, and minutes away from major institutions.
  • Roses Capital project is characterized by the splendor of its high-end architectural and engineering designs, which mimic the same modern European character.
  • The basic services are indispensable in any project, as they have been provided perfectly, in order to achieve all that the residents are looking for.
  • Roses New Capital overlooks main streets up to 80 square meters in width inside Roses Compound.
  • Roses compound is surrounded by a large wall with three high gates and entrances, which is one of the features that facilitate entry and exit.
  • Roses Compound also has a modern infrastructure that has been designed with the latest technologies and devices to ensure the safety of the buildings.
  • The company that owns Roses project has hired the engineering consultant office, which presents many successful projects in Egypt and the Middle East.
  • You can easily own the unit, as a package of special prices is available to you, where you can pay a reservation down payment and pay the rest over a period of years at Roses Project.

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The Exclusive services inside Roses New Administrative Capital

Within the compound of Roses New Administrative Capital, there are a number of wonderful services that fulfill all your requirements and provide you with everything you need, and we explain this as follows:

  • Educational services were provided through the establishment of a number of international schools for all levels, which include a number of the most qualified teachers inside Roses New Administrative Capital
  • Within the scope of Roses Compound, there are a number of major banks that provide you with a huge number of services, and exchange machines that help you withdraw and deposit the amounts you need at Roses New Administrative Capital Compound.
  • Roses New Administrative Capital compound contains many residential units that provide you with different areas of apartments, which have distinctive finishes.
  • Roses New Capital compound includes a number of commercial centers that have a large mall with shops displaying all international brands and brands.
  • For recreation, ​​swimming pools distributed parallel to Roses New Administrative Capital project were provided, and suitable for all ages.
  • For fans of different sports, fully equipped sports fields are provided, and various courses and competitions are held for all teams.
  • For more education and reading of various books, cultural and social centers were established with a number of libraries containing thousands of diverse books, and many seminars were held at Roses New Administrative Capital.
  • To maintain fitness, sports centers have been established with the latest types of modern equipment, and run by a group of teams specialized in this field.
  • For families and friends to meet, a social club has been established with an area of ​​four acres, which offers you all the distinctive and varied services.
  • To stabilize inside Roses New Administrative Capital project, a number of surveillance cameras were distributed surrounding Compound Roses to monitor all events.
  • The spread of security men and strict guards inside and outside Compound Roses, and works all day for more comprehensive insurance.
  • To fully service Compound Roses and prevent any malfunctions, the services of major and specialized maintenance centers are available for all household chores in Roses New Administrative Capital.
  • Maintaining complete cleanliness within Roses New Administrative Capital compound yard by appointing a number of cleaners who work throughout the day, in order to provide it with a civilized appearance.
  • Establishing a private car park in front of each residential building within Roses New Administrative Capital compound to prevent crowding and overcrowding.
  • To prevent any malfunctions, Compound Roses has been provided with a number of modern electricity generators that run automatically.
  • For the care and entertainment services, major beauty centers were established with the best skin-related products, and various other services.
  • For medical care, major centers and clinics have been provided in all specialties, which are equipped with emergency services, and they operate around the clock inside Roses New Capital Project.
  • Specialized hospitals provide all treatment services, and operate 24/7 to receive any emergency in Roses New Capital Compound.

The Most Important Services in Roses

It offers many high-level services that help you live effortlessly:

  • Roses New Capital Project has internationally designed residential units that combine modernity with classicism, to suit all tastes.
  • Roses units vary from villas to apartments, and customers choose what suits their desires.
  • All of the units have a great view, overlooking large green spaces, numerous artificial lakes and a range of different swimming pools inside Roses New Capital.
  • The executing company provides different spaces with a low price per meter in the Administrative Capital, and also provided payment systems suitable for all different needs.
  • There are parks in all parts of the Compound, and numerous tracks for cycling, walking, and running at Roses New Capital Compound.
  • Each building has a private garage to prevent a collision or traffic and to ensure that a safe environment is also provided for children.
  • There is a huge shopping mall with a wide range of international brands in Roses New Capital Compound.
  • There is a social club in it with an area of about 3 acres.
  • There is a large health club, equipped with the latest and newest sports equipment, and there are many facilities such as a spa and sauna.
  • There are places of worship, where there is a large mosque with its unique architectural features.
  • Roses New Capital compound's residential units range from villas, apartments, duplexes, and penthouses, allowing you to choose the right units for you.
  • The space of residential units start from 86 m² to 240 m², it is known that the spaces vary from one room to two or three rooms depending on the customer's need.

Note: All residential units are delivered half-finished, allowing the customer to finish his unit with his taste.

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Types and Prices of Apartments

The units range from villas and apartments within buildings with private entrance, and the prices of these units are characterized by huge discounts making them suitable for all customers, and the price per meter in Compound Roses starting from 6800 EGP up to 8300 EGP. The apartments space varies as follows:

113 m² apartment consisting of (2 rooms - bathrooms) its price starts from 1,170,000 EGP.

120 m² apartment consisting of (rooms - bathrooms) its price starts from 1,080,000 EGP.

140 m² apartment consisting of (3 rooms - bathrooms) its price starts from 1,260,000 EGP.

150 m² apartment consisting of (3 rooms - bathrooms) its price starts from 1,125,000 EGP.

155 m² apartment consisting of (3 rooms - bathrooms) its price starts from 1,395,000 EGP.

170 m² apartment consisting of (rooms - bathrooms) its price starts from 1,530,000 EGP.

198 m² apartment consisting of (3 rooms - bathrooms) its price starts from 1,782,000 EGP.

200 m² apartment consisting of (rooms - bathrooms) its price starts from 1,800,000 EGP.

220 m² duplex apartment consisting of (4 rooms - bathrooms) its price starts from 1,980,000 EGP.

230 m² apartment consisting of (4 rooms - bathrooms) its price starts from 2,270,000 EGP.

240 m² apartment consisting of (4 rooms - bathrooms) its price starts from 2,160,000 EGP.

250 m² apartment consisting of (4 rooms - bathrooms) its price starts from 2,250,000 EGP.

Payment systems within Roses Compound:

  • 10% downpayment and installments up to 7 years.
  • 25% downpayment and installments up to 9 years.

The owner company has announced that it is supposed to deliver the residential units within four years from the date of the contract writing in 2022, and Roses Capital project is characterized by its distinctive prices where Golden House was keen to provide the best price compared to other real estate projects.

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2021, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update it constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

Disadvantages of Roses New Capital Compound

Despite the many features of Roses New Capital Compound, some individuals may express their criticism of the lack of villa units within it. However, we should draw attention to the existence of diverse areas up to 250 square meters in the compound, making them compete with villa areas. In addition, the units in the project are considered small villas, with swimming pools and green spaces available within the compound, giving its residents advantages that make it an experience close to the experience of living in a villa at competitive prices compared to apartments.

Information about the Developer of Roses

Roses New Capital is owned by Police Officers' Association in partnership of Golden House and its location is the New Administrative Capital, and this company is one of the best companies that contributed in many projects on North Coast, Sokhna, and Ras Sidr, and also characterized by offering many prominent projects such as:

  • Palm Beach Sokhna

  • La Sirena North Coast
  • Lasirena Oyun Mousa
  • Lasirena Sokhna.

Roses New Capital project is one of the newest projects executed by Golden House because it has achieved a great deal of luxury and sophistication, and the only marketer of Roses New Capital is Marina Group for projects and marketing consultancy and characterized by its many successful projects. Golden House seeks to provide its customers with a great deal of mastery and excellence in all the different projects supervised by the company and Al-Juran is the engineering consultant for Roses New Capital Project project

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Explore the Renewed Experience of Modern Living: Luxury and Exceptional Services in the New Administrative Capital!

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt represents a massive project aimed at creating a modern city that combines technological advancement and sustainability. This city is designed to offer its residents an advanced and comfortable lifestyle through a wide range of unique services.

Regarding the services provided by the New Administrative Capital, we find:

1. Advanced Transportation System: The city prioritizes facilitating movement within and outside it through an advanced public transportation network, including buses equipped with the latest technologies and a high-speed metro connecting the city to Cairo.

2. Safety and Security: Providing a safe environment for residents is a primary goal, with the city relying on an integrated security system that includes advanced surveillance cameras, smart alarm systems, and the presence of trained security forces around the clock.

3. Recreational and Sports Facilities: The capital excels in offering a diverse range of recreational and sports facilities, including cultural centers, libraries, restaurants, shops, parks, and golf courses, all built to international standards.

4. Diverse Residential Neighborhoods: The city offers multiple residential options to suit all tastes and needs, from luxurious villas to modern apartments, with the provision of green spaces and pedestrian areas to ensure the highest levels of comfort.

5. Health and Educational Facilities: The capital places great emphasis on health and education, with hospitals equipped with the latest medical technologies and schools offering outstanding educational programs for all levels.

In this way, the New Administrative Capital aims to be a model for modern cities that combine luxury, technological advancement, and environmental preservation.

In the Spotlight of Innovation and Aspirations: The New Administrative Capital, Where Your Dreams Come True!

The New Administrative Capital project in Egypt has recently been announced, a massive undertaking aimed at bringing about a qualitative shift in national development. This city is a turning point, striving to elevate the standard of living for residents and present a model for the modern city.

This ambitious city is located 45 kilometers northeast of Cairo, spanning an area of approximately 170,000 acres. It will be developed in multiple phases, starting with the construction of essential facilities such as government institutions, mosques, hospitals, and schools.

The New Administrative Capital stands out for its contemporary and sustainable planning, incorporating the latest technologies in construction and urban planning, with a focus on utilizing renewable energy and protecting the environment.

Multiple advantages make the New Administrative Capital an ideal destination for living, working, and investing. Among these advantages are an advanced public transportation system, vast green spaces contributing to an improved quality of life, and the availability of recreational and sports facilities.

The New Administrative Capital is expected to play a pivotal role in driving Egypt's economy forward, by creating new job opportunities across various sectors and becoming a business and commercial hub that attracts major companies and investors.

Undoubtedly, the New Administrative Capital represents an important step towards developing Egypt's infrastructure and reflects the aspiration to build a better future for the country. This major development will enhance Egypt's regional standing and contribute to attracting more investments and achieving sustainable economic growth.

What are the most prominent compounds located near Roses Compound in the New Administrative Capital? Discover them now!

  1. Vinci Compound in the New Administrative Capital:

    • Its prime location in the heart of the R8 area, adjacent to Roses Compound.
    • Offers luxurious residential options with modern and stylish designs.
    • Includes a wide range of services and facilities such as green spaces, swimming pools, and clubs.
  2. Ray Residence Compound in the New Administrative Capital:

    • Enjoys its proximity to Roses Compound, providing easy accessibility.
    • Distinguished by its modern and elegant residential units.
    • Features vast green spaces and recreational facilities for all ages.
  3. Suli Golf Residence Compound in the New Administrative Capital:

    • Boasts a unique location near Roses Compound, adding exceptional value for its residents.
    • Stands out with its golf courses, captivating natural landscapes, and green spaces.
    • Offers luxurious residential units with high-quality services such as health clubs and restaurants.
  4. Moraya Compound in the New Administrative Capital:

    • Located adjacent to Roses Compound, making it a preferred choice for many.
    • Renowned for its luxurious residential units with modern designs and high quality.
    • Features green areas and recreational spaces such as parks and swimming pools.

This is a glimpse of some of the prominent compounds neighboring Roses Compound in the New Administrative Capital. These compounds are distinguished by their luxurious designs, modern facilities, and eye-catching green spaces, making them an ideal place for those seeking sophistication and a high quality of life.

Smooth Real Estate Transactions: Tips and Secrets to Facilitate the Purchase Process in Roses Compound in the New Administrative Capital on!

When considering the purchase of an apartment within Roses Residential Complex in the New Administrative Capital, it is important to seek guidance that can facilitate this process. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when searching for the ideal residential unit:

  1. Explore the complex and familiarize yourself with the services: It is essential to visit the residential complex to get acquainted with the location and the services it offers. Take a look at the green spaces, recreational facilities such as swimming pools, sports clubs, and children's playgrounds, and ensure they meet your needs.

  2. Inquire about payment methods: The project may offer flexible payment options that suit your financial situation. You may find options at Roses that allow you to make a small down payment and installment the remaining amount over an extended period, making the purchase process more accessible.

  3. Compare offers: Do not hesitate to compare prices, spaces, and available services in the complex with other projects. You may find offers that better suit your needs and preferences.

  4. Ensure construction quality: Ask about the warranties provided by the developing company for the buildings and finishes. Having a warranty for a certain period can provide you with peace of mind that any defects or issues will be repaired.

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the Administrative Capital in the 8th district L6

1,170,000 EGP


A partnership between the Police Officers' Association and Golden House

85 villas

A down payment starts from 10% to 25%, and the rest is paid in installments over 7 years up to 9 years.

17 acres


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